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Evangelist Yulander McTier's Radio Show is a Gospel based show to Empower people and Build Faith. Interviewing Live-Motivational Guest who make it Happen.

Evangelist Yulander McTier's Radio Show is a Gospel based show to Empower people and Build Faith. Interviewing Live-Motivational Guest who make it Happen.
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Evangelist Yulander McTier's Radio Show is a Gospel based show to Empower people and Build Faith. Interviewing Live-Motivational Guest who make it Happen.






TUNE into "INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY'S" with Motivational Speaker Yulander McTier

It is Time for another Episode of "INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY'S" on my Radio Show "Empowerment4All". I will be discussing the worldwide "RACISM" going on daily which means prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Afro Americans are dealing with RACISM Still after it is CLEAR and the Constitution Right that- FREEDOM belongs to ALL RACES! There is also a disturbing Paradox in the American workplace of...


Inspirational Monday's with Motivational Speaker and Author Yulander McTier

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the "NEW" Inspirational Monday's here at my Radio Show: "Empowerment4All" I will be broadcasting Live delivering to you an Inspiring, Uplifting, Informative "WORD" for you to deposit into your Spirit. In the cold, trying, frightening, callus, indecisive, unknown, frivolous, and mind blowing times we are living in "EVERYONE" needs to be Encouraged to keep pressing on. God has NOT Forsaken and will Continue to Keep, Carry, Bless and Heal his children who TRULY...


Performance Artist Lala D'iore Live w/Yulander McTier Tuesday 7-10 @8:45pm EST

Performance Artist Lala D'iore which includes performing with ICON "JANET JACKSON" will be Live with Yulander McTier on EMPOWERMENT4ALL Tuesday July 10th at 8:45pm EST /7:45pm CST. Lala D'iore is a Woman in Birmingham, Alabama who is Pioneering Straight to the TOP! Her accolades include Performance Art, Runway Modeling, Singing, Dancing in music videos, being Featured in "The Birmingham Times" Editorial Catalog Commercial at Sleep Over Worldwide, and Lala D'iore's Heel Class. This woman...


NFL Player Cre'Von LeBlanc will be Live on Empowerment4All Tues 6-26 @7:45pm EST

NFL cornerback with the Chicago Bears "CRE'VON LEBLANC" will be Live with Yulander McTier on Empowerment4All Tuesday June 26th at 7:45pm EST. Cre'Von was borned and raised in Belle Glade, FL. He attended Florida Atlantic University. Cre'Von started is NFL career with the New England Patriots for a short time. He signed with the Chicago Bears in September 2016 to now. Cre'Von LeBlanc Foundation was founded by Cre'Von. Through Cre'Von LeBlanc's foundation, he instills health and wellness,...


NFL PLAYER Edgerrin James will be LIVE w/Yulander McTier on Empowerment4ALL 6/7

One of the Baddest NFL Players Edgerrin James will be Live with Yulander McTier on Empowerment4All June 7th at 8:15pm. He played for 11 Seasons in the NFL. He was drafted Round 1 Pick 4 in 1999 for the Indianapolis Colts. Played for the Arizona Cardinals 2006 through 2008 and the Seattle Seahawks 2009. He holds many Accolades such as 4x Pro Bowler. 2x First Team All Pro. 2x NFL Rushing yard leader Join us (914) 338-1434 and live via the web: blotalkradio.com/ymctierempowerment4all


Models Niki Davis & Lauren Allen w/One Strut Models will be LIVE 5-30 at 8:30PM

Models Niki Davis and Lauren Allen w/One Strut Models will be LIVE with Yulander McTier on Empowerment4All Wednesday May 30th at 8pm EST. These dynamic ladies are the team that is bringing Jazzy, Classy, Vibrant, and Fresh to the Runway! Gracing many stages in Atlanta including Georgia Peach Fashion Week and in California a Fashion show hosted by R&B Singer Chante Moore in San Diego. The flare they have is Unstoppable! They are the NEW black girl fashion model magic coming to a fashion show...


Hip Hop/Rap Artist 6FO ia Live w/Yulander McTier Tues 5-15 @ 8pm EST

Turned Up! Hip Hop Rap Artist 6FO from New Brunswick, NJ will be LIVE on my show "Empowerment4All" Tuesday, May 15th at 8:00pm EST. Since age 14 6FO has entered into music. It was here he found his Passion to press forward and grow more. 6FO earned respect and gained credibility from battling and rap ciphers along with flooding his area with mixtapes. Projects include Just Tryna Do My Thing,Bout my Pay Puh Featring French Montana. His release Dreamcatcher received tremendous Praise even from...


Neo-Soul artist Kia Nicole is LIVE w/Yulander McTier on Empowerment4ALL -12/24

KIA NICOLE has been sharing her gifts of soul music and poetry for many years. Born and raised in Pensacola, FL she now resides in Jacksonville, FL where she is immersed in the rich music culture of the nation's largest city, establishing herself as one of the most sought-after Neo-Soul vocalists around. She captured my Attention for the love of her music when I heard her Live in Jacksonville, FL at Indonesia. Tune in and here Kia Nicole talk LIVE with me (Yulander McTier) on my Radio...


Basketball Wives -Saniy'yah Samaa is Live w/Yulander McTier Sun 6/4 @ 5PM EST

Hollywood is in the House! Vh1 Basketball Wives newest member Saniy'yah Sanaa will be Live on Yulander McTier's Radio show titled: "Empowerment 4 All" Sunday June 4 at 5PM EST, 4 Central and 2 PST. The Theme for this show is: Women in the Spotlight making it Happen! who have Endured Pain from their Past, Gone through the Fire to get where they are, People trying to Discredit them and been Betrayed but YET have come forth as Pure Gold! Please Join us Live (347) 637-2096 or via the web at...


Renowned Author-Dawn Mitchell is Live w/Evangelist Yulander 2/9 @ 8:30PM EST

Dawn Mitchell is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Influential Lady who is Traveling all over the United States delivering her Passion to people who have found unexpected challenges at the work place. Directing and guiding companies by giving them the tools they need to uplift their employees and make their workplace better is a global force that takes the company to another level of greatness. She also inspires individuals to Never give up when faced with a company lay off but to get...


Pastor Dr. Taketa Williams is Live w/Evangelist Yulander Monday 5/9 @ 10:00am

Pastor, Prophetess, Conference Speaker, Televangelist, TV Personality, Author, Wife, Mother--"Dr. Taketa Williams" will be talking Live with Evangelist Yulander McTierMonday May 9th at 10:00amEST, 9 Cental and 7 Pacific She is bringing the Gift she carries which is to Bless, Inspire, Uplift and Deposit the Real along with her Anointing on today's show. You don't want to miss this Awesome Kingdom Warrior and Soldier for the Lord. Hear Dr. Taketa Live (347) 637-2096 and via the web at:...


The Glass U stand behind will NEVER Shatter when Rocks R being Thrown at U

Here Evangelist Yulander McTier Power Packed message titled: ***Why the Glass you stand behind will NEVER Shatter when Rocks are being Thrown Directly at You*** Standing, Believing, Trusting and Knowing God is a Difficult yet Committed life acceptance for many. Many times when God's Anointed Vessels deposit the Word, Goodness and give the Testimonies of how good God is the Enemy, his emps and Distractions from Jealous, Envious, Confused, Bitter and just Non Believers come to disrupt,...


Part 2-Apostle Eugene Taper & Wife Bishop Rachel Live w/Yulander 2/7 @9pm EST

Blessed, Deposit from God, Teaching the Truth and Good Fellowship is what will be going on when my Fabulous, Anointed, Dedicated to the Kingdom of God and Breaking down walls of darkness----Apostle Eugene Taper and his wife Bishop Rachel doing as they promised which will be Part 2 on Evangelist Yulander McTier Radio Show "Empowering 4 All" Sunday February7, 2016 at 9pm EST/8 CST/6 PST You don't want to MISS this Power packed show. Tune in to hear them at (347) 637-2096 and via the web at:...


Evangelist Danielle Williams-McCord is Live w/Yulander Tuesday 2/2 @9pm EST

For your "Pain" God has a "Purpose" Evangelist Yulander McTier is Happy to announce my Radio Show "Empowering 4 All" Special guest Tuesday February 2 @9pm EST will be Evangelist Danielle Williams-McCord who has been Featured on the The 700 Club as the Only Guest for the Entire Show! ?#‎DoItLord? This Woman of God has beyond an Awesome Testimony! She came from the Streets which included , abuse, almost being killed, physical abuse but Oh God had a Plan from her Pain. She is now Preaching,...


Apostle Eugene Taper & wife Bishop Rachel Live w/Yulander Sunday 1/24 @9pm EST

Evangelist Yulander is kicking off the New Year of 2016 with a Mighty Blessing from God! My special guest on my radio show "Empowering 4 All" will be Apostle Eugene Taper and his wife Bishop Rachel. The Anointing these 2 carry on and in their lives will surely Shake the Devil nerves, upset your enemies but Bless your Life with a Deposit from the Kingdom of God. You don't want to miss this Power packed show. Tune in and join us Sunday January 24, 2016 at 9pm EST/ 8 CST /6 PST and Live via the...


U Looking for Just Sex and the Enemy came 2 Mess you Up!!!-Yulander McTier

Hearr Evangelist Yulander McTier message titled: You were Just Looking for a Tune Up (Sex) and the Enemy Messed you up! Key Element is to Stay Focused, Eliminate Negativity, Block from your thought Process that Time is taking too long, Trust God, Keep Inspirational People around you, Press Forward, Laugh when Storms come because they will Pass, Do NOT allow others Blessings to Discourage you, Gossip with no one, Encourage everyone and Allow God to be the Center of your Heart and World! Just...


Life Coach, Speaker & Author Brenden Dilley is Live w/Yulander Sunday 10/25

Brenden Dilley is Live on Evangelist Yulander's Radio Show "Empowering 4 All" Sunday October 25th at 7:30pm EST/6:30 Central/4:30 Pacific. He is the author the Great Book titled: "Still Breathin--The Wisdom & Teachings of a Perfectly Flawed Man" His book is available on Amazon and other outlets. Brenden has Branded his name and reached his calling. He continually gives his advice to people. His advice is Real Life Coaching and Man Speaking. Lives are changed, suicides are stopped and being...


Inspirational Speaker & Author Jay Barnett will be Live w/Yulander Thursday 9/17

Actor, Author and Inspirational Speaker Jay Barnett will be Talking Live Thursday 9/17 at 8pm Eastern/7 Central/5 Pacific on Yulander McTier's Radio Show- Empowering 4 All-....He consistenty interacts with the youth empwering and encouraging them to grow, forgive and escalate to their fullest potential in life. Jay has written 2 books that are sure to take you to "Another" level of mindset in life. Be sure to tune in and hear him at: (347) 637-2096 and live via the web at:...


Urban Model Award Winner Jennifer Ferriola is Live w/Yulander Sunday 9/6 @7:30pm

Radio Show "Empowering 4 All" hosted by Yulander is Happy to announce this Labor Day Weekend 2015 is Turned up!! Yulander's special Guest is makeup Artist to many and stars is Mrs. Jennifer Ferriola. She has won the Urban Model Award in 2011 and 2012. Currently she has her own makeup studio in Texas. Visit her website to see more of her at www.lovejenmakeup.com. Jennifer has been a friend of mine for years. She and I both said at the season in our lives when we didn't know how that we would...


The UnderWorld of Sharks-Professional Diver Gary Adkison is Live w/Yulander 7/28

Professional Diver to the Sharks-Gary Adkison will be talking Live on Yulander's Radio Show "Empowering 4 All" TuesdayJuly 28th at 8:00pm. He will be sharing how for Many years he has been in the ocean right next to the sharks petting them, putting them to sleep and Never been fearful. After retiring from decades of living just in the sea world, Gary know has become a teacher, speaker and empowerement to those who want to grasp and learn all there is to know about the underworld of Sharks....