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067 | What Struggling with Depression Really Looks Like

In April 2019 I shared on an IGTV video how I've been struggling with depression. The messages I received were powerful and they proved one thing: we are not talking about this enough and the stigma is still alive. In this episode I'm sharing my real and raw experience with depression, what it looks like from the outside, why we hide behind it, how I've been using mindful awareness to help myself THROUGH it, and some bigger discussion points I think we all should be considering. This is an...


066 | Joy Coding

In this episode, I'll be exploring something I call Joy Coding or the art and practice of reprograming our mind and environment to manufacture more joy consistently. Much like a coffee pot, we have to be plugged into an energy source if we want the power to flow to us. Today I'll be talking about how we can plug into the source of joy, what to consider as you create more joy in your life and I'll be sharing some info on my newest guided journal all about Joy Coding! Visit the...


065 | What to Do When You Feel a Lack of Purpose

This episode is for you if you're feeling a lack of purpose in your life. Maybe you're feeling like "what's the point?" with a lot of things. If it's hard to find momentum or you're not feeling it you'll want to tune in ASAP. I'll be sharing Episode Show Notes: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com/podcasts-by-episode/65 Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity Podcast: iTunesSpotifyGooglePlayStitcher Come say Hi online! ️ InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube Resources & Products: Mindful...


064 | Radical Self-Acceptance with Allie Tymo

Allie Tymo joins the podcast and shares her journey through pain & personal development, what it meant to let go, and the moment that had her thinking “there has to be more to life than this." Allie is real, raw, and full of authentic wisdom. Through this conversation, you’ll definitely get a feel for her calm energy and her mission. We also talk about what it means to start messy, vanity productivity, and how self-care can sometimes prevent us from being productive. Subscribe to the...


063 | 4 Mental Triggers You Can Use to Boost Your Daily Joy

We often think of triggers as reactions that trigger us into the negative or bring up uncomfortable past experiences but did you know that you can actually flip it around and use triggers to cultivate more joy and happiness in your daily life. I'll be sharing what these are and how to shift them or apply them to your lifestyle in a more powerful way. Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity Podcast: ️◾️iTunes: http://mindfulproductivityblog.com/itunes ️◾️Spotify:...


062 | A Guided Meditation to Activate Your Heart Chakra

062: A Guided Meditation to Activate Your Heart Chakra 💚If you're feeling irritable, having trouble sleeping, and have a desire to come back to the best version of yourself, this episode is for you. I'll be talking a bit about what the Heart Chakra is, symptoms of it being "blocked" and will guide you through a meditation to help you feel at ease, bring peace back to your mind, and create the energy and space you need to move forward with a positive and compassionate mindset. Visit the...


061 | 7 Ways to Organize Your Life & Spring Clean Your Mind

Spring is here and there's new energy all around us! Today I'm sharing 7 ways to organize your life for the Spring season and clean your mind. Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity Podcast: iTunesSpotifyGooglePlayStitcher Come say Hi online! ️ InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube Resources & Products: Mindful Productivity PlannerDaily Productivity & Brain Dump BookDot Grid Journals100 Life ChallengesProductive Note TakingFinding Your...


060|Self-Care Roundup: Enneagram Results, Solfeggio Frequencies, & The 3 Happiness Points

Today I'm sharing my most recent discoveries including a personality test that has been eerily accurate, self-care practices and tools that have been boosting my mental health, how sound waves can improve our wellbeing, and the 3 points of happiness that you can incorporate into your days to create exponential joy. Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity Podcast: iTunesSpotifyGooglePlayStitcher Come say Hi online!...


059 | How to Use Science to Create Life Balance

Is life balance a myth? Today I dig deep into what "balance" really means. We'll take a look at some definitions of balance that will change how you perceive your own life and I'll share the pendulum analogy that will wake up your self-care game. If you've been riding the struggle bus in terms of "getting your life together" this episode is going to make you feel a lot better! Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity...


058 | Ruminating on Who You Once Were & Who You Want to Be

Today's episode is a conversational chill session. I'm sharing a little bit about what's been on my mind, what I want to move back towards, and some of the intentions that have been swirling around in my brain. Get cozy, grab a coffee, and let's catch up. Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity Podcast: iTunesSpotifyGooglePlayStitcher Come say Hi online! ️ InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube Resources & Products: Mindful Productivity...


057 | The 4-Step Process to Map Out Your Day for Optimum Productivity

To-do lists get too long, we don't know where to start, we fall into decision-fatigue and major overwhelm, and this all happens before we even get started on our day! No wonder it can feel so hard to be productive! Today I'm sharing my 4-step process that gets you to take action, declutter your mind, bring in solid mental clarity, and map out your target tasks so you actually take action on the day and your goals ahead. Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to...


056 | How to Stop Setting Goals & Actually Execute Them

Goal setting only gets you as far as almost starting. If you want to see real, tangible progress on your goals you need to actually be taking action. Today I want to share the pros and cons of SMART goal setting along and the key elements to clear, consistent, and powerful goal execution. You'll learn: Don't hold out on yourself, grab the Mindful Productivity Planner right here! Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity...


055 | The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries with Yourself

You might be clear on the personal boundaries you have in place with other people but do you know how to set personal boundaries with yourself? In this episode, we’ll explore what it means to set personal, personal boundaries, questions to ask yourself to create ones that bring solid structure to your daily life, and what’s possible when you create daily disciplines and more structure to the projects you might be working on. Visit the...


054 | A Year in Review, Focus vs. Intention, & What I've Learned From Podcasting

Today marks a full year of the Mindful Productivity Podcast. This episode is all about starting and honoring your creative process, creating momentum through focus, and some big life lessons I want to share with you that podcasting has helped me receive after 52 weeks of consistency. You won't want to skip this episode for the story I share with you at the beginning, it might just be the most powerful reminder you need for putting yourself first. Visit the...


053 | Strategies to Supercharge Brain Dumps, Reduce Overwhelm, & Declutter Your Brain

How often do you take time to write ALL your ideas down on paper? Today I'm sharing some of the best practices for making brain dumps work for you beyond just idea management. I'll share how I use brain dumps to reduce overwhelm and let go of things that are pissing me off, how to categorize your brain dump process so you're not left staring at a blank journal, and what to do with all your ideas once they are out of your head. Visit the...


052 | When Self-Care is Difficult, Ways to Ground Yourself, & What it Really Feels like to Let Go

In this unscripted episode, I touch on the reality of self-care and things to consider when it gets difficult. I take a listener question and talk about ways to ground yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed or getting started on a big project. And I talk about what letting go really FEELS like in our physical body. I also share what I did in 20 minutes on Facebook that has surprisingly changed my life on a daily basis. Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to...


051 | Goals with Soul & Energetic Gratitude with Ashley Looker

Ashley of Unique Holistic Happiness @ashleylooker is a Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Coach who helps busy, badass women let go of self-doubt, fear and judgment and make intentional choices that bring them closer to their joy, in mind, body and spirit. She believes that each one of us has the power and ability to create the exact life they desire, and guides women toward that power every single day. She’s a lover of all things paper, planning, and personal development and is dedicated to...


050 |How to Use a Success List to Celebrate Your Existence

Welcome to the New Year! No matter when you're listening to this episode I want to remind you of the power of acknowledging your successes and wins big and small. Not only what you DO, but how you are stepping into your BEING. Big celebratory dance for Episode 50 dropping today AND it being the first episode of 2019! How cool is that?! Join me today to learn how to celebrate yourself in powerful ways, boost your mindset, and come back to those good feelings again and again! Make sure to...


049 | 22 People Share Their Top Priorities From the Past Year (Part 2)

We’re continuing on with Part 2! If you haven’t listened to episode 48, go back and start there! As a way to celebrate the end of the year, I reached out to over 50 people and had 22 people submit responses to the following question: What were the top 3 priorities you made for yourself this past year and how did those things positively impact your life? Join me as we wrap up Part 2 and hear from the rest of these amazing individuals! Visit the...