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SMART Recovery® Podcasts, an outreach program of the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group, provides entertaining, thought-provoking information for those overcoming addictions of all types.

SMART Recovery® Podcasts, an outreach program of the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group, provides entertaining, thought-provoking information for those overcoming addictions of all types.
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SMART Recovery® Podcasts, an outreach program of the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group, provides entertaining, thought-provoking information for those overcoming addictions of all types.




WEBINAR: Can Medication Help Conquer Addiction?

SMART Recovery was thrilled to host Dr. Don Sheeley, in a conversation about MAT: Medication for Opiates, Alcohol and More, the medical options now available to help address opiate and alcohol use disorders. Don is uniquely positioned to speak with us, as a long-time volunteer at SMART, as an Emergency Room physician, and as a practitioner in his own practice: Donald Sheeley, MD, ABIM, ABEM, ASAM, is currently principal of an outpatient practice for Addiction and...


WEBINAR: Addiction Recovery - Self Esteem Can Be Toxic. How to Escape the Trap with Dr. Michael Edelstein

SMART Recovery was pleased to welcome back Michael Edelstein, Ph.D., author of Three Minute Therapy, who presented to us the surprising truth about self-esteem. Dr. Edelstein is beyond compare for his ability to explain the concepts of CBT and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). These, at their core, hold that faulty thinking and beliefs, such as using self-esteem as a measure of “self,” can adversely affect our mood, well-being and ability to enjoy life. Examining our thinking and...


WEBINAR: Addiction & the Brain -- A Focus on Opiates, with Chris Tuell

A fascinating conversation on Addiction Today: Opiates, Mental Illness, and the Pressures of Today, with Dr. Christopher J. Tuell, Clinical Director of Addiction Services at the Lindner Center of HOPE of UC Health in Cincinnati. This was an interesting and far-reaching discussion, beginning with a look at today’s opiate epidemic. Dr. Tuell highlighted the relationship between mental health and addiction and how they intersect. We also discussed a whole range of questions around opiate...


WEBINAR: Engaging Community to Fight Addiction with Ivette Torres from SAMHSA

In this lively and engaging talk, Ms. Torres discusses some of the topics of concern today in behavioral health related to addiction, and she shares how SAMHSA can help communities gain access to the resources they need. Within that, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) promotes community-based substance abuse treatment and recovery services for individuals and families in every community. One of our favorite initiatives, National Recovery Month takes place in September, and...


WEBINAR: Addiction Recovery for 2017: New Science, New Strategies, with Reid Hester, Ph.D.

SMART Recovery will host Reid K. Hester, Ph.D., for a fascinating overview and discussion of recent scientific findings on addiction treatment and support, including work from his own lab as well as that of others. There are valuable lessons to be learned and new strategies that have real implications for people struggling with their use of alcohol, drugs and behaviors as well as the professionals and families who want to help. Dr. Hester is the Director of Research at Checkup & Choices...


Getting Through the Holidays, with Joe Gerstein, MD

Listen to Joseph F. Gerstein, MD, FACP, SMART’s founding President, share ideas and examples of how to use the SMART tools to get through the Holiday Season -- enjoyably and with as little stress as possible. Dr. Gerstein will also spend some time discussing the fundamental importance of motivation in the recovery process and ways to enhance that, and he will introduce an interesting phenomenon observed in study of the change process. It will be a wide-ranging conversation with lots of...


WEBINAR: Dr. John Kelly, Ph.D. on Science & Addiction Recovery Support

SMART Recovery is pleased to present a talk with John Kelly, Ph.D. emphasizing the need for addiction recovery support programs based on science, such as SMART, as well as the science on traditional and other recovery support services. In recent years, the models for addiction treatment and support have seen innovation and expansion beyond traditional options. Dr. Kelly shares with us what the research says about some of the options becoming more available, such as recovery community...


WEBINAR: Dr. Carlo DiClemente on Maintaining Change in Addiction Recovery

SMART Recovery is honored to bring you Dr. Carlo DiClemente, speaking about how people maintain change and ways in which to support that in the field of addiction and recovery. Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD, ABPP, is co-creator of the the Stages of Change, or the transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM), which is foundational to SMART's approach to supporting people as they change with regard to addictive behavior. Dr. DiClemente is most widely known for his co-authorship of the...


Webinar Dr. Nicole Kosanke on How Family & Friends can Help Fuel Recovery

Dr. Nicole Kosanke focuses on the issues faced by those whose partners or other adult loved ones who may be having trouble with addiction -- what they can do to help themselves while encouraging loved ones to seek help. The discussion will be open, friendly and informal, and packed with information, reassurance, and exciting new ways to think about our interactions with those we love in order to be truly helpful. The CRAFT approach emphasizes kindness and compassion rather than coercion,...


WEBINAR: You are Powerful: A Message to Young People from Dr. Robert Schwebel

SMART Recovery® is pleased to present a talk with author and developer of The Seven Challenges® Program, Dr. Robert Schwebel. We are interested in learning how to engage youth who have problems with drugs in meaningful conversations and to support them in taking power over their lives. Dr. Schwebel’s work is designed for counseling settings, and we think you’ll find his approach highly complementary with SMART in the continuum of care. In implementing The Seven Challenges Program, many...


WEBINAR: Drs. Stanton Peele and Tom Horvath Talking about Addiction for Kids and Young Adults – SMART Approaches

This is a wide-ranging talk about addiction and today’s youth and teens. Dr. Horvath, SMART’s President, interviews Dr. Stanton Peele on what is needed in society, in public policy, for parents, and for those in the caring and justice professions, to better help our young people. For young adults, we want to show you the power of making your own choices and having solid resources for decision-making readily available, so you can assess what’s best for you and live lives of freedom and...


SMART Directions, a Q & A Session

SMART Recovery finds itself facing the exciting challenge of a phenomenal increase in awareness, acceptance and demand for SMART meetings. SMART’s meetings are based around a standardized format for open discussion and group interaction, guided by a trained facilitator, and based on CBT, motivational interviewing skills, and exploration and examples of SMART Tools. In order to be a SMART facilitator, one must complete significant training through SMART’s Get SMART FAST -- Facilitator and...


Webinar: Dr. Bill Knaus On Anxiety

Dr. Bill Knaus is the foremost authority in the field of overcoming procrastination, and he is also renowned for his work in practical application of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety and has written extensively on the subject, most recently in his newest revision of:The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety: A Step-By-Step Program (2014). Many of those recovering from substance abuse or other addictive disorders experience...


WEBINAR: Cognitive Tools for Fighting Addiction and Beyond, An Interview Wi

The focus ison using simple evidence-based tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), specifically the tools of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) as conceived by Dr. Albert Ellis, tohelp anyone, not just those struggling with addiction. SMART focuses its application of these tools on addictive behavior, specifically, but we can use those same tools to help us learn to better cope with underlying issues – stress, worry, anger, anxiety – and free us to create and enjoy the lives...


Webinar: Tom Horvath Interviews Stanton Peele:

Stanton Peele returns to SMART Recovery to discuss Recreating Addiction Treatment in the 21st Century with Dr. Tom Horvath, SMART’s President. Thought, attitudes, and the treatment of addiction is shifting. Choice and empowerment have slowly become the accepted wisdom as the keys to personal change. This event’s wide-ranging discussion includes discussion on these changes, as well as a look back on the past and a bold look into the future. “Look beyond the walls of therapy, towards...


WEBINAR: Helping Loved Ones Get Sober: Robert Meyers, Jeffrey Foote, and To

As friends and family, our intimate connection should make us natural allies. However, we often don’t know how to talk with each other or work together when it comes to the emotionally intense issue of addiction. SMART believes that Family & Friends deserve high-quality, compassionate and optimistic support of their own. We know it is possible to get sober. We believe loved ones can help, without becoming codependent, resorting to tough love or enabling. The tools of SMART and CRAFT work...


WEBINAR: “ACT SMART!” With Dr. Hank Robb

Dr. Hank Robb is an expert in both ACT and REBT, and in this podcast he shares ways in which some of the insight from ACT complements the tools of SMART Recovery. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, orACT(pronounced as the word “act”) is one of several acceptance based, 3rd generation cognitive behavioral therapies. ACT has been helpful with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other psychological conditions, all of which can contribute to substance use behavior if not managed well. ACT is...


WEBINAR: Questioning Dr. Stanton Peele -- with Dr. Tom Horvath

Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D., is a seminal figure in the addiction field. Dr. Peele has been a pioneer in applying addiction beyond the area of drugs and alcohol, social-environmental causes of addiction, harm reduction, and self-cure of addiction.If you spend some time with Stanton Peele, it won’t take long to realize that he asks a lot of questions! Here we have taken the opportunity to turn the tables, and Dr. Horvath will be the one with the questions. There are several areas in which...


WEBINAR: Behavioral Addictions -- A Look at Gambling and Eating Disorders w

SMART Recovery's Tools can be applied to any maladaptive behavior. There are characteristics, however, that distinguish some addictive behaviors from others. Eating disorders and gambling addiction are examples that can involve cognitive, psychologic, and behavioral issues common to other disorders in the SMART community. Chris Tuell, Ed.D., LPCC, LICDC has worked as a professional counselor in mental health and addictions for the past 30 years. He holds a doctorate from the University of...


WEBINAR: How Science and Kindness Help People Change with Dr. Jeffrey Foote

The Center for Motivation and Change(CMC) approach to helping families, which includes CRAFT, and introduces the CMC's best new tools to help our loved ones. The new book,Beyond Addiction, by Jeffrey Foote, Ph.D., Carrie Wilkens, Ph.D., Nicole Kosanke, Ph.D., and Stephanie Higgs is complimented by an amazing interactive web resources:The 20-Minute Guide– especially for parents. “To change the conversation. From the language of stigma to the language of growth. From defects to strengths....