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Overstay in Solitude

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Simplify Your Life: Interview With Mary of the Simplifiers Podcast

Today's episode is an interview with Mary Baird-Wilcox of The Simplifiers Podcast. And she has one goal with her help people simplify their lives. With over 15+ years experience in running her own company, she coaches creative entrepreneurs on how to simplify and optimize the operations side of their small business, including sales mastery, shifting towards a thriving mindset and how to do less to accomplish more. Ultimately, helping them become a hero. To check out the full...


Birthdays! Everyone gets to celebrate

Maybe it is just me, but lately, it seems that big, elaborate birthday celebrations (and even multiday events) are the norm. Actually, to be honest, I think the way some people celebrate the anniversary of their birth is a little ridiculous, especially if you are an adult. But we all need to do some celebrating, cause no one is getting out of here alive. To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Taking the Lead and Running Group Activities

I want to talk about the wonderful, yet stressful, experience of being at the head of a group today! The idea of being surrounded by people, whether it be an outing, event or organization, can be exciting (at first), but when nobody else volunteers to be in charge, sometimes the responsibility falls on the quiet ones To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Nadia Interview

I am excited to share with you my interview with Nadia Finer, international speaker, business coach and author of Little Me Big Business. She is also the host of the “Little Voice, Big Business” Podcast. However, she is anything big little! Check out the blog post at To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Introverted Kids in Sports and Clubs

This episode was created specifically for the parents of introverted children, as well as the rest of us that fit within the criteria of today’s discussion: extracurricular activities participants. We tend to get heavily involved in after-school or weekend organizations in high school and college. By that time, we have figured out what we are interested in (as opposed to what our parents want us to do), so whether it be sports, theatre, debate teams or multi-cultural clubs, extracurricular...


The Art of Letting Stuff Go

Relationships end, friends fight, people get fired...all of those situations suck, and we all tend to react differently. Whether it be crying, sleeping, exercising, lashing out or raging (who knows, maybe even all of those at the same time), it’s important to realize that when bad stuff happens, we need to let it flow through us. Check out the blog post at To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Making Mistakes Isn't the End of the World

We stress out about making the wrong choices, and I blame the older generation. They view so much of what millennials are doing as failure, and they don’t “get” that things are different now. We don’t have to get married, buy a house and have kids right away. Instead, we can travel the world for ten years, or even change careers a couple of times before settling down. Check out the blog post at To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Out of Your Comfort Zone: Interview of Monica from 'You Wanna Do What?' Podcast

When was the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone? Today on the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast, I will be interviewing Monica of the “You Wanna Do What?!” podcast. Monica describes herself as a social introvert, and eased herself into podcasting starting with solo shows and working up to interviewing guests about their experiences in juggling parenthood, careers, entrepreneurship and personal interests. Check out the blog post at To support the podcast check...


Ways to Recharge That Doesn't Require Sitting at Home

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that relaxing doesn't always mean sitting at home, maybe watching Netflix. There are plenty of things to do outside, or at least outside your home that are just as rejuvenating. Check out the blog post at To support the podcast check out our Patreon


How to not accidently spend all your free time alone

After all the talk about solitude and getting alone time (episode 31 ) I decided to talk about the opposite. Not spending too much time alone. Check out the blog post at To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Finding Ideas and The Creative Inside: Interview with Joanna

Hey Peeps, thanks for joining me on the Introvert’s Bubble today. This episode is going to be a fun one! I am interviewing Joanna Pieters ( The Creative Life Show ), whom I met in a Facebook podcasting group. Joanna is a coach and mentor for creatives, just like me and you. She has 20 years of experience in the creative industry and describes herself “as the glue between the creatives and the commercial areas.” To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Allowed to be Alone

In this loud world there seems to be a panic when people decide to spend time alone. Like somehow its a horrible thing all the time to not always be with other people. I'm calling that BS. There are a lot of instances where we need to spend time with just ourselves. For our health.


Getting over the manipulators

We all have manipulators in our life. Hell, we might have been one at some point. We talk about the varying degrees of them and whether or not you should keep them in your life. To support the podcast check out our Patreon


Video Social Media: Interview with Ashley Kay Creative Marketing

Today on the Introvert’s Bubble Podcast, I am going to be talking to Ashley Kay of Ashley Kay Creative Marketing. Ashley Kay is a creative marketing consultant, business coach and service provider who focuses on helping women unleash their creative energy to build a passion-led business, and today she will be giving us introvert’s some insight on how to successfully use video for our business on social media.


Another Q & A

I always encounter a lot of people asking questions about my business, my passions and my opinions on life, so I decided to share a few of those questions with you today, along with my honest (and very candid) answers. Patreon


Taking Solo Vacations

I’ll be honest. Vacationing alone can be both thrilling and horrifying. As an introvert, it’s perfect because you get to be alone and do whatever you want, without having to coordinate with a group or partner. Whether it be a quick weekend alone or overseas for a week, here are my 6 tips for having a fun and safe vacation by yourself. Check out the blog post for full show notes


Introverts and Our Hobbies