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Shelley Smith ESPN Reporter, Chasing Stories, Tackling Adversity

Shelley Smith ESPN Reporter, Chasing Stories, Tackling Adversity Shelley Smith is a reporter at ESPN. She’s done stories on some of the most memorable moments in sports history. It is the unique angles that keep Shelley, who avoids the obvious, valuable on the sidelines at games. The Adversity Everyone knows Shelley is a pro. When life creates adversity, Shelley gets simple. She creates a plan and keeps working. Smith defeated cancer. When she lost her hair from treatments, she appeared...


Todd Orr - Survived 2 Grizzly Bear Attacks

odd Orr is an outdoors man. He's grew up and fell in love with outdoor life in the mountains of Ennis, Montana. His days were spent camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. Todd realizing he didn't want an indoor life, he got a degree in fish and wildlife management and started working in the Gallatin National Forest. His job entails him designing, repairing and improving tails, in bear country in Gallatin. His weekends are the same, out in the woods by himself, in bear country. Oct 1,...


Mike Hamill - Climbing The Seven Summits

Mike Hamill - Climbing The Seven Summits Mike Hamill is the founder and lead guide for Climbing the Seven Summits. His company focuses on the 7 summits, and a few other select mountains that Mike finds special. Mike gets clients to the top over 90% of the time, more importantly, he always gets his clients home safe. Mike cut his teeth climbing in the White and Adirondack mountains of the northeast. On these climbs, Mike, built his resume, while finding his passion and calling. In the...


Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself

Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself Pirie Jones Grossman is our featured for this episode of Find Your Summit Rewind Since her last visit, Pirie was diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus. Grossman's version of the 60 know types was debilitating. Her illness is similar to Mononucleosis, except in her case, it's much more intesnse. The western medicine standard of care is 3 months of rest and lots of fluids. Of course, single mom's who run their own business don't have...


Ken Nsimbi - Guiding Youth to the Top of Their First Summit

Ken Nsimbi, guiding King County's youth to the top. Ken Nsimbi immigrated to the United States as a teenager from his native Nairobi, Kenya. The move to the US happened while Ken and his brothers vacationed to visit their mother in Seattle. Ken's mom kept the move a secret from the boys until just before their two-week visit ended. Leaving home, their 5-bedroom house, a comfortable life, for a 1 bedroom apartment was a shock. Culture Shock AKA The Best Thing Ever Growing up in Kenya,...


Andy Hnilo - Unmasked and Radiating Health

March 20, 2011 – Andy Hnilo was hit by a Land Rover as he stepped off the curb on Melrose in Los Angeles. Thrown across the street a Toyota Tundra hit him again. One accident, twice hit by trucks, a broken jaw, 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and somehow he survived. With the shattered jaw and a mouthful of broken teeth, Hnilo began relearning to chew, close his mouth and talk. His jaw required meticulous and ongoing reconstruction. Even now years later, the process of fine-tuning his...


Werner Berger - Growth is Found Outside the Comfort Zone

Werner Berger - Growth is Found Outside the Comfort Zone At a conference, as an adult well into his life, Werner Berger considered the 3 things he’d like to do before he died. Though Berger possed no mountaineer experience, he wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, and to travel to Everest’s base camp. Fascinated by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s summit of Everest, Werner always possessed a desire to climb mountains. To date, Werner is the oldest person to complete the 7...


Pete Koch - It Requires Sacrifice, Inspiration from an NFL 1st Round PIck

Pete Koch, It Requires Sacrifice, Inspiration from an NFL 1st Round Pick Pete Koch played defensive end for the University of Maryland. He graduated the same year as his teammate Boomer Esiason. Coincidentally, Pete's Terrapins lost to Mark's Huskies in the inaugural 1982 Aloha Bowl. 1st Round Pick Pete's draft year, he's living in the dorms at Maryland, listening to the radio waiting for the phone to ring. Projects listed Pete as a likely first-round pick. Though one of their coaches...


Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity

Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity Charles Plumb talks about the rewards of personal adversity; we need to pay attention. In this Rewind episode, we discuss three things. First, Charles' philosophy of packing your own parachute. Next, recognizing that adversity is a terrible thing to waste. Finally discipline the mind, body and soul. Packing Your Parachute Packing your parachute means being humble. During his younger years as a Top Gun pilot, actually the...


Dr. Charles Weaver - Cancer Connect

Dr. Charles Weaver is an oncologist who founded Cancer Connect. Dr. Weaver views researching or working with cancer patients as the most positive for a doctor to do. For him, the work is an opportunity to engage with people who need information, hope and a guide. Charles life’s focus began to change. Though he was a successful oncologist, Dr. Weaver turned to, like anyone, the internet for answers. This process led to a realization that the patient’s experience, once diagnosed, was a...


Brett Archibald - Overboard in the Indian Ocean

Brett Archibald spent 28 hours alone, lost at sea with nothing but his faith, family and friends to guide him. Brett's impossible story is chronicled in his book Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean. His tale starts with a group of lifelong friends celebrating one of their group's 50th birthday. A case of food poisoning puts Brett on the railing of the ship in a storm as he and friends crossed the Mentawai Strait off Sumatra, Indonesia. At some point, Brett blacked out and was...


Bill Valenti - Linguist, Banker, Founder, Musician, Survivor

Bill Valenti is a banker, an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, and a protest songwriter. Bill’s life is packed full of accomplishments. His tale starts by busking on the liberal revolutionary streets of Paris while attending school in the 60's. Linguist Next, is the Vietnam war. Bill decided to enlist. He was assigned to the Defense Language Institue in Monterey Ca. Bill became a Chinese linguist to counter the efforts of Chinese forces against US interests. Banker That experience...


070: NFL QB Steve Beuerlein, Creating Opportunity to Grow, Through Change

NFL quarterback Steve Beuerlein played for six different teams, over 14 seasons. Steve played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1992/93 season, the year the team won Super Bown XXVII. Before stepping the NFL field, Beuerlein started at QB for Notre Dame. Steve established himself as a QB ready for the next level by breaking most of the passing records while starting 39 or 46 games at the school. Raiders It'd be easy to look at Steve's career and see the high moments while missing the challenges....


069: Raha Moharrak

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, females didn't pick internationally famous mountain climber as an occupation. However, Raha Moharrak was an odd one (her words) who didn't handle authority well. Always struggling to fit into the cookie cutter mold, hyper and opinionated Raha sought out spots as an outlet for her energy. As Raha grew older, her defiant streak pushed her further. First, she didn't want to have a guardian, a norm in Saudi Arabian culture, when she went out. Second, Raha doesn't...


067: Vern Tejas - 7 Summits 10X

Vern Tejas has spent his life in the mountains. In this episode we discuss his achievements, evolution as a climber and his ability to make correct choices in complex settings. First, his list of accomplishments is beyond extraordinary. Tejas is the first person to ever climb the 7 summits 10 times each; the 70 Summits. Vern summited Denali 55 times. Teejas' 39 summits of Vinson, in Antartica, remains the record for most ever. Second, Vern is a leader in solo winter ascents. This...


067: Making a Difference with former NFL Player Tafa Jefferson

Tafa Jefferson has never taken an easy path. He started football late, not playing until his senior high school season. After choosing UOP, the school dropped its football program. Undaunted Tafa stayed at UOP and worked his way through the schools emerging entrepreneurial program. After graduation, Tafa was drafted in the 1 round of the NFL Europe draft by the Chicago Bears. Before he could get started, injuries to both his and his shoulder ended his football career before it truly began.

066: REWIND - Former NFL Quarterback Tom Flick Is Here To Learn About You

In this REWIND episode, Mark and Tom discuss moving faster with less chaos. "We must stop, slowdown and think," says Tom. When companies are too focused on efficiencies, organizations lose intentionality. These automated approaches to life and work invite chaos. To be nimble and fast, leaders have to create the right kind of speed, and Tom helps folks develop that clean speed. Tom suggests building 2 to 3 hours a week to: think, ponder and reflect. Drop everything, let it fall to the...


065: Perfect Days With Cokie Berenyi

Cokie Berenyi is working for a #perfectday. Cokie and Mark climbed Denali together, sharing a tent and working on the same rope team. Their mutual appreciation for one another's spirit, determination and focus was realized on Denali as they pushed through to the summit. Whether summiting a mountain or moving her life to Colorado, Cokie is focuses on flexing her fear muscle; using it to get past comfortable and move up where growth begins. Like in climbing, Cokie advises using life's big...


064: Winning At Life After Football with Mark Brunell

Life has a habit of throwing us into difficult places. Yet, it also has the power to reveal our best qualities amidst those times. Mark Brunell is a perfect example of positivity. After going through a lot during his days on the NFL, he has remained undefeated, both on the field and in life after football. He shares with us almost everything about football, from playing in a small high school to choosing Washington and getting injured, and the values he got along the way. Bringing up the...


063: A Life Of Thriving with Coach Elizabeth Miner

We all get stuck, most especially when life throws us in situations we never expected. The key to all of that is to keep on moving forward. Thriving day-by-day, Elizabeth Miner shares her journey. As a single mother of two at such a young age, she has endured through the struggles and persevered to becoming the successful businesswoman and coach that she is now. She shares some great values in life that we could apply to ours and gives a range of advice, from handling limiting beliefs to...