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On Celtics Lab, we go deep into the details, finding compelling narratives, data, stories and interviews you won't find anywhere else.

On Celtics Lab, we go deep into the details, finding compelling narratives, data, stories and interviews you won't find anywhere else.


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On Celtics Lab, we go deep into the details, finding compelling narratives, data, stories and interviews you won't find anywhere else.








Building Boston superteams, targeting Zach LaVine, the Hoops Hall and more

With news that the Boston Celtics might target Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls should Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal prove out of reach of the Celtics, the hosts of the "Celtics Lab" podcast got to thinking on just how hard it is to create a true contender in the NBA right now. With a fair amount of talent coagulated in just a handful of superteams, the pod's hosts Justin Quinn, Cameron Tabatabaie, and Alex Goldberg tried their hand at creating even vaguely plausible...


Taking stock of the NBA's Eastern Conference with Ky Carlin and Ajayi Browne

With one of the most active offseasons in the entire league this summer, you will be forgiven as a fan of the Boston Celtics if you have lost track of what the other teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference have been up to, much less what the consensus is on where they may end up in the standings by the end of the next season. But at the "Celtics Lab" podcast, hosts Alex Goldberg, Cameron Tabatabaie, and Justin Quinn have been surveying the 15 teams on Boston's side of the league with expert...


Grading the Boston Celtics offseason with SI's Michael Pina

Assessing the Boston Celtics' 2021 NBA offseason has become something of a cottage industry in recent days with the assumption that the team has more or less wrapped up its major moves for the season after handing out a spate of contract extensions. So far be it from us, your "Celtics Lab" podcast hosts Cameron Tabatabaie, Justin Quinn and Alex Goldberg, from avoiding a reckoning of new team president Brad Stevens' first stab at team building. To that end, we were lucky enough to be joined...


Dissecting the impact of the Timelord and Richardson extensions

The Boston Celtics started their offseason with a bang, making major moves to create cap flexibility and seeming to signal they were all in on pursuing a max deal star in free agency perhaps as soon as the 2022 NBA offseason. Until it became clear they were not. Now, more recently, the Celtics have been handing out contract extensions to the players on their rosters like candy on Halloween, with veteran guard Marcus Smart, rising big man Robert Williams III and recently acquired wing Josh...


Making sense of Boston's cap situation, and what it can tell us about the future

The Boston Celtics started their offseason with a bang, making a splash into the realm of cap flexibility when they moved on from former starting point guard Kemba Walker's contract almost before the dust settled on their 2020-21 season. They continued to make moves to free up their cap, which many thought signaled a plan to pursue a star -- perhaps Bradley Beal? -- via free agency. Since then, signing veteran guard Marcus Smart to a long-term extension has blown those assumptions to bits,...


Dennis Schroder one-year, mini-MLE signing emergency podcast

Just hours after the most recent episode of the Celtics Lab was recorded, free agent point guard Dennis Schroder announced his plans to sign with the Boston Celtics, presumably on a one-season deal for the taxpayer mid-level exception (MLE) of approximately $5.9 million. To that end, your hosts Alex Goldberg, Justin Quinn and Cameron Tabatabaie put together a short emergency pod to talk all things German Rondo and how Schroder's signing changes Boston's offseason, potential, and other...


If not Bradley Beal, who might the Boston Celtics be targeting?

There's been a lot of ink spilled on what the Boston Celtics might be planning, who they might be after with their apparent push to keep their books clean enough to sign a max player in free agency next offseason or soon after, and just what it would take to get the presumptive target to Boston. But what if that target -- Washington Wizards All-NBA guard Bradley Beal -- isn't who the Celtics are keeping the proverbial powder dry for, or they fall short in their pursuit? What other potential...


Sorting through the chaos of the 2021 summer free agency period

With Silly Season in full swing and the summer free agency nearly upon us, making sense of potentially explosive rumors, trade proposals and free agent signings can send one's mind into a tailspin. The Boston Celtics might trade away longtime point guard Marcus Smart -- or extend him. They could end up dealing for New Orleans Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball, Brooklyn Nets floor general Spencer Dinwiddie, Los Angeles Clippers veteran guard Reggie Lewis or a small army of other targets. And...


Does a Bradley Beal trade make sense for Boston, and if not, what's next?

There are some strong opinions out there on whether or not the Boston Celtics ought to trade for Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal, but even if the team doesn't end up dealing for the potentially disgruntled All-NBA guard, they will need to have an alternative plan in mind. To that end, on this episode of the Celtics Lab, we dive into our thoughts on a potential deal for Beal as well as some other directions the team might take in the short term in order to prepare the franchise for...


Sniffing out value for Boston in the 2nd round with Bryan Kalbrosky

With every passing moment, Boston Celtics fans draw closer to the 2021 NBA draft, and while they may not have a first round pick, that doesn't mean the Celtics can't extract a valuable player with some careful drafting on the part of new team president Brad Stevens and company. With that in mind, we brought in friend of the pod and NBA draft expert Bryan Kalbrosky of USA TODAY SMG to talk all things draft-related for Boston's 2021 options, zeroing in on some of the more likely suspects who...


Will Yam Madar be a Celtic next season, and can the U.S. count on Gold?

The NBA's offseason tends to shift the focus of its fans to a more international context as favorite players spend time abroad and potential overseas players come into focus for the season to come. But in an Olympics year in particular, we can find the league's media attention focused outside the ambit of the NBA even more than usual. And for fans of the Boston Celtics, a much-anticipated guard previously stashed abroad coming stateside in one Yam Madar makes for a most cosmopolitan...


Talking Tatum and Yam in Sin City, and saying the quiet part out loud

While there isn't any Boston Celtics basketball to watch, there is news of current and possibly future Celtics gearing up to play some roundball in Las Vegas. There's also several Boston alumni about to play in the 2021 NBA Finals to keep us busy basketball-wise, and some disheartening commentary regarding covering them making the rounds. On this episode of the Celtics Lab, hosts Cameron Tabatabie, Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn talk about Jayson Tatum and Team USA prepping for the Tokyo...


Talking Al's return and the new-look Boston Celtics with Anna Horford

While it might have been a trade that not only was predicted by half the Boston Celtics media, it's also one the fanbase effectively wished into existence -- the deal in question of course being the Al Horford return to the Celtics from the Oklahoma City Thunder. And with Al comes the Horford clan, and friend of the podcast Anna in particular. A Boston lifer who was as happy as anyone -- maybe even Al -- that her brother is back in green and white, we had to catch up with Anna to talk Al's...


Ime Udoka hired as head coach, Al Horford speaks on return

The Boston Celtics have a new head coach in former Brooklyn Nets assistant Ime Udoka, and former Celtic big man Al Horford made his first appearance with the press after his trade back to the team from the Oklahoma City Thunder. With all this in mind, we felt we needed to make an early podcast appearance to discuss some of the significant goings-on with the team, taking the temperature of the Udoka hire and talking through our excitement --and Al's -- for the return of Horford to the...


Talking Kyrie's exit, logo stomps and activism with author Matt Sullivan

While it might be an era many Boston Celtics fans would prefer to forget, the story of Kyrie Irving's exit to join a Brooklyn Nets superteam is a window into some uncomfortable truths about the city and a subset of the team's fans. And while certainly no stranger to self-created controversies through his communicative style and mercurial persona, there's still quite a lot of ties between the former Celtic and several contemporary Boston players. To simply focus on broken promises and...


Hello again, goodbye; Boston deals Kemba Walker to OKC for old friend Al Horford

Al Horford is a Boston Celtic again and Kemba Walker is now a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, while Moses Brown -- the big from that team you probably hadn't heard of before he hung 21 points and 23 rebounds on the Celtics -- is also headed to Boston in a trade that took most by surprise in timing if not structure. Boston's first-round pick is headed to Sam Presti's ever-growing war chest while both teams swap second-rounders, and there's a host of things to discuss from cap...


Breaking down Boston's coaching search, offseason with Cedric Maxwell

Former NBA Finals MVP Cedric Maxwell helped bring two titles to the Boston Celtics, and played his career under a number of famed coaches of the storied franchise, so he knew a thing or two about the dynamics a coaching change can have on a team with title aspirations even before he tried his hand at the trade himself. And now with the Celtics neck-deep in a coaching search, Maxwell has made a point to call for a person of color -- perhaps even a woman -- as the next head coach of the team...


A look back at 2020-21, and a glimpse at the Celtics' future

With some time to have thought about both, it's time to reflect on the 2020-21 Boston Celtics and how the team's major front-office shakeup will affect its future. With longtime team president Danny Ainge stepping down from that role in favor of (then) head coach Brad Stevens, the Celtics have as much on their plate to work on as they have at any point in the last two decades. Head coaching searches, potential further moves in the front office, bringing back some players and perhaps shipping...


CLAB 48: Boston trades Ainge for Stevens as top exec as Danny steps down

The Boston Celtics followed up a disappointing first-round exit at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets in the 2021 NBA playoffs with a truly major shake-up internally, easily the biggest set of changes the organization has seen in nearly two decades. The announcement of longtime Team President Danny Ainge's retirement and the elevation of Head Coach Brad Stevens to the position of Head of Basketball Operations not only radically transformed the Celtics organization at a critical moment for their...


CLAB 47: On not 'keeping it hoop'

Former Boston Celtics and current Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving poked the third rail of Boston sports ahead of his first appearance in front of fans since leaving the team in free agency by (rightly and justifiably) asking for a response from the fans coming to Games 3 and 4 free of casual racism. In asking the fans of his former team to 'keep it hoop,' he seemed to breach his own social contract by symbolically stepping on the Celtics logo at midcourt, which may or may not be in some way...