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#1 New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard shares insights on motivation, success, high performance, and living a fully charged life.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard shares insights on motivation, success, high performance, and living a fully charged life.
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard shares insights on motivation, success, high performance, and living a fully charged life.




Overcoming "Who Am I?"

“Self-doubt can actually be a good thing! It’s the stopping that makes it a bad thing. The doubt is just a signal for you to learn and take action!” Do you ever ask yourself, "Who am I to deserve this?" Believe it or not, self-doubt can be a good thing! In this episode, learn how to leverage self-doubt to motivate you to take action, develop competency, establish congruence, and follow your best path. While learning how to chase dreams with self-doubt, consider this: “I can always tell...


Motivational Quotes: Superpowers, Courage, Satisfaction

"If you care for others, your success will be taken care of." This motivational quotes episode contains powerful quotes to help you have more courage, confidence, and life satisfaction. Listen to these quotes that challenge you to hone in on your superpowers and become the best version of yourself! While building your courage, consider this: “If you don’t feel like you’ve earned your own self-respect yet, when will you? If you don’t feel like you can be at peace with life, when will you?...


Best Of: Take Back Your Morning

“What if you changed the language you used to begin each morning? How you speak to yourself sets a motion in place. And if you study the language of the media, it portrays lack, and scarcity, and fear, and controversy. It’s all the things that make us have that 'rubber neck effect' where we look at the negative in life. I want you to start your day by voicing the positive in life.” In this episode, learn life-changing ways to start your morning. If you've been feeling like you could...


Motivational Quotes: Mantras, Momentum, Taking Action

“The death of disappointment comes from the mindset of learning. Instead of saying, ‘I’m disappointed,' you can ask, ‘What did I learn? What could I do next? What’s the next right action of integrity for me?’ It engages your mind to continue evolving. It’s okay if you temporarily feel disappointed. Reframe it into learning and get back in the game, my friend!” This motivational quotes episode contains powerful quotes to help you take more action toward your goals. Listen to these quotes...


Best Of: How to Stop Worrying

“Part of reorienting our lives is to start focusing not on what we are going to lose but on what we are going to gain. I might lose my security in the short term, but I might gain freedom over the long term. I might lose that coaching and that person who’s going to develop me, but I’m going to gain greater challenges over here.” In this episode, learn powerful ways to overcome fear, worry, and even addiction. If you've been feeling stressed about any area in your life, try these three...


Motivational Quotes: Permission, Progress, Personal Freedom

“Never fear leaving a toxic environment. Be true and caring to yourself. Trust there is peace and positivity out there.” This motivational quotes episode contains powerful quotes to help you contemplate your goals and personal growth. Hear quotes that remind you to prioritize your most important dreams, goals and projects to bring you more joy from embracing your highest self and best path. While advancing toward your goals, consider this: “You must get more emotionally committed to what...


Best Of: How to Evaluate Opportunities

"Part of your next evolution in life is saying 'no' more often to the random requests of life." In this episode, learn frameworks to decide which opportunities to take on and which to pass on so you can focus on what matters. This episode will help you avoid distractions, choose projects wisely, and ensure you stay on your most productive path. While evaluating projects and opportunities, consider this: "You don’t have to run your life based on people's whims and wants." This is a MUST...


How to Motivate Others

“Just as much as you so desperately desire for other people to accept you and let you be you, they desire the same. So, consider not judging them. Let them be who they truly are.” How do you motivate others when you need them to perform? In this episode, learn how to encourage others without manipulating them, and instead inspire them to do what is most healthy for themselves, you, and everyone involved. On your path to motivating those around you, consider this: “If you want to motivate...


Motivational Quotes: Advancement, Reverence, Interpretation

"None of us would go to our neighbor and destroy or vandalize their home, but so many people wake up everyday and destroy the very temple that God has given them: their own body. So take care of yourself. Put yourself first. That leaves more room for you to serve others as your best." This motivational quotes episode contains powerful quotes to help you advance your life while having more appreciation for your challenges and successes. Learn how interpreting moments differently can...


Best Of: Practices of Achievement

"Want to quit your job? Put it in the calendar. Want to find the love of your life? Put it in the calendar. If it doesn't happen by then, fine. But if you want it to happen, you have to do it intentionally. So start using this powerful tool and put it in your calendar!" In this episode, we focus on the core practices needed to achieve big goals. If you have a big goal or a big dream, this episode will help you achieve it faster, and feel more confident in the process. While working toward...


Motivational Quotes: Unity, Grace, Boldness

"You could just exist and survive, or you can etch a fiery streak of life across the sky, my friend. There is a greater pulse in you. A brilliant charge. And it's saying to LIVE, my friend! Engage this moment. Come back to life.” This motivational quotes episode contains powerful quotes to help you feel more connected to the people and world around you. While connecting deeper with life, consider this: “Gratitude is not just something to be felt on a Sunday, or when you get a lucky...


Best Of: The Purpose of Life

“We have a unique capability to direct ourselves wherever we want to go. You can go against the grain or with the grain. You can choose to fight your impulses and overcome them or fall slave to them. We have the ability to direct our own will, mind, aim, attitude, and actions." In this episode, we dive into the question: What is the purpose of life? This episode will help you feel more clarity, more empowerment, and a more holistic understanding of your life. While questioning the meaning...


How to Reignite Your Life

"Taking care of yourself while you strive isn't a luxury, it's a necessity for long-term high performance." We often experience moments in life when we get stuck, bored or depressed. In this episode, learn how to reignite your life using four simple shifts that will fuel your passion and excitement for life again! While putting that fire back in your life, consider this: "We are meant to grow and reach the rim of our full potential, but that is unlikely to happen without some planning....


Best Of: A Class on Confidence

"Confidence is the belief in your ability to figure things out. It's okay if you experience fear or nervousness, but to know you can figure it out is where real confidence lies." In this episode, learn how to feel more confident in all areas of your life. These tactics will help you feel more empowered in all situations internal and external. On your journey to increasing your confidence, consider this: "Confidence is only fleeting for those who focus on it once in a while. If it becomes...


How to Get Over a Breakup

“After going through a tough breakup, realize that you can choose to go through it in a way that's disempowering, or it can become the most empowering phase of your life.” We often experience many negative emotions after a breakup. In this episode, learn how to get over a breakup and use your experience to fuel your personal growth and long-term happiness. While moving away from your breakup and back toward happiness, consider this: “When you have a breakup, it's time to learn. Don’t...


Motivational Quotes: Enthusiasm, Expression, Experience

“What will make you happy now? What is the truest expression of yourself now? What could life feel like now if you decided to go for it?" This motivational quotes episode contains revitalizing quotes to support you in expressing yourself more authentically, generating greater enthusiasm, and much more. While working toward perfecting the way you show up in the world, consider this: “Hating yourself for every bad day isn’t going to help you grow any faster. So learn to embrace your emotions...


Best Of: Confidence in Relationships

"So many of the reasons we suffer in our social lives is because we don't speak up for ourselves. Start expressing to the world what you think, what you feel, and what you need." In this episode, discover how to build more confidence in your relationships and interactions with other people. These tactics will help you feel more empowered when it comes to the way you communicate with those you encounter in your life. On your journey to improving your confidence in relationships, consider...


Motivational Quotes: Certainty, Potential, Emotional Mastery

“Never believe you are above or below anyone. Keep a humble spirit.” This motivational quotes episode contains revitalizing quotes to support you in true lifelong happiness, without having to wait for it to come to you. While gaining a stronger ability to generate gratitude, consider this: “Confidence is not something you have, it’s something you generate by being congruent with who you are and consistent with your actions.” Want that boost of motivation? These motivational quotes are the...


Best Of: Schedule Your Dreams

“Whatever you’re seeking in your life, it has to be on your calendar. It has to actually be scheduled, otherwise, it's not guaranteed that you'll do it.” In this episode, discover how to achieve your dreams 10x faster with the power of scheduling. Learn about the value of having a coach, morning routines, and removing yourself from toxic environments. On your journey to achieving your dreams, consider this: “Even as you’re moving towards that goal you must make sure you have people who are...


How to Have Patience Pursuing Your Dream

“You have to train your mind. Take control of the self-talk and honor your struggle. Literally tell your mind how to deal with the process. This hardship is conditioning you to be ready for the dream. Anticipate the difficulty. Yes this sucks, but it makes us awesome.” We often experience frustration when it's taking too long to reach our dreams. In this episode, learn how to feel successful today, instead of waiting to achieve external accomplishments. While moving toward your dreams,...