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#18: Alcohol relapse prevention and recovery secrets

When you first start your sober living journey, you feel energized and strong. You’ve made a decision to change and you’re thriving on those endorphins. With this mindset, it’s easy to say you’ll never relapse and to be 100% confident in that. The reality is that real life catches up to you and willpower to stay sober can fade. You’d be hard-pressed to find a recovered addict who hasn’t experienced these times of temptation. That’s why you need to prepare for tough times with a relapse...


#17: The 5 Big Mistakes People Make When Quitting Drinking Alcohol

5 Big Mistakes People Make When Quitting Drinking Alcohol Millions of Americans -- 15.1 million, to be precise -- struggle with alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse every year. If you struggle with either of these issues, it can be hard to figure out the best approach to give up your drinking habit. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to stopping drinking, of course. But, many people find that they can benefit from starting a new hobby. Read on to...


#16: Staying Sober At Christmas & The Holidays - Survival Guide

Staying Sober At Christmas & The Holidays - Survival Guide It's the time of year when the whole world relaxes and indulges. However, if you have just made the decision learn how to stop drinking alcohol and live a happy sober life. How do you stay sober at Christmas, Thanksgiving or indeed any of the major holiday seasons? Craig Beck is known as the Stop Drinking Expert and he helps people struggling with alcoholism to get back in control quickly and easily. Please like, comment and...


#15: Should I cut back on drinking or quit drinking completely?

Should I cut back on drinking? Are you worried about your drinking? Are you drinking alcohol everyday or binge drinking on fairly regular occasions? I can show you how to stop drinking without willpower, medication or AA. I have already helped over 50,000 people just like you to get back in control of alcoholism. The biggest question i get asked is Should I cut back on drinking or is it best to quit alcohol completely. The answer depends how you are...


#14: Peer pressure and social pressure to drink alcohol

I got an email this week from someone worried about quitting drinking and then having to battle against the peer pressure and social pressure to have a drink. This leaped out at me because at last week's Quit Drinking Bootcamp in New York this very issue was a huge obstacle for one lady at the event. She was a corporate lawyer and socializing with clients and alcohol seemed to her to be unbreakably linked. So let's talk about peer pressure


#13: Quitting Drinking And Finding Peace

I firmly believe that if you want to quit, and more importantly ‘stay quit’ then you have to adopt a binary mindset about this. Quitting drinking is easy; just don’t put alcohol in your mouth… there you’ve done it. Staying quit is about the choices you make on an ongoing basis. It’s easier to make good decisions when you have good data to base them upon. For example: If your child asked if they could go on a school trip abroad, you wouldn’t just say yes without first asking some...


#12: How To Help Someone With A Drinking Problem

Help Someone With A Drinking Problem… It’s Not Easy! If you are worried that a family member or close friend may have a problem with drinking, your instant response is most likely that you want to help them to quit drinking ASAP. However, doing this is not as easy as it first appears, and it’s a course on which you need to take care how you tread. It’s very much something you’ll need to contemplate long and hard before jumping in and attempting to address. Do they accept they have a...


#11: Why is it so difficult to quit drinking?

Why is it so difficult to quit drinking? If there was ever a loaded question, that's it right there! The generally agreed narrative about quitting drinking is that it has to be painful, difficult and full of relapse and struggle. This is probably why whenever I post on social media about stopping drinking in one day at one of my Bootcamp's I get a lot of hate. People love to point out that quitting drinking can't be done in one day and there is no easy way out of the problem. They love to...


#10: Is Alcoholism A Disease And The Best Way To Deal With It

More Is Alcoholism A Disease? There’s a great deal of public disarray regarding alcohol addiction and precisely how it impacts people who are dealing with it. Is alcoholism a disease? Many individuals suggest that it is a life-style preference and that quitting drinking is just an issue of choosing to do so. Nevertheless, people who know alcohol addiction better, including the scientists and alcohol addiction experts who manage it daily,...


#9: Why Alcohol And Weight Loss Don't Go Together

Stop Drinking Expert In today's video we talk about alcohol and weight loss, or rather the way it prevents weight loss. Drinking is the true diet killer!


#8: Nobody expects to get addicted to alcohol...

How on earth did I get addicted to alcohol, that wasn't supposed to happen! Problem drinking is a learned addiction but it's time to stop heaping shame on people who have a problem with it. It's not a choice and it's not an indication that someone is weak-willed or anything else like that. Read my blog today for more on this


#7: I Can’t Be An Alcoholic Because [INSERT MYTH HERE]

More How do you know if you have a problem with drinking? Let's start with denial Here are my 5 favorite justifications for drinking habits used by alcoholics that don't yet know they are addicted.


#6: How to drinking moderation - is it even possible?

So many people come to the


#5: Missing alcohol and living with another drinker once you quit

In this episode of the Happy Sober Podcast, I deal with two great questions. Debbie is 12 days sober and loving life without alcohol but there is a part of her that misses wine and the social scene that comes with drinking. Eric is dating a drinker and he is worried they are going to lose the connection without their shared love of alcohol. For more information about the Stop Drinking Expert


#4: Alcohol and that dull ache in your side. What it means and why you should care.

Back when I was a drinker I had a constant dull ache in my right side. I put off going to the doctor for a very long time, but why? Because I was scared he would tell me to stop drinking. Such is the insanity of this drug. If you have pain in your mid-section and are wondering if it could be to do with your drinking, the answer is yes it could. What could that pain be? Find out in today's happy sober podcast! Also, we talk about whether you can work in the alcohol industry and be a...


#3: How to have a social life without drinking alcohol

Welcome to episode 3 of the Happy Sober Podcast. Today I will answer Simon's question about how a young, single man can have a good social life without drinking alcohol. He worries that he doesn't have the confidence to meet women and make friends without drinking. I totally understand this problem - been there are got the t-shirt etc. Also in this episode, I want to talk a little more about why willpower doesn't work when it comes to alcohol addiction and problem drinking. Did you know that...


#2: Are We Being Tricked Into Believing Wine Equals Relaxation?

We are told that wine equals relaxation. But, get this: there was a time when men and women finished work, they relaxed. But they accomplished it in a very weird way. They had an evening meal together, or talked, or read the paper, or had fun with the kids, or went for a stroll. The freaky, peculiar part is that they did it without pouring a glass of wine first. Stop Drinking Expert


#1: Why are more and more women are suffering with alcohol problems?

Welcome to the brand new Happy Sober Podcast with the Stop Drinking Expert Craig Beck. Today we will talk about new research that suggests that more and more women are suffering from alcohol problems. Stop Drinking Expert