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MYM Podcast (77): Thousands of Dollars Saved = Thousands of Dollars Earned

This Happens Sometimes it takes just one friend. That friend has listened to me present ** Medicare ABC's ( on multiple occasions. He kept telling his female friend that having Medicare Part A, Part ,B and Part D alone was not a good idea. This year, he told his friend, "If I have to drag you there physically, I'm going to do it.” She relented, and called. After 10 minutes on the phone, she revealed joint replacement surgery, scheduled for November 28th. She...


MYM Podcast (76): Medigap Contracts Are Identical, Carriers Are Not

If your acceptance is not guaranteed due to federally-protected rights (Medigap Open Enrollment or Guaranteed Issue): a. Carriers can ask what they want regarding your health, b. Carriers can deny your application. These are known, what is not well-known is that they are not asking the same questions. To simply "get lucky" and get accepted under this idea is too risky, because when you apply, you are agreeing to the release of the fact that you have applied to a centralized location (MIB...


MYM Podcast (72): LIVE Webinar on Oct 3, Noon (EDT)

Registration is required. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. On the podcast, my 2018 Ryder Cup analysis, and why the Webinar matters.


MYM Podcast (71): Problems with Medicare Advantage Networks

Recently, a behind-the-scenes disagreement became public. UnitedHealthcare and Envision Healthcare are having difficulty in coming to an agreement, and that can affect Medicare Advantage policyholders in 2019. This podcast doesn't make a habit of casting blame on one party or the other, and isn't going to start now. That said, policyholders could be affected, if a healthcare provider was "in-network" in the past, and then suddenly becomes "out-of-network." That's the point of this pod....


MYM Podcast (70): Medicare Advantage 2019 and Dispelling Myths About Brokers

Medicare Advantage in 2019 Is Certain to Bring: Enhanced benefits unseen in the past Increased confusion by consumers when comparing Medicare Plans Brokers will be required, because not only is Medicare Advantage evolving, with higher levels of competition, but the Enhanced benefits mentioned here need to be ACTIVELY compared, and that means multiple carriers. A captive agent cannot do this, it is like a Ford-only salesperson attempting to recommend a Subaru.


MYM Podcast 69: Medigap Plan N vs Medigap Plan G

Candidly: I don't understand why Plan N and Plan G are not more carefully explained. I suspect the reason is that the other people that are explaining don't actually understand the process. This is ultimately a consumer choice, and deciding whether keeping $10/month is "worth it." Leave feedback and ask your questions! Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to the Maximize Your Medicare podcast. From this point forward, we’ll be here frequently. Subscribe to the Newsletter here (you will...


MYM Podcast 68: Medigap Plan F vs. Plan G

There's more than just the Part B deductible involved, and it isn't publicized much. I suspect the reason is that some people don't know what to do about it, or how to resolve it, producers frequently sell and run. For some, it may be irrelevant. For others, however, Plan F may be worth the extra cost. And some comments about 2020 at the end of the podcast, remember that Plan F will not be available to new applicants at that point. The audio isn't as good as the pure-podcast: it is also on...


MYM Podcast 67: Social Security Disability and Medicare

Social Security Disability and Medicare After 24 months of receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you become eligible for #Medicare. However, you need to be careful of the rights and options you have. Importantly, the Late Enrollment Penalty "timeclock" will start. Some pointers on those, what you can and cannot do. There is a YouTube Video, and this is the audio-only portion of that broadcast. Here's the link: Leave feedback and ask your...


MYM Podcast 63: 2018 Edition, #Medicare Enrollment Periods

The new edition (2018) of Maximize Your Medicare is released. All net proceeds will be donated to the Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation (


MYM Podcast 62: Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Medicare 2018 Details Are Released Part D is More Complicated Medicare Advantage Plans Have Improved Employer-Sponsored Plans Are Worse Gobble Gobble!!!


MYM Podcast 61: Healthcare Reform Mess and Medicare

The MYM Podcast Returns... Why the Long Delay? Incredible Crossfire and Abuse of Platforms by Partisans from Every Angle Healthcare Reform Will Affect Certain Medicare People Healthcare Reform Will Affect Retirement Decision-Making If you are a caregiver, or an adult child to a senior parent, be sure to listen/read/subscribe! Be sure to subscribe and rate this Podcast on iTunes! Subscribe to the MYM Newsletter: http//


MYM Podcast 60 ACA Reckless Start, Reckless Repeal?

Partisans, Leave Your Politics At The Door If you are an extremist (I love Obamacare to death, I hate Obamacare to death), then here's one piece of advice: DON'T LISTEN, YOU WILL BE UNSATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU HEAR. If, However... You want an even-handed thought about the ACA War, and the effect it has had, the many misrepresentations when the ACA was enacted, and now, the repeal and replace process, then that is different altogether. You are more than welcome here. I have said it in public in...


MYM Podcast 59: Even the Experts Chase Hot Takes

You Know It's A Problem When... Kaiser Health News is as good as it gets, but it created the wrong title for this article. That is a huge problem, because if we cannot rely on KHN as a very good news source, then where is an everyday person to go (other than here, obviously). Here's a link to the article: Be sure to subscribe to the Maximize Your Medicare Newsletter (free), and subscribe to this...