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Slow Down Your Racing Mind

Your thoughts are powerful. They have the capability to create your life. Which is why we can use the tool of meditation to become aware of the thoughts running through our mind Detach from them And ultimately create the silence and the space to create thoughts that are positive, productive and help us create lives we love. But when our minds are racing, spinning with a hurricane of thoughts - which are most often thinking about the past or worrying about the future - it...


Let Go of Shame

There is something sitting deep inside your gut. A dark grey energy that bubbles with negativity and spreads all across your body. You’ve made a mistake. Or perhaps you made a decision that you’re realizing now wasn’t the right one. Or you just plain messed up. Or you simply feel horrible about a situation that has occurred...whether it was caused by you or not. Maybe it’s mild and only you know about it. Or maybe it’s relatively serious and affects others around...


Ease Into Sleep

It’s time to let your body rest, beautiful. And it’s time to calm your mind. Sleep is calling to you. And even though your mind is racing with a million thoughts, tasks or worries… And your body is still tense from the day… It’s time to listen to her calling you. She wants to rejuvenate you. To refresh you. To relax you. To fill you with the energy that was depleted from you today so you can be the best version of yourself tomorrow. So the intention of today’s guided...


When You're Burnt Out

I know you need a break, gorgeous. I know you are tired. And overwhelmed. And running on fumes. I know you’ve been doing so much to keep all the balls up in the air in this incredible, complex life you’ve created. I see you. But I’m here to tell you that it’s time to STOP. And be quiet. And go inward. So you can replenish. So you can feel whole again. So you can feel alive. So you can hear what your body and your soul are telling you. So you can find...


You Are Worthy

I want to share a secret with you: There is no one else in this entire Universe just like you. And there is no one walking the exact same path you are, who has the exact life experiences you have or who looks at life the exact way you do. You are so special. And the world needs you. Just as you are. Now. You are worthy of showing up in this life. Worthy of great love. Worthy of incredible friendships. Worthy of financial abundance and wealth. Worthy of being a part...


Wake Up & Shine: A Daily Morning Meditation

It’s time to start your day with intention. With positivity. With love. So you can shine. From the inside out. So the intention of today’s guided meditation is to help you create the space to live purposefully today. From start to finish. So that when you put your head on your pillow tonight, you feel whole and fulfilled. *** Loving these meditations? Subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts! I would love to hear from you! You can do so here →...


Take Off Your Cape, Superwoman

My dear Superwoman… You are strong. And confident. And incredibly capable. You have powers that are beyond even your understanding. And… you are also flawed And self-doubting And complicated And a total hot mess... And all of these things co-exist together to create a beautiful, imperfect YOU. So let’s spend this meditation today taking off your cape, Superwoman...relinquishing your expectations of perfection… Of busy-ness Of having to save others Of...


I Give You Permission

Let’s start with a big do not need anyone’s permission to BE YOU. But sometimes, we do need the reminder that we can give ourselves permission to be fully expressed… do something that feels big and scary. say no when we’re supposed to say yes. live abundantly instead of being ruled by scarcity be confident and bold So today’s meditation is going to be full of affirmations and reminders that you are allowed to be, do an have whatever it...


Shield Yourself From Toxic People

Someone is stealing your light. Slowly drowning you in their negativity, which makes you tired, confused and unable to shine as you normally do. You are being impacted by a toxic person. And it’s not ok. This person may or may not be be doing it deliberately, but nevertheless, their sarcasm, or passive aggressive comments or outright slanderous words or actions towards you have taken you out of your high vibrational state and are dragging you under. You feel...


Practicing Silence

The practice of meditation allows us to pause… To proactively take the time to be still and detach from our thoughts. To be silent. And yet it can be one of the most frustrating parts about meditating. Knowing that as soon as we close our eyes, our mind floods with thoughts and our body asks for attention. Finding peace in the silence, peace in the a practice. So today’s meditation will be an opportunity for you to spend more time in silence. And while...


Start Your Day With Gratitude

You are swimming in blessings. Whether you’re in a season of your life where you feel like you’re flying and everything is clicking, or you’re going through the most challenging time you can recall…you have so much to be grateful for. So the intention of today’s meditation is to take the time to identify all those things and to surround yourself with them, in a visual that will leave you feeling light and loved and grateful...and ready to live your day in a state of joy that will not...


Pain Relief Meditation

The intention of today’s meditation is to help you find relief from any physical pain you’re having. Maybe you have chronic pain in your back, or your neck, or your legs, or your shoulders… Or perhaps you’re recovering from temporary pain caused by surgery, a random incident or are experiencing a headache or migraine. However you’re experiencing your pain, it’s real, it’s distracting, and it makes life a little less enjoyable. So the intention of today’s meditation is to help you...


You’re in a Fight With Your Spouse

I had a big realization last year...that the health of my relationship with my spouse was central in how I showed up for everything else in my business, my time with my daughter, my health and fitness… If I was out of flow with my husband, then I wasn’t fully in flow with all aspects of my life...even if all those other elements were going really well. And husband and I fight, we have disagreements and we get out of flow...the best couples I know do too! So, how do...


6 Minute Brain Break

The intention of today’s meditation is to give you a quick break from the cadence of your day so you can find your center. So you can feel peaceful. So you can be present. Taking a brief pause from our day to meditate can be helpful during times when we’re feeling anxious… Or when our minds are spinning with thoughts and ideas and we know we need to slow down... Or when we’re feeling stressed... Or simply feeling like we’re not fully present and are just going through the...


You Are Enough

I see you. You’re driven, brilliant and loving. Others circle around you, marveling at you and the life you’ve created. Not out of envy, but in deep respect, wondering how you accomplish so much, or have what you have, or make time for it all. And you feel pretty good about yourself… ...until you don’t. Until that inner critic inside of you speaks the words that you can have become so intimate with throughout the years... I am not enough. The voice shows up in many different ways. When you...


Wind Down After Work

The intention of today's meditation is to help you wind down after a full day of work. Whether you've been working for an hour and need to shift into family life or time for yourself. Or, whether you've been working the full day and are now ready to put it to rest. This guided meditation is here so you can let it go and be fully present right now. Today's meditation is meant for you so you can appreciate the work you've done and easily transition into life after work. If you enjoyed...


You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Today’s meditation was especially created for you when you feel overwhelmed...when you feel like you are carrying way too much on your shoulders. If your experience is anything like mine, you probably take up a lot of responsibilities in your life. Your finances, your job or business, your health, your home, your friends, your family. And most likely, you are a key player in taking care of others. Maybe you’re a mom...a wife...a caretaker for aging parents…an involved friend... And while you...


Clear Your Mind with 10 Minutes of Breathing

It is so easy for our minds to spin with thoughts; thoughts about what happened in the past or what can happen in the future. Thoughts that make us feel stressed and anxious. Thoughts that are full of excitement and visions. Ultimately, thoughts that keep us from being in the present moment. The intention of today's guided meditation is to help you identify those swirling thoughts and slowly detach yourself from them so you can have a clear mind...and be present and grateful. We do this by...


Trailer: What is the Meditation For Women Podcast?

Hey I’m Katie Krimitsos and I’m so happy to introduce you to the Meditation for Women Podcast...a part of the Women’s Meditation Network! The intention of this podcast and the entire network is to give you easy access to guided meditations that are specifically created with you in mind. I love women. I think we each have such a unique and connected journey in this full of love, so holistic. I’ve had the pleasure of working with women for a long time and being...


You Are Extraordinary - A Daily Reminder

The intention of today’s meditation is to remind you of how special you wonderfully extraordinary you are. To give you a loving reminder that there is no one else in this world like you...and that the world needs you...just as you are. This meditation is especially useful to listen to when you’re not feeling so awesome about yourself, perhaps doubting your greatness. Or maybe you just want to enhance your knowing that you are extraordinary, deepen the foundation of confidence you...