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EP 072: Discovering and Healing Protectors with Andrew DeGregorio

This episode is very, very special to me. I had the honor of going to visit Andrew in his beautiful center in California here, and it's so incredible. I just feel so excited about sharing him with you because he is such a special person to me. I've been working with Andrew for about 2 years now, working on energy work. He is such a talented healer. What Andrew does, I can’t even explain it. He’s able to clear energy, move energy, really understand patterns and attachment, and really getting...


EP 071: Mastering Your Thoughts with Drew Canole

I’m literally so pumped for you guys to hear this conversation. I️ had the privilege and the honor of going down to Drew’s house and interviewing him in his home. As soon as I️ got into his house, I️ just felt the potent energy. It felt beautiful. Furthermore, our conversation was so rich, full of passion, and so full of depth. We talked a lot about the power and the energy of love, what that can do when it’s directed at us for an extended period of time, and how that shifts how we view the...


EP 070: Survival and Creation with Daniel Thomas Hind

I️ loved this interview. I absolutely love his energy, passion, dedication to his craft, how he views the world, and how he’s shifting his mindset consciously and intentionally in order to shift the energy in his body. What is beautiful about this practice of, “I’m going to intentionally changes my thoughts and I am going to feel the energetics of that happening in my body. By the energetics changing in my body, I create more thoughts with how I want to feel.” We talked about that a lot. It...


EP 069: Failures, Success, and Human Connection with Ashley Stahl

Ashley has made millions, lost millions and in the process, she has this outlook on life that is light, free and just grounded. As you listen to her story, you’ll feel this this essence of being grounded in her words because that is truly what she stands for. She has an incredible story of how she’s climbed the corporate ladders, worked in all sorts of interesting industries and now she is following her bliss through her company, Cake Publishing. About Ashley Stahl Ashley is a career coach...


EP 068: How to Overcome Feeling Unworthy with Guy Ferdman

I️ absolutely loved interviewing Guy Ferdman. We got to hang out in person at his home in Cardiff and we talked about how he manages his relationships to fear, judgments, and anxiety. What I️ loved about this episode and him is how open he is about his emotionality, the way he lives his life, fears and anxiety. It was so beautiful to hear him completely open up and share. We talked all about why we struggle with self worth on a mass scale and understanding the issues behind self worth and...


EP 067: Breast Implants and Bravery with Angie Lee

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my best friends in the whole world, Ms. Angie Lee. This conversation goes really deep into women’s health and I interviewed her about her story around getting her breast implants removed. I know this is a really sensitive subject and my intention for this conversation is education. If your someone who has breast implants, I don’t want you to feel shameful, I just want this conversation to be in the world for education. Just hear what she has to say,...


EP 066: How to Live From Your Heart with Lucas Bell

Lucas and I were connected through a mutual friend and during our conversation I just felt this flow with him. I love his outlook on life and I love his perspective on this human experience. It’s so refreshing and beautiful! We talked about what we need to remove in order to finally feel like ourselves. It was a really powerful conversation! About Lucas Bell As a prosperity coach, Lucas helps people, especially millennials, find their zone of genius through his coaching programs...


EP 065: Body Image Acceptance with Summer Innanen

I loved interviewing Summer. She is a force in this space. She had so many interesting philosophies in how she explained what she does. We talked a lot about this place of neutrality with our bodies. Rather than body love as this place that we strive for, it’s about removing the body love or hate or anything and just not focusing on the body. I would really love to hear your thoughts on how you feel about this interview and let me know your stance. It might be something that makes you think,...


EP 064: Changing the Future Through Conscious Spending with Joel Solomon

Joel is a very special person to me. He’s been one of my unofficial mentors since I started the company. He is such a force for good in the world. He has so many social impact initiatives that he’s contributing to. He is a advocate for conscious business, ethical spending, and creating big changes through small actions. About Joel Solomon Joel is a Founding Partner of Renewal Funds Company, Canada’s leading mission venture capital company investing in organic products and environmental...


EP 063: How to Own Your Power and Change Your Life with Heather Chauvin

This was one of those juicy, real down to earth episodes (these are my absolute favorites) and I found the conversation to be super relatable. Heather spoke about how to change your relationship to fear and challenges that come up in life because they will always show up, it’s apart of our human experience. She talked about simple easy ways to manifest what we want, because that will look different for everyone and it’s not as complicated as we think it should be. About Heather...


EP 062: Never Binge Again with Dr. Glenn Livingston

This conversation was absolutely incredible. What I love about this episode is that Glenn and I have very different approaches and there's not one approach that suits everybody, so I love bringing experts on that see things a little different than me, but I still so deeply appreciate how they support people. This conversation is all about overcoming binge eating as a male, so if you know any males in your life who struggle with this I invite you to send this podcast to them, how our brains...


EP 061: Healing Through Nature and Adventure with Alexandra Goldman

In this conversation we talked about the importance of spending time with Mother Nature. I wrote a post a little while ago about how I have incredible mentors, coaches and teachers but I said, my greatest teacher is Mother Nature. Just learning from Mother nature and her ability to be patient, to connect and thrive. I wanted to bring in Alex because I was really inspired by her message in the world of interacting with Mother Nature for the well being of our lives. About Alexandra...


EP 060: The Secret to Living a Great Life with Mike Sherbakov

Mike is one of my best friends in the entire world. He is such an incredible human doing absolutely amazing things in this work. In fact, I just got off a house build with Mike. We went down to Mexico and we built houses from the ground up and offered them to these beautiful families. It was just such an incredible time and so fulfilling. This conversation with Mike is all about how to live a life with purpose, how to live an inspired and great life by being an example, not only to the...


EP 059: How to Become the Leader of Your Own Life with Shannon Graham

Today on the show, I have my first ever business coach who is a total trailblazer. He embodies the essence of true leadership and we’re talking about a different type of leadership in this conversation and it’s so exciting. It’s not about corporate leadership, leading big missions, or having big followings. It’s about personal leadership. What does it mean to be the leader of your own life and what qualities do we need to embody to step into the ultimate form of self love, which is...


EP 058: How Meditation and Mindfulness Improve Our Physical Bodies with Sarah Anne Stewart

This conversation was so good. We talked about meditation and mindfulness as a tool to heal disordered eating. So often when people struggle with disordered eating they try to externalize an internal issue. It is so internal. It is a mental and emotional issue. So when we dig into the energetics of the body, meditation being just one of those tools, we’re able to truly get in our bodies and heal from within. You guys have heard me saying multiple times, “You have to feel in order to heal.”...


EP 057: Cultivating Sexual Energy with Kim Anami

In this episode, we talk a lot about the power of sexual energy and why a lot of women are disconnected from sex and their vaginas. We talk about removing the negative stigma sex has and how to connect back into your body. We offer light tips on how to remove blocks around sex, so we’re not healing sexual trauma in this episode, but we are providing people who have shame around sex tools to be able to truly get honest with themselves and reconnect to their bodies. About Kim Anami Kim is...


EP 056: Intuitive Eating and Self Trust with Mel Wells

I️ absolutely loved getting to know Mel. As soon as we got on the podcast, we were like, "Hey! You're the British version of me and I'm the Canadian version of you!" She doing incredible things over in the UK with the body image and relationship to food movement. She's an absolutely incredible human. Mel had a seven year battle with eating disorders and in this episode we talked about how she recovered and how she had to accommodate everything in her life to serve her eating disorder. Her...


EP 055: Bikini Competition Recovery with Amanda Bucci

Today on the show I️ have Amanda Bucci. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that Amanda is one of my dear friends. She’s a sweet, incredible woman and a total fitness expert. She is an amazing entrepreneur and in this episode we talked about how dysfunctional the fitness industry is. Amanda and I️ were both fitness competitors, I️ did bikini competitions, and we talked about how that industry often, not always, is a mask for eating disorders and that is how I️ used it. I️...


EP 054: Creating Deep, Energetic Shifts with Caty Pasternak

This girl is full of fire, full of truth, just spittin it raw and real and I so appreciate her. I was on her show and we just had a great conversation, so I wanted to get back in the saddle and pull some nuggets from her because it was just so fun the first time. In this episode we talked about mother wounding, hypnosis, the power of the subconscious mind and how it has such an impact over our reality and how we are showing up every single day. We talk about inner child, which I know, is a...


EP 053: Emotionally Naked Dating with Lisa Shield

Today I'm interviewing Lisa Shield. Lisa went on 199 dates before she found her now husband! That is some serious dedication. This episode is all about love, relationships, how to clear the love blocks that are preventing us from attracting our soul mate. I know before my partner and I started dating, I had to identify so many beliefs about love; who I was and how I existed in a relationship. I had to clear so many masks and beliefs for that love to come in. We also talked about the...