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Episode 32: Empire State Showdown

You voted for it, and now here it is for your listening pleasures! "Empire State Showdown" was the night "RING OF HONOR FOUND A NEW HOME..." (for one event mind you) on a TENNIS COURT, that was in a GOLF COURSE, but featured John Walters breaking out in TWO matches, Maff & Whitmer doing their best Akiyama vs. Kobashi tribute, a Chicken Fight, a near murder in the main event, and one of the best segments in ROH history with Punk vs. Corino! Join Jeff & Shane as they dive into the muddy fields...


Episode 31: Undeniable

Presented by & @IVPVideos It was another dive into the realm of the G-Funk PPV experiment for Ring of Honor, the 4th thus far, and "Undeniable" makes an interesting case study for why tape delayed PPV was a less than stellar idea of storytelling consistency no matter the quality of the bouts. Recorded in October, but not airing until January, it featured a huge World Title match between champion Takeshi Morishima and challenger Nigel McGuinness, Age of the Fall chaos, and a Tag...


Episode 30: Southern Navigation

For the first time, Ring of Honor headed to Manassas, Virginia to present "Southern Navigation" (because we already Navigated North so why not) on May9, 2008. Topped off by Team NOAH battling the No Remorse Corps, this particular event was chosen by Kevin Ford (@kford13 & @chikaraspecial) for being our 300th Twitter follower. It's got Age of the Fall, it's got Bryan Danielson, it's got Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney, and it has no love for the Virginia State "Athletic Commission"! Join Jeff &...


Kevin Steen: Hell Rising

It was just a sit-down interview, enhanced by event footage, and featuring a dozen or so matches to showcase Kevin Steen. Who would've known that a DVD collection would turn into a controversial piece of business that necessitated being pulled from the ROH Store and was indirectly (and inaccurately) linked to costing people a job or two?!? In this edition of AHM, Jeff and Shane take a deep dive into the genesis of the "Kevin Steen: Hell Rising" collection, its production from the mouth of...


Episode 28: Jimmy Rave

From 2003-2007, Jimmy Rave was a staple of Ring of Honor. Be it in his original (XTC) incarnation, his standing as the first Crown Jewel of Pro Wrestling with Prince Nana's Embassy, or on his own during the "House of the Rising Sun" days, Jimmy was an integral piece of ROH. After that, he drifted back into ROH in 2009 during the Adam Pearce years, but only for a very brief stint. Jimmy popped back up for one night only in 2011, and then again for a cup of coffee as part of the S.C.U.M...


Episode 27: Jimmy Rave in ROH

From 2003-2007, Jimmy Rave was a staple of Ring of Honor. Be it in his original (XTC) incarnation, his standing as the first Crown Jewel of Pro Wrestling with Prince Nana's Embassy, or on his own during the "House of the Rising Sun" days, Jimmy was an integral piece of ROH. After that, he drifted back into ROH in 2009 during the Adam Pearce years, but only for a very brief stint. Jimmy popped back up for one night only in 2011, and then again for a cup of coffee as part of the S.C.U.M...


Episode 26: Unscripted

It only took 7 months, and 6 events, but on September 21st of all went off the rails. Ring of Honor presented a show that would come to be called Unscripted, because all the plans went out the window! Well, maybe not all of them...the tag title tournament still went down, Xavier still got his shot at the ROH Title held by Low Ki, but the rest? It was a bit of a free-for-all! This one was voted on by you, our Honorable Followers, and it is one of those shows before Shane joined the...


Bonus Episode: Shane The Jerk in Chikara!

300 Twitter followers accumulated, and here we are with another bonus episode! At the request of show friend Stephen J. Sutton, we take a look at Shane Hagadorn's short run in CHIKARA! Eddie Kingston christened him "The Jerk" during the 9 months Shane was a member of the roster, and boy did he aim to earn that moniker in every match. Listen as Shane discusses the feelings he had back in 2005 on the product, and how he reflects on his own attitude now, 13 years later. Suffice it to say, Hags...


Episode 25; Reborn Stage 1

In the aftermath of "At Our Best" (available in the archives btw), Ring of Honor entered a new chapter, set its sights on the Mid-West, and began the "Reborn" cycle that lasted a better part of the spring/summer of 2004. First stop: St. Paul...coincidentally the same city where WCW was reborn with the debut of Nitro...and a World Title bout between Homicide and Samoa Joe! Jeff and Shane jump right into this one to discuss awful travel experiences, Matt Stryker surprising them both, the fiery...


Episode 24: The Big Bang

It was dubbed "Pro Wrestling Explodes Into The 21st Century" on the DVD cover, but was it? Really? Can "The Big Bang" (no not the WCW PPV that never happened) live up to that hype as it features men like Tyler Black, Kevin Steen, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Davey Richards, and others, in action? Jeff & Shane dive into this "milestone" event for Ring of Honor and how it came to be, what it meant for the company, just what "creative success dollars" were, and...


Bonus Episode: Gabe's Book Of Secrets

October 25, 2008 would prove to be the final event in the Ring of Honor career of original booker Gabe Sapolsky. As the creative force behind the company since its inception, Gabe was there behind the rise of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, and many, many others. In that final year of his tenure, Gabe was in the process of elevating Tyler Black to the main event, of developing Davey Richards, of building Jerry Lynn towards that "last" run, and reinvigorating the landscape of ROH with...


An Afternoon With Alex Payne

This week the podcast took a somewhat unexpected turn. As opposed to a deep dive into one of the more than 200 events Hagadorn was involved in (or one of the numerous others he was not), we sat down with ROH alum Alex Payne for an in-depth conversation on his decade-plus career. Alex opens up about it all: training with Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson and his feelings on them both; the birth, as well as the ups and the downs of being branded "Sugarfoot" and his own regrets about it. Alex...


Episode 22: Punk: The Final Chapter

It was the end of an era when Ring of Honor returned to Chicago Ridge on August 13th of 2005. CM Punk had blazed an incredible trail through ROH, claimed the World Title and the Tag Titles, competed in game changing bouts with Samoa Joe, gotten bloody with The Briscoes and Raven, but now it was all coming to a close. Punk was heading off to the WWE system, but not before one final farewell bout against Colt Cabana in front of their hometown audience. Join Shane (one of Punk's kids) and Jeff...


Episode 21: Wrath Of The Racket

Who would've known that 15 years ago, in the city of Dayton Ohio, the Montgomery County Fairgrounds would prove to be a life-changing location for our own Shane Hagadorn. See August 9, 2003 was the date of Ring of Honor's "Wrath of the Racket" event, their first venture outside of the Northeast, and Hagadorn's first (and only) event sitting in the crowd as a fan. This episode is the chat about his recollections as a fan, less review and more impact, and comparing those memories to the...


Episode 20: Tag Title Classic II

On the eve of "Final Battle 2010", Ring of Honor returned to Plymouth, MA for an event that would later be dubbed "Tag Title Classic II". The night was headlined by the collision of ROH's two premier teams, Kings of Wrestling & American Wolves; both whom, just a few months prior, were managed by our own Shane Hagadorn. It was intended to also serve as The Final Hunt for Davey & Eddie but, well, you know.... At the request of the guys from The Super Tuesday Thriller Podcast...


Episode 19: New Horizons

24 hours after "Northern Navigation", Ring of Honor crossed the Ambassador Bridge and headed for the Fairgrounds in Detroit to tape another in a series of Pay Per View events. No pre-game shenanigans ensued this time; rather, all the chaos was reserved for the event itself with plenty of unscheduled activity, an appearance by Lance Storm that would set the table for events an entire year later, and a ring that couldn't withstand the pressure of it all! Join Jeff & Shane as they travel in...


Episode 18: Northern Navigation

Back on July 25th of 2008, Ring of Honor crossed into the Great White North for the first time and presented "Northern Navigation" at The Ted Reeve Arena. It proved to be an event that showcased the best ROH has to offer with the likes of Bryan Danielson, Chris Hero, Tyler Black, and Nigel McGuinness competing as well as showcasing the ROH debut of a man whose reputation has become legendary: Kenny Omega. It proved to be a top-shelf event that the fans were there for every step of the way,...


Episode 17: A Night Of Hoopla

It was possibly The Strangest Night In Ring Of Honor History, and it took place nearly 5 years ago to the day. It was July 11th of 2013 and the venue was 115 Bourbon Street, far from the usual Chicago Ridge, IL haunt for ROH. The Devil appeared, pants were missing, Davey Richards humped a turnbuckle like he was Mini-Me....yeah it was that kind of event. Join Jeff, Shane, and a special surprise as they took a look (complete with on-going commentary) at a very unique night in the history of...


Do or Die II & III

Y'all got us to 100 followers on Twitter's the "Do or Die II & III" commentary track courtesy of Jeff & Shane! It's the first time around for guys like Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, Super Dragon, B-Boy, Matt Sydal, and Delirious. It features some Jay Lethal as Hydro, some Dunn & Marcos action, A BLIND GUY, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Mayor Of AHM himself, SAL RINAURO AKA MELLOW! Join us as we screw around, have some fun, and try our best to entertain you for this 4th of July holiday...


Episode 16: Manhattan Mayhem IV

The HDNet run is over, the Sinclair era has yet to begin; but in the middle of it all, one of the most surprising moments in Ring Of Honor history took place right in the heart of New York City. Eddie Edwards headed into the Manhattan Center as the 2010 "Survival of the Fittest" winner, as a former World Tag Champion, and as a former (and the 1st) World TV Champion. Now, in a fight with Roderick Strong, he looked to claim the World Title AND, in the process, become the first ever Triple...