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Episode 67: Death Before Dishonor III

We all thought it was the night we were saying goodbye to CM Punk after his near 3 year run in Ring of Honor that saw him grow from some random mid-west guy into a figurehead of the promotion. We thought he was getting his goodbye title match a la Paul London and then heading off for the WWE. Little did we all know just how wrong we'd all be... It turned out to be one of the more historic nights in the early history of ROH, and such a significant moment that not only would ROH ape it with...


Episode 66: World Title Classic

Spreaker: June of 2004 was just short 3 months removed from the most difficult time in Ring of Honor's history. The week of 'World Title Classic,' there was even more trouble that all led to a new beginning for Ring of Honor Wrestling. On a night where Ultimate Endurance was the initial show name, it was two men instead of eight, who had that ultimate endurance, going broadway for the Ring of Honor World Title, Samoa Joe...


Episode 65: From Love To Hate, The Jimmy Jacobs Story

Spreaker: In September 2012, Shane Hagadorn sat down with Jimmy Jacobs at the DuBurns Arena and filmed the interview that would become known as "From Love 2 Hate: The Jimmy Jacobs Story" upon DVD release a few months later. Jimmy opened up about his road to ROH, the trials and tribulations of his early ROH career, what saved his job, and numerous other topics ranging from The Age of the Fall to his drug abuse. In this...


Episode 64: Supercard of Honor 6

This is one of the most historic dates in ROH history, arguably the biggest since the debut event in February 2002, because it was the night the public was informed about the sale of Ring of Honor to Sinclair Broadcasting! So join us as we look at that experience from the first hand perspective of Shane, the trials and tribulations of the early days, the first introductory meeting of Joe Koff to the locker room, and that 1st meeting in Bristol. Oh yeah...and we actually talk about the event...


Episode 63: Manhattan Mayhem

Spreaker: ROH in the heart of New York City!!! It took 3 years, but finally Ring of Honor was running in the shadow of Madison Square Garden, and wat an event it brought to the table! Headlined, on paper at least, by a Dog Collar Match and a World Title match, it would prove to be a shocking evening to Samoa Joe and the skull/spine of Jay Lethal!! It would also mark like the only time Hagadorn's ringside camera footage...


Episode 62: Dave Lagana

Spreaker: Brought to you by Tiege Hanley, where you can save 20% off with code HONORABLEMENTION, for the 1st time ever, we are dropping two interviews in a row! It fell in our lap thanks to Kyle Durden, and was too good to pass up. This week, Jeff & Shane welcome former ROH Producer & Social Media guru Dave Lagana to the program! We discuss his 1st exposure to ROH in 2003, his entry into the production team, the ups and...


Episode 61: Kyle Durden

Spreaker: Kyle who? For some reason we can see that being the response, but what you all need to know is that Kyle Durden is a man who lived the Ring of Honor experience from every aspect. Training at the ROH Academy under Bryan Danielson, going on the road as part of the crew and eventually a wrestler, having enough self-awareness to tolerate being told "you suck" by Adam Pearce, and learning to steer his natural gifts...


Episode 60: Good Times, Great Memories

What a night in the history of Ring of Honor; not only did it mark the departure of Colt Cabana for WWE, but it also marked the last (for the time being) night for several other roster members! Aries, Daniels, and Homicide all departed for TNA, while SHINGO ended his U.S. excursion to return home to Dragon Gate. Suffice it to say, the landscape of ROH would be quite different come April 29th, BUT the night of the 28th, now that was a celebration of Cabana and everything he brought to the...


Episode 59: Stalemate

From a bad opener to a red hot finale and a local...legend (?), this was one event that had it all for the fans in attendance, and those who actually bought the DVD (all 2000 of you)! But ultimately Jeff picked this event for one reason and one reason only, but you'll have to wait until the end for the reveal on that one! It's a trip back to April 2005 and Boston-area building #3245 for "Stalemate"! Join Jeff & Shane as they dive into it on this week's An Honorable Mention, brought to you by...


A Grade 1 Episode: G1 Supercard

Yeah we know this was supposed to be "Stalemate", but after such an historic occasion as the G1 Supercard, it just seemed appropriate that two people for whom ROH has been such a huge part of their lives talk on the subject. For Shane it was experienced on a phone through the Honor Club, but for Jeff it was experienced firsthand as he sat front row in The Garden! Join our hosts as they talk their respective feelings on this landmark event, discuss the actual matches in varying detail,...


Episode 57: A Night of Appreciation

Back in the day when ROH was young, it wasn't exactly...politically say the least. It felt like a product of its time, spawned in the wake of ECW and the Attitude Era, but with much better wrestling than what was available on our TVs....right?? Well, join Jeff & Shane as they travel back to 2002 and revisit "A Night of Appreciation" so as to see if it truly is a case of "better in our memories"! It's Eddy Guerrero's farewell to ROH as the WWE Intercontinental Champion, it's...


Episode 56: Supercard of Honor 8

HE WASN'T THERE! Yeah, we ventured into that territory event that took place after Shane was ousted from the company! It's the very first Wrestlemania Stalker Weekend after that, centered around Number 30 in New Orleans, and an event that Jeff personally attended. So we get some live experience talk, Shane tearing apart Lethal's turn, Teddy Hart's cat, airplanes with no fuel, Truth Martini on Bourbon Street, dangers of ladder matches that insulted so many, utter disgust at Matt...


Episode 55: Dragon Gate Challenge

It's Ring of Honor's fault you know? That whole...indy wrestling companies stalking Wrestlemania started right here with "Dragon Gate Challenge" and the triple shot weekend it kicked off! See, Wrestlemania 22 was in Chicago, so we started the festivities on Thursday in Detroit with this one before heading to Chicago Ridge for 2 straight nights! We had Dragon Gate action, we had a news broadcast, a broken ankle, nearly a broken neck, some CZW infiltration, and Jimmy Yang! "Dragon...


Episode 54: An Afternoon With Ernie Osiris

Ernie Osiris spent nearly a decade within the Ring of Honor system. From cutting his teeth training under Austin Aries, to working on the crew, to even working "Corino Position" on the live events, and somehow trying to squeeze actually wrestling matches in all of that. So with all that on his plate, with working as part of The Embassy alongside Prince Nana, Jimmy Rave, Claudio Castagnoli, Joey Ryan, and Tomasso Ciampa among others, why does Ernie say he only had one foot in all that time?...


HDNet Episode 1

In 2009, Ring of Honor took its first true foray into television production when they signed onto the HDNet network, owned by Mark Cuban, and now better known as AXS TV. It made ROH the first wrestling company to be available on an HD platform, and offered many of the members of the ROH locker room their first opportunity to learn how to work TV...yes that is a very different thing than a DVD PRODUCT! Join Jeff & Shane as they begin this bi-weekly foray, episode-by-episode, into some...


Episode 53: The Omega Effect

He may be the 37 Star Match darling of Dave Meltzer & "Best Bout Machine" in 2019, but a decade ago Kenny Omega was fighting to prove he even belonged in Ring of Honor with the elite names of pro wrestling. This night in Canada was his chance to not only prove it, but also to surpass many of those names by claiming the World Title from Austin Aries. For the champ, whose 2nd title run had been pretty much hated by fans & office alike, this night was one to show the flames of The Wrestling...


Episode 52: Double Feature

It was the day(s) Hollywood came to town to crash Ring of Honor's party! Not really, these 2 events wouldn't have even existed if not for "The Wrestler" movie tapings...whether or not that's a bad thing is up to the viewer of the DVD & the listener of this episode. Either way, it certainly made for a rather unique experience for both the fans in attendance, as well as the members of the ROH roster & crew. We got delicious peanut butter & rice cakes for catering, but we also spent a lot of...


Episode 51: Fifth Year Festival: Chicago

Y'all voted and here it is! It was a historic occasion...the final United States based appearance (at the time) for the legendary Samoa Joe where he would team with long-time rival Homicide to take on World Champ Morishima & Nigel McGuinness in the main event. But it wasn't just a night for goodbyes, it was also a night for blood and title changes and snow and smelling shoes!!! Join Jeff & Shane as they take a swim, or rather a trek, thru this snow filled February night of 2007 to explore...


Episode 50: Grizzly Redwood

This week, instead of covering a set event, we are joined by ROH Alumni Grizzly Redwood for a special interview conducted by a solo Shane Hagadorn! Right off the bat, we will warn you that the video version of this show had a few technical difficulties thanks to a troublesome laptop, but we've still got the majority of the interview for our patrons. The topics range from his initial discovery of Ring of Honor through wrestling magazines and how it led to his training under Austin Aries to...


Driven '08

Little did everyone know walking into Boston U that night, that we were about to tape Gabe Sapolsky's final ROH PPV. What we did know though what was that setting up at this venue was misery incarnate, and what we would find out by the end of the night was, not only the fate of our Tag & World Titles, but we also discovered that the BU fans were some of the loudest we encountered! Join Jeff & Shane as they talk Grizzly Redwood (or is it Matty? Or is it Mitch?) making his debut, both Tag &...