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CL Pod 70: On Kawhi, Kawhi not (and trades, the NBA draft and more!)

For the Boston Celtics, offseasons are a thing of the past, or so it seems. Fresh off of rumors LeBron James might meet with the Celts this summer, we now hear rumors Kawhi Leonard may not be a San Antonio Spur much longer, and that Boston might be interested in trading for him. To that end, we brought on a special guest - the creator of a brand new, feature-rich trade checker (TradeNBA.com) who just happens to be a Spurs fan with an interestng connection to the organization. We also talk...


CL Pod 69: On LeBron joining (and Kyrie leaving) the Celtics

With the offseason in full effect for all thirty NBA teams, attention now turns to the process of assembling next season's squads, and with the Boston Celtics poised to be among the league's elite, you'd think it would look to be a slow summer. And you'd be wrong, if analysts like Stephen A. Smith are correct that LeBron James will meet with Danny Ainge this summer about joining the team. There's also (potentially related) rumblings former LeBron teammate and current Celtics star Kyrie...


CL Pod 68: Taking stock of Boston's offseason

With a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals in the books, the offseason begins for the Boston Celtics. It's shaping up to be an important one, and while there's unlikely to be any "fireworks" on a scale most younger Cs fans would expect before heading into a season where Boston is widely seen to be among the league's strongest contenders, some very important business lies ahead. From resigning key free agents and potentially extending eligible players, to who...


CLPod 67: Boston retakes control of the ECF - but can they seal the deal?

The Boston Celtics have regained control of the Eastern Conference Finals, and only have to win one of the next two games against the Cleveland Cavaliers to dispatch LeBron James and advance to the NBA Finals. The Houston Rockets have also incredibly matched Boston's underdog performance to pull ahead of the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, but may have lost Chris Paul to a hamstring injury for at least a game if not longer. As the number of remaining games dwindles...


CL Pod 66: Boston might just send LeBron packing AGAIN, draft lottery & more

The Boston Celtics sit atop a two-game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, and are poised to dispatch the Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to the NBA Finals. They've done this despite injuries to Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Daniel Theis and Shane Alrkin, and might just be the team to end LeBron James' eight-year finals streak, last interrupted by the 2010 Celts. They still have to win another pair of games out of the five potentially remaining, and are heading to Cleveland for that squad's...


CL Pod 65: The Process, Embiid's trash talk, confetti & other premature things

You can't blame a team that's stunk on purpose for half a decade for getting a little over-excited on the cusp of a second-round playoff win. You can blame a player for jumping the shark with his trash talk, just like you can blame the NBA media for believing "The Process" was complete, and clear favorites to come out of the East. But that's what happened when Joel Embiid got a respectable lead at home, and when the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Miami Heat in the first round to earn a...


CL Pod 64: Boston sneaks by the Bucks, but strikes first vs 76ers

The Boston Celtics survived the Milwaukee Bucks best punch in Game Seven of the first round, and now face the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. How did the Celts manage to gut out the first-round win despite all the injuries the team has been dealing with? How will they match up against the 76ers now that they have had a taste of Boston's elite defense? Will Philly keep shooting so poorly? Will Boston keep shooting so well? Where has this version of Al Horford, Terry...


CL Pod 63: Talking Boston's playoff future & beyond with Jeff Siegel

It wasn't long ago Boston Celtics fans were getting ready for the second round of the playoffs after taking an early 2-0 lead in their first-found matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks. Two losses and a tied series later, the very short-term future of the team is much less clear, and a number of questions will need answering between now and this summer regardless of how the playoffs shake out. How can Boston counter the newly-energized Bucks, and if they make it past them, what things will they...


CL Pod 62: Cs are up 2 vs. MIL in Round 1 - what they need to advance & more

The Boston Celtics have a two-game lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, and are poised to take a commanding lead should they win their first away game of the series. Will they be able to close the series out in Wisconsin, or will it take a return trip to the TD Garden to finish the job? Is their lead even safe? How might Marcus Smart's potential return - and the terrible news of his mother's diagnosis - affect the Celtics' playoff aspirations? Who...


CL Pod 61: Breaking down the Celtics' Playoff picture & more

The Boston Celtics are limping into the 2017-18 NBA Playoffs down four of their best players, and have matched up with one of the league's most dangerous players in the first round. Playing Giannis Antetokoumpo and the Milwaukee Bucks early means the Celtics have their work cut out for them, and if they don't come hard early, they may not even have a chance of Marcus Smart coming back late in the first round to help. But this Bucks squad is far from invulnerable, so long as Boston plays...


CL Pod 60: Taking stock of Boston's playoff and long-term future

The Boston Celtics are quite the banged up roster, but they're getting healthier every day, and winning lots of games they probably shouldn't. What kind of future can they expect in the post season, and how might their current players develop in future seasons? With the seeding for the Eastern Conference coming into focus as we enter the last week-and-a-half in the regular season, we've got a better idea of who Boston might be facing, but if the team is missing much of its backcourt and a...


CL Pod 59: The Boston Celtics aren't dead - they're feeling better, actually

The Boston Celtics aren't dead - they're feeling better actually. Excuse the Monty Python reference, but with all the injuries this team has managed to keep going with yet still be in the hunt for the ultimate prize, Python's Holy Grail seems pretty apt. The starters have shown signs of life despite being left for dead by the national media, and the second unit keeps on fighting despite losing several key parts, much like the Black Knight. But what other moves has Boston made to address...


CL Pod 58: injuries pile up, contention odds dip, and IT is open to come back

With the Boston Celtics looking at their playoff odds to take home Banner 18 shrinking with every new injury besetting their roster, it's starting to feel like deja vu all over again. To put the icing on the cake, Isaiah Thomas recently suggested he'd not be averse for a return to a team that faced a similar scenario before getting booted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team that sent Boston Kyrie Irving, who has been struggling with leg issues of his own. Join Topher Lane and Mark Allison...


CL Pod 57: March, madness, Marcus' thumb and Theis' meniscus

March Madness is upon us - as are a disheartening spate of injuries that may hobble the Boston Celtics' playoff aspirations. There's still scenarios where the Celtics can make some noise in the postseason, but a lot of things - from how fast players heal and whether others need surgery and how playoff seeding shakes out - could affect how the situation plays out. Join Mark Allison and Justin Quinn as they cover all things NCAA, the injury situation and playoff picture, and even take a...


CLPod 56: Hayward's out, Monroe's fitting in, & early playoff preview

With coach Brad Stevens making his most definitive statement yet about Gordon Hayward not coming back this year and Greg Monroe finally starting to look like he understands the Boston Celtics' system, it's been something of a rollercoaster of a week in terms of news. Luis Gonzalez and Justin Quinn take stock of where Boston sits with the three-fourths of the season behind us, how the playoff situation is shaping up in terms of seeding, and whether something needs to be done with all the...


CLPod 55: The Boston Celtics & New England sports - which team rules?

With the action around the league slowly but surely warming up after All Star Week, Topher Lane and Mark Allison decided to take stock of where the Boston Celtics sit in the pantheon of New England sports. The Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots are league-leading squads in their respective sports - but which teams rule the northeast, and who will win it all first? Join these two as they make their cases, getting us up to speed on what's been going on with the current Celtics squad, as well as...


CL Pod 54: All Star week - what was, will be & what we'd like to see

All Star week has come and gone, surprising us with a boring dunk contest and exciting All Star game run under an enitely new process. Join Topher Lane and Justin Quinn as they break down the week's festivities and changes, as well as what went right, what went wrong, and what they'd like to see in future years. They also dabble in the other Boston Celtics-related news of the week, and debut a new segment for keeping tabs on former Celtics in new places. While the week might be slow given...


CLP 52: Greg Monroe, Marcus Smart & the calm before the trade deadline

As the trade deadline draws close, the Boston Celtics have a host of hard decisions to make. Having reportedly won the Greg Monroe sweepstakes, they now have to navigate a minefield of personnel decisions without sabotaging contention aspirations both now and in the future. Having won five of six games since Marcus Smart's self-inflicted injury, can Boston part ways with such a big part of the defense they will need to defeat opponents in the later rounds of the playoffs? Or will it matter...


CLPod 50: Jo Jo leaves us, Kyrie's an All Star & trade deadline rumbles

This week's pod starts on a somber note as we say goodbye to a true Boston Celtics legend after Jo Jo White's passing. Topher Lane and Mark Allison pay a moment of homage to the Boston great, and talk about the All Star game's starting five, among which figures our own Kyrie Irving. They also talk about the changes they'd like to see in the game and week, the state of the Eastern Conference and the Cleveland Cavaliers' recent woes, and who might be on the move that Boston should be keeping...


CLPod 49: A new streak, blessing, curses, and wrapping up the UK game

The Boston Celtics are back in the States, riding a new win streak - perhaps buoyed by Lil' B's blessing. Topher Lane and Mark Allison break down the state of the Celtics in relation to the top of the East, the coming relaxed schedule, and whether the Cs have a curse to worry about as well. They're also joined by Justin Quinn and Josh Coyne, who discuss Josh's behind-the-scenes reporting from London's O2 arena, where he got to speak to several players on both the Philadelphia 76ers,...