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Welcome to the Airways Podcast, the digital audio extension of one of the world's leading aviation publications, Airways ( Hosted by Vinay Bhaskara (@TheABVInay), Rohan Anand (@rohanaanand), and Alex McIntyre, the podcast is a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the US airline industry.

Welcome to the Airways Podcast, the digital audio extension of one of the world's leading aviation publications, Airways ( Hosted by Vinay Bhaskara (@TheABVInay), Rohan Anand (@rohanaanand), and Alex McIntyre, the podcast is a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the US airline industry.
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Welcome to the Airways Podcast, the digital audio extension of one of the world's leading aviation publications, Airways ( Hosted by Vinay Bhaskara (@TheABVInay), Rohan Anand (@rohanaanand), and Alex McIntyre, the podcast is a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the US airline industry.




Episode 36 - CSeries Goes Airbus & JetBlue-United Merger

Airbus is taking a majority stake in Bombardier's troubled CSeries Program (0:35) which Rohan likes to call, "the mic drop." As if Vinay doesn't have enough reasons to call Rohan out for being a stereotypical millennial, Rohan insisted that Vinay humor a discussion about a potential United - JetBlue merger (23:35) which was a topic raised by some high-ups at Wall Street (aka Hunter Keay) a few weeks back, and how it would address some gaps in the United network, i.e. the Southeast, which...


Episode 34 - Checking in on AirBerlin, Alitalia, and Ryanair

We start off by wishing Vinay a Happy Birthday, but certainly, a "mediocre birthday" (his words) pales in comparison to the continued woes for AirBerlin and Alitalia (1:10) after we perform a health check on Europe's biggest ailing carriers (for now). And the drama doesn't end there: Ryanair, which once appeared to be one of the highest bidders for some of Alitalia's assets, is suffering from extensive operational and commercial fallouts over a pilot shortage (16:35). With no end in sight,...


Episode 33 - Guess Who's Back Again

School's in session, airlines routes are proliferating and Vinay and Rohan are back on U.S. soil after a busy summer filled with work and travel. We're ready to hit the ground running after an extended hiatus, thanks to our listeners who awaited our return! We start off by examining the consequences that natural disasters have on air travel (4:07) in light of the recent tropical storms in hitting the U.S. and Caribbean coasts and how airlines have to respond tactically from a pricing and...


2017 Paris Air Show Special - Day 1 Recap

Vinay breaks down all of the action from day one of the 2017 Paris Air Show in a solo podcast. If you enjoy the show, please consider contributing to our IndieGoGo campaign.


Episode 31 - Crisis for Qatar Airways & United Adds LA - Singapore

Vinay and Rohan kick off the show discussing Qatar's diplomatic spat with several Middle Eastern neighbors (0:45), which may spell sinister things for Qatari aviation. Rohan and Vinay don't expect the situation to subside very quickly, or at least without repercussion. On a more positive note, they discuss United Airlines' announcement of nonstop service from Los Angeles to Singapore on the Boeing 787-9 (12:44), which certainly took everyone by surprise, even though an 18-hour flight in...


Episode 30 - LAX Terminal Shuffle, Alaska's Paine is Seattle's Gain, & Electronics Ban Expansion

Vinay and Rohan kick off the show discussing the fact that Air India is still in growth mode (2:05) and will be expanding in Scandinavia, not to mention stated intentions to grow in the U.S., thanks to the electronics ban that has affected Gulf competitors operating to the U.S. Will Air India fill the remaining void for the underserved nonstop U.S. - India markets? They then move on to discuss the great "Terminal Shuffle" at LAX airport (12:58) last month went relatively smoothly, which...


Episode 29 - Dr. Dao vs. United, WestJet's ULCC, and Emirates capacity cuts

It's been some time, but Vinay and Rohan lend their thoughts on the UA 3411 incident with Dr. David Dao, along with some commentary on some minor follow-up stories that have taken place since (2:32). Next, WestJet is launching an ultra-low cost carrier - WestJet Lite? WestJet Encore Minus? What are the implications (15:10). Emirates is doing what was unthinkable three years ago: cutting US capacity in wake of the electronics travel ban (27:19) - or is it? Finally, Jet Airways is growing...


Bay Area Aviation - Deep Dive #10

At the suggestion of listener Tak Wong, Vinay and Rohan discuss aviation in the Bay Area, covering San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. They begin the episode talking about United's growing hub at SFO (4:00), before moving on to cover new foreign carrier services from SFO to various points around the world (6:20). They then move on to discuss the secondary airports at San Jose (12:00) and Oakland (15:00). The episode concludes with thoughts on whether the growth in Bay Area air travel is...


Post-Merger Growth at Alaska Airlines [Network Beat #11]

Alaska Airlines is adding routes out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and many places in between to points North, South, East, and West. This week, Vinay and Rohan discuss the new additions (2:00) and what the logic is behind the new routes and capacity changes given the new assets and fleet that the combined carrier will leverage (6:00). In particular, they take note of many of the new red-eye and trans-con routes (14:20) that Alaska is adding that indicate how Alaska is...


Episode 28 - Delta's Operational Meltdown and Ryanair 2.0

SUPPORT THE AIRWAYS PODCAST ON INDIEGOGO Rohan and Vinay kick off the show discussing the abysmal April for US carriers beginning with Delta's 4-day operational meltdown (2:10) which lead to thousands of canceled flights after its Atlanta hub was throttled by bad weather. Was it REALLY as bad as the media said it was, or was it simply "schadenfreude" for people wanting to chastise the widget for its, "on-time machine" hubris? United is pulling Tokyo - Seoul and shifting 737s from its...


It's Time For United Airlines to Come Home - Network Beat #10

United's revenue underperformance versus its peers is now front and center, thanks to Scott Kirby's transition to United and greater transparency on levers the carrier is pulling to improve its unit revenues relative to Delta and American. But why is United lagging, despite having hubs in some of the largest and wealthiest U.S. cities (1:10)? Vinay's theory: the carrier is over-exposed to the volatilities of a large international network that could be off-set if the carrier were to...


Episode 27 - United's Leggings, Delta's Got S(e)oul, AmeriCanton, and Frontier's IPO.

It's time to put the issue du jour to rest with a brief discussion of the #LeggingsGate situation (1:43). Once they're done poking fun at Lululemon, Vinay and Rohan move onto more pressing topics, namely Delta and Korean Air's proposed Joint Venture Agreement (8:30), which will (finally) give Delta the fortress hub of its dreams in North Asia, after years of head-wringing. And the transpacific partnership plot thickened further with American's new $200 million stake in China Southern...


Episode 26 - Electronics Ban, IAG Levels Up, and Cathay Pacific's Woes

Vinay and Rohan kick off this week's episode by discussing the electronics ban on flights from certain Middle Eastern countries to the US and UK (2:40). Does this mean that Vinay won't be able to take selfies on his iPad on certain airlines despite getting Global Entry? While on the subject of UK-based carriers, the two discuss the business case for IAG's new Barcelona-based long-haul, low-cost carrier, "LEVEL," (23:32) and what impact will it have alongside the other North Atlantic,...


Episode 25 - The Rise of the Middle Eastern Airline Giants

As a companion to Vinay's two-part series featured on, "The Rise, Fall and Eventual Resurgence of the Middle East's Airline Giants," Rohan and Vinay discuss all things Gulf-Aviation in a unique special on the MEB3 and Turkish Airlines. They kick things off by talking about the "rise" of Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish thanks to political will and pro-aviation government establishments relative to their peer countries (5:00). But in today's world, low oil prices, the...


Episode 24 - Airport Traffic Results in 2016 Part II

Vinay and Rohan head west to discuss airport changes in Europe, Latin America and North America. In Europe, they start off in Stockholm (1:31) and make their way through the Continent, while also covering Russia and Turkey (you can look forward to hearing Vinay school Rohan on Russian airport pronunciations). Next, they make the long jump across the Atlantic to cover Latin America (38:25) beginning with Rohan's favorite country, Chile. Then they'll travel up north, inching closer to the...


Airport Traffic Results in 2016 - Part I [Deep Dive #9]

Vinay and Rohan invite you to join them a special two-part series featuring airport traffic changes from around the world. This week, we hit up Oceania, Asian, African and Middle Eastern airports that experienced the most salient passenger traffic adjustments. We'll not only provide objective data on the numerical changes, but also our insight and analyses explaining the trends. We start off in Oceania (4:05) wrapping up in Auckland and landing in Mumbai (11:02) and covering the...


Episode 23 - Singapore Slings the 777X and Trump's CEO Meet

This week, Vinay and Rohan conclude their synopsis of the Q4 and FY 2016 earnings with coverage of airline earnings. But first, a bonus gift for our listeners: learn how you can get 15% off of Cranky Flier's Cranky Concierge travel service (1:55). In the core segment, they head to Seattle to talk about Alaska Airlines' earnings results (4:45) during the quarter in which its merger with Virgin America. They then move across the coast to the District to slice and dice the major takeaways of...


What's Wrong With Etihad [Deep Dive #8]

For this week's bonus segment of Airways Deep Dive, co-producers Vinay Bhaskara and Rohan Anand head to Abu Dhabi (virtually) to assess the evolving mosaic of Etihad's partially-owned equity partners. If you've been out of the loop, they'll provide you an overview of Etihad's ownership strategy (2:05) including the recent partnership with long-time foe, Lufthansa Group. Rohan challenges Vinay to give his take on the "scattered" partnerships that Etihad has created around the world (7:42) and...


Episode 22 - Airways vs. Wall Street and Route News Galore

Your Airways Podcast duo Vinay Bhaskara and Rohan Anand continue their coverage of the Q4 and FY 2016 earnings reports for American (2:25), Southwest Airlines (18:42) and JetBlue (28:18). Extending beyond the usual humdrum of strong earnings, we analyze and dissect attributes unique to each airline, and baseline them against broader trends in the industry, to create our interpretation on revenue forecasts, Wall Street reactions and potential customer perceptions. For the route gurus, we did...


The Rise of Iceland [Network Beat #9]

We head to Iceland this week in the Network Beat bonus segment of the Airways Podcast, where Creator and Co-Founders Vinay Bhaskara and Rohan Anand dissect the Whos, Whats and WOWs of Islandia. We start by delving into the strategic importance of Rekjavic's Keflavik International airport (1:30), paying close attention to the capacity breakdown at KEF and its unique connecting model as a transit and stoppover point between Europe and North America. We'll then discuss Icelandair (6:40), the...