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English language broadcast - Panorama - 23/05/18

In today's edition we look at some of the elections that have taken place around the world and the potential governments to emerge from them. The coalition formed by the League and the Five Star Movement in Italy has alarmed markets and the European Unión, but most Italians approve their accord. The elections in Venezuela were called a "sham" weeks before they ever took place by Maduro's opponents and their backers, the US and Spain among others. In Iraq, a coalition for social justice,...


English language broadcast - Panorama: Spain - 22/05/18

Today's program includes reports on the situation in Catalonia and in the province of Cádiz, where residents are protesting the lack of work and predominance of drug trafficking. It also includes a review of Monday's Spanish newspapers, as well as music from Marwan and Camarón de la Isla. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 16/05/18

Today's program reports on the Catalan Parliament's election of Quim Torra to head the next government. Since the snap elections in December, called by the Spanish government after it imposed direct rule over the región of Catalonia, no regional government has been formed. Until now. Perhaps. The second half of the program reports on the killings of at least 60 Palestinians by Israeli soldiers during Monday's demonstrations at the Gaza border at the same time that the United States moved...


English Language Broadcast - Josep Caballé-Domenech: Zarzuela & Much More - 12/05/18

We are joined in the studio today by the musical director and conductor, Josep Caballé-Domenech, who talks about the Zarzuela La tabernera del puerto, by Pablo Sorozábal, which was to run to 12 performances but because of a strike was reduced to two at Madrid's Teatro de la Zarzuela. Josep Caballé-Domenech also tells us about his on-going work at the Colorado Springs Philharmonic and his new position at the Bogotá Philharmonic, a huge enterprise based on "el sistema" developed in Venezuela...


English Language broadcast - Teatro Real & Joan Matabosch - 10/05/18

This 2017-2018 season, Madrid's Teatro Real Opera house is commemorating its bicentennial and the 20th anniversary of its re-opening. The programming, as has been the case for several years now, includes both Spanish premiers of 20th century and contemporary works as well as classic opera favorites. We talk with the Teatro Real's remarkable Artistic Director, Joan Matabosch, who has brought both innovation and revived gems to Madrid. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 04/05/18

Today's program includes up-dates on the sabre-rattling over the future of the Iran nuclear deal, by which the US lifts crippling economic sanctions affecting Iran and European countries wishing to trade with it in exchange for a halt on nuclear weapons development in Iran. We also report the announcement by the Basque terrorist band ETA of its definitive dissolution and responses by the government. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Urban Development & Gender - 03/05/18

Madrid is to be the site of one of the biggest projects of urban development in Europe in years. In the area of the Chamartín train station, the project now known as Madrid Nuevo Norte, the New North, is also the first to come approved with a "gender impact statement." Director of the UNESCO chair for gender studies at Madrid's Polytechnic University, Inés Sánchez de Madariaga talks about the new equality law and Nuevo Norte. At the international congress on the subject at Madrid's Círculo...


English language broadcast - Panorama - 01/05/18

In today's program we include reports on the on-going war in Syria, the visit by new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia and Israel and his verbal attacks on Iran and against the nuclear deal, the continuing Palestinian Great March of Return demonstrations at which each Friday Israeli forces fire live ammunition at the protesters, and much more. We end with the music of Camarón de la Isla. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama-Spain - 28/04/18

Today's program looks at the trial of the five young men who make up their self-named "wolf-pack" charged with the sexual assault of an 18 year old woman at the 2016 running of the bulls festivities in Pamplona. The announcement of the sentence, which acquits them of the charges of aggressive sexual assault and finds them guilty of the lesser "sexual abuse", prompted spontaneous protests in cities around the country. And, a political scandal involving the head of the region of Madrid, who...


English language broadcast - Javier Robles sings Swing - 25/04/18

We welcome to our studios singer and bandleader Javier Robles, who left a successful law practice to take to the stage and....swing! Javier brings with him his new album of ten classic (and swinging) jazz songs, entitled "White on Black." For more information on this talented Spanish swing performer, go to: www.javierroblescantante.com . Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 24/04/18

Today's program reports on the on-going "Great March of Return" demonstrations by Palestinians, to which Israeli soldiers have been instructed to respond with live ammunition. Nearly 40 Palestinians have been killed by sharpshooters and thousands injured since the Friday-rallies began over four weeks ago. Two veteran British journalists in the Middle East report on how information about the war in Syria, like the war in Iraq, is controlled by distant governments. Elections in Paraguay and...


English Language Broadcast - Invisible no more: Two - 14/04/18

Laura Goyanes, Mike Muñoz, Anthony Carreño, Bill Wear and I continue our conversation about their Spanish heritage in the United States and they explain how the Spanish immigrants to the United States became "invisible". For more than ten years, NYU Professor James Fernández and journalist Luis Argeo have been researching the little known history of Spanish emigration to the United States. Thanks to their persistence and the enthusiastic colloboration of American descendents of Spanish...


English language broadcast - Invisible No More. Part one - 13/04/18

For more than ten years, NYU Professor James Fernández and journalist Luis Argeo have been researching the little known history of Spanish emigration to the United States. Thanks to their persistence and the enthusiastic colloboration of American descendents of Spanish immigrants, they have been reconstructing this history, which has taken form in a beautiful book of photographs and other memorabilia entitled: Invisible immigrants Spaniards in the United States 1868-1945. This past March,...


English language broadcast - Pianist James Rhodes - 04/04/18

British pianist James Rhodes has been living in Madrid for much of the past year as he performs concerts throughout the country and last month came to RNE where our colleague Luisa Segura at El ojo crítico interviewed him. James Rhodes has written three books and released more than twice as many albums. His commitment to music as a personal experience everyone may feel and enjoy has helped to créate new audiences for classical music. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 03/04/18

Today's program includes a review of some current world events and features reports on the killing of 17 Palestinians at the Gaza border when Israeli troops and snipers used live ammunition on a Land Day demonstration. We also report on Guatemala, where former dictator General Ríos Montt, found guilty of genocide, has died at the age of 91. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Music of Spain's Holy Week - 31/03/18

The religious processions that crowd the streets of Spanish towns and cities these days, as sculptures of Jesús and the Virgin Mary are carried out of the churches on floats by the hundreds of thousands of men and women who belong to the various cofradías or brotherhoods, are spectacles for the senses. Flowers of all colors, robes and conical hoods, in purple, crimson, white, brown, and lavender, women in black lace and the sculptures themselves, many true works of art can be seen by...


English language broadcast - Pianist Emanuele Ferrari - 29/03/18

Musicologist, professor and performer Emanuele Ferrari came to Madrid last month as part of the Italian Institute of Madrid's music series -Suono Italiano 2018. What makes Ferrari's concerts so unique is that he breaks down the piece he plays, in this case, Liszt's Il sogno d'amore: a paraphrase of Rigoletto by Giuseppi Verdi, making each part comprehensible to the audience. Then, after his illustrated lecture, note by note, he performs the piece whole and uninterrupted. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - More Catalonia, plus - 28/03/18

The arrest of former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont in Germany on a European warrent issued by Spain prompted violent protests throughout Catalonia. Some twenty five Catalan politicians face charges ranging from "disobedience" and "misuse of public funds" to "sedition" and "rebellion" - for their roles in organizing and promoting the Catalan drive for independence. After that, a selection of songs by Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, who is performing this week in Madrid. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Day after tomorrow: Bernardo Gutiérrez II - 24/03/18

In this second half of our conversation, Bernardo Gutiérrez talks about some of the issues his book, Pasado Mañana: viaje a la España del cambio, treats: the feminization of politics, the use of language, and more. He also talks about his work at MediaLab Prado, a citizen's laboratory for open cultural projects, and about one of those projects, Experimenta Distrito. We also discuss his work in journalism, and how that field has changed over recent years. Escuchar audio


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