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CL Pod 96: First returns from the 2019 Playoffs

With every series in the 2019 NBA Playoffs underway, we take a look at the landscape along the Boston Celtics path to the Finals. We also talk about injuries, from Marcus Smart's recovery timeline to Aron Baynes evident lack of one, and even touch on the coaching search (and dumpster fire) going on with the Los Angeles Lakers organization, and how it could affect Boston's summer plans. So, join Mark Allison and Justin Quinn for all this and more on this week's CL Pod.


CL Pod 95: As the regular season ends, a look at the playoffs, draft & more

We're entering the final stretch of the 2018-19 NBA season, and for Boston Celtics fans, the playoffs cannot get here soon enough. With hopes for a blockbuster regular season long ago left behind in the hopes that the team has been keeping the powder dry for the postseason, Mark Allison and Justin Quinn try to divine what the team will look like on the court in a few weeks, as well as a quick look into some of the NBA Draft's more interesting prospects. Who might the Cs face, and how will...


CLP 94: IT returns, BOS stumbles & the playoff seeding becomes clearer

For the slow month of March, the Boston Celtics are finding ways to stay busy, and not all of the results are so great. But the fundamentals of play missing at the start of the season are becoming more consistent despite the unfavorable results over the last few games, which should give fans a shred of hope as the regular season winds down. And with that winding down comes some clarity regarding what Boston's postseason will look like in terms of seeding and opponents. Join Mark Allison and...


CL Pod 93: Boston's rounding into form as the playoffs loom

The Boston Celtics are finally flirting with playing like the team most of us expected at the start of the season, with something resembling chemistry producing a much better version of the team on the court. They have struggled significantly as they have sought to cement a consistent identity as much as they have a consistent approach to games, but recent off-court activity on the now-complete west coast road trip have gone a long way with calming those concerns. At the same time, longtime...


CLP 92: A little catharsis in the midst of big disappointment

This Boston Celtics squad continues to find ways to disappoint, and we fans are starting to check out. As we begin to move on from the underwhelming regular season performances we're regularly being given, Topher Lane and Justin Quinn have it out, voicing their frustrations in the hopes that it either brings catharsis, or makes us look like the cretins we probably are in a few months. We somehow find a way to talk about how the team can still improve, and take a quick look at the schedule...


CL Pod 91: Post-Deadline team assessment: taking stock of the rest of the season

The dust has settled on the 2019 NBA Trade Deadline, and Anthony Davis is NOT a Los Angeles Laker. That's far from the only thing that (didn't) happen, however, as multiple East teams improved their rosters for the playoffs, and teams in the Western Conference made moves that may impact the Boston Celtics incoming draft picks this summer. The Cs even made a minor but potentially impactful move by opening up a roster slot able to be filled with any of several interesting options on the buyout...


CL Pod 90: Is AD coming? Kyrie gone? Making sense of this madness

We'll excuse you if you feel like you're not sure if you're coming or going after the onslaught of Silly SZN, the as the week before the NBA Trade Deadline is sometimes called. We hear from cold-blooded killers to stay calm and things will be OK, but have the devil in our ear telling us not only the megastar we've been after for years is slipping from our grasp, but that he might take our current star player with him. Which is it? We'd be lying to you if we said we had answers, but Topher...


CL Pod 89: Post-Kyrie leadership epiphany, Cs continue their winning ways

After very-public fissures appeared in the Boston Celtics after yet ANOTHER regression to sub-standard play, and an even more public leadership epiphany from star point guard Kyrie Irving, the Celtics continue to win. Is it a change in mindset that's making the difference? Communication? Style of play? Join Cam Tabatabaie and Justin Quinn as they gingerly tip-toe around whether the change is for real, what they think is behind it, and the schedule ahead, as well as All-Star voting returns,...


CL Pod 88: A tale of two Celtics, or, consistent inconsistency

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, all in a little over a week. The Boston Celtics have played world-beater and whimperer as their best selves gave us a look at what they can do to teams like the Indiana Pacers, while also showing how little they can give each other against teams like the Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets. What's the deal? Who will be seeing come April, and will the seeding have gotten so bad it won't matter? Who is to blame for the bad, and who deserves...


CL Pod 87: New Year, New Celtics? Boston might just be figuring it out

A new year has arrived, and with it, a chance for the Boston Celtics to put early struggles behind them. Join Topher Lane and Justin Quinn as they talk about the improved team play overall in recent weeks, as well as breakout performances from Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, and more. We even debut our locally-sourced, recently-updated Celtics drinking game for those of you in need of some Bostonian-themed inspiration for the next big game.


CL Pod 86: The Hospital Celtics are back, & this time, it sucks

Banged up and undermanned, the Boston Celtics are dealing with another unpleasant losing streak. After dropping a game to the Milwaukee Bucks, the team had an extended meeting to address the recent spate of losses. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? How long IS this tunnel going to be? What needs to happen to turn things around, and how soon can we expect to see results? Join Mark Allison and Justin Quinn as they discuss all these issues, some perpetually recurrent trade rumors, and a...


CL Pod 85: Back in the saddle again, the Cs make history

After opening the season something of a mess on the offensive end of the court, the Boston Celtics have turned the ship around, with gusto. Not only have they gone from one of the league's worst teams in terms of putting points up, but have morphed into one of the league's most elite offensive units over the last five games. Even when missing multiple key players due to minor injuries and illness, they have still found ways to keep winning, owning the league's longest win streak. They even...


CL Pod 84: Is it premature to be positive about these Celtics?

The Boston Celtics had themselves a game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the offense clicking after some much-overdue starting lineup tinkering. Does that single game show us enough positive things that we can relax about the team's 10-10 start? Should we even worry about the start at all? Plenty of teams have done as bad or worse and made the postseason, some even as far as the finals. Join Luis Gonzalez and Topher Lane as they debate the current state of the green and white, as well as...


CL Pod 83: It ain't easy being green

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the CelticsLife crew. There's not a whole lot to be thankful for lately as a Celtics fan, but Topher Lane and Justin Quinn try their best to take the long view yet again, looking at Boston's rough start and the options out there that might be a solution. We had some technical issues, so apologies about the subpar audio, and we recorded this before the New York Knicks debacle. so take what we have to say with a grain of salt. We're...


CLPod 82: The Jimmy Butler trade, a break in the schedule & NBA conspiracies

This week, things are changing in the Atlantic Division, with Jimmy Butler heading to the Philadelphia 76ers. How will it affect the Boston Celtics? Will it work out? Who's the "winner" of this deal, if anyone? The slate of games for the Cs finally relaxes a bit after a murder's row to start the season, and there's other movement of note around the league to take into consideration. Join Topher Lane and Justin Quinn as they break down all of the news of the week, and even dabble in a little...


CL Pod 81: Reports of Terry Rozier's departure are premature, & more

This week, Topher Lane and Mark Allison try to make sense of the rumors swirling around a one Terry Rozier, as well as the lingering rust the Boston Celtics are slowly shaking off early in the season. They break down the team's recent games, including whether Jayson tatum might need to re-evaluate his shot selection, and even take a look at how some former Celts we'll see playing against their former team this week.


CL Pod 80: The Cs are back in the saddle, the Sox won the series & more

The Boston Celtics are back on their game, and while they have some kinks left to work out, the team we expected to be watching this season is showing up, and it's noticeable. And it's not just the Celtics who are looking good, with the Boston Red Sox having just won a World Series, and the Celts will face the league's last remaining undefeated team, the Milwaukee Bucks, on Thursday for what will likely be the team's biggest test of the season to date. This week, Mark Allison and Justin...


CL Pod 79: Making sense of Boston's first week of games

With week one of the 2018-19 NBA regular season behind us, we have a very small sample of games to give us an early idea about what the coming weeks, months, and season may look like. While it might be far too small a sample size for any definitive takes, we are already beginning to see some of the issues concerning depth and roles having an impact on games, and player recovery is still clearly an issue. In the long run, some of these issues may even turn out to be complimentary, as the...


CL Pod 78: Regular season preview, no extension for Terry & more

Less than 24 hours from when you listen to this podcast, it will be the first day of the NBA's regular season, and the Boston Celtics will be suiting up to take on the Philadelphia 76ers. Join Topher Lane and Justin Quinn as they look at Tuesday night's home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers, Friday's tilt with the new-look Toronto Raptors, Saturday's game with the New York Knicks, all the way to what they think the playoff seeding will look like by season's end...and beyond!


CL Pod 77: Wrapping up preseason & looking towards the regular season

This week, we talk expectations as the Boston Celtics preseason winds down, and preparations for the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season begins. We discuss whether the Celt's 1-3 preseason record is cause for concern, as well as some of the bright spots from an otherwise-lackluster showing in what we HOPE is a tuneup for the games that count. We also talk expectations for the team and individual players, using a best- and worst- case model to temper expectations as much as to set the bar high. Join...