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Part 1 | Selecting a Wedding Venue and Creating a Memorable Experience with Mario and Daniel of M&D Farm | Episode 12

MARIO & DANIEL Owners of M & D Farm EPISODE 12 SHOW NOTES SELECTING A WEDDING VENUE CREATING A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE STARTS WITH THE PERFECT SPACE Mario and Daniel from M & D Farm share all about creating an authentic experience that is beautiful and unique for their couples. They share insight into what you should be looking for in a wedding venue & on their approach to working with their clients. What is the history behind M & D Farm & how they got started? What couples...


Part 2 | Too. Many. Photographers. Where To Begin And How To Finally Choose One With JP Elario | Episode 11

Styled shoots? Trends? Reviews? Experience? Magazines? JP Elario breaks down where to begin your search for the perfect wedding photographer, and the best methods for making sure you find the one for you! How far out brides & grooms are booking photographers for their wedding? The typical turnaround time after your wedding? What a bride and groom should look for when they are booking a photographer? You can view Elario Photography’s wedding work at: Website:...


Part 1 | Too. Many. Photographers. Where To Begin And How To Finally Choose One With JP Elario | Episode 10

Styled shoots? Trends? Reviews? Experience? Magazines? JP Elario breaks down where to begin your search for the perfect wedding photographer, and the best methods for making sure you find the one for you! The Elario Photography web & social: Elario PhotographyFacebookInstagram Have a wedding question? Submit for our Ask A Planner series: Ask A Planner


Does The Perfect Wedding Planner Exist? Why & How To Find The Right Fit With Katie O' | Episode 09

Katie O' is the founder & owner of Katie O' Weddings & Events (or KOWE). KOWE has provided wedding & event planning & coordination for businesses & couples (including some of the nations top athletes) for nearly a decade. Here Katie lays out the importance of why it's essential to find a wedding planner that matches your personality & is able to put together a vendor team that will totally rock your day! How do we start our wedding planner search? What if our vision is different than our...


How To Have Flattering & Fun Wedding Prep Footage & Photos With Host Kenny Hopkins | Episode 08

We explore 4 tips on how to choose a beautiful location that makes you look good & helps you have fun getting ready before your wedding day. You don't have to be a film expert to know what's best, but you should probably keep a few tips in mind. Ask A Planner Series! Have a wedding question? Use #NYEaskaplanner or DM us: Now You're Engaged WebsiteFacebookInstagram Or subscribe at this link to get access: Ask A Planner Want to read these tips online? Check out the blog: Aurora...


Creating a Love Story That Lasts With Rachel Silver | Episode 07

Rachel Silver is the founder & owner of Love Stories TV, a wedding website dedicated to showing engaged couples the top wedding films from all over the world. In 2016 Rachel left her position at Birchbox to launch her vision for a company that helps connect couples to the filmmakers they didn't even know they needed! She is obsessed with love stories told through film and is able to dive deep to let you know what to look for in a filmmaker and why it's an absolute must! Love Stories TV...


The Vendor You HAVE To Book First With Host Kenny Hopkins | Episode 06

Often the hardest hurdle is at the very beginning - figuring out what to do first. How can you pick the photographer when you haven’t picked the venue? How can you pick a cake decorator when you haven’t even settled on a color scheme? Find out which vendor you should book first! Blog Link: Aurora Cinema Blog Podcast Links: Now You're Engaged WebsiteFacebookInstagram


Evening Entertainment Breakdown With DJ Mike Garrasi | Episode 05

If you think a DJ just plays music off their computer you are in for a ride with this one! Along with some crazy stories, DJ Mike Garrasi breaks down everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your wedding reception entertainment. He explains what a DJ does, what a band does, and the pros & cons of choosing either (or both!) If you're tossed up about what to choose & why, this is the episode for you. Mike's Website: Music Man Entertainment Mike's Social...


5 Tips For Finding Your Wedding Style With Host Kenny Hopkins | Episode 04

Not sure where to begin? As soon as you announce your engagement, it might seem like everyone in your life has an opinion on exactly what your wedding should look like. While it can certainly be useful to bounce ideas off close friends and family, in the end your wedding day is an expression of you and your partner and the life that you’ve built together. Rather than trying to find the perfect wedding style that will please and impress every one of your guests, focus on what’s going to...


Sex Up Your Self-Love With Lindsay Rae | Episode 03

"Boudoir is about embracing your sensuality and femininity - breaking down your preconceived notions about beauty to show you how gorgeous you really are." Lindsay Rae D'Ottavio takes us on her own journey of self-love and talks about why bridal boudoir photography is one of the MOST important things to do before you get married. As Lindsay says: "The truth is, you are exactly as you are meant to be, perfect in your realest form." Lindsay's Website: LRP Boudoir Lindsay's Social...


How To Make Your Wedding Authentically You With Shannon Whitney Anson | Episode 02

Shannon Whitney Anson decided she wanted to address an increasing trajectory she has seen since her companies inception back in 2007. Couples are realizing more and more the value of authenticity & investing in experiences. At times this comes in conflict with what is expected at a traditional wedding. In this episode we're taken outside the box as Shannon explores how to mix it up and make your day unique to you, while also keeping everyone happy and providing a fun, comfortable, &...


Setting Your Floral Design Vision With Samantha Nass | Episode 01

Floral Designer Samantha Nass joins me today to talk about her most common questions, all related to setting the vision for your floral design. She goes over a floral designer's process, how to choose eco-friendly & natural blooms, and how she works within a client's budget. Samantha's Website Link: Samantha's Social Media Links: FacebookInstagramPinterest Podcast Links: www.nowyoureengaged.comFacebookInstagram


Ok You're Engaged, But Why Listen To This Podcast? | Episode 00

Learn about the host's background, podcast mission, episode format, and why this just might be THE podcast for you. Edited, mixed, & mastered by Auburn Recording Studios.


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