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Randy Hetrick: CEO of TRX talks about 14 years as a Navy Seal and the summits he has had to climb to develop a new wave of working out.

Randy Hetrick is the Founder and CEO of successful fitness company, TRX. He is a former U.S. Navy Seal who served for 14 years on both Seal Team 1 and the legendary Seal Team 6. Growing up, Randy was a competitive wrestler and rower, which he says are “grinder sports that no one gives a damn about”. Interestingly, statistics show that athletes with backgrounds in these two sports have the highest chance for completing BUD/S, which has an 85% drop rate. During one of his foreign deployments...


Trent Dilfer: 14 Year NFL QB & ESPN Analyst on how losing his son to heart disease at age 5 taught him so many life lessons..

Trent Dilfer is a former NFL quarterback (14 years), Pro Bowler and winning quarterback of Super Bowl XXXV with the Baltimore Ravens. After retiring from the NFL, he spent 9 years as an ESPN Analyst. Trent is the Head Coach of Elite 11, a quarterback camp featuring 24 of the nation’s best high school quarterbacks. In January, Dilfer was named Head Football Coach of Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, TN. Summary: On this episode of Finding Your Summit Podcast, former NFL QB & Super Bowl...


Blair Kellison: Paying it forward with the CEO of Traditional Medicinals

Blair Kellison, CEO of Traditional Medicinals, is a self-proclaimed “MBA Granola-head”. In 1995, Kellison, a former CPA with Ernst & Young and Brand Manager at Nestle, walked into 19th Street Natural Foods Co-Op in Los Angeles and his life was forever changed. He realized that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that you like it, so he took a 70% pay cut and went to work for a vegetarian food company that he believed in. Kellison became conscious of the fact that the...


Garrett Madison : The Dangers of Guiding Clients up Everest and K2

Garrett Madison of Madison Mountaineering is a world-class mountaineer and guide and also holds multiple high altitude mountaineering world records. His records include first person to summit Mt. Everest and Lhotse in less than 24 hours, the only person to climb Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse in a day 3 times, first person to guide a successful ascent of K2, first American to summit K2 more than once and he has personally led more climbers to summit Mt. Everest and K2 than anyone else. As an...


Ed Molitor: Former NCAA BB Texas A & M assistant coach on being purposeful, positive & energetic after overcoming adversity.

Ed Molitor of The Molitor Group and Athletics of Business Podcast is a former NCAA basketball player for Creighton University and Basketball Coach at Texas A&M University. He founded The Molitor Group in 2016 to help ambitious individuals, organizations, and teams think, act, & execute at an elite level. After leaving the sport of basketball, Ed went through a period of his life where he struggled with a lack of identity. As a result, Ed struggled with Alcoholism for a period of time...


Kechi Okwuchi Surviving a plane crash with 2 time America’s Got Talent Finalist.

Kechi Okwuchi is a Nigerian-born self-taught singer and plane crash survivor. Since becoming a finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2017, she has become a traveling artist, inspirational speaker and burn survivor advocate. Throughout the difficult journey of her burns recovery, Kechi was sustained by her faith, her family and her music. On June 10th, 2018, she released her first single, "Don't You Dare," on all music platforms, and in 2019, she became a finalist on America's Got Talent:...


066: REWIND - Former NFL Quarterback Tom Flick Is Here To Learn About You

In this REWIND episode, Mark and Tom discuss moving faster with less chaos. "We must stop, slowdown and think," says Tom. When companies are too focused on efficiencies, organizations lose intentionality. These automated approaches to life and work invite chaos. To be nimble and fast, leaders have to create the right kind of speed, and Tom helps folks develop that clean speed. Tom suggests building 2 to 3 hours a week to: think, ponder and reflect. Drop everything, let it fall to the...


Jean Enersen – First Woman Co-Anchor, Conquered Her Summit

First Woman Co-Anchor, Conquered Her Summit - Jean is the first and longest tenured female news anchor in US history. Graduating from Stanford in 1966 Jean mapped out a plan to continue her education and earn a PhD. Life got in the way and launched her on her remarkable career. Staring with KING 5 TV in Seattle in 1968 Jean's first job with the documentary film production company. A week later, the documentary production capability was dissolved. Jean began working in the newsroom...


Cody Foster – Co-Founder of Advisors Excel, Finding the Summit Team

Cody grew up in a Stockton, a little town in western Kansas. His graduating class was 27 people. Though his upbringing rural, his grandparents were entrepreneurs. In a one stoplight town, they owned the bowling alley and cafe for the town. His entreprenurial grandparents started him on his path. Today Cody is the Co-Founder of Advisors Excel. In just over 10 years, his company has moved from the kitchen table to a nearly 8 billion dollars firm that employs over 100 people. Mark Pattison...


Sheryl O'Loughlin - Rebbel CEO is Killing It

Sheryl O’Loughlin has always been on the move. As a child she was too impatient to slow down to pour milk in a glass. As an adult she’s lead companies so often, it seems like her first name is CEO. In 1998 Sheryl joined Clif Bar as the Executive Vice President of Brand. Then from 2004 to 2007 Sheryl was the CEO. She grew the brand to a massive world-wide hit. While at Clif Bar, she introduced the world to Luna Bars recognizing that the female segment of the market were underserved. Today...


Sean Evangelista - Navy SEAL is Living 30 Seconds Out & Skiing with a Purpose

Sean Evangelista Sean Evangelista is a retired Navy SEAL. Today he’s a clothing company founder-it’s called 30 Seconds Out, he’s also a ski patrol member and the kind of guy that’s just going to keep on going. An Unsettle Youth Sean grew up with adversity. His mom a professional trained classical singer who struggled early in Sean’s life to find reliable work. He also had a drug addict dad who left home when Sean was three. With 75 cents in her pocket, Mom only had enough money for...


Anthony Allen – Catching up with NFL Wide Receiver & Huskies Teammate

Multi-Sport Athletic Star Anthony Allen and Mark Pattison were teammates at the University of Washington. Before that they were cross-town rivals. Anthony attended Garfield High School in Seattle. Twice his football team came in 3rd in state in Washington. Always a fantastic athlete, Anthony excelled at basketball, football, track. His on the field performance made him a highly sought after recruit. Stays Home with UW Anthony ultimately picked University of Washington, staying home in...


Akshay Nanavati – Fearvana, Turning Fear Into Health Wealth and Happiness

Akshay Nanavati is a Marine, entrepreneur, author and ultra-runner. His life was simultaneously saved and challenged when he joined the Marines. Drug addiction had ahold of Akshay. As he battle to overcome his addiction, like so many othesr, he saw purpose in serving in the Marine Corps. Akshay found something that worked, Fearvana. He defines Fearvana as the bliss that results from engaging our fears to pursue our own worthy struggle. By redefining his fears as opportunties for growth...


Mark Pattison - Reflections from the Top of Summit Six

Mark, recently bagged summit six, the Vinson Masiff. Vinson is probably the nost challenging mountain to get to in terms of logistics, weather and temperature. Vinson is located on Antartica. Here’s a list of things that live on the continent–penguins–that’s it, nothing else, no plants, not trees, not even bugs. Suffice to say, the South Pole is an inhospitable place to spend a few weeks outside. Arrow Pointed In this episode Mark catches us up with his journey up to the top of mountain...


Bernie Swain – Washington Speakers Bureau a Handshake Deal

Bernie Swain – Washington Speakers Bureau a Handshake Deal Bernie Swain, his wife and Harry Rhodes Jr co-founded the Washington Speakers Bureau. It took 8 years of working, gathering speakers, building their business to get to the moment when they truly arrived. They'd met with a speaker they wanted to sign. Everyone in DC wanted him, Swain's company wasn't a front-runner; there were bigger more established firms. Fred Ryan, President Reagan's Chief of Staff from 1989 to 1995 called...


Ta'u Pupu'a - Grid Iron to Opera Stage

Ta'u Pupu'a is one of nine siblings. His family originally from the Kingdom of Tonga emigrated to Salt Lake City. Ta'u at 6'5", earned a full-ride scholarship to play defensive line for the local Weber State University football team. His football career continued to provide promise. In 1995 he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns (soon to be the Baltimore Ravens). Unfortuantely, that's as far as he got. Find out what happens next... Similar episodes: Nick Hardwick Steve Azar Cory Proctor


Kristy Sobel - Prize Fighter, The Prize is Life

Kristy Sobel is a Prize Fighter. The Prize she battles for is life. Her world was completely changed when she was hit in a car accident. From this crash: her unborn daughter died, she had her spine crushed, a subsequent procedure failed and nearly killed her again. She lost her marraige. On the edge of life or death, she pointed her car towards certain death and hit the gas. Moments before the end, she realized, she had what it took to make a comback. The Prize Fighter was born. Similar...


087: Powder Matt Mosteller The Adventurer’s Path Through the Mountains

Powder Matt Mosteller’s life changed in the mountains. Sitting in a station wagon alone, waiting…life happened. Matt wanting some fresh air opened his car door. A ski instructor on the way up the mountains saw young Matt and said, “Come on, I’m about to give a lesson, come with me and I’ll teach you how to ski.” You Can Do This Matt’s life began to change at that moment. He didn’t have gear, he didn’t have a real reason or guide until that instant. Then on the mountain, the magic words...


086: Mariel Hemingway - Gets Real About Conquering Her Summit

Mariel Hemingway Mariel as a child, experienced tumult constantly, yet grew up surrounded by beauty in Ketchum, Idaho. Being part of the Hemingway family meant exposure to drug and alcohol abuse, mental disorders; plus, seven separate suicides within the family. Everyone was damaged and self-medicating to cope. Mariel made a documentary Running From Crazy that chronicles that tumultuous upbringing. To escape, the mountains became Mariel’s refuge. She used the outdoors to get stable, to...