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EP38: But Do You Really Know Yourself?

It takes courage to live a truly naked life, to know yourself deeply (including the parts you don’t like that much or want to change), and then to share that truly naked self with others. People never stop communicating, even in silence. And I’ve always wondered how I can communicate in such a way that I am able to deeply connect with the people around me. This thought has been the foundation of my book, Naked Communication. What exactly is naked communication? Naked communication is...


EP 37: How I Wrote A Book, Why I Wrote It, and What I Learned

Summer has always been a special time for me… and as many of you know, my family and I are fulfilling a dream this summer to travel together outside the country. So, more days than not, I’ll show you something of our life in London, Catalunia, and France… as well as what it’s like to travel with kids, juggle working from afar. This season of the podcast will be a series of solo shows all about relationships, communication, and things that inspire me to learn and grow in my own naked...


EP36: Food, Health, and Injustice: Radical Truth for Every Body with Ali Shapiro

Whoa, this is a deep one. Ali and I were connected through a mutual friend because of some common history… cancer survivors, Penn grads, podcast hosts, shake-things-up types. This could have been several episodes, as we discuss some HUGE topics from health care to power structures to privilege to patriarchy to emotional eating to cancer and more. Ali’s incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. She works in the health and wellness industry to disrupt systems that aren’t working and help...


EP35: Sustainability, Leadership, and Impact with Jennifer Chirico

This conversation with Dr. Jennifer Chirico takes us from finance to environmental sustainability, from the boardroom to the Mekong River, and from sexual harassment to business for good. She shares stories of her traveling adventures, and how they shaped her career choices. We talk about women in leadership, and the challenges she has faced. We get into the winding road of our journey, learning to listen to our gut, and an early “a-ha moment” that changed everything, when she was the...


EP34: Be a Better Communicator

Talking to people is truly one of my favorite ways to spend my time. My friends, kids, clients, total strangers, I’ll talk with anyone. Since I was a young, the only thing that has ever held my attention for long is people… how they think, their interests, talents, potential, and motivations. I’ve found that the quality of our relationships directly impacts both our personal fulfillment, and our professional success. And yet, our relationships can also be super challenging. They can...


EP 33: Busting the Asian Woman Stereotype with Sheena Yap Chan

I talk to so many truly bright, capable, accomplished women who still struggle with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or worthiness. Often, they’re outward appearance doesn’t match their inner feelings. Many struggle with the deep self-confidence they so crave, and that others assume they have. I connected with today’s guest, Sheena Yap, because her exploration of women’s self-confidence intrigued me. While her passion to boost women’s self-confidence is inspiring, I was really touched by...


EP32: I’m Not Pretty…

My kids are truly some of my best teachers. It may sound cliche, but they school me daily. On today’s show I’m talking about how an interaction with my daughter was a huge “A-HA” moment for me. It was really another opportunity for me to get even more real about my blind spots, to peel back another layer and get more naked, and to look closely at how my own conditioning still impacts what I say, how I show up in the world, and how I raise my kids. Listen in to explore your own internal...


EP 31: What Does It Mean to Be an Ambitious Woman?

I met Queirra in Vegas, but it’s not as shady as that may sound… Queirra and I met at a public speaking training for women leaders. I think we were meant to meet, because we were the two winners of an online speaking contest (and I never join contests!) to attend this event with one of my mentor-friends (and a former podcast guest), Alexia Vernon. I was immediately drawn to Queirra’s intelligence, poise, big-heartedness, and humor. She’s very real and honest, and deeply in service of...


EP30: Will it ever be enough?

Listen to this week's episode of the Naked Conversations Podcast --- Want to check out if coaching is right for you? Book a discovery call here. More from ME: Explore my cyber-home and all the goods: Sign up for free communication advice and the insider scoop: And a favor from YOU: Like what you hear? If SO, yay! Please subscribe to Naked Conversations on Apple Podcasts. Or Stitcher. Or Google Play. Or any of the following –...


EP29: Living a Shameless Life: Bigger, Bolder, Braver with Sara Dean

When Sara and I met through a mutual friend, as she interviewed me for her Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, the conversation flowed immediately. Sara was so honest, open, and generous. She shared her stories with heart and vulnerability, something I find to be very difficult for many. She also went out of her way to share her podcasting wisdom with me, to guide me as I launched this show. That woman-to-woman support is priceless, and one of my favorite things about creating this podcast…...


EP28: 4 Things That May Change Your Life

Sometimes it’s so easy to bored with our lives and disconnected from our vitality. We can fall into routines and habits that are the mundane, the blah. I can’t tell you how many women I talk to that feel like they’ve lost their SPARK, their passion, their drive or creativity. Bright and capable women, who want to reconnect with themselves, who want to fuel their fire (or the small embers that are left). It doesn’t always take a huge, wild, revolution to find our spark. Sometimes we can...


EP27: On Living an E.P.I.C. Life with Julie Neale

This conversation with Julie almost felt like the continuation of an ongoing conversation, even though it was the first time we’d actually talked! Our professional backgrounds, passions, and experiences kept overlapping in unexpected ways. I had to contain myself from interrupting all the time to say, “Oh my gosh, yes!” Julie has a calming presence, with loads of experience and wisdom to share. I loved hearing the stories of how her work has evolved, how she’s been shaped by motherhood,...


EP26: This is NOT Me Hating Men

Some of my best friends, and several of my aunts, have always actively called themselves feminists. From being women studies majors to activists, they’ve identified with that title. While I’ve usually shared their values and perspectives, I’ve championed similar causes or messages, the word feminist wasn’t something I claimed until recently. I’ve got some stories to share from the past 6 months of my life that have stood out for me. Since going into business for myself I’ve seen how many...


EP25: The Power of Healing in Community with Sera Snyder

How can we do “healing” better? How can we approach physical challenges with more grace, self-compassion, and support? How can we see pain as an opportunity for growth and wellness? These are some of the questions that today’s guest, Sera Snyder of Healing U., has asked herself since being diagnosed with a rare abdominal tumor a decade ago. She dove deep into her own physical, spiritual, and emotional healing in order to move through the pain she uncovered from her illness. I loved this...


EP24: Life Purpose and Privilege

So often I talk to bright, capable, big-hearted women who are struggling with the issue of “enoughness.” The question often sounds like, “Yeah, but what is my purpose?” I fully want each and every purpose to have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. I want them to feel that their life has purpose and meaning, in whatever way they define it. In this episode, I get into the sticky topic of our purpose and our privilege. After years of reading and learning about my own...


EP23: How to Have Room for More Compassion to Include Yourself

We all get to a point in our lives when we can’t seem to get a grip on every detail that’s going on. We tend to drift. We tend to disconnect. We tend to judge ourselves. How do we get back on our feet when this happens? As what Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Instructor, said, “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” We all try to be compassionate to the people that we love, but the bigger question is, can we all give compassion to ourselves? How come it’s harder for us...


EP22: Why I’m really trying to embrace change (and you should too)

In today’s episode I’m jamming on how we manage change in our lives… because it’s everywhere, all the time, across the board. And we often resist it. It feels uncomfortable or scary. We can feel out of control and stressed as changes arise. But what if we could approach change in a way that really works for us? What if we could have a dynamic relationship to the unpredictability of life, to the zigs and zags, to the ups and downs? So, I tell stories of Monday morning meltdowns, control...


EP21: The Mental Health Revolution: Changing the Conversation with Alison Malmon

When I met Alison Malmon a few months ago at a dinner party she was an understated, new-to-town, mom-of-three… who was also a totally inspiring leader in the movement to de-stigmatize mental health nationwide. I was amazed by her humility, and brilliance, as she spoke about starting a nonprofit, Active Minds, 15 years ago in the aftermath of her brother’s suicide. She’s a total powerhouse, driven by her desire to change the conversation about mental health and truly save lives. Her work...


EP20: How do YOU make a difference?

In today’s show I tell stories of dance-a-thons, treks to Mt. Kilimanjaro, hoagie drop-offs, and burrito deliveries… all in service of making a difference, before I even realized that’s what I was being “taught.” As we’re all reflecting on the past year, and the year ahead, I’ve been thinking of a couple of guiding questions for myself: I fundamentally believe that all of us are inherently valuable AND that we have value to contribute back to our families and communities. It’s not about...


EP19: Step into Your Moxie and Find Your Voice with Alexia Vernon

About a year ago I entered an online contest, something that I’d never done before. I’m not really one for playing the lottery or “entering to win,” but this one spoke to me. It was a challenge to do 5 livestream videos, each one sharing a different part of my life story in a vulnerable, honest, and “naked” way. The grand prize was a free ticket to attend a public speaking intensive for women leaders hosted by Alexia Vernon in Las Vegas. And I won! And thus began my love affair with...