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34: Terri And The Wolf

Terri, Dakota and Martin return for Episode 34! First Martin breaks down this week's headlines in wrestling and Terri shares her forthcoming birthday plans in the Big Apple! Then, ahead of his appearance for Overdrive Pro Wrestling at the Nashville Fairgrounds, special guest PJ Black joins the show to talk about his time in WWE and career reinvention on the independent scene!


33: The Scales Of Justice

Heavy subject matter this week! Terri, Dakota, Jared and Martin from the U.K. return for a jam-packed Episode 33! With Overdrive Pro Wrestling's return to the Nashville Fairgrounds fast approaching, Robbie E makes a guest appearance to address his controversial surprise "joyride" with Dakota at the previous Overdrive event. Plus Jared's headlines include Matt Riddle's NXT live event debut and independent star Joey Janela's knee injury, Terri and Dakota give their thoughts on the "Me Too"...


32: Cockney!

Terri, Dakota, Jared and Martin from the U.K. are back to talk this week’s headlines in wrestling, from Matt Hardy’s possible retirement to Renee Young being named the first full-time female WWE commentator. Plus Dakota explains her one-week absence, Terri and Dakota probe Martin on Cockney and other British-based lingo and more!


31: The Stew

Terri, Jared and MARTIN from the U.K. are back to break down a slew of topics, with more on the fallout of ALL IN and the recent boom of independent wrestling. Also discussed are the results of Twitter polls, including who Terri would like to manage in 2018 and whether or not her and Dakota have an AFFLICTION when it comes to poking fun at television silliness. Plus Terri shares her thoughts on battling depression and much more!


30: On and Off Camera!

Terri, Dakota and Jared return with this week’s headlines, including a recap of All In and the passing of longtime WWE executive Ed Cohen. Plus Martin from the U.K. joins the discussion as Terri breaks down her time as an in-ring competitor, with on and off-camera details!


29: Olive Garden

Terri and Dakota return to review a night out at Olive Garden, which beat out Carraba’s in the Twitter poll! Plus Jared delivers this week’s headlines including Neville's mutual release, AAA TripleMania and All In set for this Saturday in Chicago! Terri also tries to set him up on a date with the OG waitress!


28: Dining Out!

Terri and Dakota talk about food and restaurant experiences while Jared covers the biggest headlines in wrestling including, Tanahashi winning the G1, Dave Meltzer's inappropriate comments, and RIP Jim "The Anvil" Neidart.


27: RAW and Real

Terri and Dakota talk about depression, growing up, personal struggles and more! Jared covers the biggest headlines this week including, Kane becoming the Mayor of Knoxville Tennesse, Old tweets come back to haunt Tye Dillinger and Cedric Alexander, and what will happen on Oct 27th with Hulk Hogan's announcement!


26: Torrie Wilson

Terri and Dakota are back to talk about the passing of family dog Mozart, plus special guest Torrie Wilson shares her passion for fitness and details about her virtual personal training business!


25: Family

Terri and Dakota talk about their family lives and the importance of maintaining close-knit family relationships. Credo talks about the biggest headline this week. WWE‘s first-ever all women’s pay-per-view called “Evolution” that will take place in October.


24: Chris Cavallini

Terri and Dakota are joined this week by the CEO of Nutrition Solutions and U.S. Navy Vet Chris Cavallini. He talks to them about his struggles growing up, steroid dealing, getting involved in the fitness industry, setting goals and having the right mindset for success. Credo tackles the latest headlines in Pro Wrestling. Including the return of Hulk Hogan, ROH/NJPW MSG show, and The Rock's daughter looking to follow in her father's footsteps.


23: #RhodestoRecovery

Terri and Dakota get into how injuries in professional wrestling have an effect on everyone involved and how they are hitting close to home with Goldust. Credo tackles the latest headlines in Pro Wrestling. Including Fandango out for 6 months, Jay Lethal & Taeler Hendrix drama, Brock Lesnar going back to the UFC and Ronda Rousey becomes the first woman in the UFC Hall of Fame.


22: #NotAlone

Terri and Dakota reach out to the fans letting them know they are not alone. They want to lend a helping hand to anyone who may need it, find out how! Credo tackles the latest headlines in Pro Wrestling. Including the passing of Tough Enough 3 winner, Matt Cappotelli, Nakamura bitten by a police dog, and Vince McMahon to spend $500 Million On XFL Relaunch


21: Immigration & more!

Terri and Dakota get into the tough issue of immigration. They even include a few other uplifting stories to discuss. While Credo tackles the latest headlines in Pro Wrestling. Including Sami Zayn out till 2019, RIP Vader, Big Cass released and the Mae Young Classic 2 dates.


20: Tyrus Part Two

Terri and Dakota are back with former WWE/TNA superstar Tyrus. He talks about his latest projects, sensible meals, training techniques, voting, sports, life and more! Credo tackles the latest headlines in the world of Wrestling including Rusev pressing charges against a Memphis Sheraton over theft, John Cena replacing Sylvester Stallone in a Jackie Chan flick, ROH coming to MSG, Jeff Hardy pleading guilty to DWI and Paul Heyman congratulates Brock Lesnar.


19: Be Here Tomorrow!

Terri and Dakota are back answering fan questions. They also get into the topic of suicide awareness. Kevin Hines returns to talk about his story and helping others in the light of recent celebrity suicides. Credo tackles the latest headlines including Bret Hart firing back at Eric Bischoff, CM Punk & Colt Cabana defeat a WWE doctor in court, One more match for HBK? and the Return of The Undertaker to MSG!


18: Tyrus and The Boy Diva Rick Cataldo

Terri and Dakota are back this week with former WWE/TNA superstar Tyrus. He talks about how he was discovered by Tommy Dreamer, his dancing lessons with Dusty Rhodes, working at FoxNews and more! Credo tackles the latest headlines in the world of Pro Wrestling including a former ECW superstar dead in a murder/suicide, a terror group calls WWE "Sinful", CM Punk moved to tears during testimony, David Arquette's wrestling comeback, John Morrison gets married, & Tyson Kidd reflects on his career...


17: Life after Pro Wrestling

Terri and Dakota are back from a heinous week in Nashville, TN. Credo tackles the latest headlines running wild in the world of Pro Wrestling including ALL-IN selling out, Enzo Amore's return, Smackdown Live going to FOX & more. They also talk about wrestling careers and what their life is like after the spot light ends.


16: Rockin & Rollin with Ricky Morton and Frank Griffin

On this week's episode of Cigars, Scars & Superstars, Terri is joined by 1/2 of The Rock 'n' Roll Express Ricky Morton. They reminisce about Ricky joining the York Foundation, traveling with Curtis Hughes, working in Mid-South for Bill Watts, hatred for WCW, his hair care routine and some of his memories with Dusty Rhodes. Also on the show is Frank Griffin owner of Overdrive Pro Wrestling. Frank and Terri talk about the big show on May 19th at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena. They...


15: Two-Time WWE Women's Champion, Jazz on wrestling while pregnant, becoming a heel and her proudest moment!

On this week's episode Terri is not only joined by her daughter Dakota again, as the two talk about movies and bonding, Terri is also joined by two-time WWE Women's Champion, Jazz. She talks about winning the women's championship for the first time, Arn Anderson on her becoming a heel, Wrestling at 4 months pregnant and not knowing it, not wanting her daughters to wrestle, and her proudest moment in wrestling. Terri and Jazz also prepare for May 19th for Overdrive Pro Wrestling!