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A Farewell with a New Beginning

Speaking has always been a calling of mine. I knew podcasting was the platform to begin sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. And the world I did! Within the first 12 days of launching Pursue Your Potential the podcast reached 8 countries. After 22 episodes, I hit a wall. I just couldn't bring myself to create another Pursue Your Potential episode. Something wasn't well with my soul. Something was missing. I wasn't sharing a message I felt I owned. So I took this level of...


017: Date Yourself

I spent a day out on the town and really enjoyed myself. As busy as life gets, it's important to take the time to get to know yourself, and squeeze in time for JUST YOU! Just like when you want to begin a relationship with someone new, or want to keep the passion alive with your spouse, you go on dates! They are fun and exciting! You can do the same for yourself. Go to a new restaurant, a yoga class, run errands and crank up the music, find a quiet park and take a walk. Enjoy YOU and get...


016: Done is Better Than Perfect

The old me used to be a perfectionist. The new me is learning to accept that "done is better than perfect." In our journey of growth and accomplishments, it is easy to keep our passion projects secret because it's not as perfect as you may like. In this episode I talk about my own challenges I am facing as I struggle to continue to release new content. Where in YOUR life are you keeping your gifts under wraps because you are worried about releasing them to the world? Consider this a...


015: Its Going to Be Uncomfortable

As many of you already know, "growth happens outside of your comfort zone." In this episode I discuss real life examples of how I must push my self daily to get outside of my own comfort zone, to pursue my dreams, and to take action every single day to move forward to achieve those dreams. It is hard and uncomfortable. But being, and staying comfortable means I am avoiding my dreams, I am avoiding my potential. This lesson is a reminder to you that once you decide to take that leap and...


014: The Sign That Changed Everything

Want to know the story behind the triggering event that began opening doors and pushing me to new levels of accomplishments? Listen in to hear about what I did, and how you can do the same, to literally begin having all your dreams come true! To get access to our special offer and the 77 page workbook I've designed to help you find clarity on the life you actually want and desire, and how to begin creating right away, click here!


013: When Life Gives You Lemons

Life isn't always easy, but in this episode I talk about how I created a happy ending to a day that wasn't going so smoothly! I strive to continue to bring you valuable knowledge and insight so that you too can join me in Pursuing Your Potential! Please help me share these messages with more ears by giving us some pretty stars and your rav-reviews, it really does help others find this podcast! As always, honored and grateful you take the time to listen and share! pathofpursuing.com


012: Pushing Through the Baggage to Pursue Your Calling

I came to the realization that old thought patterns have been suppressing my ability to pursue my speaking potential. There are many uncomfortable thoughts associated with speaking, but ultimately it's my decision to allow those thoughts get the best of me, or push through and shine bright!!! Listen in to see how you can apply this message to an area of life you are ready to take to the next level! Go get em! To learn more about how people just like you are taking massive action into...


011: Haters Gonna Hate

I don't rant often, but when I do it's worth listening to hear the underlying message. I recently ran into someone on FB who must have been jealous about what I'm up to and reported my name to FB because I used a the title "Dr". In this episode I get to the bottom of how I really feel about about what they did, and how I will use this set-back as fuel to keep going, and to actually push myself further. As you begin to push yourself, and Pursue YOUR Potential, you too will run into...


010: Pursue the NEXT Level of Fitness

I made the decision to push my fitness level by getting off the couch and following in my husband's footsteps. I realized if I want to lead people on a movement in Pursuing Potential, I must step-up! I must take action! I must lead by example! It's always been easier to make up a million excuses why NOT to do something, but now I'm enjoying the rewards of ACTUALLY doing the work necessary to become a better version of myself! Want to be proud of what you are accomplishing? Step up and join...


009: Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

In this episode I discuss something I caught myself saying in the previous episode (008: Unanswered Prayers), and how those thoughts, true or not, are forming my current reality. If you are like me and want to change your reality, especially when it comes to your finances, listen in and hear how I discuss how I am ready to pursue my financial potential. To learn more about how people just like you are taking massive action into pursuing their potential by through the transformational...


008: Unanswered Prayers

I discuss a time in my life when I was at a crossroad, deciding between what I thought I had always wanted or following my gut. Listen in to see which path I chose and the lessons I learned. Remember, decisions shape our destiny and in this episode you will get valuable insight into helping you with your decisions. To learn more about how people just like you are taking massive action into pursuing their potential by through the transformational program I offer online, go to...


007: I don't want to be boring...

I've recently discovered that I've been way too boring in my previous episodes. Bear with me! I'm on a journey to continue to work on myself, share my journey with you, show you how I'm Pursuing My Potential, and help you find new ways in discovering YOURS!!! I make a declaration during this episode of what I am committing to delivering in future episodes! Email me (drjenna@pathofpursuing.com) on how I can improve the show and what valuable content you are looking for! Addiitional...


006: Motivation vs. Inspiration...

In this episode I discuss the differences between the outside forces necessary to motivate someone, versus the inner drive that is readily available when you are inspired! I share the details about my new program I've created just for YOU, and how you too can learn to discover what truly inspires YOU! This program will help you, step by step, begin to pursue your potential and reveal your true self! For a limited time, it's only $47/mo ($197 normally). To access this SPECIAL...


005: FEAR: Is it owning YOU?

In this episode I share a previous recording from my Inner Circle Facebook Group, where I offered a brief training on the topic of fear; and how at 8 years old I programmed my brain intuitively to ignore fear and how that has helped me ever since. If you would like to request to join our private facebook group, where our mission is to PURSUE OUR POTENTIAL, click here! Your feedback on itunes would greatly be appreciated! We love 5 stars and an honest, friendly review to help others...


004: The Path of Pursuing...

In this episode I share my passion in the pursuit of pursuing ... pursuing you, your passions, your dreams, your potential. I truly believe we are either pursuing our potential, or we are not. Consider this my gentle wake-up call to help you look within and decide what you want to start pursuing today! I share the details about my new program I've created, available for the first 100 guests to access for only $47/mo (reg. $197). This program will help you, step by step, begin to pursue...


003: Low Plateau; A Higher Perspective...

In this episode I go in depth on the pain, frustration and depression I experienced in 2015 and how I began to find the answers within to create more peace and clarity in all areas of my life, and how you too can find everything you are looking for by asking yourself the right questions! I have a special treat for those of you interested in a simple list of 31 daily habits to be sure you are creating more peace and clarity in your own life... to access this FREE download, go to...


002: My journey and how it relates to YOU...

In this episode I discuss my journey, and the ONE theme that has intertwined it all. I uncover the silver lining of the one and only case or depression I experienced most of 2015, and how I found my way to discover lasting happiness again, without medications! Here you will learn more about me, your host, Dr. Jenna which will help you understand and relate to future episodes! I have a special worksheet for those of you trying to make sense of your life's journey and what that means in...


001: Dr. Jenna Zellars: Pursue Your Potential Podcast Introduction

In this episode I discuss the spark that ignited within which lead me to creating this podcast, and my hopes for making this contribution to the world to positively impact those seeking clarity and balance on their path of pursuing an amazing life. If you would like to be a guest on the show to discuss your journey and receive practical and useful advice from Dr. Jenna, please email drjenna@pathofpursuing.com to apply.