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Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman run through the news and debate the issues in NCAA Division III football. Weekly during the season since 2007, monthly from January through August.

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman run through the news and debate the issues in NCAA Division III football. Weekly during the season since 2007, monthly from January through August.
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Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman run through the news and debate the issues in NCAA Division III football. Weekly during the season since 2007, monthly from January through August.








Around the Nation Podcast 225: Just good enough

Keith McMillan pleaded for a first round of the playoffs that didn't stink. And he got it, if nothing else, because his alma mater, Randolph-Macon, upset John Carroll. Now, your mileage may have varied. With a margin of victory of nearly 34 points on average, these were not great games. With a near quadruple monkey stomp and several other games that looked like the usual top seed vs. No. 8 seed contests, there weren't many worth watching for a neutral Division III fan. Unless, of course, you...


Around the Nation Podcast 224: Prelude to a bunch of barnburners

If the second round of the playoffs is your big turkey dinner with all the trimmings and every side you could want, then the first round is like that tray of vegetables and dip that you end up nibbling on while you wait. You can smell that turkey, the stuffings, the greens, the bread, but you have to wait. We all have to wait. And now, not only do we have to wait, but we're hungry. Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan get you all lined up for Saturday's first-round games, with the usual previews...


Around the Nation Podcast 223: ‘It’s definitely not what we want’

That line up top is what the national committee chair told us when talking about new restrictions on travel for the NCAA playoffs, as the NCAA clawed back one of the first-round flights the committee had previously been given to play with. What else did Jim Catanzaro say? We asked about seeding Mount Union and John Carroll to meet up in the quarterfinals, about whether St. John's deserved a No. 1 seed, and about who were the last teams left on the board when the final at-large team was...


Around the Nation Podcast 222: We predict at-large teams

Often this time of year we do a projected Division III NCAA Tournament field, but this year we're so busy making podcasts that we didn't do one. Instead, Pat and Keith are doing both at the same time: talking through the process of selecting at-large teams right on this podcast. This is a projected playoff field if the season ended today. All six teams that we got to choose can affect their playoff resume on the field on Saturday, and for that matter, so can all of the teams with automatic...


Around the Nation Podcast 221: What do you want to know?

The number of teams in the tournament now is up to 13 teams which have clinched automatic bid to the 2018 Division III playoffs. But even though some parts of the Division III playoff picture got clearer, others got cloudier -- and that's even assuming you could see the picture on Saturday. It wouldn't be a stretch to say some of us were shut out of some of the big games. We went mailbag this week and let your Twitter questions guide us through the first half of the podcast, talking about...


Around the Nation Podcast 220: Saturday’s scenarios

This is where we get to crunch time. We could hand out as many as 15 of the 23 remaining automatic bids to the NCAA Division III playoffs on Saturday, and so you can follow along, we go through each of the remaining conferences, rather exhaustively, to tell you who can clinch on Saturday, what they need to do, and who might be waiting until Week 11. All 122 games on Saturday will take place in an 11-hour period, meaning results are going to be coming in fast and furious. Before the games...


Around the Nation Podcast 219: Breaking down the regional rankings

The first set of regional rankings came out on Wednesday, and our team went through all four regions and looked to see what made sense and what was out of place. You see, the first regional rankings don't take into account results against regionally ranked opponents, because that relies on a previous regional ranking and ... there isn't a previous ranking yet, just the current one. Does that mean the next ranking will look a lot different? Pat Coleman and Greg Thomas, our chief bracketology...


Around the Nation 218: The bid-clinching has begun!

Yep, three teams have clinched their automatic bids to the NCAA Division III football playoffs, with 23 more to go, plus five true at-large bids. And it's those at-large bids which will receive a ton of attention ... first off, because they're the most difficult decisions the committee will make, and secondly, because those teams are going to be candidates to get a first-round home game, and perhaps win a game or two. Who played their way into consideration? Who played their way out? Which...


Around the Nation Podcast 217: It’s not who you think

Our Friday podcast is our game day special, the one you listen to when you know to know everything about the upcoming week's games. Pat and guest co-host Frank Rossi of In the Huddle go through a half-dozen big games, then a half-dozen one-liners, and Frank makes six picks at the end to see if he can take them to the house. Basically, this entire podcast consists of putting Frank on the spot, as he was called to fill in for Keith McMillan. We waited for the full class period before leaving,...


Around the Nation Podcast 216: Committee chair explains it all

Are you new to Division III football? Is your team in playoff contention for the first time in a while? Are you a coach of a team which hopes to be in the playoffs someday? Or do you feel like you're an expert when it comes to the Division III football postseason? If you fit any of these categories, this episode of the D3football.com Around the Nation podcast is a must-listen. That's because we have brought in Division III football national committee chair (and Lake Forest head coach) Jim...


Around the Nation Podcast 215: Three weeks to Selection Sunday

Well, there were some interesting losses and some unexpectedly narrow wins on Saturday. While that didn't change the playoff picture as much as it changed the Top 25, there were still some key changes. There's one team out there specifically that has to feel much better about its playoff chances after this week, and Pat and Keith talk about that and more in the latest D3football.com Around the Nation Podcast. So, with Wesley dropping out of the picture, who's next up? There are plenty of...


Around the Nation Podcast 214: Staying high and dry

Our Friday podcast is our game day special, the one you listen to when you know to know everything about the upcoming week's games. Pat and Keith go through a half-dozen big games, then a half-dozen one-liners, and Keith makes six picks at the end to see if he can take them to the house. But on one Division III football campus, there was a lot more going on this week than just preparing for a football game. Our guest is Averett coach Cleive Adams, whose team and campus had about six inches...


Around the Nation Podcast 213: Taking your questions

Every Sunday night we take questions from listeners and followers on Twitter with the intent of answering the best one on the Monday podcast. When listeners turn around and give us 10 additional good questions, well, we need to do another entire podcast! Pat and Keith tackle the following: What's the most interesting conference race? Does the CCIW race make the conference seem stronger or weaker? How far can the Johnnies go if they make the postseason? Will UMHB secure more votes for No. 1?...


Around the Nation Podcast 212: Taking down the big dog

The Johnnie-Tommie game definitely fits the bill of someone taking down the big dog, and so does WashU's win vs. Wheaton. Both get a good amount of discussion, especially with the state of the CCIW standings and the D3football.com Top 25. Why isn't WashU ranked? You'll hear some of that in this podcast. Plus, a reader question prompts a discussion of what separates the power teams in Division III from everyone else. Is it geography? Is it coaching? What were the most surprising results in...


Around the Nation Podcast 211: The Tommie-Johnnie game, and more

This weekend's key games include one game for first place, and a bunch of games that could help determine who remains in the playoff hunt. And now, heading into Week 7, there's just enough reason to begin to really talk about the playoffs. If you're new to playoff consideration, we'll give you a quick rundown of how the NCAA calculates and tabulates strength of schedule and where you can find the latest numbers. This weekend we have the Tommie-Johnnie game, plus a key game in the WIAC and...


Around the Nation Podcast 210: Who should be No. 1?

A weekend of big games begged the question for D3football.com Top 25 voters as to which team should be No. 1. While there are 19 voters who picked Team Alliance Purple as No. 1, there are now six in Team Belton Purple's camp. Are you of the mind that "the champ is the champ until they lose," or are you more likely to favor whoever is playing better at the time? Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan lay out the arguments for Mount Union and for Mary Hardin-Baylor in this week's podcast. (And just...


Around the Nation Podcast 209: A big six for Week 6

There are six huge games between ranked teams (or ranked teams and unbeaten teams) this week, and this is a week Pat will be on the road, as he is heading out to Los Angeles to see a pair of games involving evenly matched teams at each end of the SCIAC. Big games abound: No. 7 Hardin-Simmons at No. 2 Mary Hardin-Baylor; No. 5 Frostburg State at No. 6 Wesley; No. 10 UW-Oshkosh at No. 8 UW-Whitewater; No. 9 St. John’s at Bethel; No. 20 RPI at No. 23 Ithaca; and No. 19 Case Western Reserve at...


Around the Nation Podcast 208: Going for 2

We love a gutsy call. Sure, our job isn't being put on the line when a coach makes the decision to go for two at the end of a key game, but this is Division III -- the coach's job isn't really on the line on one play call. We love a little gamble, especially when it pays off. Whether you call a Philly Special (or something that looks similar but fools the broadcaster) or something else, rolling the dice and getting it makes for a great highlight. So, for Marietta and Simpson, which chose to...


Around the Nation Podcast 207: Fred’s back

While the rest of you were no doubt glued to C-SPAN or your news network of choice to watch a certain hearing of sorts from Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Pat and Keith were listening to a certain interview from Belton, Texas. That's right, Mary Hardin-Baylor coach Pete Fredenburg is back, and there's going to be trouble ... potentially, for UMHB's opponents. Fredenburg talks about what it was like being kept on the sidelines (and away from the sidelines), the team's unexpected riches at the...


Around the Nation Podcast 206: That one game was enough, but we still got more

We could spend a lot of time talking about the Mount Union-John Carroll game, and all of its ramifications -- so we'll do that. For a while, for sure. But there were plenty of other games of note on Saturday in Week 4, so we'll have plenty to talk about. Off the beaten path, we have a team which scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to win. We have a team which rushed for minus-50 yards, and won. We talk about the fifth-down play which wasn't really a fifth-down play. We replace divots --...