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Candid one on one conversations about the ins and outs of trying to live a creative life.

Candid one on one conversations about the ins and outs of trying to live a creative life.
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Candid one on one conversations about the ins and outs of trying to live a creative life.




Episode 048 - Groundbreaking Studios with Jesse Wolf

Episode 48 is a great conversation with the talented Jesse Wolf. Jesse is a songwriter & musician who is also the owner, operator, and founder of the La Crosse, WI based GroundBreaking Studios where he has recorded his own musical projects as well as a whole pile of local and regional bands. Having only met Jesse briefly before this conversation I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about his musical history and dive into the joy’s and difficulties of running a small recording...


Episode 047 - Adam Wiltgen

A great conversation with the wonderful Adam Wiltgen. Having now known Adam for more than 15 years I have seen him grow from a lover of music, to a musician, to a music promoter and now ultimately into a powerful and positive force in the greater arts community through his work with a variety of art and community focused non-profits, and most currently in his role as program director for Lanesboro arts, a multi-disciplinary arts organization based in Lanesboro,MN. Lanesboro Arts


Episode 044 - Jacques Wait

A great conversation with an incredibly talented musician, audio engineer and producer Jacques Wait. I met Jacques more than 15 years ago when he engineered a Rearview Mirror album and remember having an immediate fondness for his sense of humor and deep respect for his musicianship and recording knowledge. Jacques continues to record and produce records both in the Minneapolis area and beyond as well as playing in a variety of groups, currently including The Twilight Hours, Iguano, and...


Episode 037 - Jeni Holtan Grouws

A great conversation with the amazing Jeni Grouws. In addition to being a fabulous singer,songwriter, and performer, Jeni is an essential element in Decorah, IA’s wonderful KDEC FM 100.5 independent radio station where she is on air every weekday morning and provides a platform for local and regional artists to share their stories and music through the weekly Artist Direct program that runs every Friday morning. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about Jeni’s creative...


Season 1 Wrap Up - Thank You!

There will be no new episodes for the remainder of the year, but I felt compelled to record this short season 1 wrap up to collect my thoughts and share a bit of what I have learned both from my guests and my own experiments in podcasting over the past year. Enter the MATTOVERSE


Episode 018 - Jason Herman

A conversation with musician and graphic designer Jason Herman. We discuss how Jason got his start with both music and art. Jason also provides some valuable insights about starting his own graphic design business and finding a healthy balance between work, family, and music. JKHerman Design The New Black 7 The Caminos Photo Credit -Bob Good Photography Background Music Intro -Spirit Managementby


Episode 013 - Clay Riness

An enjoyable conversation with musician, songwriter, photographer, and writer Clay Riness. We find out how Clay started playing drums in his families pizzeria in Praire Du Chien, WI and ended up being a touring folk musician for many years ultimately starting his on independent record label, Weary Wolf Records. Clay has been self-employed through a variety of creative projects throughout his life and we gain some insight about the benefits and drawbacks of such a path. Photography Video...


Episode 008 - Blake Auler-Murphy

A wide ranging conversation with rapper, wordsmith, and writer Blake Auler-Murphy (Hyphon). In between a variety of philosophical tangents on culture and society Blake and I discuss how writing ultimately led him to music, hip hop, and live performance. We also gain insight into what inspires Blake and allows him to keep up his frenetic creative pace. Blake is a very busy guy and has a pile creative projects you can find more about through the links below: Hyphon -W [...]


Episode 006 - Alex Toast

A fun conversation with songwriter and musician Alex Toast about the reason for his relocation from Wisconsin to Colorado, the difficulty of staying creatively motivated as life gets busier, and Alex’s love of performing live. Alex’s past musical projects include: Mouse Pocket, We Are Patterns, Bake Sale, & Frederick


Episode 003 - Randy Erickson

An in-depth conversation with journalist, musician, and songwriter Randy Erickson. Randy details his creative path from his perspective as both a career journalist and an on again off again musician. We also contemplate truth and ethics in the rapidly evolving media environment and discuss how having a creative outlet through a career in journalism has kept Randy’s well of musical inspiration from running dry. Click here to check out Randy’s music. Randy’s past musical projects include: