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Episode #15 – BTs Broomball Podcast... Scott Herron and Indiana Broomball

Indiana is known for their fast cars, basketball and sweet corn. But what you didn't know, is it is also home to one of the oldest standing broomball leagues in the country! Scott Herron of the Columbus(IN) Broomball league comes into the studio to talk about the history of broomball in the state of Indiana! Matt and Ty discuss the upcoming Midwestern North American tournament and who their favorites are and a little College Football talk. Make sure you listen all the way to the end to catch...


Episode #14 – BT’S Broomball Podcast… E.J. Thorn and Pittsburgh Broomball

In the Pods 14th episode Matt and Ty reach out to the Steele City to talk with E.J. Thorn of the Pittsburgh broomball league, hosts of the 2017 US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS! EJ shares a little Pitt broomball history dating back to the 1930s! E.J. lets BT know how much damage he did to their rink ceiling during the Mid Atlantic tournament and he shares his opinion on Nationals being held at Blaine every year vs rotating it every other year to a new host site. Also, the pod gets a call from a...


Episode #12 – BT’S Broomball Podcast… Men's World's with Craig Garcia of USA Sun Devils

The third part of the champions series brings on our lone USA champions from the masters division, the USA Sun Devils. We had the privilege to talk to Tourney MVP Craig Garcia and what it meant to him and his lifelong teammates to win a World Title together.


Episode #13 – BT’S Broomball Podcast… Men's World's with Alex Perrault from Broomshak Canada

The pod welcomes 2018 mixed world champion and friend Alex Perrault from Broomshak Canada onto the show. We ask Alex what the experience has been like to an absolute mixed division power house. Perrault fills us in on what the Broomball scene in Quebec looks like and where it’s heading.


Episode #10 – BT’S Broomball Podcast… Women's World's with Chloe Perrault of Quebec Amigos

The BTPC guys start a four part champions series leading off with Quebec Amigos captain Chloe Perrault. As we go into detail on their run to the championship and an exciting overtime finish, Chloe also talks about how special of a moment it was having her whole family there and her mom on the bench.


Episode #11 – BT’S Broomball Podcast… Men's World's with Joe Kealey of Ottawa Nationals

Part two of the champions series welcomes one of the best in the biz from the Men’s Champions Ottawa Nationals, Joe Kealey! Joe touches on the dominating run the Nationals had at worlds and what the make up of Ottawa National team.


Episode #9 – BT’S Broomball Podcast… A Swiss Invasion 10-23-18

On this episode of BTs Broomball podcast, BT phones across the pond to the mountainous Central European country of Switzerland. Swiss native Michael Pichon talks about how Canada has a big part in the Swiss Broomball history and how the game is growing in his country. Ever hear of "Swiss swag"? Michael shares with us some of his favorite jersey trades and what he and his teammates are looking forward to at worlds.


Episode #7 - BT'S Broomball Podcast... Syracuse tourneys, Kevin Perrigo 9-7-18

Baby Ty and Street are back with a long conversation with the director of the Syracuse tourneys, Kevin Perrigo. The discussion lead to the success of this past weekends 'The Fair' tournament and the upcoming CAN/AM tournament in January. They touched on the pros and cons of the Co-Rec split from the 2020 Nationals Tournament and answered a couple listener questions.


Episode #6 - BT'S Broomball Podcast... Worlds Documentary, Worlds Tournament, and more 8-15-18

After a short hiatus, Tyler and Matt are back to start the season with another podcast. The guys discuss this years Broomfest tourney, rule changes, a new documentary, the New York state fair tourney, other upcoming tourneys and interviews with two guests. Worlds tournament director Al Stauffacher shares info on the 2018 worlds broomball tournmanmet held in Blaine MN (late October) and Dr. Reid and Dr. Jake (the Dr cousins) who offered their services at this past years nationals, talk about...


Episode #5 - BT'S Broomball Podcast... Nationals Recap: Part Two 5-24-18

BT and Street call up the National Champions in this two part podcast. Part two features a call with Danny Waltenberg from Men's B MN Muskrats, Lisa Bennett from Women's A Tracy's and Corey Swanson from Men's A C&L Excavating.


Episode #4 - BT'S Broomball Podcast... Nationals Recap: Part One 5-21-18

BT and Street call up the National Champions in this two part podcast. Part one features a call with Bradford Neumann from Co-Rec B District Charm, President and captain Trent Sears from Men's D the University of Nebraska, Caitlin Carlin from Women's B Wicked Sisters, and Brett "Salsa" Sasala from Men's C New Jersey Saints.


Episode #3 BT'S Broomball Podcast...National Predictions Women’s 4-10-18

BT and Street bring in Sheila Cheng from Arctic Blast, a top women's team in Minnesota to discuss the state of women's broomball and to predict the Nationals tournament.


Episode #2 BT'S Broomball Podcast...National Predictions 4-9-18

BT and Street examine this year's US National Tournament and make predictions! Special guests provide more insight to other teams and how things will shake out this year! Casey Gibbons and Tony Sikich chime in for Men's A, JC lets us know his thoughts on Men's B, and Brett "Salsa" Sasala gives his insight on Men's C.


Episode #1 BT'S Broomball Podcast...Keith & DC 3-28-18

This is the first Baby Ty broomball podcast featuring an interview with Keith Nelson, the league commissioner for the Augsburg Broomball League in Minneapolis, MN. This is arguably the best league in the United States. Later on Dave Carroll (DC) calls in to talk about the IBC tournament that occurred a weekend ago.