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Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.

Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.
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Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.




Print and Digital Comms with Christine Durand

Christine Durand is the Director of Advancement for the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Their mission is “to inspire people to discover themselves and their communities through American art.” Christine works across communications, marketing and development to help bring people to the mission work of “The M.” Christine joins host Steve Boland to talk about the evolving role of print and digital communications in nonprofits, agreeing that there are important roles for digital...


New Normal with Adene Sacks and Kate Wilkinson

Adene Sacks and Kate Wilkinson (along with Heather McLeod Grant) are co-authors of the report The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption. The report “takes a closer look at the impact of the 2016 U.S. election and its aftermath on the social sector. “ Adene and Kate join host Steve Boland to talk about capacity building (and defining external capacity in movements), the responsibility of philanthropy in our changed times, defining a process of change rather than a...


Ample Earth with Harry McAlister

Ample Earth is a cloud-based video production service focused on social good organizations, including charities, social enterprise and cause-marketing organizations. They use a distributed team of professionals to create video messaging, and are transparent about their models and pricing in ways that invite nonprofits to learn more about using video to enhance their messaging. Harry McAlister, co-founder of Ample Earth, joins host Steve Boland to discuss how Ample Earth works, the power...


Wordpress and nonprofits with Jenna Christensen

Jenna Christensen is a digital strategist with ArcStone, “a full-service digital agency. Marketing, design, and technology professionals sharing a common vision of service, craftsmanship, evolution and happiness since 1997.” ArcStone has published some guidance on “Should you buy or build a custom WordPress theme?” The article provides some key questions, some ideas on potential costs, and opens a bigger conversation about using WordPress as a web publishing platform for nonprofits. Jenna...


Peer fundraisng with Mike Stephenson of ALS Association

Mike Stephenson is the Marketing Director of the ALS Association of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The chapter “operates under a shared mission. The MN/ND/SD Chapter focuses primarily on providing services to assist people with ALS and their families live with ALS. The National ALS Association focuses primarily on research and advocacy. “ The ALS Association made history with the Ice Bucket Challenge, which changed many charties’ perspective on peer-based fundraising. Mike...


2018 Tax code and charities with Russell James

Russell James is a professor at Texas Tech University, where he teaches charitable planning and behavioral economics. Professor James produced a short YouTube presentation explaining the impact of the changes in the tax code, and how in some case the value of the charitable deduction has increased for filers, and in many cases the changes have no impact at all for the many filers who did not itemize under the old code or the new one. Read more at Planned Giving Design Center. Russell...


Bennett's Hierarcy with Al Onkha

Al Onkha is a Principal at Aurora Consulting. Their mission is to “boost the ability of nonprofits to fulfill their missions through a carefully crafted mix of thoughtful evaluation, strategic planning and organizational leadership development.” Al recently shared a blog post about Bennett’s Hierarchy, “a type of logic model tailored for programs that provide information or education.” The tool brings a unique focus on KASA – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Aspirations – as measurable...


GivingTuesday and New Power with Henry Timms

Henry Timms is the CEO of the 92nd Street Y, which “promotes individual and family development and participation in civic life within the context of Jewish values and American pluralism.” Henry founded #GivingTuesday in 2012, a growing global day of giving, and has continued to evolve the ideas and values of #GivingTuesday through a new book co-authored with Jeremy Heimans, New Power. The book – and much of the values behind #GivingTuesday – emphasize a new paradigm of decentralized,...


Board diversity with Kate Hayes

Kate Hayes is director of Direct Impact, a board leadership program transforming rising stars of the private sector into highly-effective board leaders of the world’s most innovative social enterprises. Direct Impact is a program of Echoing Green. Kate joins host Steve Boland to talk about the process of creating diverse and inclusive boards for nonprofits organizations and other social good movements. Read her article on this topic at the Stanford Social Innovation Review and share the...


Boards and Development with Lori Jacobwith

Lori L. Jacobwith is a nationally-recognized master storyteller and fundraising culture change expert who was named one of America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts. She is the founder of Ignited Fundraising. Lori joins host Steve Boland to talk about the role of Boards of Directors in fundraising work for charities, and specifically the challenges and opportunities of board development committees. Lori shares resources available on her website to help think about how creating a fundraising...


2018 Digital Outlook Report with Ryann Miller and Michael Johnston

The 2018 Digital Outlook Report is a trends and strategy research report, which includes a “walk you through three areas that may be uncharted terrain for your organization: mobile optimization, tracking web conversion, and email deliverability.“ Ryann Miller of Care2 and Michael Johnston of hjc are part of the team which created the report, and join host Steve Boland to discuss the findings. The conversation includes email delivery rates, improving on email with list segmentation,...


The War for Fundraising Talent with Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is the Managing Partner at BetterSchools, and author of the book The War for Fundraising Talent. The book “is an honest yet hopeful critique of professional fundraising, intended especially for small shops that find it difficult to consistently achieve their fundraising goals.” Jason talks with host Steve Boland about the changes and challenges in nonprofit fundraising, including a shift in focus from initial gift to more meaningful donations, how staff supports these growth...


Cause Way with Angela Titus

Cause Way “is a boutique consultancy providing advisory services to business, non-profit and institutional clients with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility, nonprofit capacity building, community revitalization, and social innovation.” Angela Titus is the Founder & Chief Strategist for Cause Way. She joins host Steve Boland for a focused conversation on what makes a 21st Century nonprofit. New organizations starting today approach problems differently from organizations which...


Appolition with Tiffany Mikell and Kortney Ziegler

Appolition is a service that “Automatically give(s) your spare change from everyday purchases to help prevent the detrimental impact (of millions of people incarcerated because they cannot afford bail).” Learn more about the issue of mass incarceration, discriminatory practices in bail, and more at National Bail Out. Tiffany Mikell and Dr. Kortney Ziegler are the co-founders of Appolition, and join host Steve Boland to talk about the creation of the platform, building on existing “spare...


Facebook Pages and Nonprofits with Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is the founder of, specializing in Facebook ads, marketing and digital reach. Jon provides information, training and consulting services to help organizations improve their Facebook marketing. Jon wrote a post in January 2018 about changes to the Facebook news feed, and how those changes may impact Facebook Pages. Jon’s fun, honest way of imploring all Pages to not “screw this up” by trying to game a system is the focus of this conversation. Honest engagement is...


Eisner Foundation with Trent Stamp

Trent Stamp is the CEO of the Eisner Foundation, a family foundation whose mission “…identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations for the betterment of our communities.” The decision to move to intergenerational capacity building as a focus area has yielded some multiple-bottom line results for the Eisner grantees. Host Steve Boland talks with Trent about long-term outcome results in multiple generation funding, general...


APM Research Lab with Craig Helmstetter

Craig Helmstetter is the Managing Partner of APM Research Lab, a new effort from American Public Media with a mission to “foster an engaged democracy by inspiring curiosity, inquiry and discussion through fact-driven, credible research and analysis.” Craig (formerly of Wilder Research ) joins host Steve Boland to talk about nonpartisan, non-biased research and discussion,. how partnering with nonprofit media helps choose topics for research, philanthropic support for this work, earned...


Social Startup Success with Kathleen Kelly Janus

Kathleen Kelly Janus is the author of the new book, Social Startup Success. The book focuses on “…best practices for testing ideas, measuring impact, funding experimentation, leading collectively and storytelling with purpose.” Host Steve Boland talks to Kathleen about falling in love with fixing a problem rather than with a specific solution, measuring outputs vs. outcomes, testing and revising programs or interventions, design thinking in problem solving, and...


Autodesk Foundation with Joe Speicher

Joe Speicher is the Executive Director of the Autodesk Foundation, which “supports the people and organizations using design for positive social and environmental impact.” Autodesk creates design software, and the Autodesk Foundation focuses on “lighthouse” roles in bringing attention to design thinking and projects as well as software donations and related support. Joe talks about the renewed work of the Foundation in design thinking, collaboration with other partners in this space, and...


Kiva and Springboard with Caroline Taiwo

Caroline Taiwo is the Economic Opportunity Program Director for Springboard for the Arts, whose mission is to “cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life.” Springboard has recently announced a new partnership with microlending site Kiva to help artists access resources to create sustainable businesses and projects. Caroline talks with host Steve Boland about how borrowed capital can be a part of...