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221 | Are You Willing To Let It Suck For 12 Months

This is the question... For anyone that is starting ANY new endeavor or NEW projects. Even if you have been going at it for quite some time! Remember: you didn't come this far to only come this far. You can this far to go the distance :) Love to hear your feedback here: Apply To The Legacy Driven Entrepreneurs Community and the discussion here (it’s FREE): Are you enjoying the podcast? Listen to the episode here...


220 | MJ Demarco | How To Think And Act Like A Millionaire

Have you ever wanted to know how a millionaire thinks and act? Have you ever wanted to be a millionaire one day? Today we’re going to discover the attributes of a successful entrepreneur and how to think and act like a millionaire. In this episode, Jay sat down with MJ DeMarco, author of The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted. MJ debunked all common myths fed to us by online gurus and conventional teachers. This episode is one you would not want to miss! To get things going, Jay began...


219 | Most Important Daily Decision You Need To Make

This is for the entrepreneurs and creators out there. This is what it takes to make it in creating your platform and stepping into the thought leader you are. Have an amazing week! Love to hear your feedback here: Apply To The Legacy Driven Entrepreneurs Community and the discussion here (it’s FREE): Are you enjoying the podcast? Listen to the episode here and leave us a review: iTunes:...


218 | When Your Mess Becomes Your Message

Have you ever felt like a hot mess? Like you couldn't get ahead of life or your business no matter what you did? Perhaps you are in a phase right now where you are doing everything to move forward, but every step you take, you feel you are getting pushed back. I have been there many times myself. *Pro-tip* - It never goes away. The bad days. Or even bad weeks. Let me share with you what I discover about being a hot mess and how it can ultimately help you create the legacy and brand...


217 | Lessons From The Vineyard - Building Momentum For Your Growth

Having just visited the amazing La Lastra winery in Siena, Tuscany, I’ve been contemplating the idea of building momentum for your growth. It is a simple idea that I too often overlook – the idea that we should focus on what works. And it is an especially important notion now, as the end of the calendar year approaches. Christian, who gave us a great tour of the winery, mentioned that when they prepare for the end of the year after the last harvest, they remove most grape branches from the...


216 | James Clear | How To Build Atomic Habits And Find Your Areas Of Personal Growth

Today, Jay Wong sat down with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, entrepreneur, and photographer. He shared how to build habits that will create ate great outcome for your life, his book and actionable steps you can apply to your business and personal life. Jay started the conversation rolling by asking James how he felt that a lot of people resonate on his writing. He said, that was not the first site he built and then launched to be a success. He recounted the two...


215 | How To Make Money Through Your Content (Secret recording of internal call)

Have you ever wondered to yourself - how do these "influencers and experts make money creating content?" Being a part of the transformation industry (whether it's weight loss, nutrition, personal development, finances etc...) your job as a coach is not only to give your audience the tactics. It's to inspire belief and ultimately, action towards their goals. It's the ONLY way they will take your content and actually apply it in their lives. In today's episode, I bring you behind the...


214 | Adam Walker (Part 2) | Awaken Your Alpha

For the second part of Jay’s interview with Adam Walker, they continue the conversation on why people find it hard to thrive. For more nuggets of wisdom, tune in and listen more. When all your life is based on other people’s approval, it will be very hard for you to get out of that mentality. For Adam, it is important to have that focus on your game. In this episode, he mentioned that there is an exercise in the book that will help you find your zone of fire. He shared how this could fuel...


213 | Adam Lewis Walker | How To Comeback from Depression

When Adam Walker started writing the book, Awaken your Alpha, giving dating advice was the last thing in his mind. What is it about? You will find out in this first part interview of Jay with Adam Walker, #1 best-selling author, coach, speaker, and podcast guru. In this episode, Adam opened up about his transition after his pole vault accident last 2008. He shared his struggles with depression and how he made a 180 degree turn around after that part of his life. After going through...


212 | When It Takes Longer Than You Want

Have you ever wanted something to happen so bad that it would hurt you thinking about it because it was a reminder that it wasn't quite there yet? Have you ever struggled with having "patience" while working towards your dream? I am on the back streets of Turin, Italy and walking around reflecting on the last year of my life. From making six-figures (and still being broke) to making our first hires, to firing everyone, to changing my mindset when it came to developing the timeline for our...


211 | Do Everything You Can To Leave A Legacy Behind

This is one of those topics that I find hard not to get emotional about. Recently, I met one of my favorite private clients in person and what she shared with me resonated on a deep level. The reason we get up The reason we create content The reason we show up Comes down to understanding an internal pull towards your vision. This is better than willpower. Or great habits. Or any type of personal development hacks out there. It's part of the reason you are who you are. However, it's...


210 | No Pressure, No Diamonds

Dedicated to the person who is choosing to defy odds even in the face of tragedy and heartbreak. Dedicated to the person who is having a bad week, a bad month, or even a bad year. This one is for you. It's what the BEST high performing changemakers know how to do. 3 simple steps in reversing a negative situation. Use these tools wisely. Show notes: -- Apply To The Legacy Driven Entrepreneurs Community and the discussion here (it’s...


The True Purpose Of A Podcast

The purpose of a podcast is NOT what you think it is... Yes, it gives you celebrity within your marketplace (especially hitting Top 100 from the beginning) Yes, you get to build some amazing relationships Yes, it can create conversions for you and your business BUT the TRUE purpose of a podcast is none of those things. Find out in this special episode of the podcast :) -- Apply To The Legacy Driven Entrepreneurs Community and the discussion here (it’s...


TICM 208 | Want to market your BRAND through VOICE in 2018? Do this!

Earlier this week, a previous student asked me to come onto his LIVE radio show... We had so much trouble "connecting" LIVE that by the time we did, it was too late for the interview. In any case, we had previously decided to spend the hour in the following way: First 30 mins - interview for his show Last 30 mins - catch-up and share what's currently working with each other Since we were short on time, we jumped directly into the latter part. What came after was pretty...


TICM 207 | Engel Jones | The Impactful 12

This is the interview I did with Engel Jones after our interview last week. We discussed his journey around the country, why he is doing this, and how podcasting has affected his life. Be get inspired to have TRUE conversations in your life. To support Engel on his journey, simply donate a minimum of $40 to his cause here --> Take a print screen of it and my team will give you access to our training "Podcast Mastery" ($297 value) for...


TICM 206 | The 2 Real Reasons You Need To Start A Podcast

Last week, I was reminded of WHY I even began a podcast. The reasons were not driven by vanity metrics OR even revenue. It was simple. 1) I wanted to find, create and get my message out there 2) I wanted to interview my heroes When Engel Jones invited me to come on his show for a "round 2", I jumped at the opportunity. I never expected for him to share with me the 2 REAL reasons why every business owner needs a podcast. To support Engel on his journey, simply donate a minimum of $40 to...


TICM 205 | When No One Is Watching (Includes A Secret Recording)

Have you ever felt that all of your content marketing efforts were useless? Have you ever felt like no one is listening or watching”? When I started out, I would feel like this all of the time. However, recently, I got a bunch of secret audio messages from a few NEW students. They had just registered for our Podcast Your Brand Accelerator and was thrilled to get started. In one of their messages, they talked about how they would rarely listen to my podcast on the daily. In fact, it was...


TICM 204 | The Art Of Zooming Out

In the last 4 weeks, I have posted only a few NEW pieces of content. We went from daily postings on social to almost none. Truth be told, it was a bit drastic, but it needed to be done. There are times in your business where you need to take action every day, but there are other times where you MUST find space and rediscover your mission and your gifts. The art of zooming out has always been a strategy that we use with our private clients to get instant clarity on what to pursue next. As...


TICM 203 | 4 Shocking Lessons I Discovered After $20,000+ Investment In Events

Depending on where you are at in business, going to events constantly and different masterminds can either hinder your success or give you the insights necessary to take things to the next level Recently, I had the opportunity of attending 5+ LIVE events which totaled as a $20,000+ investment in my business as well as myself. These are the 4 core lessons I discovered from attending the events live... This way, you don't have to attend them LIVE and you can leverage my thoughts and...


TICM 202 | The ONLY Way To Achieve Success

The last few weeks, I have taken some time to reflect on my life and business. I remembered this story with Wayne Dyer and water. It impacted how I operate on a daily basis. Hopefully, by discovering the water story, you can step into success and abundance as well. It's essentially guaranteed to happen (if you are willing to go there) -- Apply To The Legacy Driven Entrepreneurs Community and the discussion here (it’s FREE): Are you enjoying...