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GBP29: What To Do When Your Dreams Seem So Out of Reach

Do you ever feel like your dreams are just too far out of reach? I know you have big dreams, but when we feel there is a block in living them confusion can take you out. I want to give you the steps that I followed (and continue to follow) to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and get out of fear and confusion and flow! Your dreams and desires are for you, so let’s align into doing the real work that will get you to living them, goddess! You deserve it...


GBP28: Set Your Year For Success

If you’re like me, you’re ready to create massive success in FLOW this new year! In this episode I am giving you a simple, yet powerful tip you take and apply to have an incredibly aligned and successful year! We want to reveal your theme / word for this new year! This is the solid foundation you will build your life and empire on. Enjoy! What You Will Learn On This Episode: Resources...


GBP27: How to Manifest Your Dreams in Your Feminine Power

Are you ready to sink into your potent feminine energy and finally manifest your deepest desires in FLOW? This new year is going to be amazing and I want to share with you how you can manifest your dreams and sacred desires quickly without burning yourself out, grinding and feeling like you need to wear your “man pants” to create any success in your life. Good news - it’s time to surrender into the deepest desires you have and dance with them so you can LIVE them! In this episode we are...


GBP26: Create Your Workspace for Wealth

Is your workspace set up correctly for flowing wealth? I know this sounds crazy, but when you set your workspace up for wealth in a way that allows the flow of Chi to flow through and also when your desk is set for wealth, everything can shift! This week I am giving you a glimpse into my workspace and how I have set up my home office / workspace to allow the natural flow of wealth and abundance to bless my work! You can take all these tips and apply them to your workspace as well! What...


GBP25: How to Stop Leaking Your Personal Power

It is exhausting when all your personal power goes into fighting with your nasty inner critic or the family member challenging your vision… but how do we stop this cycle and reclaim personal power? Let’s go into it! Do you feel you are leaking your power away to others or circumstances in your life? Do you feel your past fears are controlling the action you take and the trust (or lack of) you have in life? You’re not alone! Many women are leaking their personal power away to their inner...


GBP24: 3 Keys To Business Success In a Female Way

If you are an overachiever, one who feels she must “grind” to achieve success, then actually end up burnt out and feeling underachieved...it’s time to apply these 3 keys to allow business success in your feminine power! These are 3 simple keys that will radically shift how you do business and how you create success! What You Will Learn On This Episode: · The 3 Keys to Learn + Apply to Create Business Success in Flow! . The Important Step To Created Soul Goals That You Actually...


GBP23: How to Love Your Resistance and Free Yourself

What if you could completely free yourself from resistance and leap into your true vision and self? As a goddess we have this power to love all, even our resistance and fears as they are gatekeepers to what our sacred desires are! In this episode learn how to love your resistance and why it is so important for you as a woman to rise in all you are called to live! What You Will Learn On This Episode: · How to Love Your Resistance and Bust Through It! . What to Do When You Feel Stuck,...


GBP22: Hustle vs Flow - Getting Into The State of Flow

I’m sure if you’re like me, you’ve got the “hustle” mastered, but your body and soul are aching for a state of flow…. You are ready to feel held and supported by the Universe with deep trust and knowing and thrive in your life and business with ease, not a need to white knuckle and force. In this episode we are talking about Hustle vs Flow and How you can get into the state of flow today and see great results that leave you feeling aligned, passionate and on track! What You Will Learn On...


GBP21: Let Go of The Money Worries

What comes up for you when you think of MONEY? There is a lot of worry energy that comes up for women when they think of money and this worry actually repels money. I know it can seem “hard” when you want or need money, but you don’t believe you are worthy or deserving of it, or if you believe it takes a lot of work to get a little, but this is not the truth of money - money responds to your energy! So dissolving the worry is key. As we awaken and remember our personal power and creative...


GBP20: My Evening Routine For Goddess Success and Growth

Let’s talk about why you need an evening routine for your flowing success and growth! As you might imagine, having an evening routine where you spend sacred time with yourself and the divine, you shift out of frustration, fear and overwhelm and dissolve the heaviness so you can allow the magic of your desires take hold! And don’t overlook the power of creating a strong evening routine with your inner goddess, she is ready to rise within you and lead you with ease and grace, but being...


GBP19: Do You Have to Be Masculine to Be Successful in Business?

If you’re a woman in business, do you need to be “masculine” to be successful or can you create great success in your feminine essence? This is question I get asked a lot from women. If you’ve tried the grit and grind and it burnt you out, this weeks episode is going to give you the steps you can take today to find balance between taking action and creative flow! This is the KEY to your business growth and success! What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to Grow Your Business Without...


GBP18: Connect to The Truth Of Who You Are with Georgina Durcan

Are you ready to trust your soul? Many women ask me how they can reveal their truth and stand confidently in the message, vibration and work their soul is asking of them! Sometimes it can feel hard or confusing to know you’re making the “right” decision when you’re learning the language of your truth and in this episode Georgina Durcan and I show you how you can hear the inner truth and take action on what it says! What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to Know You’re Making The Right...


GBP17: It’s Time For You to Attract 5 New Customers the Goddess Way!

Are you interested in enrolling your next 5 customers or clients quickly? In this episode I am giving you my super attractor and “secret key” to enrolling your next 5 customer / clients as a goddess boss which means you can dissolve the fear and stress of “selling” and stand in your strong gifts and message to easily help someone get started with you! It’s actually simple and most people miss the steps I am giving you in this episode, so enjoy and put it to practice! What You Will Learn...


GBP16: My Morning Routine For Business Flow + Abundance

I get this question all the time “What is your morning routine?” and in this episode I share with you my exact morning routine to get into business flow and abundance as a goddess boss! These steps are ones you can take an implement asap and start to feel a deep connection and knowing within yourself and your actions. Imagine knowing the steps to follow, who to support, what to say and attracting the perfect clients and customers to you! What You Will Learn On This Episode: My Exact...


GBP15: Reignite Your Fiery Passion + Feminine Drive!

It’s time to reignite your divine will and passion and create greatness! Honestly, in this real and raw episode you hear lessons I learned from a recent argument with my husband. It’s juicy, I share my lessons and you are about to get steps and practices to own the Goddess Pele within you and let her express her rage, passion, and desires in a healthy way! What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to Share Your Passion and Drive in a Healthy Way! How to Have Divine Will and Drive as a...


GBP14: Open Yourself to the Answers You Need

Are you ready to open yourself and your energy to the exact next steps and answers you need? Is it time to stop the confusing struggle in your mind and allow more ease in your decision making? The Universe is always giving you signs and now is the time you listen! In this episode I am giving you tools and the exact essential oils to use so you can open yourself to the answers you need and stop the confusion in your mind, the answers are already within you and you can hear them NOW! What...


GBP13: Love Yourself to Love Another

Are you craving rich deep love? Are you ready to love powerfully? If so, this episode will help you understand how exactly you can do this and deeply connect to your divinity, your feminine essence and your personal power! Honestly, this idea to love myself and to let love in scared me… in this episode I share how you can love yourself and love others and receive passionate love, but also how you can open your heart to receive greatness in all areas of your life today! What You Will Learn...


GBP12: Marriage, Letting Him Lead and Living Your Purpose with Ryan Yokome

This is our first podcast episode together as husband and wife and we’re giving you all the details to how marriage feels, what’s different and then Ryan shares what it means to let your man lead and how to break through resistance and achieve your ultimate goals! What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to Let Your Man Lead! Our View on Marriage and Sacred Ceremony! How You Can Bust Through Resistance Today! . How to Create Epic Programs That Sell! Resources Mentioned: . Get on the...


GBP11: How To Set and Achieve Goals in Feminine Flow!

How To Set and Achieve Goals in Feminine Flow! Do you have a hard time achieving your goals? Do you want to change your life and love your dreams, but you find it hard to stay committed to your goals? I have been there! Goddess, you will be tickled to know that in this episode you are going to learn how to set and achieve your goals in your magnetic feminine flow...so with ease, grace and passion! This sounds lighters and more joyful, right? What You Will Learn On This Episode: How to...


GBP10: 6 Steps to Igniting Your Money Magnet

Are you ready to attract more money? If you question “Why am I not making money? I work hard!” this episode will help you get to the root of your money blocks and what you can do to dissolve them and ignite the money magnet within you, which lets your inner goddess SOAR! How you attract, earn and keep money is linked to how you show up in your relationships and life! This episode is life changing! What You Will Learn On This Episode: The 6 Steps to Igniting Your Money Magnet! How Your...