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Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!

0:43 - A Chicken Dinner first 3:13 - Patriots-Rams 9:57 - Prop bets 25:17 - Guest - Joe Ostrowski (@JoeO670) Topics include hosting the first sports betting show in Chicago, the constantly expanding coverage, betting the Big Game, grabbing the right numbers, in-game wagering, Tim Donaghy and Gatorade, possible longshots for MVP, Joe’s rolodex of props, The Albino and story time about a 200-to-1 future 44:18 - Free gear!


Mom... No!

0:43 - Pray for Shea 3:43 - NFL Championship Weekend :: Rams-Saints, Patriots-Chiefs 14:55 - Super Bowl LIV Futures 21:00 - Guest Herb Lawrence (@Ecnerwal23) Topics include producing Cubs baseball as a Sox fan, media puppets, the Manny Machado madness, Matt Nagy turning into a pumpkin in the playoffs, Cody Parkey, next year’s NFC North, NFL Championship Weekend, the future of sports betting and weed in Illinois and serving cheeseburgers at the White House 43:13 - Chicken Parlay


Get It In

0:43 - Alabama... get in the box! 2:28 - Next year’s national championship futures 5:33 - NFL Playoffs :: Colts-Chiefs, Cowboys-Rams, Chargers-Patriots, Eagles-Saints 19:23 - Guest Shea in Irving (@SheaInIrving) Topics include the inevitable Jason Garrett extension, first half Cowboy unders, running the damn ball, playing in Los Angeles, a potential Patriots trap, the Colts’ rising defense, young quarterbacks struggling in the playoffs, Big Dick Nick and tequila 27:05 - Chicken Parlay


It's a Heat Wave

0:43 - National titles?! 5:10 - Get ready to bet Longhorns futures 8:45 - Treebark Falafel finished 10-and-7 10:05 - NFL Playoffs :: Colts-Texans, Seahawks-Cowboys, Chargers-Ravens, Eagles-Bears 20:55 - Clemson-Alabama Part IV 23:53 - Guest Joe Fortenbaugh (@JoeFortenbaugh) Topics include Northwestern on the moneyline, sticking to your gut, laughing off bad beats, the national championship, Trevor Lawrence against Nick Saban, betting on Jason Garrett, public postseason underdogs,...


The Answer Is Yes

0:43 - Sweeeeeep 3:20 - NCAAF Bowls :: Purdue-Auburn, Iowa State-Washington State, Florida-Michigan, Oklahoma-Alabama, Notre Dame-Clemson, Northwestern-Utah, Michigan State-Oregon 17:30 - NFL Week 17 :: Cowboys-Giants, Dolphins-Bills, Browns-Ravens, Colts-Titans, Chargers-Broncos, Raiders-Chiefs 27:10 - Treebark Falafel shoots for 10-and-7 27:35 - Chicken Parlay


Handcuff That Man

0:43 - Um... Vance Joseph?! 5:00 - Treebark Falafel shoots for 10-and-6 6:00 - NCAAF Bowls :: Marshall-South Florida, Florida International-Toledo, BYU-Western Michigan, Wake Forest-Memphis, Houston-Army 14:04 - NFL Week 16 :: Redskins-Titans, Ravens-Chargers, Giants-Colts, Texans-Eagles, Packers-Jets, Bengals-Browns, Bears-49ers, Chiefs-Seahawks, Broncos-Raiders 30:10 - Guest Dan Lifshatz (@OverUnder985) Topics include the Patriots’ run defense, Belichick against the Bills, the...


It's Getting Personal

0:43 - R.I.P. Colgate 4:54 - NCAAF Bowls :: Arizona State-Fresno State, Middle Tennessee-Appalachian State 15:05 - NFL Week 15 :: Chiefs-Chargers, Browns-Broncos, Cowboys-Colts, Packers-Bears, Patriots-Steelers, Eagles-Rams, 30:30 - Guest - Joe Osborne (@JTFOz) Topics include betting beginnings, gambling at gas stations, NBA first quarter bets, the Bears’ first half dominance, a Rams bounce back, the Steelers against their Daddy, small spreads vs. moneylines, NFL playoff...


Brush Your Teeth

0:43 - Nice little pick me up 5:17 - Mike Gundy covers a losing bet, the Chili’s baby back ribs jingle is making the rounds and Treebark Falafel shoots for 10-and-4 9:15 - NCAAF :: Army-Navy, Colgate-North Dakota State 13:50 - NFL Week 14 :: Jaguars-Titans, Ravens-Chiefs, Falcons-Packers, Rams-Bears, Eagles-Cowboys, Vikings-Seahawks 28:25 - Guest Adam Amin Topics include the College Football Playoff, Georgia’s résumé, Pac-12 disrespect, Michigan’s bowl game motivation, the redshirt...


She Wasn't Real

0:43 - Oh hey there 4:00 - The boys are back from a two-week hiatus, Joe revisits being a Michigan Man in Columbus last weekend, Mike Francesa is clueless and Treebark Falafel shoots for 9-and-4 13:40 - NCAAF Conference Championships :: Northern Illinois-Buffalo, Texas-Oklahoma, Georgia-Alabama, Northwestern-Ohio State 23:00 - NFL Week 13 :: Browns-Texans, Bears-Giants, Chargers-Steelers, Vikings-Patriots 31:15 - Guest Kevin Braig - Topics include the difference between...


The Tapes Were Blank!

0:43 - The Chicken Boys have the 2-and-3 blues 4:35 - Tua cements himself as the Heisman in a rout of LSU, the Bears beat the shit out of the Bills, Mike Leach talks mascots and Treebark Falafel shoots for 8-and-2 12:25 - NCAAF Week 11 :: Michigan-Rutgers, Oklahoma State-Oklahoma, Northwestern-Iowa, Oregon-Utah, Auburn-Georgia, Wisconsin-Penn State, LSU-Arkansas 24:18 - NFL Week 10 :: Panthers-Steelers, Bills-Jets, Saints-Bengals, Lions-Bears, Cardinals-Chiefs, Seahawks-Rams,...


Mister Khakis

0:43 - Time to pick it up! 4:10 - Mike Gundy hates Twitter, Mike Leach goes costume shopping, the Saints are white hot and Treebark Falafel shoots for 7-and-2 9:39 - NCAAF Week 10 :: Iowa-Purdue, Notre Dame-Northwestern, Louisville-Clemson, Penn State-Michigan, Alabama-LSU 21:07 - NFL Week 9 :: Chiefs-Broncos, Bears-Bills, Texans-Broncos, Rams-Saints, Packers-Patriots 28:33 - Guest Jon Campbell Topics include the sports betting craze across America, flip flopping by the NHL, betting...


He's a Bum

0:43 - The Chiefs do it again 3:31 - Alabama covers another first half spread, Justin Tucker does the unthinkable and Treebark Falafel shoots for 6-and-2 10:42 - NCAAF Week 9 :: Utah-UCLA, Illinois-Maryland, Wisconsin-Northwestern, Washington State-Stanford, Texas-Oklahoma State, Purdue-Michigan State, Clemson-Florida State 21:55 - NFL Week 8 :: Eagles-Jaguars, Broncos-Chiefs, Seahawks-Lions, Browns-Steelers, Colts-Raiders, Patriots-Bills, Saints-Vikings 30:50 - Guest Rob...


Pass the Mashed Potatoes

0:43 - Joe is back from his week with the Kitty Meows 3:31 - Oregon upsets Washington in Eugene, the Brocketship lifts off in South Beach, Patrick Mahomes wants a rematch and Treebark Falafel looks to improve to 5-and-2 10:42 - NCAAF Week 8 :: Northwestern-Rutgers, Michigan-Michigan State, Ohio State-Purdue, Alabama-Tennessee, Oregon-Wazzou, Mississippi State-LSU 21:55 - NFL Week 7 :: Broncos-Cardinals, Patriots-Bears, Browns-Buccaneers, Texans-Jaguars, Cowboys-Redskins,...


Pop the Balloon

0:43 - Sam's voice is shot and Joe is on assignment 3:00 - Eli Manning is officially in the box, Sam revisits an awful Eagles-Giants bad beat from 2010 and Treebark Falafel (4-1) makes his pick for the weekend 6:58 - NCAAF Week 7 :: Arizona-Utah, Pittsburgh-Notre Dame, Washington-Oregon, Wisconsin-Michigan, Georgia-LSU, Michigan State-Penn State 17:03 - NFL Week 6 :: Bears-Dolphins, Panthers-Redskins, Colts-Jets, Steelers-Bengals, Chiefs-Patriots, 49ers-Packers 28:50 - Guest Matty Simo...


Grab Your Oars

0:43 - The Chicken Boys drank juice this weekend 3:15 - Seabass strikes again, Mike Leach doesn't want to hear about balance, Dirk Koetter says everybody should be fired and Treebark Falafel is on a roll 8:27 - NCAAF Week 6 :: Georgia Tech-Louisville, Clemson-Wake Forest, LSU-Florida, Notre Dame-Virginia Tech, Illinois-Rutgers, Iowa-Minnesota, Oklahoma-Texas, Florida State-Miami 21:45 - NFL Week 5 :: Colts-Patriots, Ravens-Browns, Packers-Lions, Vikings-Eagles, Rams-Seahawks,...


Flags, Flags, Flags

0:43 - The Chicken Boys review their weekend with two college football meltdowns, an NFL sweep, Mahomes Mania and a shitload of penalties 6:44 - Staffy outduels Brady in Detroit, Clay Matthews says the NFL is soft, Mike Leach hates disco and Treebark Falafel finally lost 15:40 - NCAAF Week 5 :: UCLA-Colorado, Central Michigan-Michigan State, South Carolina-Kentucky, Utah-Washington State, Ohio State-Penn State, Purdue-Nebraska, West Virginia-Texas Tech, Stanford-Notre Dame,...


"Are You Okay?"

0:43 - Dak Prescott dealt the Chicken Boys their first losing week of the year and it's starting to get personal 4:45 - The Vikings just don't quit, Sean McVay is Rain Man and Treebark Falafel checks in with his thoughts 9:15 - NCAAF Week 3 :: Penn State-Illinois, Michigan State-Indiana, Stanford-Oregon, TCU-Texas, Texas A&M-Alabama, Wisconsin-Iowa 18:36 - NFL Week 2 :: Jets-Browns, Saints-Falcons, Giants-Texans, Bills-Vikings, Cardinals-Bears, Cowboys-Seahawks 27:00 - Guest Kelly in...


They're Big Balls

0:43 - Rejoice in a 3-1 Chicken Dinner weekend! First half Cowboy unders, first touchdown bets and #QuarterbacksNamedMatt 5:51 - The MAC pulled another upset, Aaron Rodgers was high as a kite and Mike Gundy loves vodka smoothies 12:20 - NCAAF Week 3 Boston College-Wake Forest, Boise State-Oklahoma State, BYU-Wisconsin, LSU-Auburn, USF-Illinois, Alabama-Ole Miss, Mizzou-Purdue, Ohio State-TCU, Arizona State-San Diego State 28:05 - NFL Week 2 Ravens-Bengals, Colts-Redskins,...


Pray for Jimmy G

0:43 - The boys recap a 1-1 opening weekend and assess the situation with noted chicken hater Jim Harbaugh 6:25 - Kansas State survives a scare against South Dakota and Mike Leach remembers selling jackalopes 10:45 - NCAAF Week 2 TCU-SMU, Western Michigan-Michigan, Duke-Northwestern, Mississippi State-Kansas State, Arizona-Houston, UCLA-Oklahoma, Michigan State-Arizona State 28:06 - NFL Week 1 + "The Cellar" Eagles-Falcons, Browns-Steelers, 49ers-Vikings, Jaguars-Giants, Bears-Packers,...


Season Three Premiere

Chicken Dinner is back! 0:43 - Smashed windows and stolen computers, Fred Segal goes in the box, Jim Harbaugh hates chicken and "What's Mike Leach Up To?" 9:30 - The Chicken Boys break down NCAAF Week 1: Northwestern-Purdue, Michigan-Notre Dame, Washington-Auburn, Louisville-Alabama, NIU-Iowa, Miami-LSU, Virginia Tech-Florida State 31:37 - College football win totals, futures and Heisman picks