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1/23/19 James Colvin x FKW x San Diego Soccer Women "LLorente was unmarked, he found the open space and slotted one in, I'll give him that"

Steven and Andrea practice what they preach and used their sub in supersub and super guest James Colvin who joins the Wankers for some Lambrusco and footy gossip. James was the perfect Chelsea fan to discuss Maurizio Sarri throwing his players' determination under the bus, but the manager chat didn't stop there. Bielsa's powerpoint is bde 2019, Thierry Henry won't stop taking grandparents' name in vain, and Huddersfield sack David Wagner. This January transfer window has proved endless, but...


1/16/19 - Pat Infurna x FKW "Everyone at Copa90 goes by their IG handle, pinfurna_ is on my birth certifcate"

A late Merry Christmas to Steven, as the FKWs are joined by Cosmos fanboy, and Copa90 presenter Patrick Infurna. The Wankers talk rumors: Zlatan throwing Ronaldo some shade, Marcelo Bielsa's Spygate frank admission, some paper chase including Everton's mind-boggling interest in Michael Bradley, and Timmy Weah slaying it at Celtic. They had a lot of English footy to catch up on including FA Cup 3rd round games, Pete Wild's heroic run as the Oldham manager, the League Cup semifinals' first...


1/5/19 - Alex McWatt x FKW "If Spurs win the league, I'll get a Wolves tattoo"

The last of the Full Kit Wanker Holiday specials! Happy to be in 2019, the Wankers are joined by renowned tattoo artist, bar owner, and fox in the box, Alex McWatt to discuss the last gasp of festive fixtures and most importantly, whether Bellerin is going to start a fashun line or not. It's transfer season, so you know "paper chase" is on everyone's minds. Pulisic to Chelsea, Mbappe to everyone, Keylor Navas has no standards, and Malcom is a hot commodity in China, to name a few. New Year,...


12/31/18 - NYE Special x Harsh Mall "On a scale from Juan Mata to Pepe, where would you put Sadio Mané?"

It’s the last time you’ll hear Andrea mispronounce names in 2018! For this special, the wankers are joined by Harsh Mall, die hard Manchester United fan, and attendee of the World Cup final 2018. Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean there isn’t gossip, and between the January transfer window, and Memphis Depay’s new single, there’s much to discuss. Pulisic to Chelsea devastates, while Brisas opening two new franchises elates the crew. Andrea, Steven and Harsh all bemoan the racism in...


12/27/18 - Benitez bros Boxing Day Special "I think the USMNT will get to a World Cup final, Narrator: they did not"

Boxing Day with the Benitez Brothers is about to become a yearly tradition. John Benitez (not affiliated with Nike) and previous guest, ex-El Salvadoran national U-21 player Kenny Benitez (also John's younger brother), join Steven and Andrea to eat some leftover Christmas cookies and talk some chisme like true Latinos. The Wankers and guests cover the new LA Galaxy head coach appointment, Inter Milan are the "not cool moment of the week" winners, and Tim Weah loaning himself out to Celtic...


12/25/18 - FKW Christmas special "Cheers, I've been sacked!"

Merry Christmas from the Full Kit Wankers! Your favorite soccer podcast hosts wouldn't dream of taking a holiday, not when there's so much December footy to discuss. Of course, the Wankers cover Mourinho's departure from Manchester United, and how he was "tricked" into the meeting leading to his firing. Andrea maybe thought Ole Gunnar Solksjaer's name was just Gunnar, and that Ole was a term of endearment. The Wankers refuse to acknowledge the the possibility that Pochettino will go to...


12/19/18 - Scuffed x FKW "I can keep curling them in, but do I want to do it for Manchester United?"

Well it finally happened. Mourinho out. Only Natalie Imbruglia's dulcet tones can help us now. The Wankers carry on, however, discussing Champions League group stage culmination, Tottenham making it out of their group of death, Thomas Muller trying to kill a man, and Ronaldo always needing the glory. They briefly touch upon Europa League (it's not so bad but it's not so good) before moving on to some news from our own Backyard. Club America had a good week across the board, as did women's...


12/12/18 - Melissa Ortiz x FKW "yeah cricket wireless, take us to the MLS Cup"

The Full Kit Wankers are not worthy of the guest they had this week. Colombian International player, Melissa Ortiz, joined us in the undisclosed location to spit takes. Our first female guest did not disappoint, as finally Andrea felt emboldened to discuss her inappropriate crush on Jurgen Klopp. Chisme is their identity as Parceros, and the three didn't hold back when it came to Pele's comments disparaging Messi, and Dembele's inability to arrive on time to practice. December means almost...


12/5/18 - Sean Swift x FKW "I'm going to think about that Sebastian Blanco goal on my wedding night"

Just when you thought Tottenham Hotspur fans around the world could rejoice in defeating Chelsea and Inter, within mere days, the North London Derby comes around to deflate tater tots everywhere. The Full Kit Wankers had a little Derby of their own, with first ever repeat guest, the most Gooner of goons, Sean Swift rubbing salt in our fresh wounds. Is Pogba (like Mourinho says), a virus? Is Alexis Sanchez ok? What is it about Lyon that throws Pep's Manchester City off? Are man buns to blame...


11/28/18 - FKW x Johnny Borrajo "shower the Boca Players in milk I guess"

The Full Kit Wankers are joined by Soccershape co-founder and current Cosmos player Johnny Borrajo, as they explore why Copa Libertadores was the biggest bummer ever. Did Soccerleaks target Sergio Ramos this week? They most certainly did, as he's facing doping allegations during the Champions League 2017 final. Unai Emery is a Peaky Blinder, and the US Men's National Team ended 2018 with a croak. US Coach Watch 2018: still no coach, but don't worry, we have Alex Mendez and Tab Ramos' U-20s...


11/21/18 - Wankers x the Cooligans "It's practically a caravan of latin podcasters at this point"

International break doesn't mean the fun has to stop, and this week, for the third week in a row, the Wankers go all-latin pod and are joined by the Cooligans! Have you ever wondered if Lukaku can drop fire bars? Wonder no more (he can). Delle Alli is designing fashion lines, Dembele is addicted to fortnite, Maradona is answering the phone during a game he's managing, and Pulisic to Chelsea? It's all too much to bear. Andrea finally begins to comprehend the Nations League just in time for it...


11/14/18 - Copa Libertadores special: "Why Boca Juniors get a Netflix special and you don't?"

Steven and Andrea were joined by a very special, Copa Libertadores' themed guest, head of River Plate Filial in Brooklyn, Hernan Amorini as they discuss last week's fixtures. Join these three latinos as they discuss the latest soccer gossip, if playing for Pep Guardiola would be better than sex, Champions League Matchday 4, these lit MLS playoffs and Jurgen Klinsmann's son's name. Revel in all of last week's incredible matches from the Manchester Derby, to Der Klassiker, to PSG murdering...


11/07/18 - "Wayne Rooney missing that penalty was the most English thing he's ever done"

Josh Guerra, co-founder of The Five United, joins the Wankers to discuss his latest project; a documentary on New York's oldest club, SC Gjoa. Hear Andrea and Steven disagree on whether throwing trash on the field is cute, as well as more hot takes on "Super League" and Der Spiegel's latest soccer leaks. The FKWs and Josh rank their top 3 MLS players, discuss fixtures from the Carabao Cup, MLS playoffs, Premier League as well as the ladies' Champions League round of 16 second leg. Don't...


10/31/18 - "That Messi sling is Gucci, don't get it twisted- that's designer"

The Full Kit Wankers celebrated El Clasico by inviting notorious Real Madrid aficionado, and ex El Salvadorian national youth team member, Kenny Benitez to guest host on this week's pod. Roll your eyes as Andrea finds a way to mention Sigurdsson again, and Steven loves on Copa Libertadores. It was a big week for fixtures, the Spurs are out of Champions League (what a shock), Europa league somehow continues to be televised, and MLS "Decision Day" brought the Supporters' shield to the NY Red...


10/24/18- "They should rebrand the FIFA Journey mode: Usain Bolt’s road to Man United"

International break is over, honestly thank god and the Full Kit Wankers are so jazzed to talk about all things club footy. Steven and Andrea go full Harriet the Spy, and snitch on some soccer gossip regarding Mourinho's John Cena moment, Messi's broken wing, and Pogba losing his mark. Hear all about last week's fixtures in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and more as well as some meh US Soccer results. Tune in to find out how much the Women's World Cup tickets are and for the answer...


10/17/18- "Falcao is looking less like a chicharron these days"

International break means heartache for Full Kit Wanker Andrea, as she mourns the lack of club play, but joy for Steven as they both dive into UEFA Nations League, and other International Friendly fixtures of the week. Stay tuned while the FKWs grapple with their half Colombian pride and deep adoration for James Rodriguez' curler all the while discussing what the US Men's National team need to move forward and Wayne Rooney deserving "manager of the year" for what he's done with D.C. United....


10/10/18- "Sigurðsson can GET it. ALL the 'ssons' can get it."

These FKWs were #blessed to have Arsenal NYC's very own VP, Sean Swift, on the pod. This week's show includes recaps on Champions League, Europa League (sigh), the supporter's shield race between Atlanta FC and the New York Red Bulls, and Steven's clear obsession with the NY Cosmos. Listen to Andrea gush endlessly about Messi, continue to rag on Lamela and generally obsess over the bearded 'ssons' on Iceland's National team. The Wankers weigh in on Euro snobbery and why American soccer fans...


10/03/18- "I almost said Wenger out - old habits die hard"

Episode 3 of Full Kit Wankers covers the dramatic start to cuffing season, including the love lost between Jose Mourinho and Pogba, the steady decline of Manchester United, Maradona's hot takes on Messi's international status, and more. Listen up for updates on the Carabao Cup, American soccer, the Premier League, and hear the wankers themselves wonder: "Do we like Bundesliga now?" Twitter discussion, and review shoutouts at the end of the episode, be sure to leave us a review and get your...


9/26/18- "Weston McKennie's not that hurt. Y'all are acting up"

This week, the Full Kit Wankers cover everything soccer, starting with Champions League, Europa league, and then later American soccer, Campeones Cup (whatever that spanglish means) and Atlanta FC. They then move on to discuss the EPL and our Yanks abroad closing out with everyone's favorite recap: the female intended play, this week covering the NWSL Championship between the Portland Thorns and the NC Courage. Steven and Andrea then conclude with the "wankers weigh-in" on the topic of VAR....