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050: Christine Schwan: Improving Professional Sports Performance With Yoga

Christine Schwan holds state and national championships in fitness. Christine began practicing yoga as a way to find more balance after life changes brought her to the sacred space of single motherhood with two small boys. She fell in love with the practice of yoga then went on to receive her yoga teaching certification in 2008. Christine is currently an adjunct professor of Anatomy and Physiology, certified life mastery coach, breath and meditation instructor and yoga coach and...


049: Joshua Mantz: Overcoming Trauma And Cheating Death

Having a career in the military means you’re always going to be overcoming trauma and cheating death in order to survive. Joshua Mantz’s career in the military started when his step-father planted the seed in his mind when he was twelve years old. He was already in the academy as a freshman when 9/11 happened, and it took everything he had not to drop out so he could enlist and fight the fight down range with the larger team. After graduating from the academy, he was sent to Iraq where the...


048: Alex Deibold: The Reward Of Paying It Forward

We’re a product of our own environment. Olympic skier and snowboarder, Alex Deibold, grew up in the Vermont. At age four, the slopes and the mountains became his playground. Eventually, he got recruited to go to a ski academy, and that started his journey for the Winter Olympics. Alex shares his experiences and his path to getting the bronze medal in 2014, and the lessons he’s learned along the way and why he’s paying it forward.


047: Cynthia Besteman: Overcoming Breast Cancer And Creating Violets Are Blue

Going through seven years of breast cancer led Cynthia Besteman to create Violets Are Blue, a skincare collection of products that is natural and safe for the body as well as the environment. Cynthia talks about the changes in her skin, her hair, her fingers, and everything as she was undergoing radiation and all kinds of treatments that wreaked havoc on her body. This is the very reason she designed products that are 100% natural and aligned with the body so you’re not putting chemicals...


046: Scott Huesing: The Power of Connection in Leadership

In the military, they all have different mission sets. Scott Huesing believes this is true for life outside of military as well. He learned all about the power of connection while he was a commanding officer at the Marine Corps. He was involved in one of the most harrowing warfare ever in Iraq and he relives his experiences during his 24-year military career. He shares that being a leader is not just about barking orders but understanding what his troops were going through, how valuable...


045: Maura Sweeney: “Living Happy Inside Out”, The Mantra for an Authentic Life

To live an authentic life, you need to choose happiness that comes from within. When you are free from the outside circumstances that defines who you are, you then start living happy inside out. But this choice in itself takes a lot of courage, which Maura Sweeney didn’t have a lot of because her path to becoming a lawyer was laid out for her. She knew it wasn’t what she wanted to do, but at the same time she didn’t know what she really wanted. Maura shares how she conquered her fear of...


044: Laird Hamilton: Big Wave Surfing’s Biggest, Boldest and Bravest

If you’re big on surfing, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Laird Hamilton. He has been labeled as the sport’s most complete surfer and the biggest, boldest, and bravest big wave surfer there is. Growing up with a surfing background, Laird shares how he got into the sport himself after his adoptive father’s footsteps, and the intensive training he had to go through to master each discipline of surfing. In his life, he has always taken every wave, of which a movie of the same title has...


043: Sparsh Shah: Combining Indian Classical Music with Hip Hop

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. That has never been more true than when Sparsh Shah looked into his parents’ eyes and told them not to worry or give up on him. He was told he was going to die, but knew he was meant to do something amazing in this world. Sparsh was born with 30 to 40 fractures. He has a medical condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, an incurable genetic-borne disorder which causes a person’s bones to be extremely fragile. He’s had over 130 plus...


042: Glenn Derby: Finding Success Through Finding Purpose

Glenn Derby was an NFL football player who had all the money and popularity before everything around him crashed down. Glenn was battling with alcohol and medication, and struggled with finding purpose and happiness. His alcohol addiction started at the young age of thirteen, influenced by his parents being party coordinators at the time. He got dependent on pain medication when he was taking them to relieve pain from football injuries. When he finally admitted his dependency problem, he...


041: Lee Tomlinson: Throat Cancer Survivor Who Conquered His Fear And Learned The Lesson Of Kindness

Most men think they are the toughest person in the world, until a life threatening sickness takes over their life and body. After getting kicked out of his own Hollywood Studio and winning the legal battle that lasted for four years, Lee Tomlinson was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer. He was never a quitter, but the trials of battling cancer had him contemplating taking his own life to ease the burden of his suffering family. But perseverance paid off. Now Lee is able to share his...


040: Pirie Jones Grossman: From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs Through Using Soul Centered Life Coaching

Pirie Jones Grossman looks like she has it all together. She’s a successful personal coach and works on helping people make their lives better. Unbeknownst to many, she had to overcome a fair amount of trials and soul searching. At 39, she couldn’t have kids, she got divorced from a well-known Hollywood director, and suffered an emotional breakdown. Being in the movie and film business, her identity revolved around projecting herself on camera and obsessing about the perfect body, the...


039: Pete Turner: American War Hero on Overcoming Obstacles Behind Enemy Lines

Pete Turner, American War Hero, talks about his experiences during his tour of duty in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He specialized in going into conflict zones out into the towns and finding people that will provide valuable and classified information. Pete had had to reinvent himself a couple of times to stay focused and continue to function as he throws himself in the middle of war-torn areas, as well as with his re-immersion back home and coming to terms with life issues. Surviving...


038: Betsy Pake: The Happiness Coach Finding Greatness Through Struggles

Overcoming a lot of struggles in life will lead to finding greatness and great happiness. But a lot of us still ask, “How do I get there?” Happiness Coach, Betsy Pake’s answer to moving forward is to stop getting caught in the parts of our lives that have no light or joy. Betsy lived a great life because she had an awesome mom. When she lost her light and joy to a car accident, she went through the motions of living almost mechanically. She shares her stories of going from “What am I doing...


037: Ed Viesturs: American Climber Of 14 8000 Meter Peaks On Reaching Impossible Goals

Climbing mountains is an incredible feat that takes incredible people with incredible goals. Ed Viesturs is one of these people who has climbed fourteen 8,000 meter peaks. It took him 18 years to get to all those summits and 21 attempts. From all these climbs he learned a lot of things from guys who were above him, and these guys learned from guys above them. One of these life lesson essential to reaching impossible goals is tempering ambition. It’s an 8,000 meter climb, but when you get...


036: Mike Vowels, Acrobat Skier And Author OF Return To Paradise. A Skier’s Journey

There is no expiration date to do the great things we can do in our lives. The first step is to have a goal and work hard to achieve that goal. Mike Vowels has been hitting all his goals since he was nineteen, driving a Porsche 914 after winning one ski tournament after another. But it was clear to him that he would not be an acrobat skier forever, so when it was his time to step away he graciously did so. But skiing was part of his life, even when he hit a tree in 1985 that got him...


035: Steve Largent, The NFL Hall of Famer With No Fear

Football will always have bigger, stronger and faster guys. But this didn’t bother Steve Largent who is 5’ 11.5”, he had a job to do for his team and he did it. The only thing that was on his mind when he went out to a game was that he could catch everything that was thrown at him. But like most players of the sport, Steve experienced the bitterness of being cut from a team. But this wasn’t a setback to him, rather another opportunity to be better. Now Steve is an NFL Hall of Famer with a...


034: Mandy Harvey: Deaf Singer With An Angelic Voice And Incredible Talent

The judges of America’s Got Talent could have never known that a beautiful voice could come from a young lady who couldn’t hear. Born with connective tissue disorder that affected joints and ligaments, Mandy Harvey got sick a lot of times and then finally lost her ability to hear. She describes the experience as falling down to a dark well and staying at the bottom for a long time, until she made the decision to start climbing up the walls. She wanted to do more in her life other than just...


033: Dara Kurtz: Crush Cancer Head On And Live A Crazy Perfect Life

In this technological age of social media and the internet, it is common to see people living a crazy perfect life. These three words has more meaningful for Dara Kurtz after surviving breast cancer. Her diagnosis of the lethal disease came at 2014 when she had two young daughters who had to process what the entire family was about to go through. Dara was able to defeat and crush cancer head on, but not without losing herself and not knowing where to go and what to do next. Dara shares her...


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