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Get You and Yours Business Noticed

We will be talking about - How becoming a bestselling author can skyrocket your business. The impact that the right kind of media will make. Overcoming obstacles and staying focused on your goals! Luana Ribeira (previously named Eirian Cohen) is a book & media coach. After the success of her own bestselling books, she now helps other entrepreneurs to skyrocket their business with a bestselling book, and by helping them get media publicity which elevates them into celebrity status in their...


What is Personal Power in Relationships with Eric Bensoussan,

Ask yourself… “ What kind of relationship do I have with myself?” Interesting question, right? And one you probably haven’t even thought about, Well, take a minute, breathe and ask yourself that question and listen to Transformational Relationship Coach Eric Bensoussan, join Louise discussing personal power in relationships, and how to transform your wounds into personal freedom. Listen to this episode and find the solutions you’re looking for. LISTEN to REPLAY -...


Taking your Business Online with Amy Walker

Are you tired of your corporate job? Stuck in the treadmill of 9 – 5 to 9 pm? Do you want more time? Do you want more freedom? If you or anyone you know is ‘stuck in the 9 to 5 grind’, then share this episode or better still, listen together! Listen to this episode and find the solutions you’re looking for. Nutritionist and Online Business Designer, Amy Walker, joins Louise to discuss how to break free from corporate life, create more time and how to start an online business! In this...


How to deal with your emotions with Abi Levine

Are you constantly feeling angry? Are you feeling sad? Upset? Are you just feeling emotional? Emotional Transformation Strategist, Abi Levine joins Louise to discourse about how to deal with your emotions and why it’s so important and more. In this episode explore; •How to get to Emotional Freedom •How to draw healthy boundaries •An easy technique for quick anger release •How to nurture the inner child About Abi “To the caterpillar it was the end of the world. To the butterfly it was just...


The Blind Blogger, Maxwell Ivey

This show is guaranteed to shift your perspective! If you want to know how to transform your life one small step at a time, get unstuck and take action, join Louise and Maxwell Ivey the blind Author, Blogger & Public Speaker, who will be talking about facing fears, asking for help and moving forward! Life from Maxwell’s perspective: 1) Find solutions instead of making excuses! 2) Ask for help and accept it when offered. When you refuse to ask for help you rob the other person of the joy they...


The Step Mom Coach

Hello Everyone Join Louise and Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach to find out: Why stepmoms feel invisible in their relationship. If stepmoms find happiness in their step-family? Louise and Claudette discuss: •Why stepmoms are seen as outsiders and how they can connect with their step kids. •The importance of focusing on creating a strong and healthy marriage. •What stepmoms need to now more than anything else in order to feel like a part of the family. •What the real reason behind the...


Let's talk Humanology with Jessica Lockhart

Have you ever wondered.... What is Humanology? How can it help you? What story do you tell yourself? Do you want a rewarding life experience? Listen to Louise and Jessica as they answer all these questions and more. Humanologist, author and speaker, Jessica Lockhart, joins Louise to discuss Humanology, what it is? and how it affects you? plus more. In this episode discover: " The first step to changing your life is getting your energy back. No change can be undertaken without energy" –...


Live a sensuous and orgasmic life!

Join Louise and Special Guest Myola Woods, The Erotic Coach, Author & Certified Sexological Bodyworker Do you want to know the secrets to keeping your Relationships ALIVE & THRIVING? Find out how developing your FIRST relationship will invigorate your partnered relating. How to maintain, build and love yourself in order to have the best partnered relationship. How turning up as a whole being is a different paradigm of relating…. Are you ready? The importance of owning our own emotions,...


The Hidden Power of Your Dreams

Join Louise Armstrong and Elena Angel - a gifted intuitive, teacher, speaker and mentor: To look at the hidden power of your dreams and how you can work with them to transform your life and relationships. Amazing Revelations of: 1. What your dreams are telling you about yourself and your relationships. 2. A powerful way to detect and overcome hidden blocks to love and intimacy. 3. How to elevate your attraction factor, and enjoy more harmonious and loving relationships. 4. How to...


Create a thriving relationship

Join Host Louise Armstrong and Special Guest Daniel Faust, Relationship Consultant, Author & Speaker to discuss • Two questions you can ask your spouse to increase communication and intimacy. • Things you can do daily in your relationship to thrive despite the trials and tribulations! You will also learn how to: • Fight better without losing your heart • Discovering your spouse’s secret fuel that’s craved each day • How to have a legacy in your marriage • Wowing your spouse daily! More...


Money magic

Louise invites you to look at one of your most fundamental relationships. Your relationship with money! What Money means to you, how it makes you feel and how it drives you! Join Louise on one of her most interesting relationship episodes yet! THE LOVE MONEY COACH, Author, Speaker, Kerri Gardner, joins Louise to discuss: • The connection between your thoughts and your reality • Releasing pre-programmed thoughts concerning money • Steps you can take to start the new process of appreciating...


Reconnect to your Feminine Self

Yoni Egg Coach, Caitlin Grace joins Louise to discuss how to reconnect to your feminine self, reclaim your sexuality and reasons so many women have lost themselves. In this episode discover: •How we get disconnected from ourselves •Foods that will nourish your pelvic floor •Why names matter •How a healthy pelvic floor makes for a happier relationship About Caitlin “A woman In harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her...


Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication, Coach Dave Edelstein, joins Louise to discuss the reasons communication is the foundation of all relationships, how it often goes wrong, and how Mindful Communication can help. In this episode discover • The true purpose of communication • How applying mindfulness practice to ordinary conversations enables you to connect more deeply with others • Steps to wise communication when the emotional stakes are high About Dave Reveal the great treasure inside you— from #28,...


Self Love - Own your Story

Life & Relationship Coach, Mandy Wong joins Louise to discuss how to empower women to love their story so that they can confidently create more personal freedom in their lives and relationships. In this episode discover: •How the narrative of “not enough” shows up as symptoms in our lives and relationships •Where the narrative does comes from? •How we can start taking ownership of our own story? •How feeling enough can transform your life and change the world. About Mandy “You either walk...


How to have a relationship with yourself plus more!

Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Nadia Gualtieri joins Louise to talk about improving your relationship with yourself, how to identify what holding you backs and how to set healthy boundaries with the people in your life. In this episode discover: •The relationship with oneself determines every other relationship in life. •How to identify your fear, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs, to decrease their power and prevent them for subconsciously running your “show”. •How changing your...


Ashley Noelle - The Intimacy Specialist

What are the key elements in a healthy relationship? How do you fight fair? What about intimacy with and without sex? Do you know your love languages? This is a must listen episode, especially if you want to have the relationships you deserve! Also in this episode: * Using “I” statements in open communication * How to stop living as a victim * How to Implement your love languages * Self-worth is mandatory in healthy relationships * Setting boundaries particularly with sexual desires (how to...


Mind Movies, Visualisation and Law of Attraction with Natalie Ledwell

Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell, Joins Louise to discuss how to use visualization and the law of attraction to create fulfilling and meaningful passionate relationships. In this episode • How to be clear about what you want in a relationship • The number one most powerful way to visualize their relationship • How to clear unknown blocks preventing you from fulfilling relationships About Natalie Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show...


The Life and NLP Coach, Helen Weiss, who can change your life

NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach, Helene Weiss joins Louise to discuss how to Gain Clarity on who you truly are deep down to find out what drives you and create a life that inspires you. In this episode: • The 3 key ingredients to thrive in life. • Find out how your brain is wired. • How to gain clarity on your next steps. • How to begin moving in the right direction NOW. About Helen Favourite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Helene is an NLP Master Practitioner & Life...


Taking off the Blinders to heal your relationship with money

Do you need more money? Is money eluding you? What is your relationship with money? All these questions and more are answered in this exciting episode of “Let’s Talk Relationships and Life with Louise Armstrong! Money & Mindset Coach to Women in Business, Dominique Mullally joins Louise to discuss the importance of Taking of the Blinders to heal your relationship with money and increase your Income. In this Episode • Why are relationships the key to happy and successful life? • Why does...