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Episode 33: Things Are Looking Up Mets Fans!

The Mets are two weeks into the 2019 season. Will and Jay talk about the games and try to avoid getting too excited... BUT THEY FAIL BECAUSE THE METS ARE GOOD! (Moods Subject to Change.)


Episode 32: 2019 Season Opener

The 2019 Mets are ready to play ball. Jay and Will are in the best podcasting shape of their lives and ready to make the jump to all-star podcasters in 2019. Join them as they welcome your 2019 NEW YORK METS!


Episode 31: The Captain Says Goodbye

Just before David Wright played his last game for the Mets Jay and Will sat down to talk about his career and his future. Then it's time to say goodbye to the 2018 Mets and to look forward to next year. It's a long winter. We'll see you on the other side of the break.


Episode 30: We Love You John Starks

Why tune in to watch the Mets when they're 14 games out in September? Because it beats no Mets at all. We've loved other teams and left them behind, but will we ever leave the Mets behind?


Episode 29: Give and Take or Hello, Dom Must be Going

Just when we had given up, the Mets started playing decent baseball again. Dom Smith gives and Dom Smith takes but it's not his fault: it's just the Mets. Will stands corrected about Zach Wheeler. It's fun to talk about the Mets again.


Episode 28: Finding Hope In A Hopeless Season

After a brief delay Jay and Will return to talk about new stops of the Flushing Transit Authority line. The dissapearance of Dom Smith is briefly considered before the guys embark on a psychological experiment to try and salvage the season. This one gets weird but it will help you cope.


Episode 27: We're Doing It For Jake Now

The All Star Break is over. It's Subway Series time and The Mets are inexplicably still playing baseball games. That doesn't mean we can't have some fun speculation about who will be the next Met to pack his bags and what the heck is going through Mickey Callaway's head.


Episode 26: Last and Ten

It's July and the Mets season has gone off of the rails. The team is near the basement of the NL East, the GM is on leave and we're thinking about the golden age of HBO original programming.


Episode 25: Original Sin

This episode digs deep and covers a lot of history. This one owes a big debt of graditude to the teriffic Good Fundies podcast (https://goodfundies.com/). Over at Good Fundies they presented a historical look at the many missteps of the Wilpon regime, which serves as the jmping off point for this episode. We highly reccomend their work. Some other stuff we talk about that you may want to see: How MLB proped up the Mets. (https://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/26/sports/baseball/26mets.html) Almost...


Episode 24: Things Are Going ....Not Great

Holy heck it's June already! Time to check in on the Mets and....oh man. Joey Bats is starting in left, this can't be good. In non Mets news, Jay has an exciting project connected to a show you may be watching on Netflix. Find out more at Talk To The Reasons (https://talktothereasons.com/start/).


Episode 23: Family Ties

Jay has been on assignment in New York so Will does the intro on his own and then hands it off to Jay who welcomes two very special guests: HIS MOM AND HIS DAD! Mr. & Mrs. Bushman are longtime Mets fans and this is a delightful conversation that covers the scope of Mets history. You're gonna like this one Mets fans. Special Guest: Dave & Jessie Bushman.


Episode 22: Emergency Matt Harvey Episode

The Mets did it and the Matt Harvey era comes to a weird and unsatisfying end. Jay and Will are here to take you through what happened and what it all means. There's also some singing.


Episode 21: For Good Luck, Head East

Oh boy, this is a daddy sized episode. The Mets have come back down to Earth but is it time to worry? We say no! But there is cause for concern and that concern goes by two names: Matt and Harvey. Is there a catcher in the house? Please report to Sandy Alderson. We love you Brandon Nimmo.


Episode 20: The Mets....are GOOD?

One week into the 2018 season and the podcasting action is as hot as the Mets have been. Jay and Will gush about the Mets hot start. They discuss superstitions and the things we do to keep the amazin' magic alive. Scooter is back sooner than expected. The Mets are great and nothing can ever go wrong!!!!!


Episode 18: We Can Meet Heroes

We're super excited about the season. Jay tries to talk Will out of making another ridiculous prediction and they both talk about Mickey Callaway's impact on the team. Listen to find out who we think the keys victory are for the 2018 Mets. Jay shares a story about an encounter with a real life Met. Games that count are almost here!


Episode 17: A New Hope (For The Mets)

The 2018 Mets season is almost here so Jay and Will are back. This is Spring Training, Flushing Transit Authority style. In this episode they talk about what happened last year and what they hope happens this year. Will tells a story and Jay talks about some of the key additions and subtractions from the offseason.


Episode 16: Don't Look Back

Mercifully, the 2017 season comes to an end for the Mets. And the organization returns to traditional form - with backbiting, press leaks and embarrassment.


Episode 15: Commiserating (with special guest Nicholas Brandt)

We sent Will out to uncover some more of the AA relief pitchers Sandy Alderson is so fond of. So Nicholas Brandt stops by to talk about how being a Mets fan in Buffalo is not that different from being one in New York City, the importance of grandmothers, and the universal antipathy towards Chase Utley. Also, a very special scouting report. Special Guest: Nicholas Brandt.


Episode 14: Dog Days of September

Do we have to talk about the Mets? Will and Jay keep getting sidetracked, talking about the Knicks, the Olympics, and television shows they haven’t seen. But the Mets keep turning up, like the proverbial bad penny. Please donate to the Houston Food Bank: http://www.houstonfoodbank.org


FTA Special Bonus Episode: Equal Time with Ally Eastland

Jay is no longer on assignment but this came up last minute so Will faces off with Ally Eastland, an angry Cards fan looking to defend her team. Will and Ally talk about why someone would like a team that is not the Mets and how to choose a team when there's no MLB team in your home state. There is also talk of rally animals and a cat with a lawyer. This one is a delight. We had some audio issues in the first half but bear with us because this is a great chat. Special Guest: Ally Eastland.