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How we took the Entrepreneurial Leap

What do you do when you face the fear when actually quitting your job? What kind of mindset shifts do you need to make in order to not just survive, but thrive? We bear all in this episode - the good, the bad and the ugly - about what it’s been like starting and growing our businesses. Both of us get super specific about why we actually took the leap and our thought processes along the way. We also talk about how entrepreneurship, just like money, is simply a tool that can help us live...


Being True to Who You Are Can Help you Thrive Financially - An Interview With the Debt Free Guys

Worrying about money is stressful enough. But what if you weren’t using money in alignment with who you truly were because you didn’t feel comfortable being your authentic self?? In this episode, we sit down with The Debt Free Guys, John Schneider and David Auten. They are personal finance authors, bloggers, podcasters, and speakers, and are the only gay couple openly talking about money in the queer community. We talk about the financial expectations and challenges facing the LGBT...


Financial Follies of the Comparison Trap

Do you find yourself feeling bad or jealous when you see other’s “success”? In this episode, we talk about how comparing ourselves to others takes a toll on both our financial and emotional well-being. We talk about how “keeping up with the Joneses” has evolved and been exacerbated by social media, how to catch ourselves when we fall into the comparison trap, and how getting clear on our priorities and values allows us to break that cycle. For resources mentioned, go to...


Taking Financial Leaps of Faith With Jared Easley

Taking leaps of faith - Exciting? Hella scary? Worth it? All three? We sit down with Jared Easley, who has had to take many of these leaps to help grow Podcast Movement, the world’s largest podcast only conference with his business partner, Dan Franks. We talk about how to take leaps of faith, both financially and in our careers, and how you can approach these life changes when there is someone else in your life to consider. For resources mentioned in this episode go to...


Navigating Financial Expectations from Friends and Families

How can creating boundaries in our relationships help us thrive in our financial lives? In this episode, we talk about how to manage financial expectations and set boundaries with our friends and family. How does our confidence (or lack thereof) affect our ability to set boundaries? How can we move on from a friendship that is no longer serving us, financially or otherwise? And what are the positive outcomes we’ve experienced from creating our own financial boundaries? For resources...


Understanding our Unconscious Money Patterns

How do our beliefs about money affect how we handle and relate to it as adults? We explore how our experiences with money growing up influence how we manage it as adults. We talk about what money scripts are, why they are so important, and how to become more aware of our unconscious patterns so we can be more intentional and in control of our money. Sarah and Garrett dive into what they experienced growing up, and how those things had both a positive and negative impact on their personal...


How Fear And Confidence Affect Our Money Decisions

How does your fear around money affect your decisions? What can we do to move away from fear and feel more confident in our money? In this episode we sit down with Jen Hemphill, a Money Confidence Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), and host of the Her Money Matters® Podcast. We dive into how we can begin to shift our fears into being more confident in our financials lives. We also share how to incorporate self-care practices to relieve stress and fear (it doesn’t cost a...


How Can Money Help Us Create a More Meaningful Life?

What is a meaningful life and how can money become a tool to create it? In this episode, we sit down with Leisa Peterson, founder of WealthClinic and the host of the Art of Abundance podcast. We dive into how to define what a meaningful life looks like, how you know if you’re using money to achieve it, and the work we need to do in order to find meaning around money and our lives. For resources mentioned in the episode, go to


How to Practice Forgiveness in Your Financial Decisions

Is forgiveness really that crucial to a healthy financial life? If so, how can we incorporate it into our daily lives? We explore why forgiveness doesn’t mean talking about the “dumb” mistakes we make with money. In fact, it has nothing to do with forgetting the decisions we’ve made or the situations we find ourselves in. This time, Garrett is under the microscope as him and Sarah talk about who forgiveness is really for, how to let go of expectations, and exercises to practice...


What Does Having “Enough” Money Look Like?

What does “enough” look like in our financial lives? We explore how the idea of “enough” has both prevented and helped us lead better financial lives. Garrett and Sarah also explore negative feelings with money, how society has taught us to avoid them. For resources mentioned in this episode, head over to:


On Trust Funds and the Challenges With Being Rich - An Interview With Megan Gill

This episode is equal parts uncomfortable and uplifting as Megan shares the shame and guilt that comes with being a “trust fund” kid. She lays it all out there, from the need to hide in her shell, to working through the shame in therapy, and her desire to be seen as a valid member of society. For resources mentioned in the episode, go to


Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Can money increase our levels of happiness? We explore this question and how the idea of happiness has manifested in our financial lives. Sarah shares a story which left Garrett saying “Oh, S(#T.” For resources mentioned in this episode, head over to:


Coming February 28th! Beyond The Dollar

Introducing Beyond The Dollar, a podcast by financial coaches Sarah Li Cain of High Fiving Dollars and Garrett Philbin of Be Awesome Not Broke. It's about deep and honest conversations about how money affects our well-being. You won't hear the latest money hacks or budgeting tips. Rather, it's a space to explore the highs and lows around our finances and how it bleeds into every area of our lives. Subscribe now!