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English language broadcast - The International Institute: a tour - 24/09/18

Today's program continues the history of the International Institute in Madrid, this time on a tour with artist Nicholas Calloway who teaches a course at the Institute entitled "If These Walls Could Talk". Thanks to Mr. Calloway and his continuing research into the provinance, uses and fate of the materials and spaces in the buildings occupied by the students, professors and guests at the Residencia de Señoritas and the International Institute for Girls in Spain, new life is given a history...


English language broadcast - The International Institute: progressive education in the US and Spain - 21/09/18

The International Institute of Madrid has recently celebrated the 125th anniversary of its incorporation in Massachusetts, "for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an institution for the education of girls in Spain." The Institute's history reflects the development of feminism and progressive education both in the US, where its founders and teachers emerged from the women's universities, and in Spain, where the Institución libre de enseñanza and its offshoots proved to be key...


English language broadcast - Zarzuela preludes & intermezzos - 18/09/18

Today's program offers a selection of orchestral preludes and intermezzos from some of Spain's most popular Zarzuelas. From works by composers Ruperto Chapí, Tomás Bretón, Gerónimo Giménez, and Federico Chueca. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - The Other 9/11 : Military Coup in Chile - 11/09/18

Today's program features a special report on the 45th anniversary of the military coup d'etat in Chile, written and presented by RNE colleague Carmen Buergo. That's followed by a presenation of songs by Chilean Singer songwriter Victor Jara, victim of the brutal coup and dictatorship. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Catalonia - 06/09/18

In today's program we take a look at the crisis in Catalonia, where the regional government and half the population continues their bid toward independence from Spain. The "symptom" of the symbolic yellow ribbons, put up and taken down; the on-going talks between the fragile Sánchez government in Madrid and the separatist Catalan President Quim Torra; a review of some of the troubles in the Madrid-Barcelona relationship and a view of the breakdown of democratic process in the Catalan...


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 04/09/18

Today's program takes a look at current events around the world. These include: the destruction of Brazil's National history and arqueology museum in a fire, the electoral court ruling that bans the country's most popular politician and former President Lula da Silva from running in the October polls as well as updates on the war in Syria, the protests in Iraq, where the Parliament has met for the first time since the May elections, and news from Somalia, where at least seven people were...


English Language Broadcast - Flamenco fusions & uniquely Spanish pop - 31/08/18

Music producer, scriptwriter and documentary film-maker, Ricardo Pachón knows and respects flamenco's traditions. His personal sound and image archives reflect more than half a century of dedication to preserving those traditions. At the same time, from the late sixties on, Pachón produced the music that would revolutionize Spanish pop. Gypsy musicians from Andalusia's flamenco tradition, Manuel Molina, Lole y Manuel, Rafael and Raimundo Amador, and the great cantaor Camarón de la Isla,...


English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 28/08/18

Today's program includes up-dates on Spanish news and reports on the wars in Syria and Yemen, as well as Iran's suit against the US at the International Court of Justice. That is followed by a selection of songs by Spanish musicians performing this week in Madrid: Fredi Leis, Chano Domínguez and Diego el Cigala. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Mario Mariani - 01/08/18

This summer, Italian pianist, composer and iconoclast, Mario Mariani performed in Madrid as part of the Suono Italiano festival organized by the Italian Institute. Mario Mariani played his Rossini Variations, also the theme of his fourth and latest CD, and spoke with us about his innovative approach to piano and music in general. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama & Pablo Alborán - 31/07/18

Today's program includes reports on news of terrorist attacks and the fighting in Syria as well as on-going negotiations between the government and the Syrian Kurdish forces, the situation in Morocco where more than fifty activists from Rif remain in prison for protesting social inequality and demanding a hospital and school for their región, also on the latest fisheries accord between the EU and Morocco, and more. That's followed by songs from Pablo Alborán who is on tour this summer...


English language broadcast - Exile, writer, soldier, spy: Jorge Semprún - 28/07/18

In today's program I speak with Prof. Soledad Fox Maura, author of several books, including the biography of Constancia de la Mora, and most recently: Jorge Semprún, Exile, Writer, Soldier, Spy. A professor of Spanish Literature at Williams College in the United States, Soledad Fox Maura dedicated seven years to researching the life of this fascinating figure before the book was published in Spanish and recently in English. The Spanish Civil War caught Jorge Semprun at the age of 13, when he...


English language broadcast - Franco's Tomb & Historical Memory - 21/07/18

In today's program we look at the controversy surrounding the monument of the Valley of the Fallen outside Madrid, where the remains of General Francisco Franco and José Antonio Primo de Rivera are buried, along with nearly 34 thousand other Spaniards, a good portion of them without the knowledge or permission of their families, because their bodies were never identified, making the monument the largest mass grave in Spain. We look at the present, with its various interpretations of the...


English Language Broadcast - Noches del Botánico: Music in the Garden - 12/07/18

This is the third summer the Noches del Botánico international music festival, with concerts in the Botanical Gardens of Alfonso XIII at Madrid's Complutense University. Today's program offers a sampling of some of the music performed there: Brazilian Caetano Veloso, Americans Gary Clark Jr. and Little Steven, Colombian band Monseiur Periné, and Spain's own Miguel Poveda. Escuchar audio


English Language Broadcast - Human Rights Defenders & People on the Move - 07/07/18

The United Nations has warned that immigration, a human right, is being criminalized. Now, the people defending the rights of migrants are under threat. One such person is activist, researcher and journalist, Helena Moreno, whose case, first before Spanish justice and then Moroccan, has caught the attention of the UN. After a report on Helena Moreno's work and the threats to her, including the possibility of facing a life sentence, we present an article by Amparo González about the...


English language broadcast - Jazz singer Rachelle Bentley - 06/07/18

We welcome to our studios jazz singer Rachelle Bentley. Rachelle is British but lives in Madrid, where she will perform an attractive selection of well-known songs from films this Sunday evening, June 8th, at the Ingenia Jazz & Wine Festival 2018. Rachelle opens this year's fourth edition of the popular festival, and her concert will take place at the Teatro Galileo in the Spanish capital. For more on this talented singer, visit her website at: www.rachellebentley.com . Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 04/07/18

Today's program includes a report on the landslide victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico's presidential elections. The leftist former mayor of Mexico City will take office on December 1st. His election represents a sea-change in Mexican politics and has some business leaders there and in the US worried about his pledges to reduce poverty, inequality, violence and corruption. The controversial deal on migrants reached between the German Chancellor and the Interior Minister has...


English language broadcast - Panorama - 28/06/18

Today's program includes a review of Wednesday Spanish press and begins with reports on the Turkish elections which saw President Erdogan enabled to assume unprecedented new powers and on the on-going battles in Yemen as the port of Hodeidah is contested. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 27/06/18

Today's Panorama includes news in Spain and focuses on the EU's preparations for the coming summit when the member countries will try once again to hammer out a common migration policy. While some countries have rejected the presence of refugees and migrants in their territories, others seek means of "deterring" the arrival of people seeking safety from violence and looking for a better life in Europe. Those European politicians prepared to consider alternative proposals are not in...


English language broadcast - Panorama - 21/06/18

Today's program includes reports on the US's decision to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council, the violence and wars in Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Gaza. From Spain, the entry of the King's brother-in-law in prison on an embezzlement, graft and fraud conviction, and crossing the Atlantic again, the King and Queen's visit to Washington, where meeting with President Bush, the historic ties between the two countries were stressed. Escuchar audio


English language broadcast - Panorama - 20/06/18

Today's program includes reports on the fighting in Syria, where 52 pro-government soldiers are said to have been killed in an airstrike by the US-led coalition - the Pentagon denies it -, the presidential elections in Colombia with a record turnout, and the arrival of migrants in Spain, including the 630 people aboard the Aquarius, a rescue ship denied port in Italy and Malta. The issue of displaced peoples through war, violence and persecution remains at the center of the global debate as...