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EP 055: Bikini Competition Recovery with Amanda Bucci

Today on the show I️ have Amanda Bucci. For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that Amanda is one of my dear friends. She’s a sweet, incredible woman and a total fitness expert. She is an amazing entrepreneur and in this episode we talked about how dysfunctional the fitness industry is. Amanda and I️ were both fitness competitors, I️ did bikini competitions, and we talked about how that industry often, not always, is a mask for eating disorders and that is how I️ used it. I️...


EP 054: Creating Deep, Energetic Shifts with Caty Pasternak

This girl is full of fire, full of truth, just spittin it raw and real and I so appreciate her. I was on her show and we just had a great conversation, so I wanted to get back in the saddle and pull some nuggets from her because it was just so fun the first time. In this episode we talked about mother wounding, hypnosis, the power of the subconscious mind and how it has such an impact over our reality and how we are showing up every single day. We talk about inner child, which I know, is a...


EP 053: Emotionally Naked Dating with Lisa Shield

Today I'm interviewing Lisa Shield. Lisa went on 199 dates before she found her now husband! That is some serious dedication. This episode is all about love, relationships, how to clear the love blocks that are preventing us from attracting our soul mate. I know before my partner and I started dating, I had to identify so many beliefs about love; who I was and how I existed in a relationship. I had to clear so many masks and beliefs for that love to come in. We also talked about the...


EP 052: Soulful Sex with Melissa Ambrosini

We talked about soulful-consensual sex, how to go deeper with your partner, exploring sexuality, exploring your own sexuality, exploring sexuality in your relationship, how to feel safe with your body, and we talked about releasing body shame. I️ know you guys talk to me all of the time about the shame around our bodies, especially if we have history of sexual trauma or abuse and so this episode really is powerful and Melissa offers so much incredible information. About Melissa...


EP 051: Life as A Mompreneur with Mary Shores

In this episode, we shifted gears a little bit and we talked about motherhood and entrepreneurship. There’s a lot of you who are mothers. You’re doing that incredible balance of motherhood and entrepreneurship or motherhood and work life, balancing motherhood and being a wife….all the things, so many plates! So we talk about the real conversation around all of that. How challenging that is and how much of an honor it is. So we talk about releasing control and why we refuse to be internal...


EP 050: Relationships, Polarity, and Permission with Robert Kandell

I spoke with Rob Kandell, who is such a genius when it comes to relationships. The polarity of relationships, flowing in and out of the masculine and feminine energy with partners and how high powered women can settle into their feminine. I get this question a lot, and it is so good. We also move into asking our partners for what we truly need, identifying what our needs are in a relationship, and how to ask for them powerfully. About Robert Kandell Born and raised to be a "normal...


EP 049: How Your Social Circle Affects Your Health with Lori Harder

I have my girl Lori Harder back on the show. Lori is a returning guest and I know a lot of you are already familiar with how incredible this woman is. I am so grateful to not only call her a soul sister but I’m so grateful I get to witness her brilliance in the world. She is just one of those people who increases your frequency when you’re around them. About Lori Harder Lori Harder is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. As a...


EP 048: Empaths, Narcissists and Father Wounds with Dr. Karin Luise

We talked about father wounding, daddy issues, for lack of a better term. That’s a technical term, “daddy issues” if you guys didn’t know. But honestly, we get so much of this in our community. We talk about this a LOT. There’s a lot of concepts about father wounding in the society so our team decided to bring Karin on the really talk about this. We’re talking about father wounding, relationships, relationship patterns, why empaths attract narcissists, a HUGE hot topic. About Dr. Karin...


EP 047: How Being Alone Can Be Powerful with Amy Young

In this episode, we are diving into relationships which is Amy's zone of genius. We’re really talking about the difference between loneliness and being alone. You know a lot of you guys have mentioned to me and talked to me about the fact that you just feel lonely and we dig into that. We go into the common themes of what is blocking people from attracting love. About Amy Amy Young is a life coach who specializes in serving up truth and dishing out empowerment to all the single ladies!...


EP 046: More Courage, Less Fear with Kate Swoboda

EP 046: More Courage, Less Fear with Kate Swoboda This episode is all about courage and the reason why I love the whole idea of living a courageous life is what it leads to. When we’re on the edge of what is kind of uncomfortable, (I say this all of the time, my like feels like a constant wedgie because it’s always a little uncomfortable) what we get to experience by living on our edge and stepping into the things that terrify us, leads to so much. It’s truly where the magic happens....


EP 045: Changing Our Inner Dialogue with Lauren Zander

This episode is all about taking personal responsibility (which I love) and shifting out of victim mentality, which I also love. Lauren breaks down the steps we can take to truly shift our inner dialogue and get it to work for us, rather than against us. About Lauren Lauren Zander is a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international coaching company based in New York City. She is the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the...


EP 044: How to Create New Habits Around Food with Kathryn Hansen

This episode is a little bit different from what we normally do. We heavily focus on the mental, emotional side of binge eating and this episode brings you a science based approach. I respect it and I love it and I’m excited to hear how you guys dig it. I want to hear your thoughts so make sure you are commenting on iTunes and letting me know how you like it. Kathryn Hansen, the author of Brain Over Binge, talks about the neural pathways of our brains and how we develop habits and...


EP 043: Using Triggers to Create Change with Cassandra Bodzak

This episode is all about the small steps we can make to create big shifts in our lives. So often we think that in order for us to have these enriching, meaningful lives we have to go out and change the world or change the planet, and it’s simply just not true. We can create change in our everyday community just by focusing on things that matter the most in our hearts like lighting someone else’s heart up through a smile, conversation, a hug. That changes the world. And I think so often we...


How to Get Your Sh*t Together in Your 20’s with Kali Rogers

Today I am interviewing Kali Rogers! We had such a great interview. She is such a cool chick and you guys are going to realize this once you start listening. We chatted about the power of choice, something I’m stoked on; I loved that conversation, and approaching life from a place of curiosity rather than attachment. So often, we want to control our way to happiness, and we all know that doesn’t work. We cling onto identities that make us feel like crap because we’re truly afraid of what...


EP 041: Navigating Relationships and Sexuality Wounds with Adam Roa

This conversation energized me to the core. Adam is such a force. We talked about how to become a magnet and match for the things we truly want, how to ask for what we want from our partners, ourselves and the planet. We talked about forgiveness, the ‘Me Too’ movement, healing sexuality, healing the masculine/feminine dynamic. There was so much goodness in this episode. Adam Roa Adam Roa's spoken word poetry and deeply moving multi-media creations take the viewer on a transformational...


EP 040: Anorexia and Body Image Issues as a Male Athlete with Jason Phillips

I was so pumped on this conversation. I was actually at a dinner with JJ Virgin, who has also been on this podcast, and someone mentioned Jason and how he had an eating disorder as a young man. We get so many men who ask us if we have services for men and I’m so excited to say that we’re in the process of doing that. But I just wanted to get Jason on the show to share his story. He is so passionate about what he’s doing in the world and I know that’s going to come across in his...


EP 039: The Key to Healthy, Lasting Relationships with Loralei Bayette

Loralei Bayette This episode is all about relationships and viewing our relationships as a mirror. She got really real and vulnerable and basically said on the show, “I don’t trust myself to be in a relationship.” And it’s so freakin cool for a woman to just own that and just really say, “Ok listen, now is not the time. The time is to love ME. The time is to be in my own body. The time is to understand myself.” I just thought that was one of the rad-est things that has ever been shared on...


EP 038: Kicking Old Money Beliefs to the Curb with Michelle Lowbridge

Everything about this conversation excites me to the core! For those of you who’ve been in my world following my things, you know how passionate I am about money and our relationship with money. More importantly, healing our relationship to money, and not allowing it to be the root of all evil anymore. This episode is about creating a space and a relationship where money can flow easily to us and through us so that we can create more abundance in the world. About Michelle...


EP 037: Raising Your Frequency & Money Mindset with Peta Kelly

Enter to win a copy of Peta’s amazing new book, Earth is Hiring. From now through Monday, February 19, you can enter the contest by doing something fun and posting a photo of yourself at play on Instagram with the hashtag #earthishiringmetoplay. Winners will be chosen the week of 2/19 and books will be shipped shortly after! Ready, set, gooooo! Peta Kelly You know when you talk to someone, and it literally feels like you’ve injected caffeine straight into your body? That’s what this...


EP 036: How to Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

Andrea Owen Andrea is a returning guest because her first episode kicked off and you guys loved it. This episode, we’re talking about her new book and it has literally the best title ever. It’s called, How to Stop Feeling Like Shit. We dove into all of the principles of how we are addicted to our own suffering and how we create structures in our lives that literally set us up to feel like shit. She talks through these principles and really breaks them down, making it easy. We extracted a...