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Interview with Amacio Favor @AmacioFavor

What is difference between being an Artist now and back then? I think the major difference is back then you needed actual talent to be a successful artist. In music today, you can be successful if you are marketable and know how to market your music in a way to reach your ideal fans or your super fans. It also depends on what type of artist you would like to be. The internet allows you to be small but big especially once you develop a core following or have certain connections. There are...


Interview with Keez Mc @KeezMc

About Keez Mc Keez was raised in Harlem but lived in the Bronx. He’s also very focus he already has two mixtapes, one called Hungry Season and the second just now getting done called Hungry Season Two (business as usual) and a Album that came out called "Musical Therapy" both of his singles are doing good one called Im On With It and "Report To The Dance Floor" he has 8,692 plays, 839 downloads off his singles, 6,795 fans his song "Report To The Dance Floor" is #3 on the club charts on...


Interview with 15 year old Blues Singer NJ Speights @NJSpeights @DannyBoy517

Nigel JaMar Speights is a young musician who LOVES the blues and has been playing the guitar since the age of 8 years old. He began guitar lessons in the spring of 2010 under the leadership of Mr. Aaron Hodge, a former member of bluesman Willie King and the Liberators Band. Nigel is a former member of the Alabama Blues Project Advanced Band. He has played at the following festivals: the Annual Willie King Festival, the Annul Blackbelt Folks Roots Festival, the Annual Clarence “Bluesman”...