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10: StatsBomb, StatsBomb... you're my StatsBomb

Oh no it isn't! It's only James Yorke and Euan Dewar from StatsBomb here to talk to Jon and Nico all about statistical analysis of football. The topics are diverse and range from: * What is the relationship between football analysis and the media? * Does the stats community have any responsibility to the wider public? * How do you go about building metrics? * Would the world of football statistics benefit from more tactical expertise? All this and much more beside on this week's episode of...


9: Morons - Football Writing

This week, Jon and Nico are joined by two of the masterminds behind the Tifo Football phenomenon: Alex Stewart and Seb Stafford-Bloor. The episode is dedicated to the art of football writing within a more basic context of sports writing in general and the discussion roamed freely up to an including the questions: * Why do we write about football? Why do we read about football? * Is football too one-dimensional to write well about? * Why does it feel as though there are fewer genuinely...


8: Who are ya? Morons?

This week on Morons, Nico Morales has a flat-tire problem leaving Jon Mackenzie all on his own to deal with the hosts of soon-to-be-award-winning podcast Who Are Ya? - a podcast that travels around the country speaking to fans from any club from the men's or women's game. Through the course of the podcast, they talk: * The origins of Who Are Ya pod * The ideas behind the podcast itself * How issues like format and sound quality affect the final podcast * The effect being independent has on a...