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Podcast that focuses on telling people stories for local racers.

Podcast that focuses on telling people stories for local racers.
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Podcast that focuses on telling people stories for local racers.








Texas Toast Guitar's Matt Flaherty

In another case of I swear we are not a guitar podcast we have Matt Flaherty from Texas Toast Guitars on to talk building guitars. Matt has been building guitars since 1989 and started showing making videos a few years ago make sure to smash those links to follow...


Talking tools with Nick Morello

This week Nick Morello joins the podcast to talk about selling tools in a social media world. Nick starting selling tools over 30 years ago and seeing what was happening with internet sales started selling there as well. Fast forward to 2018 he runs a facebook page with over 175,000 members selling tools everyday from there as well as his normal truck route. Check the links to join the page and also download the app and checkout his podcast as well. Facebook...


Jerry Rosa from Rosa String Works

Jerry Rosa Started repairing instruments in 1983 and from making deer antler saddles for mandolin to complete custom instruments he has done it all. We talk about some of the wild repairs over the years, make sure to check those links to check out all the interesting things on Jerry's channel. Website: Youtube: Facebook:


Westminster Effect's Cody Fields

Have you ever wanted to improve your tone and show off your church history knowledge then you need to check out Cody Field's Westminster Effects. Starting with doing simple pedals and now having some of the best handmade pedals on the market Cody took his love of tone and combined it with his love of church history. Make sure to check out this links in the description to take your tone to...


Nick in the states is in the Podcast

Gear does not have to be super expensive to be good and Nick from the YouTube channel Nick in the States decided to build his channel around affordable gear. We talk about one of our favorite brands Harley Benton from the music store Thomman in Germany. Make sure to check out those links! Youtube: Instagram:


Blake Wyland talks about starting The Tone Mob

Ever dream about turning your hobby into a full time job? Blake has taken his love of gear and being able to bring conversations with the people behind that gear from a podcast to his current full time job. The Tone Mob started as a place to see gear on Instagram to a podcast featuring some of the best people in the gear industry. It has not been easy as Blake will talk about what it takes to run a successful podcast and marketing company. Check out the links to listen to his podcast and...


Refinishing and painting guitars with Brad Angove

This episode Brad Angove joins to talk about his youtube channel. Brad runs a great channel about how changing the look of your guitar is something anyone can do. From how to use spray paint to make that guitar look new again, to building great kit guitars Brads channel has a wide range of topics. Make sure to check those links below to follow on all the social networks and his channel as well. Youtube...


End of the season update with Variom Racing

This week Bibster and Variom racing manager Derek Wilson sit down with three of the racers and talk about how their season was. From Brindy and BreeAnn Covell racing Jr. Drags to Matt Lindle racing top level ATV. Great stories about beating all adversary's that may come up during a race season. Team Variom Covell Racing: Matt...


Andrew From FoxChiRho pedal toppers

Andrew Rinard had an idea to improve the look of a pedal board with custom made toppers for the most popular pedals on the market. From a dream he had earlier in the year to the now completed project find out what pedals he has plans to build toppers for next! Reverb Store: Facebook:


Denise Korenek Fastest bike rider in the world talks land speed records.

We are back after almost a month without an episode we got a chance to sit down and talk with Denise Korenek about her record breaking bike ride across the salt flats. Make sure to check out the links below to find the videos of these crazy passes. Links:


Joel Perino comes all the way from Colorado

This week Joel Perino longtime friend of Bibster comes over to the studio to sit down and talk music and chasing dreams. Listen for a great talk of how sometimes you have to be flexible to be able to really chase your dream. Check out his facebook page and youtube channels in the links below. Facebook Page: Youtube Channel:


Clifton Worley comes to visit the podcast

This week we have the honor of hosting another podcaster Clifton Worley of The Clifton Worley show on the podcast. We talk about why it is important to start a podcast and how his show is different than most guitar related podcasts. Make sure to check out his podcast with the links below. Podcast: Facebook Group


Dan Thompson Talking Guns, Guitars, and God

This episode we deal with what happens when you feel like God has called you away from a full time job to start a youtube channel. Listen for a great example of what it looks like to take that jump check the links for Dans youtube channel as well as some of his videos. Channel: My favorite videos: Facebook Group:...


Justin From 65 Drums teaches Bibster about electronic drums.

Bibster is in the market for a new drum set and decided to talk all things electric drums with one of the top youtubers in in this subject, Justin from 65 Drums. Starting 4 years ago Justin has built his channel on having the best content dealing with the world of electric drum sets. From 300 to 8000 dollar kits every price point has great videos telling the pros and cons of each set. He also has a great series on famous pro drummers who use electric sets on albums and touring. Make sure to...


Roberts Guitar Dungeon talks about honest gear reviews

This episode we have Robert Jackson from the youtube channel Roberts Guitar Dungeon comes and talks about guitar gear and running a youtube channel. His style of video is honest gear reviews with other top 10 style videos as well. Make sure to follow the links to all the social media and websites to follow Robert.


Ed Bolian founder and CEO of VINwiki brings car history into the 21st century

Listen to find out what it takes to run one of the leading apps in the car community. Ed Bolian who started his own exotic car rental company in college and was selling Lamborghini's in Atlanta decided chase his dream and start VINwiki. A service that helps the car community out by being able to track cars by their VIN or licence plate, as well as allowing users to update the cars history as they own it. We also get into driving across the country at high speeds in everything from Mercedes...


Dylan Talks tone talks about well...........tone

Dylan McKerchie from Dylan talks tone come to talk about everything from what P90s Bibster needs in his tele to what it really looks like to run a company from home. At age 17 he started his own company and over the years has been involved in many different businesses to now being able to produce his own line of guitars and pick-ups.


Episode 30 spectacular

This is our 30th episode so we look back at some of favorite moments and also talk about finishing up our summer of racing in the next month. Bibster tells scary bathroom stories so that is always worth listening to and we finish on a more serious note so do not let the bathroom talk scare you away!


Julian Stahl and the wild world of Lawn tractor pulling

Starting in 1970 Julian Stahl has seen the sport of lawn tractor pulling change from a small sport to a worldwide phenomenon. Over the years he and his family turned this hobby in to a full time business, building some of the best pullers that compete all over the world. Hear the stories of how what started as a small parts supplier has turned into building engines for planes, boats and even golf carts. Check out the links for even more info!


Baddest Geo Tracker in the World

Meet Vinnie Barbone who built this crazy fast geo tracker. Called Project Samsquanch this geo has run an 8.80 in the quarter mile! Find out what it takes to run that fast and why Vinnie decided to blow up the internet with this sweet little geo. Warning this episode does have some PG-13 language so heads up if you are listening in the car with your kids.