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Empowerment and Psychic Ability work well together

Halley’s multifaceted background, proficient psychic ability and calming voice make her the perfect candidate as a Psychic guide, mentor, or speaker at your conference! With over 30 years of working psychically and studying metaphysics, writing and teaching, Halley has mastered a myriad of techniques to inspire, prognosticate and help others enhance their life. She often shares fast and easy ways to circumvent any situation, illustrate a portent for the future and de-stress any life style....


Top Tips Tools and Tricks to Power Your Success

Veronica helps busy overwhelmed entrepreneurs deal with the ever day challenges of life that can drain their energy, interfere with productivity and hamper their success. You don’t have to struggle in with your interpersonal relationships situations or circumstances, instead you can work with her using her “ninja stress busting” techniques, to help get back control in your life. Veronica says that her stress based elimination program allows her clients to zero in on what’s negatively...


Limiting beliefs or???? Intelligence, perfectly operational!?

Bart Smyth is a Master Practitioner of 30 years in various Eastern and Indigenous philosophies, cultures and spirit ways as well as the popular Yuen Method. He was solely responsible for bringing this entire body of work to Europe for Dr. Yuen, where Bart trained over 400 therapists. He is also a Grand Master of Tai Chi and holds certificates in Thai and Hansa Shiatsu, Massage and Neuromuscular/Sports therapy. After serious injuries from a car accident, Bart’s life shifted from owning a...


How to build your brand,get premium prices and get your ideal customers looking.

Sharon Bolt is a publicity expert and founder of Get Free Publicity Today, she lives in the UK and has been a business owner and Entrepreneur for over 16 years. Sharon’s businesses have included Complementary Therapies and Dog Training and during the last ten years she has contributed to more than 40 different local and national newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows and she has received over £1.5 million ($2 million) in free publicity and free advertising. She is also the...


How to be an entrepreneur and a thought leader ?

Mitchell Levy is The AHA Guy at AHAthat, is a people publisher who works with various platforms and partners to help people get their AHA messages to those that need to see them. AHAthat is the platform he and his team built to allow people to quickly share content (over 41k AHAmessages available to share on social for free) and to author their books quickly (over 300 have written their books in 8 hours or less. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created 20 businesses in Silicon...


2DamnFat Don’t lose weight…release it! A motivational guide on releasing obesity

Mr. Anthony Elder earned a master’s degree in Management from Cambridge College at a later age and continued life not caring or noticing how he was treating his body by gaining so much weight. A freak and embarrassing accident changed his perspective and now he’s ready to share his journey. As an author to other top-selling books, Your Intangible Assets "Five Simple Ways to Success"(2009) and “Winner Within Is in YOU! (2014), Mr. Elder is a real-life Motivator, and Life Coach gathering...


The Real Culprit Behind Disease in The US

Brendan Gaughran holds a degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Connecticut and his MBA from Bentley University. Brendan has spent 15 years in the Healthcare field and was an executive for a major nutraceutical manufacturer before starting multiple companies of his own, the latest being Liver Medic. He conducts health lectures to both physicians and the public. His research focuses primarily on gut health, liver health, endocrine system, adrenal fatigue and optimum diets. Links...



On the outside Joshua Shea, a former magazine publisher and politician from Maine, had it all together. A pillar of his community, nobody knew about his mental health and ography addiction issues. That eventually came to a head when he was publicly shamed and outed, losing almost everything in the process. Today, he's almost four years addiction free and has released a new memoir about his journey to rock bottom and back up again. This guest is now more timely than ever as the World Health...


Changing Lives With our Guest Jenny Maher!

Jenny Maher has been featured on ABC and on numerous radio broadcasts across the nation sharing how she has overcome a lifetime of abuse and neglect, on a mission to help others. Having dealt with a lifetime of abuse and neglect. It was after a suicide attempt that caused her to be a quadriplegic. She knew God saved her for a reason, though she didn't know her fight to survive was just beginning. A veteran diagnosed with mental illness, her biggest fight was the treatment and care at the VA...


Emotional Abuse is alive and well,Todays Guest Alexis Nicole White.

Alexis Nicole White was born in Gary, Indiana, where she lived with her grandparents. Raised an only child, Alexis developed a passion for the arts; reading, writing and acting. As early as middle school, she began to expand upon her creative talents by writing books, plays and even publishing poetry. In college, her talents grew into professional journalism with blogging, radio and television. After moving to Atlanta to pursue her career in journalism, Alexis’ passion for writing became...


Confused State of Men in Society Today

Arnie, for more than 35years, has been an educator, speaker, corrective exercise specialist, consultant, business owner and coach throughout his life, guiding people successfully through any physical, mental, emotional or professional experience and life stage. He is a specialist with overcoming life’s challenges, having helped busy professionals and others, attain the clarity they need to set and achieve their dreams and goals, by guiding them to overcome adversity by using innovative and...


CAN A PLAYA PLAY Our Guest Today Mr. Brendan Gaughran

Brendan Gaughran holds a degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Connecticut and his MBA from Bentley University. Brendan has spent 15 years in the Healthcare field and was an executive for a major nutraceutical manufacturer before starting multiple companies of his own, the latest being Liver Medic. He conducts health lectures to both physicians and the public. His research focuses primarily on gut health, liver health, endocrine system, adrenal fatigue and optimum diets. Links...


Surviving Addiction as a Family

My name is Michele Glaser. I grew up in New York and recently moved to Florida for a job opportunity. I pursued a degree in Social Work concentrating on Addiction. I have a Masters in Education and Social Work. I am a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Social Work with a specialty in Addiction. I am currently a therapist at Singer Island Treatment Center in West Palm Beach. It is by far the best job that I have ever had and I am lucky enough...


“Leather and Lace Advice" Your Most Provocative Relationship Questions, Answered

Alison Blackman Dunham aka. “Advice Sister Alison” and “The Advice Sisters” is a writer, photographer, online advice columnist, and consultant. She is also the Editor in Chief of and Her focus is beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, tech, food and spirits and entertainment. She has built her reputation offering readers a unique perspective on life and love. Visit her Personal Web Site at Call in # is 646-929-2870 Press...


The Underlying Dynamics of Addiction

The grip of addiction is fierce and relentless, claiming nearly 90,000 lives a year. Breaking free demands new thinking, unique therapies, unvarnished realism and deep, soul-searching. The Clean Three-Phase approach that integrates leading edge clinical therapy into a highly powerful program aimed at permanent sobriety. An addict will look at this program and see, right away, that it is very different from traditional recovery programs. And they will see that it works. Join us with our guest...


The Discipline of Now 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination

Tired of getting "one size fits all" solutions to your procrastination problems? Have you been looking for tailor-made tools and solutions based on your personality and situation? Eric Twiggs is an expert in overcoming procrastination and the author of The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination. He has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs, lead organizations of 500 or more people in corporate America, and shared his message with...



Serita D. Stevens An established writer of over 40 books, scripts and adaptations, Serita Stevens also teaches writing at a variety of universities and conferences. Her book The Ultimate Writers Workbook Of Books And Scripts from Motivational Press can be found at many bookstores as well as her site. it concentrates on story -both book and script. In addition, as a forensic nurse she consults with writers, producers and attorneys with medical, forensic, investigative and poison questions....



DAVID C. BARNETT Barnett loves to say that it took him 10 years to un-learn what he was taught in business school. University had trained him to be a middle-manager in big enterprises, he was totally unprepared for the realities of small business. After a career in advertising sales, Barnett started several businesses including a commercial debt brokerage. Helping to finance small and medium sized businesses led to the field of business brokerage. Over several years, Barnett sold dozens of...


Putting Wisdom to Work: Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living

Jeff Hotchkiss MBA, is a business development consultant, activity organizer, and author of ‘Putting Wisdom to Work, Practical Mindfulness for Maximal Living.’ He is a wisdom warrior, possibility advocate and rebel with a cause to promote mindfulness as a path of wellness throughout all stages of life. He has been an executive with Apple Computer, founder of Olivus® teas, and publishing entrepreneur. Tune in lot's of helpful info call #646-929-2870


The Synthesis Effect; from where you are to where you want to be.

John McGrail, PhD, is a renowned hypnotherapist, personal success coach, spiritual teacher and a leading media expert on the topic of personal improvement. A former military officer, aviator and mass-media professional, he has combined more than 30 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience with his work in clinical hypnotherapy to create what he calls Synthesis, a powerful process for generating personal change and transformation quickly and profoundly. Synthesis works through an...