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LNNL EP#036 Happy Nat'l Tequila Day!!

Today is National Tequila Day. Tequila is one of my favorite drinks. The first time I ever had it was in Mexico back in 1983. Have you ever seen the worm at the bottle of Tequila? It freaked me out the first time I saw one. Couldn't believe that people actually drank it. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant which is harvested by hand. It's stripped down and ground up in a stone bowl and then the extract is collected and distilled. One of my favorite brands is Herradura Tequila it's...


LNNL EP#035 Want More Compliments? Then Compliment More Often!

Would you like for your significant other to compliment you more? Sometimes it's hard to get a compliment from the one you love, yet, it can be so easy to compliment a stranger on the street. Why is this? Today's episode we cover a simple rule of thumb, if you want more compliments, then give more compliments. Whether you're newly dating or involved with your romantic partner for ions. This episode will quickly remind you what to do if you're looking for more of a connection and stay...


LNNL EP#034 Connect with Yourself More Fully & Get More Love In Return

Today's guest is Teresha Young, she is known as “The Confidence Restyler”. Teresha is an accredited and certified Relationship Master Coach specializing in showing women how to reconnect with who they are and find confidence in themselves in order to have healthy, fulfilling relationships with themselves and with others in any kind of relationship; be it professional, family, platonic or romantic. She has spent years becoming skilled and experienced in the areas of coaching, personal...


LNNL EP#033 Turn on Your Star Power and Kick off Spring!

Turn on Your Star Power and kick off the Spring season. Summer is right around the corner and things are going to get busier. Today I speak about a few ways you can quickly Turn on Your Star Power: I share a few ways you can do some Spring wardrobe-closet clearing and get your wardrobe up to date and ready for the summer days to come. Try out some new makeup colors. We get in a rut sometimes and continue to wear the same colors and products. Get to a counter near you and have them do a...


LNNL EP#032 April is National Straw Hat Month - So Get Your Hat On!

April is Straw Hat Month. I just love straw hats. Today's episode I give a quick talk on the history of straw hats and how many uses they have. I started wearing straw hats in the 80's in New York City. Not only are they stylish and fun, there are so many new styles that they didn't have back then and they also serve many other great functions. They can help with: a) Shield you from the sun's damaging rays. b) Keep a hairdo looking great from rainy weather. c) Help you stay cool by...


LNNL EP#031 Happy Home Decorating Month

April is National Home Decorating month which is one of my favorite pastimes. Is your home in need of some sprucing up? If so, now's the time to do it. Are you looking to just give your home a thorough cleaning, or, a full kitchen renovation, if you have the budget, go for it, now is your chance. There are plenty of Spring home furnishing sales going on right now so if you're looking for a new set of sheets or bedding which will make your bedroom look totally different or if you're...


LNNL EP#030 Celebrate International #Fragrance Day!

Today is #National Fragrance Day. If you're like me and love fragrances, today is the day to say "hip, hip hooray". How can you celebrate it? Take a quick listen to this short episode and get some ideas. Some of my favorite scents that I mention in today's episode are: Diorissimo by Christian Dior Fendi Perfume for Women Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler Happy Sniffing!! With Much Love, Dawn-Marie XO


LNNL EP#028 Today is #National Clean Up Your Home Office Day!

Most of us today have a home office today, they're not only for the wealthy or for those who work from home. Some have home offices so that there's a place to write out the monthly bills or just have time alone to read a book. Today is #National Organize Your Home Day. So, I want to give you a few tips on how you can quickly organize your home office so that you can revel and enjoy the space. If it's full of clutter, the first thing I want you to do is turn on some music that will pump...


LNNL EP#027 Save $25-$50 Week

Today's episode, I will cover some of the ways that I was able to save myself between $25-50 dollars a week. That's a whopping $100-$200 a month or $1200 - $2400 a year. I hope these tips will help you do the same. As we all know, saving money today gets tougher and tougher. Prices keeps rising and unfortunately, our salaries aren't meeting the increases. So, how do we save money? We begin by looking at what we spend our hard earned dollars on every day. Sometimes its the small things...


LNNL EP#026 How To Add More Va-Va-Voom in The Bedroom

Happy Valentine's Day. Today's episode may seem a little risque, but, really, it isn't. I'm offering you 20 ways to help ignite the fire in your love life. If you feel like your love-life needs a little kick in the butt, here are some tips to help you keep the flames burning bright in your romance. Some of the items I mention: Victoria's Secret Bra & Panty Set Adam & Eve Sexy Game Board for Couples Sexy Massage Oils for Couples Adult Toys Carmen Electra's Aerobic...


LNNL EP#024 Get Smart About Financial Credit Day!

Today is "National Get Smart About Financial Credit Day". I'm currently in the process of finishing up my second edit of my book "151 Musically Inspired Ways to Live a Very Necessary & Luxurious Life (on a Beer and Pretzels Budget)" I'm pulling a couple of pointers out from the book (be sure to sign up at to put yourself on our mailing list so that you'll be the first to know when it comes out and be the first to grab a copy). This episode will cover a...


LNNL #23 Happy Pasta Day - Celebrate the Italian Way!

Today is National Pasta Day. Do you like pasta? Which is your favorite pasta dish? Here are a few links to some of the best pasta tools and pasta food finds you'll need to make your very special pasta dish at home. Pasta Makers Pasta Strainers Italian Pasta Sauce Sauce Spoons Italian Sausage Enjoy - Mangia!! Love, Dawn-Marie XO Stay in Touch: Sign Up for Our Newsletter


LNNL EP #022 Leg Wear Day is Here - Show Off Those Pins

Today is National Leg Wear Day and it made me wonder how many of you ladies out there take advantage of this soon to be forgotten fashion accessory? Which type do you like to wear? Are you the traditional type wearing only solid black, navy or nude? Or, are you more adventurous type wearing wild patterns, checks, prints and vibrant colors? As a professional image consultant I've learned that leg wear can make or break an outfit. Also, it is imperative to wear them if the occasion calls...


LNNL EP#021 Happy National I Love My Feet Day!

Today is National I Love My Feet Day! Do you pamper your tootsies? If you're anything like me, you love a great pair of shoes, am I right? Ladies out there, we tend to squeeze our feet into shoes that don't fit us correctly. Are too tight around the toes or just don't fit well. Since today is in honor of our tootsies, I thought I would give a quick little homage to them. I don't think we give our poor little toes enough justice. We take them for granted. How often do you get a pedicure?...


LNNL EP #020 Stress No More - It's National Relaxation Day!!

Today is National Relaxation Day. What do you do to relax? Do you take time to relax? You know what is said about stress – it's the silent killer. I know a lot about stress. When I work a full-time job, run two podcasts and a businesses to go along with them. I take care of all of the editing, graphics, marketing, sales, typing, webmastering, and home caring and still trying to get my workouts in so that I can stay fit. There are so many daily stresses in our lives, we MUST find time to...


LNNL EP#19 It's In His Kiss -- Or -- Is It in Yours?

I just loved the movie Mermaids with Cher and Wynona Ryder. There was a scene when Wynona's character was asking Cher how would she know if this boy was "the one" and Cher bursts into song singing "The Shoop, Shoop Song (it's in his kiss)". well, I often wonder if it's in his kiss or is it in yours? One of the things I feel is often neglected are our lips. We worry about wrinkles around our eyes, sagging skin, etc., but do we worry about taking care of our pucker? You're probably...


LNNL EP#018 - Sisterly Love -Show Your Sister How Much You Love Her

This week was National Sister's Day. Do you have siblings? Are any of them sisters? Are you close with your sister(s) or is there some friction between you? I have two older sisters. One is 16 years older and the other 14 years older. When I was growing up, especially during my teenage years I definitely felt as though I had three mothers. They would say, "you can't do this", "don't do that" it was very constricting and that's probably one of the reasons why I rebelled. Now that I'm...


LNNL EP#017 Kick off Your Memorial Day Weekend - Don't Fry Day is Here

Today is National Don’t Fry Day. It is the day where we are to become more aware of learning ways we can protect our skin from the sun’s dangerous rays and the damage that it can wreak on our skin. My dad had skin cancer on his face, on his nose and shoulder to be exact. He loved to sit in the back yard on his days off in the summertime without a shirt and with his fair skin, he’d burn and turn red like a lobster, but that didn’t seem to deter him from doing it again the next day. I...


LNNL EP#15 Dawn-Marie Talks Spring Fashion Trends on The Ed Tyll Show

Greetings Lovelies, Spring has finally Sprung and summer's soon to follow suit. How is your closet and wardrobe looking? Are you up to snuff on your Spring fashion? Are you thinking about a little refresher? If so, take a listen to today's episode and catch up on what's hot and what's not! A few months ago I was interviewed on the Ed Tyll show, we covered various topics on fashion including the upcoming Spring 2017 fashion trends, color theory and headshot what not to do and what to do...


LNNL EP#016 Are You Free To Be (Fill in the Blank)?

Today's episode is a short one but packs a powerful punch. Do you ever feel stuck in your situation, almost frozen like, or feel like you're in prison and are unable to live the the life you want? We all have our binds that tie us from what we really want. Now to think about how you can gain some freedom back into your life. Do you feel free to be (fill in the blank)? Whatever it is you are seeking, it seeks you too. So go on, break free from those chains that are binding you and feel...