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Podcast that focuses on telling people stories for local racers.

Podcast that focuses on telling people stories for local racers.
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Podcast that focuses on telling people stories for local racers.








Thad Shumaker of Shumaker guitar works

This week Bibster gets to sit down live with Thad Shumaker of Shumaker Guitar Works in Davenport Iowa and talk about what it takes to run a guitar store in 2019. Starting in 2017 Thad started to build his own guitars and 4 months ago decided to take the jump and open his own guitar store and repair shop. Make sure to check out this links to follow Thad as he builds some of the coolest instruments around! Shumaker Guitar Works on...


Kenny Schrader races at Maquoketa

We had the chance to hang and talk with former NASCAR driver Kenny Schrader before the race at Maquoketa with Trackside Promotions. We talk about His history from grassroots racing to NASCAR until 2013. Check out the links to his Facebook page and follow as he races all over the USA and Canada with his Modifieds. Kenny Schrader's...


Brad Moring tries to fly his modified race car

This week we had the chance to catch up with Brad Moring driver of the 555 IMCA modified. Brad had a rough crash Saturday night at Maquoketa Speedway but was able to walk away without even a bruise. We talk about how important high quality safety equipment is to racers. Brad is a huge supporter of Hooker Harness out of Freeport Illinois make sure to hit the link to see what products they have for the racer in your life. Hooker Harness: Bibster...


Kelly Jeffries from Done Right TV.

This week Bibster sat down with Kelly Jeffries from Done Right TV in the first live video podcast to talk about his business Done Right TV. From Dish to Nest door bells Kelly's team have served the quad cities for many years. Hit those links to follow Done Right as they expand the live streaming market this summer! Facebook: Youtube: Website:


Jacob Hoffman from Simply Modified

This week Bibster talks too Jacob Hoffman about how he is chasing his dream to become the top race photographer in the area. Make sure to check out those links and make sure to find and buy your favorite racers pictures! Website: Facebook:


Like my pedals owner Joe O'Rourke visits

This week well actually last week but with racing season coming up I had to post this late Bibster had a chance to talk with Like my pedals owner Joe O'Rourke. During the recording skype decided to lag out so be patient with a few minor audio dropouts. Wait this is a description so make sure to hit those links up down there and thanks for listening! Facebook: Instagram: Guitars for...


Dubuque County Fair Stock car show interviews!

This is the audio portions of the live streams that we had from the stock car show 2 weekends ago in Dubuque Iowa. We sat down with Kelly from Done right satellite who was hosting the live stream make sure to check them out at the links below. Done right satellite: Trackside Promotions: Jeremiah Hurst Racing:


Adam Weckel talks racing, video and finishing high school

This week Bibster gets to talk with Adam Weckel about racing ATVs at the nations top level the GNCC. Traveling down to Florida last weekend and racing in Georgia this weekend he is traveling with past guest Matt Lindle. Make sure to checkout his YouTube channel 22 films in the links below! 22 Films YouTube channel:


Talking twang with Are Jay Smith

This week Are Jay Smith comes and joins in the conversation about telecasters. Make sure to follow his pages as well as stay tuned for his new podcast. Shelly the tele New...


Matt Lindle talks about winning the AXCC Lonestar national

This week Matt Lindle stops by to talk about winning the first round of the AXCC in the pro XC class. We also talk about his upcoming chase for the championship in the GNCC series in the XC2 class. Hit the links below to follow Matt on Facebook as well as Instagram!


Joe Hayes on IMCA late models in 2019

Bibster had the chance to sit down with the new director of late models Joe Hayes about the upcoming season of IMCA racing. We talk about the changes in the engine package and the different point season for late models this year. Make sure to check out those links to stay up to date with all things IMCA late models.


Trackside Promotions 2019 update

This week Nick McCrady joins Bibster in talking about racing in 2019. Bringing two nights of action this year with racing Sunday nights at Dubuque speedway! Makesure to follow those links to stay up to date on all the action this summer. Trackside Facebook: Dubuque speedway:


Flying a Piece of History Scott Yoak and his P-51 mustang

Scott Yoak joins us in a conversation about the amazing P-51 Mustang. He has one of the last remaining flying mustangs and shows it off at airshows all summer long. Scott also has a podcast that goes even deeper into this subject check those links to follow and make sure to check for the nearest airshow this...


Kart Racing with Joshua Skelley

For out first episode of 2019 we talk with Joshua about Kart racing. He will be racing in Des Monies at the battle of the Barns driving a CH customs Chassis January 11-12. If you cannot make it to that race make sure to follow him as he races all summer long at QC kartway in East Moline. Quad City Kartway: Podcast facebook:


Mr. and Mrs. Bibster Top 10 bad Christmas Songs

This week Mrs. Bibster joins the podcast to talk about bad christmas song make sure to check out the Spotify playlist! Playlist: Facebook:


Texas Toast Guitar's Matt Flaherty

In another case of I swear we are not a guitar podcast we have Matt Flaherty from Texas Toast Guitars on to talk building guitars. Matt has been building guitars since 1989 and started showing making videos a few years ago make sure to smash those links to follow...


Talking tools with Nick Morello

This week Nick Morello joins the podcast to talk about selling tools in a social media world. Nick starting selling tools over 30 years ago and seeing what was happening with internet sales started selling there as well. Fast forward to 2018 he runs a facebook page with over 175,000 members selling tools everyday from there as well as his normal truck route. Check the links to join the page and also download the app and checkout his podcast as well. Facebook...


Jerry Rosa from Rosa String Works

Jerry Rosa Started repairing instruments in 1983 and from making deer antler saddles for mandolin to complete custom instruments he has done it all. We talk about some of the wild repairs over the years, make sure to check those links to check out all the interesting things on Jerry's channel. Website: Youtube: Facebook:


Westminster Effect's Cody Fields

Have you ever wanted to improve your tone and show off your church history knowledge then you need to check out Cody Field's Westminster Effects. Starting with doing simple pedals and now having some of the best handmade pedals on the market Cody took his love of tone and combined it with his love of church history. Make sure to check out this links in the description to take your tone to...


Nick in the states is in the Podcast

Gear does not have to be super expensive to be good and Nick from the YouTube channel Nick in the States decided to build his channel around affordable gear. We talk about one of our favorite brands Harley Benton from the music store Thomman in Germany. Make sure to check out those links! Youtube: Instagram: