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Episode 103: Victim–Entitled Irresponsibility

Victim is the #1 cause of unhappiness in the world. If this is true, wouldn't you want to know more about it? Here are the two ways victim is played out: Self-Denigration • I don’t matter • It’s my fault • It’s not fair • I’m unworthy • I’m bad • I don’t deserve • I’m unlovable • I’m not enough • My needs are not as important as… • I’m stupid, dumb, an idiot, etc. • I’m ugly and undesirable • I’m responsible to/for . . . Self-Adulation • I’m different / better than • I’m the...


Episode 102: The Two Greatest Weapons for Spiritual & Emotional Warfare

Distortion and Truth are at war with each other. We may choose to stay ignorant to this fact, however, the less conscious we are, the more distortion can and will ravage our lives, families, and souls. The Truth shall make you free. Listen to this life-changing podcast by Jodi Hildebrandt to understand how to use our two greatest weapons of protection and self-defense: choice and responsibility.


Episode 101: Betrayal–It's Not What You Think

Jodi talks about the controversial topic of betrayal. The general concept of betrayal is one of victim. The mentality of someone having the ability to spiritually hurt me is false. Yes, we all affect one another AND the Truth is that I choose how I think, feel, and behave. No matter how much someone physically harms me, verbally assaults me, or breaks even the most sacred of promises I am 100% responsible for how I respond through my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learn more by listening...


Episode 100: Controlling Fear

Most people confuse control with only those who control nations, big corporations, and armies as being controlling. The reality is that all of us can and are controlling. Control is the opposite of freedom. And freedom allows us to connect. Control is the manifestation of disconnection. Control is an illusion and a distortion. In Reality, we are not in control of much in our lives. We cannot control our health, our life/death, even our own heartbeat. And we certainly cannot control anything...


Episode 99: Power of Truth

There is a strong power that comes with Truth. When we think Truth, feel Truth, speak Truth, and behave in Truth, there is a strength that accompanies it. Jodi speaks of how we need Truth to change. Personal change does not simply occur, it is chosen. As we choose Truth we simultaneously choose to better ourselves through honesty, responsibility, and humility.


Episode 98: Compassion & Gratitude

Learn how to have compassion and gratitude in your life. Living these principles of Truth will improve your quality of life drastically. I invite you to learn more by listening to more of our podcasts and signing up for our 101 class. 101 Class link: Search our website for more information:


Episode 97: Parenting–Understanding Drama in Children

Parenting is extremely important in our society and in our personal lives. If we do not understand how drama is working in our children they will grow up living in distortion and it will manifest as drama. We are all used to drama in movies, social media, and in every day conversations. Well, all drama is is an outward expression of how we feel about ourselves on the inside–confused, in conflict, shameful, fearful, and hurt. Distortion starts when children are very young. The best gift we...


Episode 94: Vulnerability in Each Experience

We are all vulnerable in life. The sooner we realize and accept that Truth the sooner we will be at peace. Peace requires increased skill not changed circumstances. We can learn to have vulnerability in each experience if we choose so. Every experience allows us the opportunity to humble and accept our vulnerability. We are vulnerable to sickness, pain, death, emotions, others, earthquakes, and a myriad of others things. Let's stop fighting the Truth and accept it as our reality. Learn...


Episode 93: Controlling with "Kindness"

Control is the opposite of freedom. Just because you control kindly or politely does not justify your behavior. Learn how all of us control on a daily basis and how that creates disconnection. We cannot be connected with ourselves, others, or God when we control. View our link below for more learning:


Episode 92: Repentance–Key to Freedom

Jodi discusses the imperative need to repent. How many times do you hurt someone and yourself and forget about it? Repentance allows us to repair relationships—starting with your relationship with self. As you clean up your side of the street you allow connection to prosper and thrive. If you neglect to change, you will continue to suffer optional pain because it will continue to eat away at you. A lack of repentance will lead to addictions, depression, anxiety, and all other mentally and...


Episode 87: Emotional & Logical Wisdom

We mostly hear about feeling or thinking. Why not use both gifts to find Truth? Jodi Hildebrandt is amazing at explaining exactly how to use our emotions and logic to search and find Truth. Truth is eternal, everlasting, knowable by a third party, and non-changeable. As we find Truth, peace is achieved. If you like this video tune into all of our weekly podcasts for more critical material that will help anyone looking for Truth.


Episode 85: Perfectionism–The "Perfect" Lie

Jodi gives great applicable knowledge on how we all try to control and "perfect-ionize" in our own lives. As she share her own vulnerable personal experiences you will see the need to change your own controlling habits and thereby be freed from this venomous lie that "I have to be perfect". Enjoy and give us feedback on how your experience is listening.


Episode 84: Denial on the Nile

In this episode, while floating down "da" Nile, Jodi explains denial. A simplification of what denial is and it manifests itself in our lives. Many examples from her own life are shared along with the secret on how to get out: Honesty, Humility, and Responsibility. You will enjoy this ride down the Nile as we talk of Denial.