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Why Self-Care is Good for your Money

In this episode we chat about self-care and how that translates to our finances. We cover the myths and misconceptions of what self-care is, and how it’s not about just treating yo self. We also talk about the costs of not incorporating a self-care routine, and what we can do to take care of ourselves even on a limited time schedule. To check out resources we share in this episode, head over to


How Our Mental Health Affects Our Finances

We chat with Melanie Lockert, the founder of Dear Debt, a blog that aims to help people remove the stigma around mental health and debt. She is also the co-founder of the Lola Retreat, which helps bold women face their fears, own their dreams, and figure out a plan to be in control of their finances. We chat about her history with mental illness, how that’s impacted her financial life, what sparked her desire to help those feeling suicidal over their debt, and how money can be the most...


How to No Longer Let Fear Stop You

In this episode, Garrett and Sarah chat about how our fears around money prevent us from getting what we truly want. We discuss why we are scared of things that no longer threaten us physically but threaten our sense of self, like rejection or not meeting our own expectations. We also talk about the types of questions we can ask ourselves to move past financial and other fears. To see resources we shared in this episode, head over to


Keeping Separate Finances in Your Marriage

In this episode we chat with Brynne Conroy, the author of The Feminist Financial Handbook. Her book provides real motivation and resources for women who may be struggling—not only those who have already accumulated wealth. We talk about what it means to maintain autonomy in your relationship when it comes to finances, including what separate accounts may be necessary and how to look out for your best interest as well as your partners. For resources mentioned in this episode, head over to:...


Change Your Unconscious Money Patterns

Garrett and Sarah chat about what you can do once you recognize your unconscious money patterns. They go over what money archetypes are and how to use them to make changes - including taking responsibility for our own financial lives. Sarah also puts Garrett on the spot, asking him what her money personality is - and she did not pay him to say any of those nice things, she swears! For resources mentioned in this episode, head over to:


The True Definition of “Enough” with Kathleen Shannon

We chat with Kathleen Shannon, co-host of the Being Boss podcast - with almost 6 million downloads- where she shares her insights and experience on what it takes to be a small business owner and side-hustler. She’s also the founder and partner at Braid Creative - a Branding Agency for creative entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses where she helps her clients blend more of who they are into the work they do. We talk about how getting clarity and knowing your values helps you in all...


How To Carve Out a Meaningful Career

Garrett and Sarah chat about how they’ve used money to get a high ROH - return on happiness. They talk about what it means to work in a meaningful job, examples of when they didn’t love their work and how they worked through it. They also include examples on what you can do to create a career path you love. It doesn’t mean you’ve figured it all out, but it’ll give you a head start. For resources mentioned in this episode, head over to


Your Burning Money Questions - Answered!

In this episode we’re featuring you, our listeners! We’ve received lots of questions throughout the season and so wanted to answer a few of them live!. We answer your questions on how to navigate work/life balance, money mindset strategies, resources we recommend and much more. For resources mentioned, go to


Money & Life as a Disabled Adult With Yulia Stenshenko

In this episode we chat with Yulia Steshenko, a certified financial planner who is committed to inclusive financial planning and disability advocacy. We talk about how her disabilities and receiving government assistance has shaped her relationship with money, and why she still struggles with a need to prove herself to others. For resources mentioned, go to


How to Crush Your Financial (and Life) Goals with Ryan Hildebrandt

In this episode we chat with Ryan Hildebrandt, founder of Viral Message Lab, a company that helps writers craft their message for TED talks. Ryan shares a simple method he uses to achieve big goals, financially and in other areas in his life. We chat about what makes up his weekly review, and why this simple process can give you more confidence and permission to go after big scary goals. For resources mentioned, head to


How to Travel More With Dale Thomas Vaughn

You love the idea of traveling more often, but you’re scared at how much it’ll cost you. We sit down with Dale Thomas Vaughn, marketing director at AirTreks, a company that helps travelers arrange multi destination itineraries. We learn about how he’s made travel a priority and part of his lifestyle. We also talk about what is possible when we decide to say “yes” to opportunities, and how travel is really a tool for making the world a better place. For resources mentioned, head to...


How Money Myths Stop Us From Kicking Butt in Life

All of us have beliefs about money that we think are true about the world.. However, what if they are actually preventing us from enjoying our money and getting what it is we really want? In this episode, we explore common money myths and how they can prevent us from living our best lives. We share examples of how these have manifested in our own lives and what we’ve done to combat them. For resources mentioned, go to


Scaling a Service Based Business With Prerna Malik

We often think we need to work longer hours in order to scale our income. However, what happens when we turn that belief upside down? In this episode we chat with Prerna Malik, co-founder of Content Bistro, a company that writes content for entrepreneurs to help them convert potential clients into customers. We talk about what she did to turn her side business into a full-time venture when her husband fell ill, some of the mindset challenges she had to overcome when it came to growing her...


How to Give Without Guilt

We are told it is better to give than to receive, but what and how much should we give? Does giving money carry more weight than giving our time?? What if we feel we don’t have enough money or time? In this episode we chat about the benefits of giving, and share practical ways you can begin to find both time and money if giving is important. We talk about why we’ve personally felt that giving money seems more impactful than volunteering time, how our happiness levels change when we do give,...


Getting Financially Intimate With Your Spouse

Managing your finances can be tricky enough, but what happens when there’s someone in the picture? If you and your partner aren’t on the same page, what can you do to still have a happy marriage and talk about money without killing each other? We sit down with Andy Hill from the Marriage Kids and Money Podcast to talk about how couples can get on the same page when it comes to their finances. We chat about how fights about money aren’t really about money, how to communicate with your...


Overcoming the Financial Effects of Divorce With the Cash Wise Ex-Wives

Dealing with a divorce is challenging enough emotionally, but you’re also managing financial stress as well. How are you supposed to navigate these uncertainties in your life, both during and after a divorce? In this episode, we talk with Kayla and Shanah of Cash Wise Ex Wives, an online community where they help divorcees navigate money. For resources mentioned, head over to


The Power of Accountability

Do you find it hard to achieve your financial goals when there isn’t any accountability? To put it another way, do you find yourself skyrocketing your way to success when you have a rocking support system? In this episode, we talk about how finding like-minded community is crucial when making progress toward your financial goals. We also talk about how to engage in conversations with friend andfamily around money, and what to do if you’re worried about talking directly about finances. For...


Dealing With Money as an Artist or Creative With Jackie Lam

Does the whole starving artist mentality still ring true within the creative community? If so, how can artists and creatives (yes, the two are different) identify their limiting mindsets and learn to thrive while pursuing a career they love? In this episode we sit down with Jackie Lam, a freelance writer and advocate for creatives and artists. We talk about her relationship with money and the perceived conflicts artists feel around selling out and the starving artist mentality. For...


Commanding Our Worth

Why do we shrink and shy away when it comes to negotiating? Most importantly, how does not asking for what we’re worth hurt us not just now but also in the long run? In this episode, we talk about what commanding your worth means in practice, and how your feeling of self-worth impacts your ability to ask for more. We dive into the idea of rejection, and how someone saying “no’ to your offer doesn’t reflect who you are as a person. For resources mentioned in this episode, go to...


How we took the Entrepreneurial Leap

What do you do when you face the fear when actually quitting your job? What kind of mindset shifts do you need to make in order to not just survive, but thrive? We bear all in this episode - the good, the bad and the ugly - about what it’s been like starting and growing our businesses. Both of us get super specific about why we actually took the leap and our thought processes along the way. We also talk about how entrepreneurship, just like money, is simply a tool that can help us live the...