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Episode 9: Jerry Jarrett pays tribute to Brian Lawler and hands out his Superstar Awards

In this episode, Jerry Jarrett pays tribute to Brian Lawler and gives his thoughts on the tragedy that occurred. Then, as a balance to our infamous Slappy awards, and to bring some happiness to a sad time, Jerry hands out his Superstar Awards. This is a tribute to the people who Jerry feels most helped him become so successful in the wrestling business. Hear his thoughts on people like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Eddie Graham, Vince McMahon Sr, and many more.


Episode 8: Memphis Controversies - Fact or Fiction: Andre/Harley/Sheik

This week we dive into a few well-known Memphis "controversies", and get the real story on what happened from Jerry Jarrett himself. In fact, one of these stories caused Jerry to call Jerry Lawler on the day of recording to make sure the record was set straight! We talk about the infamous Apter mag article claiming Lawler had defeated Andre the Giant on behalf of all smaller people, causing some heat in the NWA. We also talk in depth about Andre as a performer and person. Also, hear the...


Episode 7: We give another lifelong Memphis fan access to Jerry Jarrett's brain!

We will get to the Superstar awards, but instead of doing lists two weeks in a row, we shake things up again this week Memphis-style. We thought it would be fun to bring on a lifelong Memphis fan, Scott Mason, who has worked in radio for 10 years and created the show's open, and let him ask Jerry Jarrett anything he can think of for an hour. Listen to some great stories on The Fabulous Ones, Lance Russell, Eric Embry, Eddie Gilbert, Austin Idol, SuperClash 3 and much more. Also, you have...


Episode 6: Jerry Jarrett's Slappy Awards!

It's time for Jerry Jarrett's Slappy Awards! This episode is hilarious but also at times very emotional. Here is Jerry's list of the top people in wrestling who he had some, well, unpleasant or unusual business dealings with during his career. This is not meant to be mean-spirited, its more of a vehicle for us to hear some great stories, as well as some cautionary tales. Yes, you probably guessed that Dixie Carter was on the list, but wait until you hear the story of how Ric Flair ended up...


Episode 5: Jerry Jarrett's top tips for all wrestling promoters in 2018

This is a great episode, as one of the most successful promoters in the history of the business gives his top tips to everyone trying to promote pro wrestling in 2018. And, as always with Jerry and Sean, we veer into some other topics. Hear about Vince McMahon telling Jerry 25 years ago that he wished he could have generic replaceable wrestlers, and how 25 years later Vince has now accomplished that. How did TNA fail by trying so often to be WWE-lite. Why did a Jimmy Valiant-Nick...


Episode 4: Booking 101 - Part 1: Booking wrestling TV and Jerry Jarrett: The Artist

This a fun wide-ranging show full of fascinating topics. We start with the premise of doing a Booking 101 series - a collection of shows where one of the all-time brilliant bookers in wrestling history passes down his knowledge to younger generations. We start with a discussion of why Memphis TV was so special, but we really get into the heart of Jerry Jarrett as an artist and writer. How did his love of literature and romantic poetry motivate his booking. How did "Et tu, Brute?" lead to...


Episode 3: Memphis Quick Hits - stories on over 25 legendary Memphis names

In the spirit of Memphis TV, we did a fast-paced really fun one this week. It's called Memphis Quick Hits - Sean throws about 25 names from Memphis history at Jerry Jarrett and he responds with the first story that comes to mind. Hear some gems - what did Lou Thesz do to lose Jerry's respect for a time, why does Jerry consider Randy Savage the most honorable main he ever came across in the wrestling business, hear about Jerry holding Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on his lap as his dad worked...


Episode 2: Part 1 on Jerry's relationship with the McMahon family and WWE

In this episode we go into great detail on Jerry Jarrett's long relationship with the McMahon family and WWE. Hear about how Vince McMahon Sr was a key part of Jerry's early success, how Vince McMahon Jr called in a favor Jerry had made to Vince Sr a decade earlier for help, how Jerry pushed for smaller wrestlers like Bret Hart to get pushed and how that is still felt today with smaller superstars like AJ Styles, and finally how Jerry created the Mr. McMahon character and produced the very...


Andy Kaufman

Hear Jerry Jarrett go into detail on Andy Kaufman's entire legendary Memphis run, from the first phone call he ever received from Andy to his last appearance in the territory. Just as interestingly, hear the unique perspective of someone who worked closely with and knew Andy Kaufman the man, and what drove this brilliant innovative artist.


Preview - Rick Crayne On Memphis Wrestling

Booking Memphis Wrestling with Jerry Jarrett will be launching soon! For now, here's a preview, with his host Sean Reedy talking with Rick Crayne of about their shared love of Memphis wrestling.