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Episode 30: The Feud: Lawler vs Dundee in depth!

To celebrate our 30th episode, Jerry Jarrett goes into great detail on one of his signature accomplishments - the Lawler vs. Dundee feud from 1977 that culminated in both Bill Dundee getting his head shaved, as well as his wife! For 11 straight weeks in the summer of 1977, Lawler and Dundee faced each other in a series of wild stipulation matches. It drew 94.708 people to the Mid-South Coliseum over those 11 weeks, a record that will almost assuredly never be passed. Now hear Jerry Jarrett...


Episode 29: Randy Hales talks Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan, Power Pro

We start 2019 by welcoming back long-time Memphis veteran Randy Hales! We discuss classic Memphis and Power Pro Wrestling. Hear a never-told story about the time he had to use Kurt Angle's shoot credentials to keep peace during a live TV shoot, rare stories on Daniel Bryan, Jim Cornette's last run as an on-screen manager, and much more!


Episode 28: Vince McMahon: In Depth

This week we revisit the topic of one of our most popular episodes - Vince McMahon. We go in depth on Jerry's time working in WWE with him, the details of the creation of the Mr. McMahon heel character and how Jerry produced his very first promos, Vince coming down to the Mid-South Coliseum to get physical with Jerry Lawler, the nervousness in WWE as WCW became more aggressive in the mid-90s, and some thoughts on the present day state of the industry. It's insight into Vince that you won't...


Episode 27: 1977 - Winning the War and Building Jarrett Promotions

This week we continue our look at 1977, which is one of the more pivotal and significant years in the history of Memphis wrestling. Hear the story of how Jerry Jarrett built his company after his split with Nick Gulas, getting a new roster, TV show, and arena. Hear stories about a 15 year old Terry Gordy working the territory, a very young and green Junkyard Dog, Dusty Rhodes coming in to wrestle Lawler, Bill Dundee being prepared for historic run against the King, sending Tommy Rich to...


Episode 26: Early 1977 - Prelude to a War

This week we cover the first few months of 1977 in detail. This was a period where the Memphis territory was on fire and everything appeared to be great, until it all fell apart. Hear a great Mongolian Stomper story, Rocky Johnson working the territory with a young Rock watching backstage, the influence Jerry Jarrett's mother had in turning Bill Dundee babyface, Harley Race coming in as an NWA champion, Tojo being legitimately attacked by another wrestler, the McGuire twins, Bob Armstrong,...


Episode 25: Bill Dundee

We are honored this week to have two of Memphis Wrestling's Mount Rushmore figures together having a conversation - listen to Jerry Jarrett and Bill Dundee as they tell stories from their decades long history together. Hear great Memphis stories, why Jerry pushed Dundee as a headliner right from the start, a lot on the Lawler feud and Bill's wife getting her hair shaved, plenty of details on the "trade" in 1984 that sent Dundee to Mid-South for Watts, and stories of the two recently visiting...


Episode 24: Future big stars who went through Memphis

This week, we break down a variety of wrestlers who went through Memphis at a young age and went on to become big names in the industry. We go through a large list of names, including Undertaker, Sid, Kane, Bam Bam Bigelow, and many others. Hear some great stories, like how Jerry had a phone conversation with a young Kane's mom that may have helped save Kane's career!


Episode 23: Koko B. Ware

This week we let you in an a very honest, emotional conversation between Jerry Jarrett and long-time Memphis mainstay and then WWE Hall of Famer - Koko B. Ware. The first half of the interview is very personal, detailing their history together. The second half focuses on Koko's wrestling career, his runs in Memphis and Mid-South, flying to New York and meeting Vince McMahon and pitching the idea of having an actual bird with him at ringside, wrestling at WrestleMania 3, and going into the...


Episode 22: Fan Q&A!

This week we invite two hardcore old-school Memphis wrestling fans on the show to ask Jerry Jarrett any question they can think of. Our guests hosts are Travis Heckel of @memphiswrasslin1 on Twitter and Rick Crane of We talk about a Lawler promo that almost got wrestling thrown off the channel, the LeDuc blood oath and LeDuc's memorable toss of Lawler over the top rope onto a table. We also discuss the appeal of the Road Warriors and whether talent was afraid to work with them,...


Episode 21: Infamous Ribs and Pranks from the Memphis Territory!

On this episode we have a lot of fun strolling down memory lane and going over some of the more memorable ribs and pranks that Jerry Jarrett saw during his decades in the Memphis territory. Hear some hilarious stories usually reserved for "the boys". There is plenty of Jackie Fargo in this one!


Episode 20: Joel Gertner

This week we welcome Joel Gertner onto the show to discuss the Memphis/ECW parallels that he lived through while working for ECW. We discuss what makes a great heel manager and how they separate themselves from the rest. We also talk about Joel and Jerry's interactions with Paul Heyman, Joel's influences, we discuss ECW's ability to generate true heat from a "smart" crowd, and much more!


Episode 19: Eric Embry

For the first time ever, Jerry Jarrett and Eric Embry tell all about their part in the resurrection and fall of the Dallas territory in the late 80's. Hear Eric describe how dire the situation in Dallas was before Jerry was brought in, the work they did together they did to revive the business, Eric Embry as a hugely over anti-hero babyface, and then Von Erich jealousy that brought about their downfall. Tons of never heard stories, this is wrestling history that you will want to hear!


Episode 18: The true story of the Atlanta wrestling war

Before the Monday night wars, before the Vince McMahon war on the territories, the biggest war in wrestling was happening in the Atlanta territory in the 70s. A massive promotional war erupted when Ann Gunkel split away from the NWA and ran opposition, and Jerry Jarrett ended up in the middle of it as the NWA's booker. Hear him tell the story of what really happened when he was brought in to book during this period, leading to the NWA winning the war and the first ever Omni show. Hear tons...


Episode 17: Memphis Historian and Author Mark James

Memphis historian and prolific wrestling author Mark James joins us on this episode to talk about his memories of the glory days of Memphis! He and Jerry Jarrett talk about the fascinating dual personalities of Jimmy Valiant on and off camera, an infamous riot at the Mid-South Coliseum after a show, Jimmy Hart saving the territory, why tapes of old Memphis TV were not saved, and many other topics. We very much recommend finding Mark's work at


Episode 16: Jeanie Clarke talks her Dallas feud with Steve Austin vs Chris and Toni Adams

Our guest this week is Jeanie Clarke. She and Jerry catch up to talk about the famous USWA Dallas feud where she teamed with future husband Steve Austin against ex-husband Chris Adams and his then wife Toni Adams. Talk about reality in wrestling! Jeanie is full of great insights and stories about that feud and the rest of her career, as well as being married to Steve Austin when he was perhaps the hottest star in the history of the business. Follow her on Twitter at @ClarkeJeanie and buy her...


Episode 15: Memphis production genius Mike Shields

Memphis production genius Mike Shields joins us to talk about numerous innovations and contributions to pro wrestling from his career. We discuss wrestling's first ever music video, shooting the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl, the first ever Hulk Hogan promotional video, and being responsible for Eric Bischoff getting his position running WCW. This is priceless wrestling history, Mike has never done an interview before, but agreed to join Jerry Jarrett to talk about their history together.


Episode 14: Discussing the creation of Hulk Hogan in Memphis with our special guest Scott Bowden

A great episode this week as we discuss the very beginnings of the career of Hulk Hogan, perhaps the greatest draw in pro wrestling history, and some of the lesser known contributions that Jerry Jarrett made to the start of his career. To help us out, we're proud to have on former great Memphis heel manager and Memphis wrestling expert - Scott Bowden! Listen to his podcast, Kentucky Fried Wrestling, at!


Episode 13: Randy Hales interview!

We're proud to have Memphis wrestling mainstay Randy Hales as our very first ever guest on the show. This episode is at times hilarious and at times very emotional. Hear why Jerry Jarrett and Randy didn't talk for 25 years, and why they've reconnected in the last month and are good friends once again. And plenty of classic behind the scenes Memphis wrestling stories as well!


Episode 12: Tribute to Downtown Bruno, mentoring Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell, influence of Eddie Graham, and Jimmy Hart Stories

This week we do another Booking 101-inspired show, with fascinating insight into the creative process that made Memphis the special territory that it was. The conversation goes into Jerry's time mentoring Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell and the success they had on their own, what he learned from Eddie Graham, a discussion of what makes a real money-drawing heel, and why Jimmy Hart was so successful and integral to the territory for so many years. If you're a Memphis fan, you will want to hear...


Episode 11: Memphis Quick Hits Part 2! Stories on Jimmy Hart, Jim Cornette, Robert Fuller, Eric Embry, and many more

We bring back a concept from a very popular show that we did previously - Memphis Quick Hits! Sean fires names from Memphis history at Jerry Jarrett, and Jerry responds with the first thoughts or stories that come to his mind. Hear his views on people like Jimmy Hart, Jim Cornette, the Freebirds, Eric Embry, Robert Fuller, Buddy Wayne, Terry Taylor, and many more!