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EP56: Being an Immigrant-Doctor-Mom-Activist: One Amazing Woman’s Story with Sanam Roder DeWan

Today’s guest is truly one of my favorite people in the world. We’ve been friends since we were neighbors in the dorms our first year in college. She captured my heart quickly with her brilliance and passion for service (as well as her humor). She’s always been fiercely courageous in her pursuit to make a positive impact through trying to answer some of the world’s hardest questions. She speaks 5 languages, is a family doctor, and has a doctoral degree in public health. She’s also a mom of...


EP55: Becoming a Better Advocate, Ally, and Leader

Season 3 is HERE! Here’s what I want to get into in season 3 Honestly, I don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like, because this is a creative project. I’m making it with you. If you have ideas, message me on Instagram or email me Here’s what I’ve been up to during the podcast pause: Today’s question: How can I do better at being an advocate, ally, and leader? White Fragility training with Dr. Robin DiAngelo → so much, I’ll cover in a later episode or...


EP54: Better Sex with Jessa Zimmerman

I invited Jessa to be a guest on the show because I think it’s important to talk about topics that can be hard to talk about. For women, sex seems to often fall into this category of somewhat “taboo” topics. I was curious about the courage it takes to work on issues of sexuality, and about how our sexual wellbeing may be related to our overall self-expression and happiness. Since I let my curiosity drive this show, along with the questions and insights of my clients and community, I...


EP53: Exhale to Inhale: Empowering Survivors with Zoe LePage

One of my closest friends has been on the board of Exhale to Inhale for years. As someone who is passionate about women’s rights and leadership, who loves yoga, and who has supported teen survivors as a school counselor, I’ve been inspired by their work and have contributed to the organization. I was curious to learn more about how this important work came into being, and how it has grown to support more and more survivors of violence over time. This conversation with Zoe, the founder and...


EP52: How’s it going? How I pause, reflect, and create the new year

We’re really not given much permission to slow down and think about how our life is actually going. We’re taught to keep going, doing, being busy. It’s almost a badge of honor to be overwhelmed – it means you have a full life. But the new year can be a chance to pause. Just for a moment. Catch our breath. Look at our life and our choices. In this show I’m talking about: Thank you thank you for listening to the show. It is such an honor and joy to have these conversations with...


EP51: Chai for Charity: Doing BIG work and raising a family with Natasha Wright

I met today’s guest in an elevator and we’ve been friends ever since. It sounds absurd, and it’s completely true. I was immediately drawn to Natasha’s smile, big-heartedness, and brilliance. She’s incredibly humble- while working hard to champion women’s success, support thriving leaders, champion local non-profits, and raising three young children. Through all of her work, both at Google and at Chai for Charity, she creates community with a mission for the greater good. Natasha is truly...


EP50: The Conscious Professional: Transform Your Life at Work with Jessica Hartung

I had the privilege of meeting Jessica about a year ago at a large women’s leadership conference. She was grounded, big-hearted, and wise. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her and her work more fully, and I continue to be moved by her passion and commitment to making a positive impact. If you’ve ever wondered about how your work plays a role in your life, how you can seek your purpose or build your vision, Jessica has wisdom to share. Her new book is for anybody that...


EP49: 5 Ways to Feel Grateful (even when it’s hard) and Real Readings from My Own Journal

It’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S. For me, this holiday is a reason to gather with people I love, leisurely eat, talk, laugh, and connect. I always feel a deep and real sense of gratitude on this day - aware of how much richness I have in my life (food, health, shelter, love). I also know how valuable it is to connect to feeling grateful the other 364 days of the year, or at least more often than not. But it’s not always easy. On today’s show, I’m sharing 5 ways that I do gratitude in my...


EP48: Starting a Movement, Loving Our Bodies, and Boldly Leading with Dr. Melody Moore

This Fall, I attended a beautiful event with a bunch of leaders from various industries, whose work has common theme of positive social impact. On the first evening, at the “meet and greet” gathering, I had the special opportunity to spend time with Seane Corn (yoga activist superstar and Jersey girl). In our conversation, she told me that I MUST check out the work of her dear friend, Dr. Melody Moore. Of course, I was intrigued and did some googling. I was immediately inspired by Dr....


EP47: 4 Ways to Have Amazing Relationships and Big Impact

This is a conversation about how you show up in the world, build your relationships, and make the impact you want to make. We humans are messy, lovely, amazing beings. We’re not meant to live in isolation, but in collaboration and connection. Your personal happiness, professional success, and the impact of your time on the planet are all related to the quality of your relationships. Let’s dive in. I’m talking about: Resources mentioned: Naked CommunicationBrave Over...


EP46: Music and Mormonism with Angela Soffe

I met Angela through the longest hug I’ve ever shared with a stranger (more on that on the show)… standing by a river, in the mountains, under a tent, listening to Blaine Bartlett speak about compassionate capitalism. If it sounds kind of out there, it was. It was also amazing and I felt an immediate connection to Angela and her work on the planet. I later heard her briefly share her story before performing her music, and I was hooked. Her voice was so deep and real. Her storytelling...


EP45: The Power of Storytelling and Public Speaking with Johanna Walker

Johanna gets super real and honest in our conversation. We talk about the transformational power of using your voice, sharing your story, speaking in front of others… even when if feels absolutely terrifying. She shares about the moment when you know you have something to say and your mind says, “NO WAY!,” but your heart knows you must — and how that led to her most raw talk ever. And we talk about making a contribution to people’s lives by building connection, and unraveling oppression,...


EP44: Me Too, the News, and Self-Care

I was scared to do this episode. But I had to. I’m talking about telling our stories — in real and vulnerable ways. This episode is an imperfect, but honest, conversation that was inspired by the recent news coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation and its relationship to the rising up of women’s voices. Specifically, this show covers: Resources mentioned: Lean InThis is not me hating menhere Want to check out if coaching is right for you? Book a discovery call...


EP43: Brave Over Perfect with Susie Rinehart

Susie and I met at a local Mom’s Demand Action meeting, shortly after the Parkland shooting. We were sitting next to each other in a crowded room of passionate folks, when she turned to me and said, “I know you from somewhere…” It was one of those strange, meant-to-be moments, when we realized that we’d first “met” online through a workshop I was facilitating, but then crossed paths in person. She told me very briefly about her work with Brave Over Perfect, and I was immediately drawn to...


EP42: Walking with Shamans, Back to School Stress, and Igniting Your Impact in The World

Welcome back to Season 2! I’ve got some incredible interviews lined up for all of you, as well as intimate solo show conversations. Solo shows are me doing some storytelling about what I’m experiencing in my own attempt to live a naked life. I’ve found storytelling to be the best way to really connect with people, learn from each other, and be real. So that’s what this is about -- I share stories, lessons, and insights that I’m learning from living a courageous, naked life of impact and...


EP41: Lessons From Our Travels

If you have been following the show, you may know that this summer, we took a trip of a lifetime. We spent six weeks enjoying amazing places, meeting friends old and new, and doing things that we have never done before. My husband and I wanted to do this trip even before we had children. We wanted to show them the world in a way that works for our lifestyle, our budgets, our timeframe. And this summer, after some planning and some creativity, we did! In today's episode I'm going to share...


EP40: Your Communication M.O.

Episode 40! Whoo! I am really pumped that the podcast has gotten this far, and I’m just going to celebrate that for a minute! And I encourage you too, to celebrate where you’re making progress, where you’re growing. What you’ll hear today is something I’ve never done on the show before. I’m going to actually read a chapter from Naked Communication: Courageously Create the Relationships You Really Want, the book that I released in October of 2016. After reading the chapter, I’m going to tell...


EP39: Fired Up Inspiration: Three Things Right Now

Being able to put myself in the orbit of people, books, podcasts, and other things that light me up and fire me up activates me to make things happen. In this episode, I will share the three things that is firing me up right now to really embrace our humanity. These three things make me feel inspired despite all that has been going on in the US and around the world. They get me connected to my own inner inspiration and get activated get into action. They exemplify courage, strength, and...


EP38: But who are you, really?

It takes courage to live a truly naked life, to know yourself deeply (including the parts you don’t like that much or want to change), and then to share that truly naked self with others. People never stop communicating, even in silence. And I’ve always wondered how we can learn to communicate to deeply connect with the people around us. This thought has been the foundation of my book, Naked Communication. What exactly is naked communication? Naked communication is deepening your...


EP 37: How I Wrote A Book, Why I Wrote It, and What I Learned

Summer has always been a special time for me… and as many of you know, my family and I are fulfilling a dream this summer to travel together outside the country. So, more days than not, I’ll show you something of our life in London, Catalunia, and France… as well as what it’s like to travel with kids, juggle working from afar. This season of the podcast will be a series of solo shows all about relationships, communication, and things that inspire me to learn and grow in my own naked...