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Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.

Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.
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Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.




Nonprofit accounting standards with Katie McCloskey of Sage Intacct

Katie McClosky is a product manager at Sage Intacct, a cloud-based financial management software package for nonprofits (and others) to understand and communicate their financial position. A recent update to accounting standards for nonprofit organizations (ASC Topic 958) changes how nonprofit organizations recognize revenue, talk about restrictions of gifts, and more. Katie talks about updates to Sage Intacct to help clients understand the changes, and prepare them to engage their staff...


Grantseeker with Dan Schoenfeld

Dan Schoenfeld is Vice President of Strategic Development at Fluxx Labs, “a network that powers giving in the world by connecting givers and changemakers to build capacity, increase visibility and improve collaboration.” Fluxx is a Pledge 1% company, and has chosen to give back with the creation of Grantseeker, “a free online grants management tool that helps you create and manage tasks, track all of your grant applications and keep your whole team on the same page.” Dan joins host Steve...


Call for Code with Angel Diaz

Dr. Angel Diaz is the Vice President of Developer Technology, Open Source & Advocacy at IBM. IBM gathered partners for the Call for Code, “a worldwide, multi-year initiative that inspires developers to solve pressing global problems with sustainable software solutions.“ Dr. Diaz joins host Steve Boland to talk about why IBM created Call for Code, how the Call reached non-governmental organizations and developers around the world, the decision to focus on helping in the wake of natural...


Nonprofit Strategic Planning with Sarah Olivieri

Sarah Olivieri is the founder of the Impact Method at PivotGround, “ a business framework for nonprofits designed to help them thrive in the digital age.” Sarah joins host Steve Boland to talk about the evolution of strategic planning for nonprofit organizations in the Internet age. Concepts such as agile implementation, working in sprints, and more can inform an ongoing strategic framework rather than a set of immutable goals over a very long period such as a three-year or more plan....


Google Ads Grants with Michael Rasko

Michael Rasko is the founder of Rasko Digital Marketing, which “help(s)nonprofits maximize the impact of their Google Grants accounts.” Google Ads (formerly Adwords) grants are a specific donation program to help nonprofit organizations use up to $10,000 a month in search advertising from Google. The process of setting up and using Google Grants can be frustrating, and Michael offers expertise in overcoming barriers to getting access to the program, how to understand the impact of the...


The BOMA Project with John Stephens

John Stephens is the Executive Director of The BOMA Project, whose mission “ empowers women in the drylands of Africa to establish sustainable livelihoods, build resilient families, graduate from extreme poverty, and catalyze change in their rural communities.” John talks with host Steve Boland about how BOMA uses the platform for measurement and evaluation of their work in Africa and the United States, providing real-time measures from even the most remote locations to...


Nonprofit Events with Joel Dodson

Joel Dodson is co-owner of TSV Sound and Vision, “ a full-service A/V and event production company. We work diligently every day on behalf of our incredible clients in and around the St. Louis area.” Joel works with nonprofits (and other) organizations to make success events of all sizes. Joel talks with host Steve Boland about the crowded marketplace for events, scaling events from small to larger, expectations of staff and what can be outsourced, working with sponsors and so much...


Adopt a Classroom with Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan is the Director of Programs & Technology at Adopt a Classroom, whose mission is “advancing equity in education by powering today’s classrooms to prepare tomorrow’s graduates.” The organization helps donors provide needed resources in classrooms across the country. Ryan joined host Steve Boland for a conversation at Dreamforce, the conference. Ryan was presenting on smaller nonprofits using tools to accomplish more mission work. Adopt a Classroom...


Mirketa with Matt Falkner

Matt Falkner is the Director of Sales at Mirketa, a Salesforce partner which specializes in adding new functions for Salesforce clients, including users of’s Nonprofit Cloud, Health Cloud, and more. Matt talks with host Steve Boland about Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and technology support for nonprofit medical services and addiction treatment centers. Matt shares stories of moving from the overburdened spreadsheet for tracking patients and treatment spaces, navigating...


Plan International Canada with Melissa Tamblyn

Melissa Tamblyn is Vice President, Information Technology for Plan International Canada, which “is a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.” Melissa was presenting at Dreamforce 2018, the Salesforce conference which includes Plan International is using Salesforce Community Cloud, which “tailor(s) experiences for each user type using CRM data to define audiences and target users with personalized content.” Melissa...


SalesforceOrg 2018 with Josue Estrada

Josue Estrada is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Industry Solutions at, which “can power your entire mission: track and measure impact in real time, raise more with AI-driven insights on donors, and take every constituent on their own personal journey. “ Josue joins host Steve Boland to talk about the changes in, including the evolution of Nonprofit Cloud, the new Philanthropy Cloud, how the Einstein Artificial Intelligence now has voice...


State of the Nonprofit Cloud with Amy Sample Ward

Amy Sample Ward is the CEO of NTEN, who mission is to “support organizations by convening the nonprofit community, offering professional credentials and training, and facilitating an open exchange of ideas.” NTEN has a variety of research and reports available to assist nonprofit organizations, and has recently released an update to their previous work on nonprofits using cloud-based resources. The State of the Nonprofit Cloud 2018, produced in conjunction with Microsoft, is available for...


GiveMN 2018 Pt. 2 with Jake Blumberg

This second conversation on the new GiveMN features Jake Blumberg, Executive Director of GiveMN. Check out the first conversation with Brooke Thomson, though it is not required to learn from Part II. GiveMN has been a subject of past podcasts (for example in 2016 and 2017) as an important tool and sponsor of Give to the Max Day. GiveMN has announced a change in technology providers, returning to MightyCause (the former Razoo) after a change to Kimbia in prior years. The new GiveMN has a...


GiveMN 2018 Part 1 with Brooke Thomson

GiveMN has been a subject of past podcasts (for example in 2016 and 2017) as an important tool and sponsor of Give to the Max Day. GiveMN has announced a change in technology providers, returning to MightyCause (the former Razoo) after a change to Kimbia in prior years. The new GiveMN has a different layout and some new features, and a webinar is available to help administrators of these pages begin to understand the tool. Brooke Thomson is the Development and Communications Director at...


Nonprofits cohorts and peer support

The 100th episode of Next in Nonprofits is a special conversation. Host Steve Boland welcomes five guests to the podcast, all fellow alumni from the Hamline University N5 Master of Nonprofit Management cohort. Michael Brink, Shannon Forney, Dan Keller, Derek Madsen, and Jason Viana joined the conversation. Most of this group graduated in 2011, and have been sharing their professional and personal lives since starting school together in 2009. Many nonprofit professionals don’t have access...


Print and Digital Comms with Christine Durand

Christine Durand is the Director of Advancement for the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Their mission is “to inspire people to discover themselves and their communities through American art.” Christine works across communications, marketing and development to help bring people to the mission work of “The M.” Christine joins host Steve Boland to talk about the evolving role of print and digital communications in nonprofits, agreeing that there are important roles for digital...


New Normal with Adene Sacks and Kate Wilkinson

Adene Sacks and Kate Wilkinson (along with Heather McLeod Grant) are co-authors of the report The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption. The report “takes a closer look at the impact of the 2016 U.S. election and its aftermath on the social sector. “ Adene and Kate join host Steve Boland to talk about capacity building (and defining external capacity in movements), the responsibility of philanthropy in our changed times, defining a process of change rather than a...


Ample Earth with Harry McAlister

Ample Earth is a cloud-based video production service focused on social good organizations, including charities, social enterprise and cause-marketing organizations. They use a distributed team of professionals to create video messaging, and are transparent about their models and pricing in ways that invite nonprofits to learn more about using video to enhance their messaging. Harry McAlister, co-founder of Ample Earth, joins host Steve Boland to discuss how Ample Earth works, the power...


Wordpress and nonprofits with Jenna Christensen

Jenna Christensen is a digital strategist with ArcStone, “a full-service digital agency. Marketing, design, and technology professionals sharing a common vision of service, craftsmanship, evolution and happiness since 1997.” ArcStone has published some guidance on “Should you buy or build a custom WordPress theme?” The article provides some key questions, some ideas on potential costs, and opens a bigger conversation about using WordPress as a web publishing platform for nonprofits. Jenna...


Peer fundraisng with Mike Stephenson of ALS Association

Mike Stephenson is the Marketing Director of the ALS Association of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The chapter “operates under a shared mission. The MN/ND/SD Chapter focuses primarily on providing services to assist people with ALS and their families live with ALS. The National ALS Association focuses primarily on research and advocacy. “ The ALS Association made history with the Ice Bucket Challenge, which changed many charties’ perspective on peer-based fundraising. Mike...