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A bi-weekly podcast from a collaboration of guys who love games and gaming.

A bi-weekly podcast from a collaboration of guys who love games and gaming.
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A bi-weekly podcast from a collaboration of guys who love games and gaming.




025: Rogue One and the New Year

Episode 25 We bring in 2017 with episode 25, starting with our Star Wars: Rogue One discussion and a look back at all the movies from 2016. Moving on to 2017, we talk about the newest trailers before moving to game talk with the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter and Mechs vs Minions. The legacy games model becomes a focus before we finish with gaming resolutions for 2017. Thanks for listening! 00:54 - Rogue One 11:56 - Rogue One Continued 27:10 - 2016 Movie Recap 38:45 - Bladerunner,...


021: On T.I.M.E

Episode 21 Hot on the heels of E3, we start things off with some video game news with the major press conference announcements, Battlefield One, Resident Evil 7, and Death Stranding. Jared then talks about his experiences with D&D 5e before we move into a non-spoiler boardgame discussion about T.I.M.E Stories. As a bonus, we've also included an impromptu recording made immediately following a session of T.I.M.E. Stories with gut reactions and immediate feedback. Thanks for...


Actual Play 004: Horror on the Orient Express - France

HOTOE Episode 4 We're not dead! Out of Space Games finally unleashes the long-awaited Horror on the Orient Express Actual Play Episode 4! We apologize for the huge delay in podcast releases and promise to bring you the next one sooner. Join our investigators and their adventures in France. Thanks for listening! Follow along with our handouts and other docs here! The Call of Cthulhu RPG game system and Horror on the Orient Express campaign is published by Chaosium Music from Sense...


The Star Wars Special Episode!

The Star Wars Special Out of Space Games brings you a special episode of our podcast focused on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Passions run wild and all opinions are debated as we finally share our thoughts and feedback on the biggest movie franchise of all-time. Please note that this is a spoiler filled episode and Dean's audio still has issues. Thanks for listening! 01:58 - Initial thoughts 10:54 - Stuff we liked, Pacing 24:30 - Characters 37:43 - Special Effects 46:10 - Soundtrack,...


015: Back to Normal (aka Random)

Episode 15 We are back to the regular podcast after a few weeks of Cthulhu, but we will continue to mixup the regular podcast and RPG as we move forward. In this week's episode, we talk Sandy Petersen's AMA, Cthulhu Wars, some modern warfare in DVG's Warfighter, random tangents to the Legacy of Kain series, while also covering new games T.I.M.E. Stories and Pandemic Legacy. Drop us a comment and leave a review. Thanks for listening! 00:50 - Sandy Petersen, Cthulhu Wars, horror...


012: Zephyr Smorgasbord

Episode 12 Out of Space Games had the opportunity to demo an upcoming board game called Zephyr: Winds of Change from The Portal Dragon, and have plenty of thoughts and feedback, including a live session with one of the game's creators! We move from there to digital card games and Hearthstone before diving back into deck building games, starting with an odd one called Barbarossa. We end with some discussion regarding the newly released Journey: Wrath of Demons from Marrow Production. No...