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Lessons from Hurricane Harvey: Make Light Season 3, Episode 15

This is it, friends — the final episode of the Make Light Show for Season 3! It’s also almost exactly a year since my family and I escaped our home destroyed by Hurricane Harvey flooding. For this last episode, I share some of the lessons the last year taught me — and share some news for upcoming season 4. Take a listen. Links mentioned in this episode: Season 1 Hurricane Harvey Episode The details of our Hurricane Harvey story Self-Compassion Episode _______________________________ Karen...


Make Light by Pivoting: Make Light Season 3 Episode 14

This week we have a great question from Danielle — she’s about to change careers, but she’s not exactly sure how or to what. Take a listen as I talk about how I handled the very same situation, including three journaling prompts to help you make a pivot of your own. Links mentioned in this episode: Simple steps for big leaps (how to plan to leave your day job) How I found what I love (making a love list) How to get started writing a mission statement ______________________ Karen Walrond is...


Make Light by Tasting Health: Make Light Season 3, Episode 13

I don’t know about you, but I love food — and I’m completely overwhelmed by it. Who can make sense of all the “wisdom” out there around food — should we be eating Paleo? Whole 30? Gluten-free? Keto? Should we eat more red meat? Less? This week, I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Reeta Achari, a neurologist and food researcher. And while she confirms that it is all very overwhelming, she has some great advice on how to get started feeding your body for nourishment’s sake — and shares amazing...


Make Light by Letting Go of Perfectionism: Make Light Season 3, Episode 12

My parents have lived all over the world, and for a time, they lived in Azerbaijan, the former Soviet republic. While they lived there, they purchased a number of Persian carpets (Azerbaijan borders Iran), which decorate their house now. One day while I was admiring one of their rugs, my father walked over and said, “You know, the Persian carpetmakers have a tradition: it can take years to weave the details into these rugs, but they always make one intentional mistake as they work. The...


Make Light by Journaling: Make Light Season 3, Episode 11

This week, Jill asks about my journaling practice — I’m an avid journaler, and journaling is part of the way I organize my life, not to mention a huge part of my self-care practice. So join us today as I talk about the techniques I incorporate in my journaling — it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think. Links mentioned in this episode: Huffington Post on the benefits of journaling A quick video on bullet journaling (it might spark some inspiration on how you might want to use your...


Make Light by Fighting Negative Self-Talk: Make Light Season 3, Episode 10

This week we have a great question from Yvette, about how to silence that inner critic in our head — you know the one. This required bringing in the big guns: I’m joined by the lovely Katie Horwitch, the founder of Women Against Negative Talk, or WANT. So join us as we talk about inspiration vs. comparison, filtering through the negative messages we get in the media, and ensuring that we maximize our awesome. Links mentioned in this episode: Katie’s amazing site, WANT The Women Against...


Make Light With Self-Care: Make Light Season 3, Episode 09

This week, instead of addressing a question that was sent in, I wanted to talk about self-care. Take a listen to hear why self-care and self-compassion aren’t just feel-good things to do, but actually imperative if we’re planning on changing the world for the better. (And of course, don’t forget to email me at, if you’d like me to tackle any questions related to how to make light in your own lives!) Links mentioned in this episode: Valarie Kaur’s excellent TED...


Make Light When You Hate Your Job: Make Light Season 3, Episode 08

This week’s episode is a great one: Kimmy asks how to make light when you really, truly hate your job. So join me as I talk about how to set yourself up to find your next job that moves you toward a fulfilling life, as well as how to make light in the process. Links mentioned in this episode: Shawn Achor’s TEDx talk: The Happy Secret to Better Work My own thoughts on the magic of a gratitude practice ______________________ Karen Walrond is a leadership consultant, speaker, bestselling...


Make Light in Friendship: Make Light Season 3, Episode 07

Ah, friendship. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a friendship has run its course, am I right? This week’s question comes from Dayni, and she’s wondering when it’s time to call it quits with folks around her who insist on being negative. So join me as I talk about war councils, marble jar friends, and figuring out if it’s time to break up with a friend. Links mentioned in this episode: Make Light, Season 3, Episode 1: On Boundaries Brené Brown’s New York Times Bestseller: Daring Greatly...


Make Light While Vacationing: Make Light Season 3, Episode 06

You might think it wouldn’t be hard to make light on a vacation, but for some folks, there’s stress involved. This week’s question comes from Adrienne, and it’s all about how to take a stress-free holiday. So join me as we talk about how to manage the guilt that’s sometimes associated with taking time off, making sure you make the most of your destination, and even ways that you can give back why you get some R&R. Links mentioned in this episode: Stefan Sagmeister’s TEDx talk, The Power of...


Make Light By Thriving After Divorce: Make Light Season 3, Episode 05

This week we have a great question from Ginny, asking about what it takes to thrive after divorce. For this question, I brought in expert advice: my friend, certified divorce coach Jessica Ashley, who is also the founder, author and host of Single Mom Nation. So join us as we talk about checking in with ourselves, experimenting with fun and joy, and how learning about her relationship with a famous clown totally triggered my coulrophobia. Links mentioned in this episode: Jessica’s coaching...


Make Light With Quiet Activism: Make Light Season 3, Episode 04

Natalie wrote in to ask what I meant when I use the phrase “quiet activism” — she’s intrigued, but just isn’t the grab-a-megaphone-get-arrested-for-civil-disobedience type. Take a listen, and learn what I mean about the phrase, why I’m not about to start a rally either, and how to change the world in your own beautiful way. Links mentioned in this episode: Asha Dornfest discusses why it’s important to contact your representative, and demonstrates how incredibly easy it is to do so...


Make Light By Helping a Friend Through Pain: Make Light Season 3, Episode 03

This week, I have a special guest: my friend, actor and author Stephanie Wittels Wachs. Her amazing new book, Everything is Horrible and Wonderful: A Tragicomic Memoir of Genius, Heroin, Love, and Loss, is the story of her heartbreak as she supported and loved her brother, famous actor, producer and comedian Harris Wittels, as he battled and eventually succumbed to addiction — all while dealing with grief and heartbreak in her own life. This book is a page-turner, for reasons not the least...


Make Light by Being Kind (Even When You Don’t Want To): Make Light Season 3, Episode 02

I loved delving into Nicole’s question this week, about being kind in a world that often doesn’t seem to value kindness. Take a listen, to learn tips and tricks on how and why to keep kindness at the forefront, even when the news cycle inspires cynicism. Links mentioned in this episode: Washington Post: “Wired for Kindness: Science Shows How We Prefer Compassion“ New York Times article: “A Hair Stylist Provides Free Cuts to the Homeless“ CBS Los Angeles: “Celebrity Stylist Gives Homeless...


Make Light by Setting Boundaries: Make Light Season 3, Episode 01

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Make Light Show! This season we’re going to be mixing things up a bit: we’ll be answering your questions about how to make light when life get occasionally dark — things like how to make light when you’re overwhelmed at work, or how to make light when you’re struggling with body image, or even how to make light when you’re bored. This week, we’re tackling Debi’s question about how to make light by setting boundaries. Take a listen: boundary-setting is never...


Connection with Laura Mayes: Make Light Season 2, Episode 13

For this final episode of Season 2 of the Make Light Show, Karen speaks with Laura Mayes, a public relations dynamo. She’s best known for being the cofounder of the Mom 2.0 Summit, one of the premiere conferences in the United States for folks who create online content. She also happens to be one of my best friends in real life, so it’s a joy to have her on the show. So join us as we talk about connection, the future of social media, and how growing up with Sesame Street shaped her world...


Body Positivity with Stacy Nadeau: Make Light Season 2, Episode 12

Stacy Nadeau is an expert on body positivity, leading workshops to young girls, college students, and even working women, by helping them delve into how their body image can affect the way they move through their careers. I’ve known Stacy for several years through the work we’ve both done on behalf of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and their Self-Esteem Project, and she’s fantastically empathetic and incredibly brilliant. I’m so excited to share her thoughts on body positivity with you,...


Resilience & Self-Compassion with Kate Inglis: Make Light Season 2, Episode 11

My friend Kate Inglis lives the kind of life you imagine all talented writers of fantastical children’s books live: in an old sea captain’s house on a wild, windy coast with a history of rumrunners. And that’s where Kate joins me to today, as we talk about unspeakable loss, and creating a life afterwards that is filled with beauty, and resilience and most of all, self-compassion. Kate is an absolute inspiration, and this was one of my favourite episodes to date. So grab a cuppa (if it’s...


Physicality with Christine Koh: Make Light Season 2, Episode 10

My friend Christine Koh is a neuroscientist, and graphic designer, and a marathoner. She actually came quite late to movement and exercise, and views her movement as a holistic part of her self-care (which also happens to include copious amounts of cake). So join us as we talk about experimenting with movement, exercise as a form of connection, and that one time she oiled herself up for a photo shoot. Christine’s website Christine’s podcast, Edit Your Life Christine’s blog, Boston Mamas...


Standing in Your Values with Mike Reynolds: Make Light Season 2, Episode 09

Mike Reynolds is a new friend who is an artist and a writer, and he so impresses me – especially his thoughts on feminism, masculinity, and how they deeply influence his parenting style, and the way he moves through the world. Also? He happens to be a huge cross-stitch enthusiast. So join us today as we talk about how he stands strong in his values, his love of cross-stitch, and why he has kids’ drawings all over his arms. Mike’s website, Everyday Girl Dad Mike’s Feminist Dad Tshirts Mike’s...