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Redraft - Week 2 Takeaways

Week 2 Recap – Pat (@dynasty_pat), Seth (@fftheathomedad), and John (@jfmcglynn) recap Week 2, discuss injuries, breaking news, top performers, players we’re moving up, players we’re dropping down after Week 2, and discuss games we’re looking forward to the most in Week 3. As always, check out the main feed on Twitter @FFD260 and online at http://www.FFDynasty260.com -- thanks for listening! Want to win a SIGNED DeAndre Hopkins jersey, courtesy of our friends at Pristine Auction...


Redraft - Week 1 Takeaways

Episode 5 of the Redraft podcast. Seth (@fftheathomedad) and Pat (@dynasty_pat) discuss Week 1 injuries, recap the top performers from the first week of games, talk about guys we think will perform better next week, guys that should see a drop from Week 1 to Week 2, and discuss a few games we're looking forward to next week.


All-22: Week 1 Recap

Frank (@TheFFLWire) & Etan (@FF_Wonderkid) are back to talk 'Straight NFL Homie" and bring you all the Week 1 action, player analysis, fantasy takes and NFL story lines. The Packers SNF miracle comeback is detailed, the Raiders "Jon Gruden Effect" and much much more. Download Episode 2 and join the All Twenty-Two army!


All-22: Week 1 Preview

The debut episode of the All-Twenty-Two Podcast with FFD260's Frank (@TheFFLWire) & Etan (@all22_Etan) is here. The guys get together to talk some off-the-cuff NFL week 1 storylines, team outlooks, divisional match-ups, player previews and fantasy. No scripts, no rehearsals, just the guys giving their takes on all things NFL. Be sure to check back next week and hear us breakdown all of the week 1 action!


Dynasty - Preseason Takeaways and TQE Intro

Welcome back to the FFD260 Dynasty Podcast. Jared (@ThatGuyFromJerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) are back to discuss the latest from preseason battles and news including a big trade involving Teddy Bridgewater. We also have Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist) of The Quant Edge (@TheQuantEdge) on to discuss preseason takeaways that may impact dynasty outlooks and roster construction. Finally, Jared and Mark pick Eliot's brain about some of the awesome new tools offered by TQE. Remeber to use the promo code...


Rankings Roundtable Mini-Series: RB

We made it! This time it's part four of our special four-part mini-series - The FFD260 Redraft Rankings Roundtables. This time around, Seth (@FFatHomeDad), Cigs (@Cigs247) and Mike (@MikeSports22) are joined once more by Rocco (@CiriacoSolerFF). Together they breakdown FFD260's Consensus RB Redraft Rankings providing insights into RBs they like more for the 2018 Fantasy Football season. Check out the rest of this feed for more content for 2018 and Dynasty! Be sure to check us out on Twitter...


Redraft - Training Camp Battles

In this episode, Pat (@dynasty_pat), Seth (@fftheathomedad), and John (@jfmcglynn) welcome Frank (@thefflwire) to the redraft podcast family. In this episode we discuss some important training camp battles and how they will impact the upcoming NFL season. Make sure you catch up on these to find some gems in your fantasy football drafts. As always, check out the main feed on Twitter @FFD260 and online at www.FFDynasty260.com -- thanks for listening!


Rankings Roundtable Mini-Series: WR

Back again! This time it's part three of our special four-part mini-series - The FFD260 Redraft Rankings Roundtables. This time around, Seth (@FFatHomeDad), Cigs (@Cigs247) and Mike (@MikeSports22) are joined by newcomer Rocco (@CiriacoSolerFF). Together they breakdown FFD260's Consensus WR Redraft Rankings providing insights into WRs they like more for the 2018 Fantasy Football season. Stay tuned for RBs next time and we are even contemplating a bonus episode! Be sure to check us out on...


Dynasty - Rookie Risers and Fallers

The Dynasty team is back, and there is lots to cover, with preseason well underway. Jared (@thatguyfromjerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) are joined by Jim Day (@fantasytaz), a senior writer for Fighting Chance Fantasy, to discuss the latest from training camp and the first two weeks of preseason. We highlight rookies for each position who have gained or lost significant value since the NFL Draft, and we put it all together by redoing the first round with an updated rookie mock draft. Check us out...


Rankings Roundtable Mini-Series: TE

We are back with part two of our special four-part mini-series - The FFD260 Redraft Rankings Roundtables. In this episode, Seth (@FFatHomeDad), Cigs (@Cigs247), Etan (@Goal2Goalpost), Mike (@MikeSports22 ) and Pat (@dynasty_pat) breakdown FFD260's Consensus TE Redraft Rankings providing insights into why each TE landed where they did. Stay tuned for WRs next time, and RBs after that with more writers each time. Be sure to check us out on Twitter at @FFD260 and online at...


Rankings Roundtable Mini-Series: QB

Join us for a special four-part mini-series - The FFD260 Redraft Rankings Roundtables. This is the first of four episodes. In this episode, Seth (@FFatHomeDad), Cigs (@Cigs247) and Etan (@Goal2Goalpost) breakdown FFD260's Consensus QB Redraft Rankings providing insights into why each QB landed where they did. We planned to get to TEs this episode also but will have to make that the next installment! Stay tuned for TEs, WRs, and RBs, all coming up in the next few weeks with more writers each...


Pod Squad - The Art of the Trade

The FFD260 PodSquad (Chris - @CNalls83 and Frank - @TheFFLWire) is covering "The Art of the Trade" on today's episode. Click Play, and hear what Frank & Chris have to say about constructing a trade offer, pulling off a blockbuster trade in your league and general thoughts on a variety of fantasy football trade topics. Hard Knocks episode 1 is also covered including some discussion on the always incredible Pristine Auction site! Listeners, we also need your feedback on some players for next...


Redraft - All About That Draft

Pat (@dynasty_pat), Seth (@fftheathomedad), Danny (@fantasypipeline), and John (@jfmcglynn) are back after a little break. In this episode, we welcome Commissioner McGlynn to the FFD260 Redraft podcast family, we talk a little news and notes from the last month, then we go over redraft strategies and then put them into play in a full 15 round mock draft. Follow along to see what appoaches you might want to take in your upcoming drafts. As always, check out the main page on Twitter at @FFD260...


Dynasty - Hot Topic Players w/ Kacey Kasem

The Dynasty crew is back! Jared (@thatguyfromjerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) welcome on Kacey Kasem (@thekaceykasem) of Fighting Chance Fantasy to discuss training camp updates, what it's like to be a new dynasty player including lessons learned thus far, and some hot topic players (i.e., those with widely varying takes). Check us out on Twitter at @FFD260 and online at http://www.FFDynasty260.com as always! Thanks for listening.


Pod Squad - Draft Day Curveballs

Welcome to the FFD260 Pod-Squad Episode 1! Your hosts Frank B. (@TheFFLWire) & Chris (CNalls83) review the Ravens/ Bears Hall of Fame Game and then dive into the show topic "Draft Day Curveballs." We can all relate to those curve-balls that come our way during the draft, this episode will feature some strategies to adapt and overcome them, and also "Embrace the Suck." Want to know what to do when you overpay for a player in an auction draft? Strategy for later rounds? How about when your...


Dynasty - Startup Mock Draft

Welcome back in to the FFD260 Dynasty podcast! Today, Jared (@thatguyfromjerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) bring on the show's first-ever guest (and best one so far), Chris Nalls (@CNalls83), who writes for FFD260, Gridiron Experts, and the Texans Wire. We catch up on training camp news, contract situations, and injuries from the last few weeks. Afterwards, we use the FantasyPros draft wizard to simulate a Dynasty startup draft. Jared picks from the 2nd slot, Mark from the 7th slot, and Chris...


Dynasty - #SFB8 Live Update

Apologies for the audio issues with the first publication of this episode. We believe it to be an error with the editing software that seems to be resolved now. The Dynasty team is back with an update from #SFB8 where Jared (@thatguyfromjerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) are mid-way through our respective drafts. We discuss how they are going so far, both overall and for our teams, discuss trends we're seeing, and look forward to the back half of the draft. We'll be back on next week to discuss...


Dynasty - Training Camp and #SFB8 Preview

The Dynasty squad is back after a brief hiatus. Jared (@thatguyfromjerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) are reunited and ready to talk training camp. We highlight some of the most interesting position battles, discuss what we're looking for out of training camp, and remind everyone to avoid the puff pieces about Player X looking good in shorts. We also do a brief preview of the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB8), our divisions, and our draft strategies. The drafts kick off on Monday, so next week, we'll bring...


Redraft - Top RBs and TEs for 2018

In Episode 2 Seth (@ffathomedad) and Pat (@dynasty_pat) cover some news from the last two weeks, the consensus top five Running Banks and Tight Ends as well as the guy(s) we think can crack the top 5. Email us with any questions 260redraftpodcast@gmail.com or hit us up on Twitter. Make sure to check out our Dynasty podcast content in this same feed, as well as our work at www.FFDynasty260.com and on Twitter at @FFD260!


Dynasty - Round One Mock and Bold Predictions

The Dynasty team a.k.a. Jared (@thatguyfromjerz) and Mark (@LeipoldNFL) are back with a Rookie Mock Draft for Round 1 including a stunner at #1 (not) and some differences through the first round. We debate who comes after Saquon Barkley as well as who actually belongs in the back half of the first round of rookie drafts. One of our listeners (we love you) requested that we serve up some bold predictions, so we put some fantasy football takes in the oven and let them get to a nice...