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#10: Listener Story: Surviving Self-Harm | Malika Theuler (@selfharmerproblems)

In this episode, Malika Theuler, a listener of the podcast, brings us through her struggles with self-harm in her early adult years through to recovery. Malika now leads a thriving community on Instagram centered around self-harm recovery, as well as a YouTube channel on the same topic. In episode ten of The Mental Wealth Podcast, I chat with Malika about: Your comments are my cup of coffee, so please take a second to say what's up and tell me how you found this episode here on Instagram...


#9: TED Speaker & Golden Gate Officer on Talking People Back From The Brink | Kevin Briggs

Kevin Briggs entered the United States Army in 1981, which led him to become a correctional officer at San Quentin State Prison. In 1990, he graduated from the California Highway Patrol Academy and worked predominantly on the Golden Gate Bridge. Having an average of four to six suicidal subjects, multiple collisions, and dozens of other law enforcement calls each month, this assignment proved very harrowing. In 1999, Kevin went on to graduate from the FBI Crisis Negotiation Course -...


#8: Dynamic Running Therapy: Run For Your Life | William Pullen

William Pullen is a psychotherapist registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Will has a special interest in depression, internet addiction, and “Boarding School Syndrome”. William is best known for his own form of psychotherapy called Dynamic Running Therapy (or DRT) which links of movement (walking/running) with traditional talk therapy. DRT has been globally covered by media outlets like The Independent, Vogue, and Huffington Post. William gained...


#7: Dealing With Borderline Personality Disorder | Ross from ProjectIAmNotAshamed

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental illness that centres on the inability to manage emotions effectively. The disorder occurs in the context of relationships: sometimes all relationships are affected, sometimes only one. It usually begins during adolescence or early adulthood. Ross Trowbridge from ProjectIAmNotAshamed joined me to talk about his experience with Borderline Personality Disorder. Ross had been misdiagnosed with everything under the sun over a 17 year...


#6: Jungian Psychology: How Your Unconscious Mind Can Control You with Dr Seth Isaiah Rubin

Dr Seth Isaiah Rubin is a clinical psychologist and a Jungian analyst. Dr Rubin helps health care providers, lawyers, scientists and academics achieve positive life changes through private counselling. He completed his doctorate at Northwestern University, an internship in clinical psychology at the University of Pennsylvania (where he worked with people on their deathbed), and his analytical training at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. Seth is a former professional member of the C.G....


#5: What Causes Suicide and What We Need To Do About It with Dr Eoin Galavan

Dr Eoin Galavan is a clinical and counselling psychologist, trainer, director, and speaker. He is an expert in the area of suicide and self-harm intervention and prevention. Dr Galavan completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Ireland’s prestigious Trinity College which is recognised worldwide for academic excellence. He is now the clinical lead for the North Dublin Adult Mental Health, Suicide Assessment and Treatment Service, providing suicide-specific assessment and...


#4: Mental Skills Used By Elite Athletes with Jason Brennan

Jason Brennan is a psychotherapist and author specialising in depression, anxiety, grief, loss, panic, acute stress and obsessive thinking. In episode four of The Mental Wealth Podcast, we chat with Jason about his work with elite athletes including players from the New Zealand All Blacks. Click here to hit me up on Instagram - your comments are my coffee. ☕


#3: The Bully Inside Your Head: Battling OCD and the Road to Recovery with Stuart Ralph (@theocdstories)

➢ Connect with me on Instagram and share your story - I'd love to hear from you: Stuart Ralph is the founder of The OCD Stories podcast. A weekly show where he interviews some of the best minds in OCD recovery. We chat about his own battle with OCD, media misconceptions, and how you can begin on the road to recovery if you're battling OCD. ➢ Show Notes: Follow Stuart: ➢ Website:...


#2: Fix Yourself To Change The World with Paul Dermody (@paul_and_orlaith)

My guest on this episode is Paul Dermody. Paul runs a health and wellness business with his girlfriend, Orlaith, named Paul and Orlaith. They do a lot more than just personal training in that not only do they improve peoples physical health, but they are invested into in bettering their well-being and self-confidence. They do this through helping their clients master both their body and mind, improving their relationship with themselves for the long term. Follow Paul and...


#1: Small Town Syndrome, Putting Yourself Out There, and Managing Insecurity with Schuyler Diehm (@earlyrisersmovement)

In this first episode of The Mental Wealth Podcast, we chat with Schuyler Diehm. Schuyler quit his 9 - 5 corporate job to pursue his passion, and founded Early Risers. With Early Risers, Schuyler is a habit & performance coach. He helps entrepreneurs create routines to reduce stress, boost your productivity, and level up your life. Find Schuyler here on Instagram for productivity tips, book recommendations and more. Click here to get in touch on with me on Instagram with any feedback,...