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A podcast with two dudes from Northwest ohio that covers everything and anything

A podcast with two dudes from Northwest ohio that covers everything and anything
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A podcast with two dudes from Northwest ohio that covers everything and anything








Twenty Years of Trunkmuscle's Prayer of the Desolate with Kevin Eis, Ed Mason, and Tom Martin

This episode we talk with three men who contributed the heavy metal soundtrack of our youth. Kevin Eis, Ed Mason, and Tom Martin of northwest ohio's own, Trunkmuscle. Both Atom and Jake saw the local metal act as young teens and were left in awe amist their musical wake. The three surviving members of the Prayer of the Desolate era reunite to talk about the good old days of starting the band, gigging around the region, the recording of all three studio albums, the 2010 reunion shows, and all...


Saturday Morning Cartoons! with Alex Ball of The Losers Club & Britny Ball of Britny Ball Pottery

This week we woke up early to bask in the half light glow of the weekend morning babysitter. SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS! Atom and Jake are joined this episode by Alex Ball of The Losers Club and Britny Ball of Britny Ball Pottery to talk about the history and nostalgia of the biggest morning of the week to a child. The rise and fall of saturday morning children's programing is a very interesting, colorful, and profitable story. Join them in the fun in talking about everyone's favorite...


Haircuts & Uppercuts with Raymond "Lil Rock" Castaneda

We made it like Rocky to the top of the steps, Here's Episode 10!!!! This episode Atom and Jake take a time out to discuss their new milestone the podcast has reached and then talk to local athlete & barber, Raymond "Lil Rock" Castaneda. The crew discuss with him his career as a pro boxer in the ring and a hairstylist out side of the it. Lil' Rock carries an impressive record of 6-0 in his pro career, making him definitely an up and comer to watch out for. Also on this episode we play the...


The Kevin Smith Episode.

This week's episode should have been our 37th episode but hey... you can't force a joke work. We talk all about the career of Writer/Director/Actor, Kevin Smith and his long list of movies and characters. Kevin's creations were a big part of Atom & Jake's lives growing up and his movies are filled with fond memories for both. Join their excitement in talking about them and the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Speaking of people who weren't suppose to be here today, Atom & Jake are...



Episode 8: The last jedi of our saga. We got alot of feedback about people liking the back and forth of Atom and Jake so in a effort to supply more of it, we decided to jump the shark and talk about us! This episode is story of the abridged history of Atom & Jake. Filled with stories of the old days such as their upbringing, their hometowns, and how the eventually met. As always a shout out to our sponsors, Stupid Rad Merch Co & Shipadick.com!


The First Appearance of Chris "Peapod" Daher

This episode of the podcast we look to the North of good ol' Defiance and talk to Toledo's Chris "Peapod" Daher. Chris has a decade of history in the broadcast field that took him on a journey from Radio to Podcasting. As host of the On The Radar Podcast, Chris talks to musical acts from the Northwest Ohio area and talks to National touring acts as well. We also talk about his other interests such as music, comics, and more! Always thanks to our sponsors Stupid Rad Merch Co & Shipadick.com...


Hack And Slash: 80's Slasher Horror with Alex Ball of The Losers Club and Dylan Leininger

Episode Six Six Six. I kid. But this episode deals with a fun topic if you grew up in the 80's, Slasher Horror! Freddy, Jason, Michael. All iconic boogeymen that were designed to babysitters in line, kids up late at night, and fear what could be lurking in the dark. A little scare never hurt nobody and was big business in the early 80's. Atom and Jake talk with Alex Ball, of The Losers Club, & Dylan Leininger, formally of the band Dethrats, about their love of the slasher horror genre, we...


Jake Loses His VRginity

Episode Five is Alive! This episode we bring on our buddy from Fort Wayne, In, Robby Resnick. Robby teaches us all about VR, shows off his brand new Oculus Quest, and teaches Atom spell his name correctly after so many years of friendship! Jake will have his very first VR experience on the show and give us a unique perspective of a first timer. A very fun and informative episode for people who want to know a little more about the growing world of VR. Also the debut of Jake's son, Jackson...


Covers: The Bad, The Good, The So Good It No Longer Belongs To The Original Artist...

Episode IV: A New Hope... errrrr... COVERS! This episode we talk about the act of playing another artist's song or known in the music world as a "cover" song. Cover songs are done because the original moved you to the point that you want to play it as tribute, because you think itd be a cool song to do, or impress this cute dude/lady with the piercings. Atom and Jake count down their UNDENIABLY GREAT covers and talk about ones that they personally love. Also in the episode we talk to...


Ian Yaichner (The Black Order)

Episode 3! Each episode is a milestone in our world! This episode we talk to fellow northwest ohioian, Ian Yaichner. Ian is a long time friend of ours who fronts the band, The Black Order. He also tries to perfect the delicate balance of being a dad, manager of the family bar, run a national touring act. We sit back, crack open Colt 45s, and chat about the history of the Black Order while Ian drops some social media science on us as well!


From Cutting Edge to Hot Topic Standard To Resurrection: The History of the Misfits

Episode Two! We did it! We're a Thing! This week we go over the horror punk band that makes our little black hearts all aflutter, The Misfits. Starting as local musician punks in Lodi, NJ the boys go through various member changes and lawsuits to end up on the victory lap they're on today. Join us as we talk the history of the band, our personal concert memories, our misfits stories, and Atom brags about seeing the original Misfits in Chicago... Parental Advisory due to Vulgar Language


Hogan Knows Flops

The first episode of 12FU with Atom & Jake! In this pilot episode we dive in head first into the top five Hulk Hogan movies. The hulkster has had quite a history in film industry. Not all of them can be called great but they can definitely be called memorable. Join us in a discussion of the immortal one...