Episode 59: Basketball. (and some other sports too, but mostly basketball)

In this episode of the podcast Elijah and Carson talk about UT Basketball, NBA basketball, basketball recruiting, football recruiting, UT baseball, and more! All music by Elijah Crouch: https://soundcloud.com/elijahbcrouch Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 58: UT Hoops, Football Recruiting, and the NBA All Star Game

In this episode, Carson and Elijah talk about The University of Tennessee's basketball team, their football recruiting, and the recently played NBA All Star Game. Share if you enjoy! Music by Elijah Crouch Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 57: Super Bowl, Recruiting, Kobe, and UT hoops.

In this episode Elijah and Carson talk on the Super Bowl, recruiting, Kobe, and Tennessee Vols hoops. Great stuff. Music by Elijah Crouch, soundcloud.com/elijahbcrouch Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 56: UT Hoops, NBA, NFL, MLB, College Football, and more!

In this episode of the Give Him 6 Podcast, Elijah and Carson talk about a wider array of sports than ever before. From NBA to NFL, and College Football to MLB, this is truly, "your daily dose of sports". Share the episode if you enjoy it, it helps quite a bit!!! ALL music by Elijah Crouch.* *(Special credit goes to J. Hagan for helping on one production track.) Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 55 - VOLS v INDY Gator Bowl (W), (and some basketball)

In this episode Elijah and Carson talk on the Vols and the recent bowl game they played. They also share about basketball and Carson sheds light on a subject Elijah had not yet thought of until this point. Affiliate, Fiverr. Music by Elijah Crouch, and J. Hagan Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 54: Bowl Games, UT Hoops

In this episode Elijah and Carson talk on the D1 collegiate American football bowl games and the University of Tennessee Basketball team. Affiliate: Touch of Modern. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Music: Tragic Hero, J. Hagan, Elijah Crouch (Elijah's song smile a little bit only needs a couple more streams to become the most streamed song on looperman so check it out https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/207840) Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 53 - Vols vs. Vandy (W)/Season Wrap Up (With Special Guest Alex Myers)

In this episode Elijah and Carson have on Alex Myers, a sportscaster who one may recognize from ESPN 3, WBIR 10, and/or the Tony Basilio Show. They talk Saturday's game, and the season as a whole. Audio recording was a bit rough, but worked ok in the end. Share it if you enjoy it!! Alex Myers Twitter - twitter.com/AlexMyersTV (@AlexMyersTV for Instagram as well) Music by messel, J. Hagan, and Elijah Crouch. Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 52 - Vols vs. Missou. (w)

In this episode Elijah and Carson talk about the game, give thoughts, and forecast other games. A good one! Recorded live in Maryville sorry for the poor audio. Music by Elijah, btw, J. Hagan, and messel. Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 51: Vols vs. Kentucky (W)

In yet another great episode, Elijah and Carson talk about the latest UT game, Vol Hoops, and more! Great listen, very informative. Affiliate: Touch of Modern: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-9162325-12580470 Music By Elijah Crouch, Tragic Hero, J. Hagan, and messel. Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 50: A recap of this podcast.

In this AMAZING LANDMARK EPISODE, Elijah and Carson Crouch talk about how the podcast started, where it has taken them, best and worst moments, fun memories, and so much more. This is an amazing must-listen for all fans. Also, no affiliate this episode, it is commercial free! Music creds, Elijah Crouch, J. Hagan, btw,. Support the show (https://givehim6podcast.threadless.com)


Episode 49: Vols vs. Bama, BasketVols, and more

In yet another episode of the podcast, Carson and Elijah talk about the Vols, in all sports. Also they talk on the NBA and give sneak peaks into their 50th episode, coming next week! It will be the biggest and best episode yet, chronicling the podcast and giving inside moments and highlights. Affiliate: Apple Music (the GOAT) Music by Elijah, btw, J. Hagan, and Tragic Hero. Elijah's stuff: https://soundcloud.com/elijahbcrouch also he did a song with btw, :...


Episode 48: We're Back! Miss. St. vs UT (W) and more!

In this fresh episode of the Give Him 6 Podcast, Elijah and Carson talk about this past game, sports news, upcoming games, and more! 50th episode will be coming soon so be on the lookout for the special "things" coming soon! Affiliate: Touch of Modern Music by J. Hagan, messel, and out own co-host Elijah Crouch! Check out Elijah's album available everywhere now: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4xMAVpQTeMsaejMQ4DPkUQ?si=nns96cA9Qwq5PJRb7KqrtA SoundCloud:...


Episode 44: Recruiting, College Football, and Answering Your Questions Pt. 2

In this episode Carson and Elijah talk a lot about recruiting, the current class, and the upcoming college FB season (Vols start in 9 days: aug. 31). They also answer your listener questions!!! Also; episode 50 is coming up! send in your reviews! It's gonna be amazing!!!! music by Elijah Crouch, btw, J. Hagan, and CAIROXVI. shoutout to Alex N., Shanda S., Jennifer W., and Meade M. for the questions/topics. Send us your questions about the Vols and get a shoutout!! Support the show


Episode 41: VOLS/We answer ur questions.

In this episode, Elijah and Carson talk on Vols, the NBA, and also.... THEY ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!!! We asked people to submit questions, and y'all did just that. CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS TO: https://officialgivehim6.wixsite.com/givehim6podcast/sponsors


Episode 29: Offseason/OC search/Basketball

In this episode, Elijah and Carson talk about this offseason, the OC search the Vols are in, and Basketball. This episode's audio quality is not great because there were recording issues. sry. We got some twitter followers, gave some shoutouts, and remember to follow us @givehim6podcast to get a shoutout! Sponsored by Concord Supplies. Music by BTW, and WHATUPRG. All right reserved to them, given to us for podcast usage.) Website link


Episode 28: Last Vols Football Postgame, UT vs. Vandy w/ Tony Robinson

In this last postgame episode, Elijah and Carson have the great Vols QB Tony robinson back on to talk on the game, basketball, 'cruitin, and more. Even though this is the last postgame episode, it is not the last episode! More to come soon! Thanks to BTW, and WHATUPRG for the music. Episode sponsored by Walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy. Follow us for a shoutout! @givehim6podcast Website: https://officialgivehim6.wixsite.com/givehim6podcast