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Episode 12 - Getting Creative With Commentary

EBU members produce thousands of hours of live sports coverage every week. We gave just a small sample to two production mavericks to see how they get CREATIVE WITH COMMENTARY. Cee-Roo is a Swiss producer who compiles sounds and video from around the World to create audio/visual masterpieces. His work is shown on Swiss broadcaster RTS and he's now touring with his own live show. French Fuse is the brainchild of Benjamin and Jerry who have taken their classical music education and applied it...


Episode 11 - The World Broadcaster Meeting

UEFA EURO 2020 will start in just over a year from now. Before the commentary of the opening match can reach our radios, an immense amount of planning has to take place. World Broadcaster Meetings (WBMs) are held before every major sporting event - but how useful are they and what do broadcasters hope to achieve by attending? In this episode we meet with five major European broadcasters before the first of two EURO 2020 WBMs.


Episode 10 - Thinking about STORIES not PLATFORMS

"We're not looking at TV, radio or online. We're just looking at, what is the story?" In this episode we'll take you behind the scenes at VRT in Belgium to meet the sports journalists who are now serving TV, radio and online from one newsroom. We learn how this way of working demands a different and sometimes creative approach to planning, newsgathering and storytelling.


Episode 9 - Celebrating Handball

The first EBU Radio Sport Podcast of 2019 looks at the hugely popular sport of Handball. In this episode we talk to Patrick Rowlands from NRK Sport and Lars Brøndum Nielsen from DR to see how they cover this sport both on the radio and on social media. We ask if social media is the right tool to penetrate global audiences where particular sports are less popular? Handball has struggled to find a following in the UK, so to test our latest recruit from England, we asked Joe Mason to conduct...


Episode 8 - Radio Romania at 90

As Radio Romania celebrates 90 years of serving its country, we visit the sports department to meet 2 generations of broadcaster - both dedicated to delivering passionate sports coverage.


Episode 7 - Reaching Young Audiences

What can we do to appeal to the next generation of radio sport listener? Is it about the tone of voice and the age of the presenter? Do we need to create a more dynamic sound and should we be better at promoting ourselves on social media? In this episode of the EBU Radio Sport Podcast, we're joined by experts from Italy's RAI, Belgium's VRT and RTBF, Austria's ORF and Radio France.


Episode 6 - The European Championships

In the latest EBU Radio Sport Podcast, we look at the first edition of the European Championships held in Berlin and Glasgow in August. How did radio broadcasters across Europe feel about this brand-new multi-sport event? Did the audience get behind the competition? We hear from broadcasters in the two host cities, to find out if the event was a success and if it can be improved ahead of the next staging in 4 years time.


Episode 5 - World Cup Special Edition

There’s no denying that the World Cup in Russia was a huge success with sensational football and ecstatic crowds. But radio was also a winner - with many discovering that you could hear a goal on the radio before it reached TV sets. Relaying the excitement of a World Cup match is the job of a talented group of individuals - all hanging on every single move a player makes on the pitch. In this podcast we hear from the two finalists - France and Croatia - with representatives from Radio...


Episode 4 - How To Send Live Audio From Sports Events

How do broadcasters manage to send live audio from big sporting events? Mobile phones never work in huge crowds, so how do radio stations continue broadcasting live commentary without any dropouts or glitches. You'll hear about tools like Viprinet, Peplink, Comrex, Discord, Source-Connect and Cleanfeed.net.


Episode 3 - World Cup Warm-Up

“You should always plan for the un-expected”. How do radio broadcasters prepare for big sporting events like the World Cup? What happens when your national team fails to qualify and what’s the worst thing that can happen to a presenter that’s scared of flying and dogs?


Episode 2 - The Winter Olympics

As journalists around the world recover from the gruelling schedule of the Winter Olympics - we meet some of them who have survived to tell their tales.


EBU Radio Sport Podcast - Episode 1 - World Radio Day Special

As UNESCO celebrates World Radio Day 2018, the first EBU Radio Sport Podcast launches with a celebration of sport on the radio. With the help the Eleanor Oldroyd from the BBC and Christophe Mallet from SBS, we look at the issue of diversity in sports coverage.