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#33 MLB, NFL, & NBA Eclipse

The three major sports colliding seems to have an, um…euphoric effect on our hosts today as Ant spends a little time on the baseball corner, followed by Cole and Anthony rejoicing the start of the NBA season. Derek asks why NBA players look rusty and if Lebron looks odd in Purple & Yellow. Ant makes very good on his Detroit Tigers bet, but Cole was tricked by the Fitz-magic. Dgoode’s NFL top ten doesn’t include the Jets or Giants, but somehow those teams dominate the chat.


#32 State of the Giants Address

Dgoode is flying solo this time, and is preaching patience and trying to stay calm here. He mostly succeeds as he talks about what’s going on with our NY Giants. He loves you Eli, it hurts him to say negative things, even if Anthony was saying the same stuff 2 weeks ago.


#31 NFL Week 3 Review

The Giants won. Have a beer…or six. Anthony and Derek are obviously in celebration mode as they recap all the week 3 games. There is a lotta movement/disagreement in Dgoode’s top 10. The sky is falling in New England. The ACL tear monster visited San Fran on Sunday. Shame on you Cowboys. Yankees, quit streaking so Ant can watch you live in Oakland…help a brother out!


#30 NFL Week 2 Review

They’re a tripod again! Anthony is back, so we get an update on the state of the Yankees and the state of California. Week 2 was a little cray & the boys follow suit. Man oh man, the NY Giants got some ‘splainin’ to do! Remember A.J. Green? Baltimore does. Famous Jameis is about to be Wally Pipp-ed, and Mahomes-my-god!


#29 NFL Week 1 Review

Cole & Derek were wrong about the Jets & Giants, but they’re ok with the results. There were a lot of other surprises last weekend (Lions? Buccaneers??), and Dgoode’s top 10 will reflect that, trust me. Finally in their first ever tennis talk, they talk about the social implications of Serena’s finals match vs. Osaka. Yeah…she wasn’t happy, tears on both sides.


#28 NFL Week 1 Baby...Finally

Cole & Derek spend the first half discussing the major NFL transactions from the past week, then they finally pick some real NFL games! Derek is high on the G-men, while Cole’s expectations from the Jets are a little more measured. Listen to find out how right/wrong we are in picking games this week!


#27 NFL Trades & New Contracts

In today’s mini episode Derek is flying solo talking about how much Aaron Rodgers might still be under-paid, and the trades involving Khalil Mack & Teddy Bridgewater


#26 NFL Award Predictions & Farewell, Manu!

The Yankees can’t catch the Red Sox, so Anthony is watching the Athletics now. Cole announces an NBA retirement that’s been a long time coming for him, and Derek’s latest top NFL 10 pleases nobody…cough…Bengals?!? Also, the boys seem to disagree on the merits of Aaron Rodgers, Odell Beckham Jr., and a strong hairline.


#23 NFL Preseason, Hard Knocks and Red Sox

Jarvis Landry likes to say the F word ... A LOT! Josh Gordon stayed home, Baker Mayfield showed up, the Red Sox are playing lights out, the NBA schedule release and Derek updates his NFL Top 10.


#22 NFL Division Champ Predictions and Apologies

With Derek at the helm, Anthony has trouble finding nice things to say about the Mets and apologizes to Bryce Harper among others, The boys are excited for the return of Andrew Luck and we go over our predictions of Divisional winners in the NFL for this upcoming season which is fast approaching!


#21 Hot Pockets (Not Warm Pockets)

Anthony explains how the Oakland Athletics are the hottest yet most quiet team in baseball while Derek observes his Hot Pocket in the oven and the boys debate on which Hot Pocket is best, gearing up for Hard Knocks on HBO featuring Josh Gordon and the Cleveland Browns and Derek reveals his top 10 NFL teams of the 2018 season.


#20 3 Guys Talking Sports

Congrats to France on ‘le win’ in the world cup! We dig into the NBA offseason…it seems like Kawhi Leonard’s trip to L.A. includes a layover in Toronto. Anthony is talking about the big baseball trade (Blueberry Pie Alert), and Revis island is officially closed.


#19 FIFA World Cup, NBA Free Agency & Jameis Winston

Anthony is back! And he’s dropping baseball knowledge (19:45). Before all that, he gets us up to date on what’s going on in the World Cup before the tournament gets really juicy (3:00). Cole gets an atta boy for predicting Lebron’s move to L.A. (12:30), but nobody thinks that’s how the West will be won… at least not this year (15:30). Finally, Derek explains why Jameis was already on thin ice before this suspension cracked it (28:00).


#18 NBA Draft Review & T.O. vs. the HOF

Today, Cole gives deep analysis on the players selected at the top of the NBA draft (2:00), then talks a little bit about Kawhi Leonard ‘requesting’ a trade from the Spurs (25:00). T.O. is rejecting the invite to the hall of fame (40:00), which is less than surprising. and Tom Brady is sending us a lot of mixed messages lately (32:00).


#17 NBA Finals & Way Too Early Superbowl Picks

The finals are over finally, and not a moment too soon! (2:30) After reviewing a finals that got depressing towards the end (7:00), the boys contemplate where Lebron will be playing ball next year…and what drives that choice (12:00). Later on for fun they make some early Superbowl predictions (19:30) along with a few of their ‘dream matchups’ (25:00). Also, get ready for the World Cup in Russia! (37:00


#16 NBA Finals Update & Legalized Sports Gambling

Warriors in 5? Maybe it won’t take that long (3:00). The boys break down the first 2 games, including legendary performances by Lebron and Steph (8:30), questionable clock management by JR (5:00), and how inevitable the outcome seems to be. Delaware is the next state to legalize sports gambling (22:00), creating the first good reason to visit Delaware. The Eagles have been uninvited to the White House (42:00), a move by Trump that surprised nobody.


#15 NBA Conference Finals Recap & NFL Anthem Policy

Two game sevens, the same result we expected for months (3:00). Anthony and Cole recount the conference finals and what the Rockets will need to get to the top of the mountain next year (8:00). Speaking of Lebron... the boys spend a lot of time discussing the King James experience (12:00). The NFL has a new national anthem policy (32:00)and Derek has a bone to pick (27:00)… 'Yo Diddly!'


#14 NBA Conference Finals & Hard Knocks

The NBA Conference Final have arrived, and nobody should be surprised that Lebron is playing at a legendary level (11:30), and that a healthy Steph Curry has the Warriors looking like the best team in basketball ...again(3:30). Anthony’s MLB check in(25:00) prompts an impromptu debate about which New York franchise has caused their fans the most pain(31:30)...speaking of pain, the Browns are on Hard Knocks(33:40)! Finally, Derek breaks down why we are in a new 'Golden Age’ for...


#13 More NBA Playoffs & Big Ben Speak

The Yankees are on fire! (1:45) So are the boys... at least comes to predicting the fate of the newly minted NBA Coach of the Year. Too bad they didn’t fare so well when it came to predicting playoff results (8:00). Cheers to Chris Paul & Anthony Davis, jeers to Ben Simmons, and get ready to watch Lebron in the finals ...again. As a bonus, Cole breaks down how the West became the West in the NBA (15:45). No surprise that Big Ben doesn’t ‘understand’ the Steelers’ draft strategy (32:00),...


#12 NBA Playoff Update & NFL Draft Winners

This week Cole and Anthony lament that 3 of 4 playoff series are already over... good thing we still get to watch ‘Lebron-to’ dominate (3:45). How wrong were we about the Celtics (11:00)? With the Warriors playing championship level basketball again, they discuss just how much Steph Curry truly affects their game (14:30). Derek talks about how the Broncos & Giants are doubling down on their veteran QB’s (30:00), but believes that our generation’s greatest QB isn’t getting the support he...