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Episode #64 – Special Guest De Colores Radio

Emma and Zorric invite Eva Arreguin and Rafael Tamayo from De Colores Radio. Eva and Rafa share their background and how they created their podcast. Later they discuss gender roles and norms that have hindered our dating lives. Lastly, they play “Would You Rather?” Special Guest: De Colores Radio Eva Arreguin Rafael Tamayo Instagram Facebook […]


Episode #63 – Deal Breakers You Should Reconsider

Emma and Zorric discuss Danielle Fishell’s wedding and who her guests were. They share who the new People’s Sexiest Man is: Idris Elba. Emma and Zorric discuss deal breakers they want to reconsider. Creators and Hosts: Emma Pineda IG: @its_emmap Zorric Sia IG: @zorricsia TW: @zorricsia Show Contact: IG: @datepodcast TW: @datepodcast Email:


Episode #62 – Hookup Culture

Emma and Zorric review Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding pictures. They talk about anniversaries (not wedding anniversaries) and how the idea was created. They debate what they think about “hookup culture” and how it has affected their dating lives. Mentioned Sources: Is Hookup Culture Putting An End To Anniversaries? Creators and Hosts: Emma Pineda IG: @its_emmap Zorric […]


Episode #61 – Why Travel Is Better Than Sex

Emma and Zorric talk about a Game Of Thrones actor who was upset while reading the script. Emma and Zorric debate if they would pick sex over traveling. Can you guess what they each picked? Mentioned Sources: Why some millennials think travel is more important than sex Creators and Hosts: Emma Pineda IG: @its_emmap Zorric […]

Episode #60 – 8 Things To Turn You Off

Emma and Zorric share which Twilight celeb made it Insta official over the weekend. They talk about how many kids they want. Emma reminds Zorric he agreed to take care of one of her kids. Emma and Zorric review 8 things that are red flags, like finances, trust, and sex. Lastly, Emma shares what she […]


Episode #59 – Emma Gets Scared!

Emma and Zorric review attending The Great Love Debate with Brian Howie. They share what they learned and enjoyed from the show, and what they will use in their day to day dating. Zorric believes Halloween is a great holiday to meet people, and Emma disagrees. The show ends with Emma being scared and unable […]

Episode #58 – Brian Howie, Creator & Host of The Great Love Debate

Emma and Zorric invite Brian Howie, author of How To Find LOVE in 60 Seconds, Creator/Host of “The Great Love Debate” World Tour, and The World’s #1 Dating & Relationship Podcast, on the show. Brian shares his background and thoughts on dating in Dallas. Guess what dating advice he gives Emma and Zorric? Special Guest: […]

Episode #57 – Amanda Hendrix from ABC’s The Proposal

Emma and Zorric invite Amanda Hendrix, a contestant from The Proposal. Amanda shares her process on being cast on the show and her experience while recording. Amanda dishes her awkward and bad dating stories. Lastly, they all share things they don’t want to hear as a single person. Special Guest: Amanda Hendrix IG: @reresparklles TW: […]


Episode #56 – Thoughts You Should Never Keep From Your Partner

Emma and Zorric discuss a celebrity couple who has filed for divorce and kept their anniversary date (awww) They review six thoughts couples should discuss with each other and three that can remain private. They both give their own thoughts on each point. Mentioned Sources: 6 Awkward Thoughts You Should Never Keep From Your Partner […]

Episode #55 – Bad Habits to Avoid Early on in Relationships

Emma and Zorric discuss a recent celebrity break up. They discuss habits couples should tend to avoid while in the relationship. Is it ever okay to kiss with morning breath? Mentioned Sources: Nasty! These Habits Are a Bad Move Early on in Relationships By Marianne Garvey Creators and Hosts: Emma Pineda IG: @its_emmap Zorric Sia […]


Episode #54 – Everyday Therapy Hosts Talk Yoga and Dating

Emma and Zorric invite Everyday Therapy podcasters Jacy Rader, LPC, RYT, Julianne Schroeder, LPC, RYT, and Whitney Bunch, LPC, RYT. They are all Talk and Yoga therapists! They share what yoga therapist is and how they work with patients in their sessions. They all share their backgrounds and how they met each other. Zorric hosts […]


Episode #53 – Comedian Anitabuen Shares Horrible Dating Stories

Emma and Zorric invite Anitabuen, comedian, to discuss how to tell if a guy/girl likes you and could be too shy to admit it. They spend too much time talking about certain pictures that people send. Anitabuen shares how she became a comic. She tells us horrible dating stories that are hilariously funny. Special Guest: […]


Episode #52 – Middle School Drama

Emma and Zorric review a greeting card company that has “break up cards.” How beneficial would it be to use them? They review “9 Middle School Dating Tips That Still Work Today,” while reminiscing on their own middle school days. What were things they did that were helpful back in the day? Mentioned Sources: 9 […]


Episode #51 – What’s Your Number?

Emma and Zorric invite Courtney King, an LPC (counselor) with her own private practice (who works with families, adolescents, self-esteem and eating disorders,) avid podcast listener, and Emma’s cool friend. They discuss and review The Enneagram, and what each number means. Courtney guesses what number Emma and Zorric are. Lastly, they play a game called, […]


Episode #50 – Latoya Blakley from ABC’s The Proposal

Emma and Zorric invite Latoya Blakely, attorney, actress, and The Proposal Bachelorette. They talk about The Hills reboot and who might be coming back. Latoya opens up about her past dating experience. Lastly, she talks about her experience on The Proposal. Special Guest: Latoya Blakely IG: @latoya.blakely The Proposal on ABC The Proposal Episode 6 […]


Episode #49 – Stephanie Ver Eecke from Love at First Flight

Emma and Zorric invite Stephanie Ver Eecke, from Love at First Flight, to talk about her time on the show, and what her experience was like. She shares her background and talks about her dating life. Lastly, they discuss using Snapchat/Instagram filters on dating profiles. Special Guest: Stephanie Ver Eecke IG: @stephanie.vereecke TW: @StephverEecke Love […]


Episode #48 – Claire White from ABC’s The Proposal

Emma and Zorric invite Claire White, previous Miss Arlington and a former contestant from The Proposal on ABC. They talk about the Emmy’s! What was Emma’s favorite part about the Emmy’s? Did Zorric watch it? Claire shares her background, how she started participating in pageants and her experience being on a dating show. They all […]


Episode #47 – Squishin’ Impossible Improv

Emma and Zorric invite Squishin’ Impossible Improv Troupe Krystal Haynes, Kelsey Cornillie, Carl Armstrong, and Stephen Harrison to the show. They tell us a little about themselves, who they would “bang, marry, and kill” celebrity edition, and exes. Should you date your ex? Mentioned Sources: You’ve Already Broken Up Once—Here’s How to Know if the […]


Episode #46 – 100 Dates in a Year

Emma and Zorric review 7 things Holly Martyn learned as she went on 100 dates in a year. They both give their takes on each of her seven pearls of wisdom and share personal stories. How can you get comfortable out of your comfort zone? Mentioned Sources: 7 Pieces Of Dating Advice From A Woman […]


Episode #45 – Help me! I’m Newly Single

Emma and Zorric spend time discussing matching tattoos. They share their own journeys of being recently single or being single and what it took for them to be comfortable on their own. How do you build your confidence as you uncover life on your own? Mentioned Sources: How To Build Dating Confidence When You’re Newly […]