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Life Live Episode 26 - Transcend | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessons

In this shorter episode I talk about transcending what you believe to be your own limits. Life is about taking chances and experiencing the reward. While we think of ourselves based on what others think of us, we need to understand that we have no limits and to break through the barriers that hold us down.


Life Live Episode 25 - Drowning | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessons

In this episode I talk about drowning in our own loneliness and re-iterate how important it is be you and find you. Loneliness can be very hard and there are many aspects to loneliness and in the coming episodes I will talk about variations but in this episode I try to tackle it in general. The key to combating loneliness is knowing you and the things you like or know. Having things you are passionate about makes it easier to talk with people and finding like-minded people. Being confident...


Life Live Episode 24 - Broken | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessons

Many times we feel broken and we don't know why or how. I go through a list that indicates why people are suicidal and talk about each point. The main aspect of this episode is you. Continuing to look inside and find who you are and what makes your life important. We all feel helpless, hopeless and powerless but what can we do to get out of those places?


Life Live Episode 23 - Breath | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this episode 23 I talk about breathing, primarily as a tool to observe and appreciate the world around you. As we become depressed it feels like the world around us is closing in and getting smaller and in return, we feel smaller and inconsequential. I'm here to tell you that you're not. You are a force to reckon with and by observing the world around you, hopefully you will find your place in it and realize just how big your life is.


Life Live Episode 22 - Giants | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessons

In this episode 22 I talk about Giants, mainly you. Being your own giant can help you overcome any obstacle as well as learning to support you in your own skin. We've heard the phrase, "Standing on the shoulders of giants" but how much different would your life be if you were that giant?


Life Live Episode 21 - Defeat | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessons

What to do when you feel defeated and how to cope. What does it mean to be defeated and why understanding the definition can possibly help you grow.


Life Live Episode 20 - Growth | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessions

In this episode I talk about growth, planting roots and moving forward in life. Life is about finding your own self, standing your ground and living to breath another day.


Life Live Episode 19 - Coping & Crutches | Suicide, Depression & Life Lessons

In this episode we talk about coping with your issues and how not to use crutches to help you through rough times. Understanding how to cope is a much healthier option than turning to a substance as a crutch.


Life Live Episode 18 - Stand Alone | Suicide, Dreprssion and Life Lessons

Standing on your own and being yourself can change your life as you grow. We all want to be a part of a group and strive to part of something that we are not, but to what extent and why? Having true friends are important but changing who you are to be part of a group isn't important. You want to be you, be around people who are like minded. If you change who you are to be part of something you're not, you lose site of who you are and what makes you happy. Standing alone is about growing...


Life Live Episode 17 - Looking Forward | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this Episode 17 I talk about Looking Forward and why it's important to help move forward. Think about doing what you love or finding something you like to do. I talk about blocking the outside noise and why you should listen to what's going on inside of you. I also begin to discuss forging your own path. I touch on this in the end but more will follow.


Going Live

I wanted to make an announcement that we will be going live on Tuesdays & Fridays at 9:30pm EST, now on Spreaker. You can listen in by going to our page at We also have the ability to chat just by simply pressing the Chat icon on our page. If you have an Apple IOS or Android device you can download the Spreaker Podcast Radio app to listen and chat as well. I'll take questions or topics you'd like to hear about and discuss. You can find our episodes on Spotify,...


Life Live Episode 16 - Building Walls | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this Episode 16 I talk about building emotional walls. Since doing the past 2 episodes of Heartache it made me think about going through relationships and losing someone you love (or like a whole lot) that we begin to build walls to protect us from getting hurt in the future. And while building walls to protect ourselves is a natural instinct we also have to be careful about how tall and thick we make our walls. If you've built walls like I have, they'll prevent you from experiencing...


Life Live Episode 15 - Heartache Part 2 | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this Episode 15 I pick up talking about Heartache but focus less on relationships and more on loved ones. Loss is very difficult and many times unexpected. Losing someone close to you can bring you down or even depressed and angry. I've lost many people in my life ranging from cancer to suicide and it's never easy. What I have realized is that if you can understand your feelings it can make things easier during these unfortunate circumstances. Think back to the times you had with them,...


Life Live Episode 14 - Heartache Part 1 | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this episode 14 of my podcast/audio vlog I touch back on heartache and being yourself. In this Part 1 I spend more time on being yourself after a breakup or loss of a friend. In Part 2 I will focus more on heartache from love loss, family loss and friend loss. But in this Part 1 I wanted to spend more time talking about being yourself. Many times during a breakup we want to change who we are because we think we were broken up because of who we are, what we like, what we wear, or...


Life Live Episode 13 - Be Yourself | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this Episode 13 I talk about how important it is to be yourself. Listening and learning who you are and embracing it regardless of what others think. Your life is on a path that you may not know about and by changing yourself to avoid pain, ridicule, popularity or what ever the case may be, you care diverting off of your path and may lose who you are supposed to be. You are you and it's beautiful so I hope you learn and embrace being you.


Life Live Episode 12 - Life Cycles | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

Believe it or not life has a cycle. Every day has a cycle but it's harder to see what's in front of you at the moment and appreciate it. In this episode I talk about how life is constantly changing and while something may seem like the most important thing in your life right now, just might not be. Think about it, what was important for you last year or 3 years it just as important to you now? How much time did you spend thinking about it only to realize days, weeks, months later...


Life Live Episode 11 - Bright Side | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

Not everyday can be your best and everyday won't be but finding a simple thing throughout the day can make things a little brighter. It may sound silly but it honestly can work. Think about when you were a kid and something completely surprised you and made you laugh or smile. Maybe being at the zoo watching an animal poop for the first time. Disgusting, I know but as a kid small surprises like this could make your whole day and I think we lose that as we get older, things begin to pile up...


Life Live Episode 10 - Changes | Suicide, Depression and Life Lessons

In this episode 10 I talk about changes in your life and what drives you to make them. If you are wanting to change something about yourself, the clothes you wear or the car you drive, I think you're making them for the wrong reasons. If being picked on is making you second guess your looks or physical possessions then you aren't living for you. The most important thing you can do in finding your self is doing things for yourself. What if you could snap your fingers and change the things...


Life Live Episode 9 - Centered | Suicide, Depression and Life Help

I talk about the importance of finding out who you are and how not understanding yourself makes it easy to build walls. Building a wall to shield your feelings from what others are saying. But what you have to remember is that the negative things people say aren't genuine. People are lashing out to be negative directly, they are projecting their insecurities. For me, by building walls it turned me into a negative person to myself and everyone around me. It prevented me from living life...


Life Live Episode 8 - Overwhelmed | Suicide, Depression and Life Help

In this Episode 8 of my audio vlog I talk about being overwhelmed. Until now I've focused on those who are experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts at a young age. I wanted to talk about those who are older and overwhelmed with work expectations, family expectations and more. Life is an amazing experience and it generally takes an event to make up snap out of our daily grind and appreciate what is around us. The most important thing in our lives is ourselves but we don't take the time...