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E 37. Kevin O’Neill Former Toronto Raptors head coach and Arizona/USC basketball

Kevin O’Neill spent 25 year coaching college basketball with stints as a head coach at Northwestern, Marquette, Tennessee, Arizona and USC. Along with his college experience he was he head coach of the Toronto Raptors and spent time as an assistant with numerous teams. KO explains how coaches get jobs, how common he thinks cheating is in college basketball, and some of his best memories from the NBA. Some of those moments include beating Allen Iverson and the 6er’s when he was with the...


E.36 Portland Trail Blazers TV Analyst Lamar Hurd

Portland Trailblazers TV analyst and former Oregon State basketball star Lamar Hurd had a dream of playing in the NBA. On The Give Me a Sense podcast, Hurd shares his story of moving away from home in the 6th grade to dedicate his life to the game. His journey found him turning down Baylor after committing, landing at Oregon State and having what he describes as a “rollercoaster” career in college. Lamar played overseas and when he was on the verge of potentially making the NBA, he walked...


E35. Eric Byrnes 11 year MLB veteran

Eric Byrnes was an electric baseball player who spent 11 years in the major leagues. He’s the latest guest on the Give Me a Sense podcast. He shares some great stories from playing in the bigs - the highs and lows and the run in he had with A’s GM Billy Beane in the parking lot after he was sent down to the minors. Byrnes has made the successful transition from baseball to a new sport; he competes as an ultra marathon runner. Eric created a documentary on running the Western States...


E33. Chad Brown 3x Pro Bowl LB with Steelers, Seahawks, Patriots

Chad Brown kicks off season 2 of The Give Me a Sense Podcast. After winning a national championship at Colorado, Brown was selected in the 2nd round of the NFL draft by the Steelers. Brown explains what made Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren and Bill Belichick different, but successful. You’ll have a much better understanding of why the Patriots win as much as they do. In our conversation you’ll hear what life is like in the NFL, the adjustment to life without football and how close “Ballers” on...


E28. Jake Kloberdanz CEO One Hope Wine

Business + Sports + Philanthropy = One Hope Wine. CEO and Co-Founder of One Hope Wine Jake Kloberdanz is the latest guest on the Give Me a Sense podcast. From the humble beginnings of selling wine out of cars to being able to boast over 2 million dollar in donations, One Hope Wine is the type of business you want to be associated with. Award winning wines with game changing philanthropic work has attracted the likes of John Elway, Chris Paul and Clayton Kershaw to be connected with the...


E26. Tad Boyle Colorado Men's Basketball Coach

Colorado men’s basketball coach Tad Boyle is the latest guest on the Give Me a Sense podcast. A captain for the Kansas Jayhawks and teammate of Danny Manning, Boyle puts into perspective how great a player and teammate Manning was. Playing for iconic coach Larry Brown, had a huge influence on Boyle. Tad said, “it was not easy to play for him,” but reflects on the impact Brown had on him as a player and now as a coach. Boyle has had historic success in Boulder with the Buffs. In his Boyle 6...


E19. Jake Plummer former ASU and NFL QB

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer is the latest guest on the Give Me a Sense podcast. Plummer was an All American at Arizona State University and shares how a skinny kid from Boise landed in Tempe. The 2nd round draft pick played his first few years in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. Plummer explains why he didn’t initially didn’t want to play in Arizona and why it ended up being a great experience. The pro bowler who lived through free agency reveals why he decided on Denver over...


E16. College Football Analyst Yogi Roth

What do you get when 2 friends are on a road trip hopping from campus to campus doing college football shows? A podcast recorded in a car about being a college football analyst. Pac-12 Network analyst Yogi Roth shares his story of walk-on wide receiver at Pitt to working on Pete Carroll’s staff at USC and how he landed on tv. Roth explains what it’s like on the road as an analyst and why storytelling is vital in his job. Yogi Roth: @YogiRoth Instagram: YogiRoth Mike Yam:...


E15 Arizona Football Coach Rich Rodriguez

Arizona Football coach Rich Rodriguez has had amazing success guiding the wildcats. The former West Virginia and Michigan coach stopped by The Give Me a Sense podcast to tell some stories about how he got started in coaching, why the folks in Ann Arbor didn’t like him using “ain’t” in press conferences and one of his favorite moments recruiting. If you like to be entertained (the answer is yes) then this is the episode for you. Twitter: @Mike_Yam Facebook: Mike Yam T: @ArizonaFball T:...


E12. Ducis Rodgers Sports Director and Anchor at WPVI

Sports Anchor Ducis Rodgers has had a remarkable career. Starting in Chattanooga he’s anchored in Miami, New York City, as well as at ESPN and is now currently the sports director at WPVI in Philadelphia. On The Give Me a Sense podcast he shares his path of having a small bedroom with a mattress on the floor eating ramen noodles to rising up the ranks of being in the number 1 market in the country. Rodgers has had some strange run-ins with athletes and relives a strange encounter on the...


E11. USC NFL WR Curtis Conway (Muhammad Ali's son in law)

An All American WR at USC and 12 year NFL veteran, Curtis Conway has had remarkable success on the football field. The current Pac-12 Network analyst is also married to Laila Ali. Conway shares his memories of meeting Muhammad Ali the first time after dating Laila (the World Champion asked question Curtis will never forget). You've seen the footage of Ali boxing, you've read about his social impact, but Conway offers unique perspective on what Ali was like at home with his family.


E10. Former MLB Catcher Joe Siddall (Blue Jays analyst)

Former big league catcher and current Blue Jays radio analyst Joe Siddall tells the story of his son passing away from cancer. The tragedy led to his current broadcasting job. Siddall remembers his first big league hit, homerun and the time he threw a baseball off Randy Johnson's head. Joe, who caught for Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Al Leiter and Kevin Brown explains the common denominator that made them great. If you're a baseball fan this is a must listen.


E9. YES Network Reporter/Analyst Sarah Kustok & Pac-12 Net Host Ashley Adamson

One the latest episode of the Give Me a Sense podcast, Ashley Adamson of the Pac-12 Network and Sarah Kustok of the YES Network share their career paths. Ashley (Studio Host/Sideline Reporter) and Sarah (Game Analyst/Sideline Reporter) have both made it to prominent on air positions, but both achieved success with differently. Kustok and Adamson reveal the real challenges women face in the sports industry. Male or female, if you have aspirations to be on air, this show will give you...


E8 Washington State Football Coach Mike Leach

Washington State Football coach Mike Leach is one of the most recognizable names in college football. He stops by the Give Me a Sense podcast for a discussion about his interests away from the game. He imagines what life would have been like as an attorney, reveals some of the scary objects that rest below him while he sleeps, and he explains the unfairness of not being paid by Texas Tech for the 2009 season when he coached. Names like Donald Trump and Matthew McConaughey pop up during the...


E7 Stanford & WNBA superstar Chiney Ogwumike

Connecticut Sun star Chiney Ogwumike has accomplished as much as any women's basketball player in NCAA history. The WNBA's 1st overall pick in 2014 relives some of her favorite moments at Stanford, compares the pitch between UCONN's Geno Auriemma and Stanford's Tara VanDerveer, explains how she almost landed at Duke and what it was like to be selected with the top pick in the draft. Chiney's sister, Nneka, is having phenomenal success with the LA Sparks. Chiney speaks about their...


E5 Matt Muehlebach Kerr vs Curry

What happens when one of the greatest shooters in the history of the game decides to take on his head coach in a shooting contest? Former Arizona basketball star Matt Muehlebach tells the story of his old teammate Steve Kerr taking on his star player Steph Curry in a free throw shooting contest. Kerr who was a fantastic shooter when he played didn't miss much against the back to back MVP. The reason why Curry won is why you want to listen.


E1. Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott: Life Lessons

One of the greatest football players of alll time, Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott is the first guest on the Give Me a Sense podcast. Lott, explains the importance of mentors in his life and teammates who inspired him to be great. He tells the story of the time his dad pulled him off the field as an 11 year old for being "overly" competitive. The 49er's great shares what he thinks can push people past failure and offers advice to young athletes.


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