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October 23, 2017 - Joe Finally Fixed His Mic Issues

After repeated issues with Joe's mic over the last few weeks we were finally able to record a show. This week we talk about the Sabres finally winning a game, the Roman Polak Signing, and Joe & Eli take some much needed time to praise Ben's unmatched competitive nature in sport and life in general, which they feel makes Ben a better person than most.


September 12, 2017 - I Retired From Blocking Shots

We spend the first episode of Season 2 previewing the upcoming NHL Season and sharing our divisional standings predictions. *Joe's are real bad* As always, follow us on Twitter: @Ben_Mathewson @HarrierEli @Between_Cuts Email us at:


July 4, 2017 - Episode 9: The Return of JOE-CD

Joe makes his return to Between Cuts with some big personal news. In this episode we discuss the experience around the Cup run in Nashville, The Patrick Marleau signing, and how the reported McDavid Contract will influence the upcoming contracts for Matthews and Eichel. As always, follow us on Twitter: @Ben_Mathewson @HarrierEli @Between_Cuts And Email us at:


March 27, 2017 - You Go To Jail For That

In the 7th Episode of Between Cuts Joe continues to be mysteriously M.I.A. so Ben and Eli are forced to carry on without him. We talk about the incredibly atmosphere for the Sabres/Leafs game from Saturday night, Who Eli wants the Leafs to face in the playoffs or if they'll even still get in, and the continued issues with NHL Dept. of Player Safety. As always, follow us on Twitter: @Ben_Mathewson @HarrierEli @Between_Cuts And Email us at:


February 17, 2017 - There's Too Much Red

Joe is still being lame with his moving and being a father with responsibilities, so it's just Ben and Eli again to fill your ears with sweet sweet Hockey #Content. We touch on the Julian hiring in Montreal, discuss the Sabres Leafs game from 2/11, and attempt to forecast the final standings in the Atlantic division. We hope we are somewhat listenable now, so if you think we don't suck please share with your friends and do the whole iTunes rate and review thing, they say it's supposed to...