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Part 2: Addiction, Recovery, and What We ALL Can Learn From It

This is part TWO of an interview with Tom Conrad of Rock Recovery Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. If you haven't listened to part 1, go now and listen so you'll be able to follow along. This episode is sponsored by Thrive: Make Money Matter event coming in October of 2016 in my hometown of San Diego. Save 20% off your ticket price when you use the promo code: Desmond. This episode deals with facing change in our life. Whether that's giving up the addictions we're facing or finally...

Part 1: Addiction, Recovery, and What We ALL Can Learn From It

It doesn't matter if you're dealing with drug addiction, alcoholism, or any other issue on that level, you can all learn about the mental aspects of overcoming an external force which is controlling our life. If you're in business, trying to get into shape, or working on your relationships, you will be amazed by how you can overcome your struggles by learning from someone who overcame drug and alcohol addiction. It's all the same battle on a different scale. This episode is sponsored by...


Step 1 to Being Your Best in Life - Ep. 166

If you're struggling to make the changes you need in your life in order to live the life you desire, it may be this one action that's holding you back. Most people, myself included, don't even realize this is an issue for them. But once you do then take the action to correct it, you'll immediately find changes beginning to take place. One simple change in mindset is all it takes. It won't be easy and it will most likely be a lifelong journey down this path, but it will be so worth...


The Secret to Feeling Good for Life - Ep. 165

If you've struggled with finding lasting happiness or that "great feeling" we all seek, this episode is going to give you some wonderful insight. Most of us don't understand why we go through so many ups and downs in how we feel physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. This can sometimes lead to very negative habits which leave us with temporary good feelings but put us in a negative place over the long-term. We talk about the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg -...


What You Can Learn About Your Life Purpose by Studying Bird Nests. Seriously! - Ep. 164

When you understand what causes a bird to know how to build a nest, without going to nest building school, you'll have a much deeper understanding of what your purpose is in life. Your life purpose is inside of you waiting to come out, but our modern world is most likely suppressing it. You don't realize this until you take the time to really reflect on what is inside of you. This episode will help you explore what your nest looks like, what your dam would resemble and how to let it flow...


The Benefits of Declaring Your Personal Independence - Ep. 163

Independence is a very frightening and often painful venture. Whether you're seeking independence from government, parents, teachers, employer, or even a personal relationship, you're going to confront a lot of fear and most likely experience some pain in the process. This episode will explore that as well as the beautiful rewards which come from gaining your independence. It's well worth it in spite of the pain because you will come out on the other side a much different and improved...


Have You Ever Felt Like a Fraud? Here's Why You Probably Shouldn't - Ep. 162

Discover why it's not what you're going through in life that will define you and your worth to those around you. This can make or break your self-esteem if you don't understand what's most important when it comes to defining yourself. You're also going to discover why you MUST allow the people you love in life, to experience pain. It's our nature to protect them from it, but when we do, we sabotage them and banish them to a life of perpetual struggle. Let's connect on Snapchat:...


How Much Money is Enough? Ep. 161

Why do we need money? What's it's purpose in our life and how should we view it? What should be our goal in having or earning money? Money is just a means to an end, which means the amount of money we need is dependent on what we want to gain with our money. Is it security? Significance? Indulgence? Can money actually buy us happiness? I think so and I explain why. You'll have to listen, but it's not a simple concept and not as basic as "money buys happiness." Listen. Money doesn't buy us...


The Key to Authentic Life-Change - Ep. 160

In this episode, we're going to look at this one critical component to authentic life-changes which will last. It's the reason we stop bad behavior or take up healthy behavior. Dig into this episode and discover what it takes to make life better for you or those you love. This episode comes out of my own desire to see others in my family set aside negative harmful behaviors and finally move forward in a positive direction in order to live the wonderful life I know they're capable of...


Let's Get Naked So We Can Get Better - Ep. 159

When we're emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically naked, we're forced to be honest and real with ourselves. When this happens, we can't hide behind something we may normally use to cover them up. Four Ways to Cover Up Oftentimes we employ various strategies or justifications for keeping ourselves "covered-up" so we don't have to deal with the truth of our nakedness. I've diluted these down to 4 general areas: Making excuses for our imperfections Blaming others for our shortcomings...


I've Figured Out Your Life Purpose - Ep. 157

Here's what I cover in this episode: This is probably the most asked question of me. "How do I figure out my life purpose?" I dig VERY deep into this topic and explore WHY we all feel a need to know this. Basically, it's about feeling valuable, feeling as though our life has meaning and isn't just wasted energy. We all want to know it somehow matters. No More Struggle I don't want you to struggle any longer with this, so I've broken it down; letting you know what your ultimate life purpose...


Getting Really Honest About Lying - Ep. 156

Call and share your thoughts on this episode: (561)-247-2857 or visit: Here's what I cover in this episode: Experts calculate that you are lied to about 100 times every single day. Some days it's less, some days it's more, but on average, you're hearing about 100 lies per day. Maybe that's easy for you to believe because you've been lied to so many times, but the truth is, there's someone in the world right now who is believing a lie because YOU told it to...


Going Beyond Your Grasp but Not Beyond Your Limit - Ep. 155

Here'swhatI'mgoingtocoverinthisepisode: TheFearofMediocrity Whatitisandhowitmanifestsitselfinourlife.I'mgoingtolookatperfectionismandhowitcanstopusfromdoingwhatneedstobedonetoachieveourgoals. MaximumCapacity Weallhaveamaximumcapacityforourselves.Istillbelieve,ashumanswehaveanunlimitedpotential,butthatdon'tmeaninthismoment,youhaveanunlimitedability. Forexample,evenifyoubelieveit,youcannotholdyourbreathfor30minutes....


4 TV Shows That Won't Fry Your Brain - Ep. 154

Sometimes we need a little down-time to just relax, but this isn't the opportunity to fill your mind with worthless garbage I refer to most mainstream television as "junk food for the brain" because, just like junk food, it fills you up but has very little nutritional value. Television will fill your mind but it has no beneficial value. It's like cotton candy, a lot of fluff that tastes great in the moment, but it brings nothing of substance. Keep in mind, there's very littlewrong with...


Is Wanting Money Wrong? Ep. 153

For years, we’ve been programmed to believe that wanting money isn’t very noble. In fact, having lived most of my life in the Christian sub-culture, I’ve struggled with the idea that money is bad. When I was 18, I was involved in Multi-Level Marketing and I was turned onto books like Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, The Magic of Thinking Big and more. I was given these by Christian leaders in our business… and the books have this quasi-Christian undertone, but … As I got older and I...


Working Hard Doesn't Make You Successful, This Does. Ep 152

If I had heard what I'm telling you in this episode, 20 years ago, I would be a millionaire several times over. This is number one thing that's stopped me from reaching my goals in the past. I'm so grateful I figured this out. I can't stress to you enough, learn what's in this episode and it will change your life. Fears Stop Us I go over the fears that stop us in a one page report I put together on the 5 Fears which kill out ability to finish. you can get it at or...


Get More Done by Having an “Airplane Day." - Ep. 151

I don’t know who first came up with this concept, but I saw as part of list of way to get more done, on the LifeHacker website. Later this month, I’m going to be flying to Ft. Worth Texas to give a quick presentation at Podcast Movement. As much as I need to get my notes together and get myself prepped, I honestly was thinking “I can always do that on the plane.” It’s amazing. When I think about what i have coming up over the next few weeks, the most focused time I can see is the time I’ll...


Should You Avoid The Negative People In Your Live? - Ep. 150

I’m sure you’ve had one of those situations in your life where there’s something incredibly irritating to you. I have... A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came to me and said “Man, I think I’m just not going to hang out with them anymore. I’m just going to do everything I can to avoid them." But is that best? CAUTION: Listen, what I’m talking about in this episode is an annoying relationship, not a dangerous one. Remember, if you’re in any sort of danger, you must seek safety. Don’t...


The Best Tool for Increased Performance - Ep. 149

I recorded this episode after taking a week off from most of my business work. In that week, I discovered a "tool" or even a "resource" which has increased my productivity several times over. It's also helped me with my self-discipline and mindset. I even feel a clearly understanding of my purpose. It's been amazing. So, what is it? Well, it's the fact that I took a week off. Seriously, I hope you're not disappointed. No, it's not something that you can download form the App Store, or...


How to Tap Into and Follow Your Intuition - Ep. 148

Alan Alda said, “At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.” My last episodewas an example of trusting and following my intuition. If you go back and listen, you’ll find out there was a major storm I was going through, brought on by a family member who isn’t dealing with some issues in a healthy way. Quiet Your Mind I closed my eyes, breathed deep and focused on...